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Black Eyed Peas: Super Bowl Halftime Show!

Black Eyed Peas: Super Bowl Halftime Show!

The Black Eyed Peas rock Cowboys Stadium during the Super Bowl Halftime show on Sunday (February 6) in Arlington, Texas.

The group was joined by hundreds of dancers in suits covered in lights, which created designs all across the field!

The show started off with “I Got a Feeling” before Fergie was joined by Slash to perform Guns N’ Roses‘ “Sweet Child O’ Mine.” Next, Usher joined onstage for “O.M.G.”

The BEP finished off the show with “Where is the Love” and “The Time (Dirty Bit).”

FYI: Fergie is wearing over $2 million worth of Harry Winston diamonds! is wearing Mykita “Gordon” sunglasses.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the Black Eyed Peas’ Super Bowl Halftime Show?

Black Eyed Peas: Super Bowl Halftime Show!
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Credit: Ehrmann, Pennington, Lecka, Daniel, Carr; Photos: Getty
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  • nan

    The vocals were really bad!!!!! They need to focus on the main entertainers and forget about all the extra people on the field!! Slash was very good!!! They forgot to do a sound check!!! It really did suck. Christine A. needs to learn the words to the national anthem. She has one of the best voices of all time!!!!!

  • alli

    i hate that fergie was like grinding all up on slash and he was totally ignoring her. this was horrible. oh well.

  • JJ

    Fergie sang really bad here… but maybe that’s because I’m used to the record.

  • dot tay

    It was LIVE people. They were not lip syncing.They write their own music, compose and orchestrate all the sound effects them selves, are original and fun. To qouteFergie in the song she did with Nellie, ” I knows that I’m fine and all of you haters can kiss a behind, specifically speaking I’m talking bout mine.” Maybe you shoule get off the sofa and stop eating Doretoes and work HALF as hard as she has, First being a child star then getting noticed in her all girl band then joining the boys in the BEP. ALL the while keeping in fabulous shape. I grew up in the 70′s with Petty and Springsteen. Like them both and have their CD’s. But for a half time show…. talk about boring. They couldn’t even get it together to have their lips match the music. Fergie was “wow” in Sweet Child of Mine and I love her Amy W “Rehab”. She can do it ALL. Slash and Usher thing ..but to each his own. The Black Eyed Peas burst with creativity. I’ll listen to them and move around when I’m 100. Love you guys! Keep “pumping” out the hits and making the BIG money. Love you!


    The choreography and set design were fantastic. The music really sucked. This group should not have been playing at a Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is attended by an older audience ($2,300+ tickets, remember?) Should have been an act more in line with past groups–Tom Petty in 2009, Bruce Springsteen in 2010, etc..

  • vivi
  • Poopycum

    @Jack: Are you deaf?

  • Dude

    It was awesome, great show. As far as halftime shows go, this one was good. Fergie was good and a trooper for keeping going through that sound issues. I liked it!

  • Rich

    Feel free to sign along…..

    I got a fellin (hoo hoo)

    that tonite was the last time we will see such a !@#$%^ halftime show

    that tonite was the last time we will see such a !@#$%^ halftime show

    that tonite was the last time we will see such a !@#$%^ halftime show

    I got a fellin….

  • Kristen Kobayashi

    It was different from the album. but I still think we should give them a bit more respect in the comments here. Anyways- I still enjoyed the artistic creativity and their music gives off a feeling of celebration. That’s what its all about.

  • Kristen Kobayashi

    The show was awesome. I luv the BEP !!! Whoohooo!
    Especially liked Dirty Bit !

  • chrissy

    fergie sucks AND she’s a terrible singer. bep needs to go back to performing at raves!

  • Truth Serum 7

    From the TV. POV. The performance was great. Every song played seemed to pump movement into the stadium. Their style was classic BEP. I appreciate the planners for not making them play country to please the masses, I’d consider that lame. They did a great job. Those who think otherwise would only be pleased if the halftime show was done their way, but would never admit their selfish agenda. Also, The “Box Head Revolution” was probably the reason for the boxes, interesting fit for the performance. It was like dropping a quantum physics question on 1st graders, they only see the boxes not the meaning.

  • alexmgr

    Agree with all comments on BEP..but has everyone forgotten about the horrible Who half time show at last year’s Super Bowl? BEP was better than Who…which isn’t saying much

  • TW

    exposed as over produced and under talented, but it was funny

  • scillers

    Black Eyed Peas have no talent, get some real music next year.

  • Nancy

    This was the best half-time show in the history of the superbowl. The Black Eyed Peas were fantastic!!!!!!!

  • haaaaa

    I agree. It was funny. Everyone at our small party had a good laugh at this really bad music.The phrase I heard the most was,”this is a joke”.

  • Cosmofan1000

    All right, (bleep) you all. The Black Eyed Peas are awesome, so (bleep) you.

  • the Darkness

    Fergie is hot I love her and I like the BEP’s. However, it seems more and more that todays “talent” is to dependant on the machines and computers in the studios to alter and tweak their sounds/voices whatever. Sooooo when they go to do it live… it really doesnt come close to sounding good. I think this is the problem with BEP because their live performances really are not that great, but they wooo you with lots of pretty visuals and effects and it gives the illusion the performance was good…but it’s really not.

  • oldgy

    @bubbaness: the show sucked, big time.

  • hater of this years superbowl

    so errible. fergies voice sounded sooo bad. she tried way to hard and sounded like a man.

  • hater of this years superbowl

    so errible. fergies voice sounded sooo bad. she tried way to hard and sounded like a man.

  • hater of this years superbowl

    so errible. fergies voice sounded sooo bad. she tried way to hard and sounded like a man.

  • Feyt

    you know what they say. if its too loud. then your too old. overall i enjoyed it.

  • http://twitter slyvia


  • http://twitter slyvia


  • DTown

    I thought it was a great show…I don’t see why so many people hated it…

  • scaryassclown

    I think the bad sound mixing and the bad selection of camera angles (must they really shift angles all the time and not focus on the holistic view of the entire act????) made the performance terrible. Not that Black Eyed Peas is already bad as it is…but to ruin a well prepared performance?–it’s the director and the sound engineer’s fault! If you would notice, the people who are supposed to be glow in the dark had a well-choreographed move but you would hardly notice it co’z the camera shifts angles every second. why cant they just have like four angles and all of ‘em focused on the entire act?

  • Ben

    I actually didn’t dislike Black Eyed Peas until this performance (mostly becuase I had wisely avoiding their pop-drawl for years). I was able to shock myself into announcing to my also very disappointed friends that I finally found music I wanted to listen to even less than lady Gaga. Even after upwards of seven beers I found this grating to my senses. There was a collective cringe across all North America that day.

    Anyone who liked it is either an impressionable consumer-sheep, or just plain deaf.

  • scotty

    you should blame the generation for liking this music not the band for giving them what they want, you think they would of done these songs if no one liked them?

  • Eric

    It was awesome

  • Eric

    I dont know what everyone is bitching about it was an awesome show

  • Kalyn

    That takes us up to the next level. Great posnitg.