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Zac Efron Takes Off From LAX

Zac Efron Takes Off From LAX

Zac Efron arrives at LAX to catch a departing flight on Friday (February 4) in Los Angeles.

Earlier this week, the 23-year-old actor had some fun with the paparazzi while shopping at Urban Outfitters with his younger brother, Dylan.

Zac also reportedly has been spending time with Aussie actress Teresa Palmer.

The two reportedly held hands at the after party for Teresa‘s upcoming movie, Take Me Home Tonight, at Pink Taco in L.A.

They then dropped by Voyeur nightclub in West Hollywood with some friends, People reports.

Bigger pic inside…

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  • Team Vanessa Hudgens

    Zac is in NYC Yeah Zac way you are there in Nyc Go have sex with Nikki Blonsky because Vanessa is done with Your Ass.

  • Lo.

    theres gonna be a huge fight between fans…
    I’m team zac efron and i just don’t wanna comment on this rumor…

  • justin

    Vanessa hudgens is the perfect girl for zac

  • Team Vanessa Hudgens

    Omg all this Guy cares about his getting his Dick wet And sleeping with every woman that comes his way first was Teresa Palmer who’s Next Zac Nikki Blonsky or maybe Michelle Pferiffer and you can go to a Club then Zac can take her to bed.

  • Zac fan1

    @Team Vanessa Hudgens: You need a hobby.

  • http://Ta Sligo ^ __ ^ cute

    I dont like

  • christina-efron


  • let me be…

    love you Z!!<3
    @Team Vanessa Hudgens: you need a doctor

  • crazyfans suck

    I can’t understand why ppl freaked out about what zefron’s doing…
    yea he went to wilmington and visited vhud and its sweet
    it sounded like hes the one who tried to save the relationship with vhud and he tried so hard
    he even skipped a public event in sundance just for spending time with her
    to me the only reason he’s dating this teresa girl is vhud saying no to him in NC
    so that’s pretty normal after someone you falling for slamming the door on your face
    he just chose to move on and there’s NO CHEATING because they did break up theyre both single now.nothing can prove that theyre back on.only some crazy zanessa fans are dreaming about the back on story.
    zefron and vhud have been very happy for 5 years and we should be thankful for those sweet memories and plz stop 8icthing zefron or vhud
    plus, you can’t blame zefron for being a guy…

  • T

    @crazyfans suck:

    Unless he had a movie premiere at Sundance which he didnt no reason to be there.

  • RA

    Cheating, lying, hypocritical a$$hole

  • vanessasucks

    hehehe zac is sooo cute/hot:):)

  • Nicky

    @Team Vanessa Hudgens: You have a serious mental problem and you are nothing else than a poisonous snake. You know absolutely nothing but therefor you’re talking a lot of crap. If you don’t like Zac, why are you here? Go somewhere where nobody can see and find you. Nessa is a nice and pretty girl but she is no saint and also no angel. And when you are so obsessed with her why don’t you fly to her. In your head Zac is only allowed to exist as partner of Nessa otherwise he has no right to exist..
    And you shouldn’t forget one thing Zac and also Nessa have computers, they know the websites of Just Jared and you can be sure they read what you guys are writing here. I’m sure she is very proud of someone like you who has nothing better to do then to write crap.

  • vanessasucks

    @RA: grow up

  • zac-is-tard

    Zac Efron is a moron. He’d have the choice to be the exception rather than the norm in Hollywood. Obviously he wants to be “cool.” He wants to be famous in exchange of a clean cut image and a loving loyal relationship.
    The way he is living at the moment, he’s spiraling down the path of Hollywood Stardom with morally inept standards. He wants to be another Leo or another Ryan Philippe. Goodlooking douchebags.
    Vanessa deserves a better guy and I wish Zac’s career doesn’t go nowhere like R. Philippe.
    Vanessa may have dumped him because all the while Zac is hinting of hooking up with girls and get away from his HSM image. He has fallen to his handlers’ manipulation and I hope his movies all bomb like his past ones. Good riddance.

  • hateVanessa’s fans

    @RA: @Team Vanessa Hudgens: you both are sick..really sick

  • Team Vanessa Hudgens


    So True.

  • crazyfans suck

    @T: he was on the guest list of ESPN’s 5th Annual Party.

  • Team Vanessa Hudgens

    @RA: @zac-is-tard:

    True Zac just lost the best thing in his Life Vanessa.

