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Report: Shia LaBeouf Involved In Bar Fight

Report: Shia LaBeouf Involved In Bar Fight

Shia LaBeouf was reportedly handcuffed after a fight at a bar on Friday (February 4) in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

The 24-year-old Transformers star was at Mad Bulls Tavern, where eyewitnesses said Shia was a bit “rowdy and ended up getting punched in the face,” according to TMZ.

But sources close to Shia said the actor was jumped on his way out of the bar.

Police arrived on scene and cuffed everyone involved but eventually let Shia go. No arrests were made.

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62 Responses to “Report: Shia LaBeouf Involved In Bar Fight”

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  1. 26
    raggedyanni Says:

    @25 I like the guy but it’s no surprise, given his past behavior, that people would assume the worst. I just don’t get why someone who says he hates being “a public a$$hole” (Playboy ’09 interview) keeps repeating the same mistakes.

  2. 27
    Honestly. Says:

    Honestly! This Is Only A Problem Because He’s A Celebrity… This SOrt Of Stuff Happens TO Everyone On A Daily Basis & No One Makes A Big Deal Out Of It But Because He’s A Celebrity It All Comes Out Into The Public & Eveyone Makes A Big Deal, He’s Only Human & Is Allowed To Make Mistakes. Its Normal & Is Not A Big Deal At All People Make Out Like He Is Perfect But No One Is We All Have Fights & Cause Scenes But because Were Not Famous No One Hears About It & It Gets Pushed Under The Carpet… But Because He’s A celeb All Of His Business Becomes Public Knowledge. Cut Him Some Slack!

  3. 28
    Sligo ^ __ ^ cute Says:

    Befor in jail

  4. 29
    Just_Sayin Says:

    Nope don’t think he is the devil, might have sold his soul yes, but not the devil.
    About the fight, he could be a hot head like his pops, or roid rage, I dunno…
    Also have you people thought that maybe V-day is coming up and Carey is showing up all over the net with her new PRETTY BOY boyfriend and that crushes Shia, he is angry.
    How would you all like to be rejected by so many like Shia has, dad, mom, first love and Carey, I can imagine that it sux.

  5. 30
    reality Says:

    i fear he has anger management issues, wouldn’t want to be girlfriend to Shia…he is a Mel Gibson waiting to happen

  6. 31
    Lawrence Says:


    Well said!.

  7. 32
    Ekkk Says:

    Haha Agreed.
    I really think that Shia is hooked on Sterroids. Have you seen how huge Shia has gotten. His arms and shoulders are too big now. Yep gotta be the sterroids.
    God oh mighty, that guy seems to get addicted to everything he tries.

  8. 33
    Jedi Says:

    Another overrated joo actor.

  9. 34
    maximum miley fanpage Says:

    Yeah, Shia is a great actor but has problems. As for the Disney Stars, not many are F-Up’s as you say. Miley is hugely successful, get real. She is scrutinized for everything an average teen goes through. If it wasn’t for the insertion of the Miley hate..I would have agreed with you. and actually Shia has had big problems and is an alcoholic, nonetheless hes is very talented.

  10. 35
    XYZ Says:

    I read that the fight started after someone called him a gay slur. He lunged at the guy, but the other guy got the first punch in. The whole mess is on Radar.

  11. 36
    Rattlesnake Says:

    he is a complete jackass in public …. he does whatever he wants with no regard for anyone around him ….. piece of sheets really ! my friend saw him in a bar in Los Feliz and this little scrawny ass would just go up to tables and take cigarettes from complete strangers like he owned the place !

  12. 37
    Truth Says:

    Here is what happened that night, SHIA LABEOUF IS A BIG @$$ HOLE TO LET FAME GO TO HIS HEAD:
    Shia LaBeouf was placed in handcuffs by police after a fight broke out in the early hours of Saturday morning (05.02.11).

    The ‘Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps’ actor was involved in an altercation with another man outside the Mad Bull’s Tavern in Sherman Oaks, California, after he was reportedly called a “f****t” by someone who asked for an autograph.

    Mark Mastro told “My girlfriend saw Shia, and told me. I wanted to get a picture with him so I went over to his table, sat down next to him, and told him I was a fan of his. I called him Mr. LeBeouf.

    “He didn’t want anything to do with me. He said he just wanted to chill and refused to do a photo. I walked away.”

    Later, outside the bar, Mark and a friend tried again to talk to the 24-year-old star, before insulting him with the gay slur.

    He said: “My friend said, ‘what’s up Shia?’ Shia told him to ‘Get the f**k out of my way.’ He was slurring his words.

