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Black Eyed Peas: Super Bowl Halftime Show!

Black Eyed Peas: Super Bowl Halftime Show!

The Black Eyed Peas rock Cowboys Stadium during the Super Bowl Halftime show on Sunday (February 6) in Arlington, Texas.

The group was joined by hundreds of dancers in suits covered in lights, which created designs all across the field!

The show started off with “I Got a Feeling” before Fergie was joined by Slash to perform Guns N’ Roses‘ “Sweet Child O’ Mine.” Next, Usher joined onstage for “O.M.G.”

The BEP finished off the show with “Where is the Love” and “The Time (Dirty Bit).”

FYI: Fergie is wearing over $2 million worth of Harry Winston diamonds! is wearing Mykita “Gordon” sunglasses.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the Black Eyed Peas’ Super Bowl Halftime Show?

Black Eyed Peas: Super Bowl Halftime Show!
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Credit: Ehrmann, Pennington, Lecka, Daniel, Carr; Photos: Getty
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  • Philaguy

    Well now I know where all the negativity in America is posting their un educated rants. Don’t like it…. don’t watch it. It was entertainment in a world full of negative jerks. It was great and that was a pretty big audience.





    You need a lobotomy.


    And retarded



  • creativejedi

    Shockingly horrible. You know, BEPs, if you’re gonna try to get by with NO MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS and call yourself a band, at least be sure you can SING AT LEAST A LITTLE BIT!! Even with the gimmicky pitch correction, you couldn’t approach the right notes on your OWN SONGS! Worse than karaoke! As if Aguilera hadn’t embarrassed the USA enough for one day, the world had to witness your **** halftime show. Be ashamed!

  • SarahLC

    Usher! He should have performed more, when he came out the crowd went crazy!

  • JB


  • gina

    for real? I thought she looked pregnant!

  • Attila

    Halftime show was a joke! Light show had problems, thankfully the sound cut out once in awhile so we didn’t have to hear all of fergie killing cats. Slash should find a new gig.

  • tanyakristine

    NOW i see why they lip-synch.

  • Tam2

    Horrid. Fergie needs to die. She was flat or completely off key the whole time. Sound guy had a tough job deciding when to turn her up or turn her off so he’s forgiven for the initial flub with her mic… She also had a few moments of 40+ wigger dancing, and some choice moments of looking into the camera like a 4 year old trying too hard at a talent show looking for mommy’s approval… Usher and Slash? Did they pick names out of a hat? Fergie should NOT have attempted Sweet Child of Mine… Though the BEP’s outfits were straight up Tron rip offs, The lights were cool. Could have done without the dancing fake marching band as well, though… or maybe put lights on them too.

  • Tam2

    @WICKED WENCH: Actually the cast of Glee really can’t sing all that well. a couple of them, yes, but the vocal tracks on the show are autotuned beyond recognition.

  • vroomvroombetty

    I liked it. Live singing always sucks especially in that big of an arena! I enjoyed it. It was entertaining. Usher also hardly sings during th OMG song, because he is also a dancer and you can’t really sing and do an amazing dance like that. You run out of breath quick! He is an amazing performer.

  • Rick

    The half time show SUCKED… Black eye peas were terrible.. I was actually waiting for them to perform… They sounded terrible…They were even doing cover songs from Other bands… TSK TSK>>>DISGACEFUL………… Usher is a no talent.. But I guess he has to have more talent that the Black eye peas cause they invited him to help perform on their show…Overall the Halftime show was a BIGGGGGGGGGGGG YAWN……………………………………

  • Leticia

    It was sooo terrible! I felt embarrased for Fergie. I thought that she could sing but I stand corrected.

  • Anna

    Fergie didn’t sing well in any of her parts and the guys couldn’t really make up for her off pitched and raggy parts. She put slash to shame with how she was performing. I am not surprised they didn’t do very well because Fergie seems like she is 50/50 all the time, either there or she’s not there at all. The black eyed peas all together were never amazing live. I think Ushers little bit was better than the whole thing combined, and I don’t even like Usher.

    The lights were cool though and the stage, as usual.

  • Fergie

    This skank Fergie really sucks at singing . And that other asshole she sings with looks like a total tool. This Fergie Skank could be the biggest oiece of shit on the planet.

  • Becky

    I loved it. Finally something different than the usual halftime show.

  • Completely Deaf

    just LOVED IT!

  • no vocoder

    Long on attitude and style – Short on real talent

  • angela

    when fergie started singing it sounded like a wounded cat in heat….i wish Axl Rose would have knocked her off stage and sang his own song.