  • paw

    @crazyfans suck:

    its not that at all…please remember who he’s said he was.. The guy he sold to the media. He’s not turned out to be that person at all. idkw anyone would want to see the good in someone like this.

    this was a calculated move. The girls movie comes out the same day as V’s. and he wanted to be spotted by people. He wanted it to get out. aside from the fact that he’s professed to not be the ‘clubbing type’ now its all he’s been doing…clubbing and drinking. Hell, he did it last night in NYC …..

    idk…that’s the problem. Forget V..she’s damn strong she’ll be just fine. he’s proven to be fake and if you want to know what’s upset people. its that, not her or them..its his fakeness. he’s not who he said he was. he’s not the nice guy and more than that, of all the girls to hook up with..lets pick her.

    revolting….go home zac, lose weight, grow hair, sleep and decide that your career is worth saving cause you’ve nearly tanked it with your ‘i’m too good to audition and my movies are all bad’ attitude.

    again, i could care less about V….this is about him, his fandom and his full of lies self, that has lost a ton of respect from me. PERIOD!!

    look at the facts people!! MY GOD!!

  • let me be…

    @zac-is-tard: SHUT THE F**K UP

  • Team Vanessa Hudgens

    @hateVanessa’s fans:

    I Don’t care If you Zac Fan don’t like what I’m Saying This Guy has Changed when he came back from Filming the Lucky One He is not the same Zac Efron everyone fall in love with I know why Zac has lost his fans because the things he does.

  • vanessasucks


  • Vanessa Hugens’s Bigges Fan


    Totally True.

  • http://none juddy

    @Team Vanessa Hudgens:
    agree with you looooooooool zac so crazy about doing sex with girls looooooooooooool zac you are verrry child so in love with sex
    zac go doing sex with every girl in the street in the clubs in everywhere looooooool

  • hateVanessa’s fans

    @Team Vanessa Hudgens: shut up and go comment on vanessa’s posts…ohk??

  • Rio

    i don’t know what to think about this but all i know is that haters are rly pathetic…

  • Zac fan1

    @Team Vanessa Hudgens: I would suggest needle point but I don’t think you should handle any sharp objects.@RA: Exactly how did he cheat if they are broken up? If they are together, then previous postings of their split were lies, what makes these postings the truth especially when they have already been debunked. Lastly, how is he a liar or a hypocrite? Changing your mind about going out to clubs does not constitute either of those things. Facts people, not suppositions…

  • caroline


  • Vanessa Hugens’s Bigges Fan

    I wanted to say that I Have been a Fan of Both Zac and Vanessa but after reading this story I’m very disappointed in Zac he always he would not the Clubbing scene and now look he is Clubbing and Drinking I Understand that some of you Zac Fans are mad at us who are bashing him but we have watched and hard everything this guy has said the past five year of his Relationship with Vanessa and can’t understand why the hell he would do this.

  • Allie

    He can move on no problem. Just not with an actress who has a movie out the same day as Vanessa. Smacks of pr/showmance.

    Vanessa supported him so much, can he not be respectful of her promo time back? Looks like he was dumped last week and he’s trying to show the world he’s fine, he can get any girl he wants. It’s just vindictive.

    Hope I’m wrong though. No-one knew who Teresa was 2 days ago, now everyone does. If she wants to be known as the rebound girl, that’s her problem.

  • Vanessa Hugens’s Bigges Fan



  • Butterfly

    hello ? who said it is true he slept with that girl ? or made out whatever …?
    he was in NC there’s a picture even with a girl who’s most defienetly vanessa … he won’t do that with teresa
    I won’t believe anything unless it is confirmed…
    and don’t forget-zanessa (gosh,this seems so old to me.but it is actually just 2 months not 2 years,still it seems as if I spoke from the veeery past.a teenage,immature past kinda,although their 5 year relationship was never immature :( ) well,zanessa was seen in hawaii only 2 weeks before the rumor came out-maybe that’s even the biggest proof they can’t be over ….
    and again,you are blaming him way too early.

  • Allie

    Okay, I meant to put if it is true. But even if there is nothing going on between him and Teresa, Zac wanted it out there that he was there supporting her, he hadn’t seen the film and wasn’t there for work. He wanted it known that he was partying it up, as if to stick it in Vanessa’s face. I’m betting he was dumped for good last week.

    To be fair, it’s Teresa that’s going to have to deal with it. She’s got promo, Zac’s swanned of to NYC to film.

  • Xox

    I can’t stand him now. That’s really low. She didn’t deserve that

  • let me be…

    haters go away for gods sake ..!!
    go comment on hudgens’s post

  • Vanessa Hugens’s Bigges Fan


    I’m Just wondering how you do know he was dumped last week not bashing or anything/

  • zefron forever

    F**K vanessa’s fans
    ki$$ zacs a$$

  • pop86

    @Lo.: >:

    There no need for a war for most Zac and Vanessa fans are sane, however there are a few crazy ones out there.