    “That’s when I said to my buddy, ‘don’t worry, he’s just a f***ing f****t anyway’.

    “He turned around, cursed me out, and I started laughing.”

    However, the situation turned ugly after Shia ran from his car and charged at Mark, only to end up in a headlock by a bouncer who handed him over to nearby police.

    He added: “A bouncer put Shia in a head lock. A cop just happened to be driving by and saw the commotion. He pulled up the bouncer literally handed LeBeouf over to him.

    “Apparently the cop called for back-up because there were at least seven other squad cars there in minutes.”

    Despite the commotion, no charges were made and no one was arrested.

    Shia – who broke up with British actress Carey Mulligan last year – has a history of run-ins with the police.

    He was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving in 2008 and was charged with misdemeanour criminal trespassing after being found intoxicated in a drug store in Chicago in the same year. – BANG Showbiz

  13. 38
    F.Y.I. Says:

    Here is what happens if Shia is on Anabolic Steriods, seems to fit the description of Shia crazy outburst:

    Roid rage is a term given to people who act in very aggressive or hostile manner after taking large doses, usually on a regular basis, of anabolic steroids, sometimes nicknamed as roids
    When people use anabolic steroids, a dangerous practice for many reasons, they are essentially placing extra levels of testosterone in their bodies. This hormone can at first have positive effects on the psyche, which later turn negative. Steroid users at first may acquaint steroid use with feeling well, unconquerable or very happy. Continued use of steroids may result in much greater mood and behavior change. People may become more aggressive, more hostile, or they may manifest symptoms of various forms of mental illness, like schizophrenia, mania, and deep depression. Anabolic steroid use is linked not only to roid rage and sudden mood changes, but also to a higher incidence of suicide than in the general populace.

  14. 39
    John Says:

    He is still mad because he has to do transformers 3 without Megan Fox.

  15. 40
    Nymph Says:

    Shia get your act together!! I think I’m less of a fan now, first that awful picture of him jogging and now this?? One more chance thats it!!

  16. 41
    Snorefest Says:

    But where was his mommy?

  17. 42
    sayuri Says:

    Love U shiaa!

  18. 43
    mailey Says:

    he looks like gerald butler jr.
    that’s not a compliment btw.

  19. 44
    @25 Says:

    I wouldn’t call a serious alcohol problem a “few bumps”.
    And no, not every actor has had these problems. Most of the ones that outlast their initial burst of fame have good heads on their shoulders. Shia can’t continue this, or his career will be over.
    No one wants to work with an immature douchebag.

  20. 45
    ozzie Says:

    this sounds like normal guy stuff … sounds like some loser picked a fight with him … i’m sure there are a lot of tiny penised men out there that would lovve to say they punched Shia.

  21. 46
    @47 Says:

    That would be true if Shia had just walked away like a grown up.
    But he is the one that lunged at the guy who was calling him names.
    Shia was the one who had to try to prove his manhood, and ended up getting a split lip in the process.
    They were both wrong, but Shia is the one that turned it physical.
    I still remember him throwing coffee at the pap, then running away like a little girl. He wasn’t man enough to stand up for his own actions then, and this time he was not man enough to just walk away.
    Sounds like HE is the one compensating for something.

  22. 47
    Lynn Says:

    You get that anyone telling their side of a story is going to paint themselves in the best light, don’t you? Not to mention he got paid for that story. The LAPD sergeant confirmed that the guy who was picking on Shia fled before police arrived, so chances are his story isn’t 100% accurate.

  23. 48
    Jokergurl Says:

    I agree, these celebs should have bodyguards especially when you’re as bankable as Shia is, like it or not he’s in the top 3 most bankable actors right now. I think the guy picked a fight with Shia, the media can spin anything, what NO PICTURES for PROOF? Some of you need to think like a detective , get a clue. Celebs have bodyguards for this very reason so they don’t get hassled. Then again some people are just gullible.

  24. 49
    anybody?anybody? Says:

    Shia Labeouf was at one of his favorite bars that he’s always been going to and on his way out he got punched in the face. He didn’t hit anyone. He wasn’t arrested. He was punched in the face. And he was DETAINED. I was there, and he didn’t hit anyone to defend himself. it must be nice to sit behind a computer and make stuff up as you go along, you morons.

  25. 50
    raggedyanni Says:

    “No one wants to work with an immature douchebag.”
    Hopefully his issues don’t extend to the workplace. I’ve always heard that he’s well-liked by filmmakers and production crew people because of his dedication and work ethic on set.

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