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Black Eyed Peas: Super Bowl Halftime Show!

Black Eyed Peas: Super Bowl Halftime Show!

The Black Eyed Peas rock Cowboys Stadium during the Super Bowl Halftime show on Sunday (February 6) in Arlington, Texas.

The group was joined by hundreds of dancers in suits covered in lights, which created designs all across the field!

The show started off with “I Got a Feeling” before Fergie was joined by Slash to perform Guns N’ Roses‘ “Sweet Child O’ Mine.” Next, Usher joined onstage for “O.M.G.”

The BEP finished off the show with “Where is the Love” and “The Time (Dirty Bit).”

FYI: Fergie is wearing over $2 million worth of Harry Winston diamonds! is wearing Mykita “Gordon” sunglasses.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the Black Eyed Peas’ Super Bowl Halftime Show?

Black Eyed Peas: Super Bowl Halftime Show!
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Credit: Ehrmann, Pennington, Lecka, Daniel, Carr; Photos: Getty
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  • Ed

    We all thought that it was awful. Besides that they sounded bad , the whole concept was bad. Bring back REAL musicians, who don’t need all the extra BS

  • Maryl

    @Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!:

    It was a great show…We were all partying and dancing to the tunes!!

  • Justin Griffin

    The art in creating the BEP’s music happens in the studio, not in their voices. They’re almost more techno than anything….. because of this they shouldn’t do shows. Their music doesn’t suck, but they’re trying to be Celine Dion or something when their music is more Daft Punk-ish.

  • Justin Griffin

    The art in creating the BEP’s music happens in the studio, not in their voices. They’re almost more techno than anything….. because of this they shouldn’t do shows. Their music doesn’t suck, but they’re trying to be Celine Dion or something when their music is more Daft Punk-ish.

  • Justin Griffin

    The art in creating the BEP’s music happens in the studio, not in their voices. They’re almost more techno than anything….. because of this they shouldn’t do shows. Their music doesn’t suck, but they’re trying to be Celine Dion or something when their music is more Daft Punk-ish.

  • Ginger

    They were horrible singing all their songs!!! And there weren’t even a LIVE BAND for them to sound horrible! Lawdy! And Usher came and sang three words and THAT’S IT!!! What is the point of giving him the mic!?!??!?

    Even though they did pump up the audience, their singing and performance was horrible!!!!! They should’ve brought Axl Rose to sing “Sweet Child O’ Mine”.. Fergie was terrible singing it!! She can’t do live shows. She is better singing behind closed doors in a recording studio.

    Though those bright neon suits got my attention. But all of those dancers were so off, I couldn’t helping laughing… And I’m sure they practice maybe a day or two for their numbers, it seems??

  • steved

    total crap. al of it from start to end.
    Remember when ZZTop did the halftime show. Now that one rocked.
    BEP do not Rock or even POP or whatever sort of ‘music’ they claim to play.

  • WTF!


    GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Meee

    God it sucked…especially Fergie…What happened?

  • bobbi

    Wost hafltime show ever.

  • andreanne

    AMAZEBALLLLLLLLSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Jokergurl

    The acoustics were horrible, Fergie sounded OFF KEY! but the neon people forming Green Bay signs and Steelers signs looked cool, something a little different otherwise nothing spectacular.

  • Beau

    They sucked! Get the hell outa Texas, and take that moron Aguliera with you. Go back to freakin’ Kalifornia.

  • http://tcservicedogs@twitter Beth

    The show was awful!!!!!

  • S.Michelle

    Although, the sound system was horrible, I enjoyed the half time show, it was entertaining! I love the Black Eyed Peas.

  • Cindy

    GREAT JOB BLACK EYED PEAS.. Enjoyed watching.

  • Cindy

    That was wonderful.

  • gio

    fergie TOTALLY STOLE MADONNA’S LOOK FROM STICKY & SWEET TOUR (4 MINUTES) – girl do something different .

  • jj1234

    I like BEP…in 1998. Now, not so much.

  • Liz

    Absolutely horrible! Someone should be embarrassed starting with the the BEP. Complete waste of 15 minutes.

  • Peace

    I thought the show was good. I don’t know what all these people are talking about. I think it would have been a lot more fun if we were actually there.

  • jose

    the neon people are great. excellent choreography. the BEP are fantastic. i like them…..sound was great with my AV receiver on…

  • joey

    i don’t agree with you people that sound is not good. if you are only listening to this posted video then you are right. you should have listened to the live video.