  • Allie

    I don’t know he was dumped. Just guessing from having gone through the same thing vanessa’s going through. It’s the kinda thing guys do when they have had their pride dented. In his head, he’s saying to V, “See, i don’t need you!!!”

    They were in NC together 2 weeks ago, now he’s going after other girls. The only reason I can think of him doing it so publically is to get back at Vanessa. and that makes me think she ended it. That is if the teresa story is true.

  • lame

    @Allie: I’m beginning to wonder if Hudgens pulled the plug on this relationship. This whole pr/stunt/hookup…whatever you want to call it — seems a little too calculated. This woman just happens to have a movie coming out the same time as Vanessa — oh what a coincidence. i think he knew this was going to get press — he may be misguided but he’s no idiot. I think this is what have some fans up in arms. I know, i’ll probably get stoned or saying this but maybe Hudgens has become involved with Josh Hutcherson. The kid is 18 but even his career is going better than Zac’s — he was in the Annette Benning movie for which she won a GG. It will be interesting to see if she’s paired up with anyone publically. I wonder if zac will then go into full meltdown mode. in any event, he seriously needs to lay off the booze. He’s starting to resemble that guy from Jersey Shore — the meathead with the psychotic girlfiend.

  • Alana

    @crazyfans suck: Again, someone with sense… thank you very much

  • Allie

    Yeah smacks of PR to me.

    But I can’t see Vanessa dating Josh. As adorable as he is, I think Zac and Vanessa’s problems recently probably stem from what most normal couple go through – girls mature quicker than boys. Zac obviously needs his time to ho it up, Vanessa doesn’t. If she’s going to date anyone soon, I reckon she’d go for someone older.

    And I think thats the problem most fans have. Not that he’s moving on, but who he did it with, and where. If he hooked up with someone privately and not someone who has a movie out in 2 weeks, then I don’t think there’d be the outrage there is now.

  • kendall

    zac you can do so much better than that tramp vanessa!

  • Annie

    Zac can do what he wants, get over it.

  • Molly Griffith

    Can I just say something, Zac and Vanessa are not together anymore, so therefore Zac is free to hang out with whom ever he chooses. Also, why should any of us care about whats going on in his life? Its life, he’s 23 years old, he can do whatever the heck he wants to do. Both Zac and Vanessa are great people, and the only reason yall are hating on Zac is because yall are mad he’s not with Vanessa. Leave the man alone and grow up!

  • beatriz

    i love him with Vanessa or without Vanessa.
    he looks hot.

  • kami

    oh no, he was already spotted in a club in ny. zac stop drinking.

  • Bloooo

    Why is his face suddenly so fat/round?


  • paw

    let me just ask this to hard core Zac fans who seem to be hating on vanessa when she has nothing to do with this. BTW….i’m either or with Vanessa, i’m followed zac but am so disturbed as of late….

    He’s gone on the record for years, talked about how he’s not the clubbing time, he’s not the whoring out type. He keeps things private, relationships are sacred. took him 5 years to walk a carpet at one of vanessa’s events. And they had been together for an eternity. So now…here he is, his crappy movie tanked at the BO, he totally sold out his relationship to sell it and it still failed (which is something he said he’d never do). He starts going to clubs and partying late nights, time and time again.
    Goes to see his (whatever she is or was to him) last week then turns around and comes back 10 days later to hang out(not just hang out, but innapropriatly do bedroom stuff with her ) with a chick in public where he knew he’d get noticed and the girl has a movie coming out the same day as his former’s. you don’t find that kind of vile? You don’t think a bit of that wasn’t calculated cause he was maybe hurting?
    I mean, damn..I’m an older fan and have been around a long time, but i gotta say this has done something for me, cause i don’t know who he is anymore.
    my question is, are you guys so blinded by how he looks that you can’t see anything deeper? that maybe he’s changed, and he’s not the guy he used to be, or maybe he’s presented the perfect image and now its falling apart. IDK>.but i just think his fans (like me) need to take a good hard look cause if we want him around, he needs to hear from us, he needs to know we don’t want to follow a ‘charlie sheen’ we want zac, the boy who defined different. The one who stood apart. cause lately esp. the last 6 months, he’s becoming way too hollywood for me and sorry but that’s just not who he was . or who he said he was.

    and one more thing, you don’t just throw away 5 years overnight, so wth made him decide that a decent human would treat someone he was with for so long like that. what made him think that was right, or okay. IDK…so out of character for him. I just don’t get it anymore.