  • jetsfan

    The sound man should be fired for this one. Though I thought it was a bad halftime show, it was only due to the fact that the sound man couldnt get his crap together. I mean really, he didnt even unmute fergie’s mic until halfway through her first verse. The only reason they were screaming at times is because they didnt have enought volume in their mics so they were trying to compensate for it. The Black Eyed Peas are usually great live, and I have seen them several times live.

  • kim


  • Ian Douglas

    I agree with most is was very very bad so I wonder why do the BEP”s sell so many CD”s?

  • Wretched

    They where exposed as frauds .

  • Sue Ann


    I thought the halftime show was the best I’ve ever seen. It was so much better than the traditional shows. AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  • smack

    BEP’s ROCK!
    “Dudes keep Hatin on US, Dudes need to ease on UP”!!!!!

  • BEP’s SUCK

    That show was the worst, but don’t blame the BEP’s. There laughing all the way to the bank. The one that booked them for the show should be fired.

  • Kathy

    I thought it was GREAT! All this negativity — you guys are a bunch of haters, jealous. Where is the love??

  • scillers

    Terrible show, worst half time show I’ve ever seen. How about some real singing and real talent instead of that rap crap.

  • scillers

    @Kathy: no hate about it, BEP’s can’t sing worth a darn. You gotta be tone deaf to think they were good.

  • Tom

    It was awesome! I really needed a good laugh. One guitar, a bunch of synthesized noises and a quartet that can’t sing! What more could you want? Embarrassing. The only thing that could save this performance is to have Milli Vanilli do the half time show next year.

  • johnlarry

    Why were they dressed like KISS?

  • JD

    Really horrible. Turned the half time show off until they were done.
    Totally wrong market…what was the NFL thinking???

  • Christine

    Wow, that was bad.

  • TNGirl

    I liked the halftime show. Best one I’ve seen. BEP were great and the special effects were original. Usher was great too. Loved the dancing.

  • rehl123

    You people are haters and don’t know how to party. The show wasn’t for you old hacks. Pop an e pill n you would appreciate the light show, then learn to dance and you’ll love the music that was played. EXCELLENT SHOW! Best Superbowl halftime show BY FAR!

  • munster

    i liked it

  • jamestoons

    Worst half-time show ever? It was like Tron meets 1984 set to the soundtrack of a really bad karaoke-cover-band with a special “Spinal-Tap” entrance. The only thing that would have saved it was if one of the pea’s wires got stuck 10 feet from the ground and they had to perform the skit suspended over the stage. And Slash and Usher… what did they do, send out a call for anyone that was needing a few bucks to join in the train wreck? All they needed was Billy Idol and a couple backstreet boys to round out the cast. I did like the MC Hammer pants on Usher – WTF?


    I stole this from someone else but it still needs to be said, they need to change their name to the CRAP EYED PEAS.

  • Leeah

    That was bad. I just love “Where Is The Love” though… and I love Usher even tho this is in my opinion one of his worst songs ever. But the peas were bad, but at least it was entertaining

  • Elizabeth Salisbury

    “The impact of the show has to be the astounding thing, not the dressing of it. The dressing of a show is just a dressing its sorta the perfunctory kind of thing , you can dress a show with a trillion dollars worth of goodies but if the show is not substantial, there will be no impact.”
    – David Bowie

  • Gabriel

    You are all haterz!!! They brought it and rocked tha show!!

  • scillers

    @Gabriel: hated the performance , not members of the band. Understand the proper use of the word hate, that’s an over used term since obama ling a ding dong came along!

  • SuperBore

    Fergie should have used the 2 million for vocal lessons instead of buying diamonds. Worst Halftime show ever.

  • SJ

    They sounded good, the sound system sucked. I have seen them live &…OMG! I am certain some serious talk took place with the technicians! Jeez, why can they put on football games that size & hardly ever, year after year after year…have sound systems/technicians that don’t know a thing. It is not the first time that someone awesome sounded like crap, thanks to the bad sound.

  • Al

    One of the better super bowl half time show since Janet Jackson fiasco. All those old farts complain about the show, but get real people. Blacked eyed peas brings good entertainment to the stage. The overall show with the volunteer dancers and tron-isk movement was great.

    It’s too bad there were audio issues the made the show less stellar than it should have been. But you have to admit times have changed and atleast some older rockers are not on stage and putting us to sleep. Atleast we were awake this time.

  • Tommy Z

    Bridgestone should demand their money back. Worst halftime ever.

  • Tommy Z

    Worst halftime show ever.