  • djsugard

    The performance was great…there were technical difficulties, especially in sound mixing and effects, but with the enormity of the the overall show, you can expect a few. I though it was a great show, and watched it five times.

  • Gio

    gotta love how fergie totally killed a classic like sweet child o’ mine right in front of a legend…

  • Rattlesnake

    Slash was the only exciting part of the whole damn thing, the peas were flat like piss on a plate , dull and boring ! ! even The Who was better last year ! !

  • Raluca


  • eric

    you must be black.

  • saywhat???

    Sucked ass! Best thing was whe Slash came out until Fergie totally murdered sweet child o mine. Only person allowed to sing that song is Axl Rose! They need to get back on their mothership with the TRON dancers and autotune and disappear into the cosmos!

  • itstrueagain

    Who are they trying to appeal to? These acts at half time suck big time. Found it annoyingly noisy and took a break til the game came back on. Liked the background effects, but that was that.

  • melissa asherman

    I have no idea what anyone was listening to. I thought they were great! They were exciting! Lights, rapping, singing, dancing, good songs… awesome! Best performance since Aerosmith.

  • DoubleDutch

    LOVED Fergie’s outfit and shoes!

  • Retardis

    Just because the dancers from the Bejing Olympics were out of work, don’t mean you have to take sympathy on them!

  • victim of fergie

    Fergie is a drag queen

  • Kathy

    Aweful!!! What has happened to REAL music, Real songs, and Real emotions…Very dissapointed as I had stayed up to watch…

  • Kathy

    What has happened to REAL music with real emotions? Very dissapointed…

  • Kathy


    Mute..I wish I had thought of that!

  • Grace
  • Natalie

    Stole the idea with the suits from Tron Legacy

  • Will.I.AmWRIGHTSTheBestJingles

    @riversoverflow: My name says it all. Will.I.Am has even admitted that he composes (if you want to call it that) to promote a product in commericals. TBEPee’s are overrated in my opinion BIG TIME.

  • http://@aleexandra3 alexandra

    Ameeei , como sempre Black è extraordiàrioooo
    Amooo eles

  • Will.I.AmWRIGHTSTheBestJingles

    @Will.I.AmWRIGHTSTheBestJingles: I’m stoopid. Make that Will.I.AmWRITESTheBestJingles.

  • Kiki

    In watching them perform their collage of songs I realized that ALL their songs sound exactly the same, couldn’t even tell where one began and ended…it was bad. Hope they stop making and ruining classic songs. To think that they consider themselves artists…hahaha what a joke.


    Ugh…there are two types of musicians in the world: real musicians who sound great live and in the studio (Queen / Muse anyone?) and ersatz ones who should be limited to radio time (Pop artists). They should hire the Glee cast to perform at the next one: at least they can sing.

  • rhonda

    That had to be the worst halftime show in history. BEP’s singing was atrocious.. Fergie sounded washed out and what is with the dude with the autotuen?? please soooo overdone about 30 years ago. lol And Slash?? Cheesy! and Usher?? was he really singing? Obviously BEP wasn’t good enough to do the show alone.. they had to bring in help which didn’t help a bit. The only mildly interesting part of show were the lighted dancers….. Compared to the Who and the Rolling Stones.. this was just sad and embarrassing.

  • GIL

    I liked the show, it was entertaining..I thought it was good.

  • JD

    I remembered when Prince performed back in 2007. That was one of the best halftimes in recent years, and it was raining! I usually love the BEP but they don’t make good music like they used to. It’s like they forgot their original formula and is trying to keep up with what’s popular now. This performance wasn’t so good. It was like the music wasn’t loud enough and there mics weren’t leveled correctly if that makes sense. I like when everything just flows together… especially when you’re doing a medley of hits, and somehow everything got lost in translation. It was kinda messy.

  • Rayplumas

    This cured me of watching the half time ‘entertainment???’ Terrible spectacle, the sounds were not even close to what the Black Eyed Peas play. All the mean faces sure made us feel good!! What a waste of good airtime, great for potty break and food though.

    Worst half time ever!!

  • Natalia

    people are so jealous :) haters cant stand the fact that they are the best.. oh, kill yourselves ;) fergie was perfect, like always.

  • Philaguy

    Well now I know where all the negativity in America is posting their un educated rants. Don’t like it…. don’t watch it. It was entertainment in a world full of negative jerks. It was great and that was a pretty big audience.