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Chris Brown: Clubs And Compilations

Chris Brown: Clubs And Compilations

Chris Brown looks surprised as he leaves Amazura nightclub with his bodyguards on Saturday (February 5) in New York City.

The 21-year-old recording artist will be hanging out in the Big Apple a bit more as it was recently announced that he will be performing for Saturday Night Live.

In addition, Chris is also a part of a new compilation album for American Idol. The new album, coming out on March 15, will have Jordin Sparks’ and Chris’ duet “No Air”.

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chris brown clubs compilation 01
chris brown clubs compilation 02
chris brown clubs compilation 03
chris brown clubs compilation 04
chris brown clubs compilation 05
chris brown clubs compilation 06

Credit: Alequin; Photos: INFdaily
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  • lake86

    Ew! The Detroit Red Wings do not want your support!!!!!

  • hannah


  • Weber from Brazil

    poor guy
    Rihanna’s ghost will follow him ’til the end of his life

  • sunshine

    Can’t wait for F.A.M.E 29TH MARCH!!!!! SO EXCITED!! :) :)

  • http://None J

    Hahahahahaha!! APE…

  • King Makers

    hATERZ STAy PreSSED !!!!! my Boy is CELEBRAtiNG His Long OVER DUE rEturn BaCK TO THE tHRONE so


  • Yvonne

    His album FAME comes out March 22nd not the 29th@sunshine:

  • LOL

    His album,and brits was pushed back,now his album comes out on MARCH 29

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    What this

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!


  • Keesha

    Can’t wait for F.A.M.E.!!! LOVE you Chris!!!

  • UK

    He is despised in the UK. By the media and by the music industry.

    He brought this on himself.

  • Annnymous

    He is not despised by the UK, most people from here love both Chris and Rihanna, what side of England are you coming from? Cuz London are loving him.

  • Love It

    Wooow Can’t Wait for the FAME!

  • kIng Makers

    NEWs FlASH FOR somE HaTERz!

    YEah 3X is CURRENtly #2 ON the UK TOP 40 bIggeST hITS CharTS

    RiRI ft DAVId geTTA IS #16.

    UnitED kINGDOM LOves CHRis BReezyyyyyy.

    LooKING @ THE YEah 3x, ITS MJ quaLITY THt will reMAIN FORevER.

  • SandeePB

    Keep doing your thing Chris Brown. I admire what you do :) Much continued success and happiness always :)

  • Ravynwolfe

    How can anyone admire a man that beats up women ..then wears a tshirt around town with the words “oops” on it? I have no like for this man. He needs to learn and really feel sorry for what he’s done. I don’t see anykind of concern in him for what has transpired. I wish he would just go away and get some help.

  • Angela

    What do you think he has done, referring to Ravynwolfe above. You want the man to stop living and wallow in his mistakes for the rest of his life. Get off of him, man. This man has paid his debt to society, has accepted responsibility for his actions and has been held accountable. What more do you want? Let this man learn from his mistakes and get on with his life. It has been 2 years, man, 2 full blown years. What is it that you folk want from this man. Well, if it is not well meaning or something positive, you can stop wasting your time and your negative comments on him, because this man and ALL OF HIS TALENT, is here to stay, and so are his fans. Get on with your life, because CB is going to get on with his. Keep GOD FIRST, CB. We wish you much continued success. GOD loves you, and so do your fans. Regardless of any negative comment, any given negative situation or negative circumstance, shake it off and keep moving forward. You do not have to respond to that nagativity. People want to see you in a mess. Stay clear of that hogwash, regardless of how negative it may seem, stay clear of it, and that means just keeping your mouth shut, because you can say one thing, and the media will twiest it up and make it seem like you have said something altogether different. I don’t know what it is, but some folk just want to see you down. It is Chris Brown this, and Chris Brown that, and it will point to negativity. Man, if you breathe wrong, they will report that. If you blink one eye, and not blink the other one, they will report that, all in a negative fashion. Keep your mouth shut and just don’t say anything negative. If you cannot say anything positive, don’t say anything. Just flash that lovely charamatic all embracing contagious smile of yours, and keep it moving. Your true fans love you, little fellow. We love you and will stick by you through thick and thin. We all make mistakes; as that is a crucial part of growing. The key is to learn from those mistakes, and not repeat them again. I feel in my heart that you will not repeat that behavior again. You will have to endure many many negative comments, because some people classify you as a woman beater, when in all actuality, you and your ex-girl had a fight, That does not mean you are a woman beater. You are not a woman beater. You were dead wrong, sure, but you are not a woman beater. Keep striving to be and do your best. Also, there are people that will classify you by that one event “the fight”. You cannot control what people think, nor can you control their actions. People are entitled to their opinion, not saying that they are necessarily right or wrong, but opinions are to be respected. What you can control though,is your actions and your train of thought. Keep them all positive. Don’t let the negative get you down. You have come a long long way, for the media and them other folk tried to tear you down, and to an certian degree, they did, but the beauty of it is “they could not keep you down”. The blackballed you, they curse you, they degraded your name, they honestly thought “no more Chris Brown”, they even stopped playing your music on the radio. They backlash you suffered was enough to tear down a herd of elephants, but here you are , still standing and ABOUT TO FLY. Yes, about to fly! I commend you for hanging in there. God has his hands on you. Humble yourself, and give him all the praise and glory. Your fans love you, and GOD does too.

  • Diana

    You say he’s hated in the uk huh? That must be why he is #5 &#1 on the uk charts :) as a matter of fact chris brown is in the top ten on several music charts across the globe he is a worldwide superstar whether you like it or not

  • rawbdawwgg

    Despised in the UK? Chipmunk and Chris Brown have the number 1 single in the UK (Champion), and Chris Brown has the number 5 single in the UK (Yeah 3x)!! What are you talking about?@UK:

  • Dawn

    i was looking at the pics on the side… does he have a lighter on his hand… : ( omg

  • ravynwolfe

    How has he paid his debt to society? has he gone around and talked to people about hitting women? has he been in jail for a couple of years? has he apologized sincerely to his fans? How is wearing a tshirt that says Oops on it after people found out his true nature….any kind of apology? Is it normal for women to be hit? maybe people are so used to it that it doesn’t phase them anymore. Weird. Angela says You and your girl had a fight? since when is it ever okay for a man to lay his hands on a woman? unless she is stronger than ….why is this okay? He beat her. Did you see the pictures? where’s his marks? No real man needs to hit a woman. I’ll support him when he sincerely feels sorry and changes.

  • ravynwolfe

    mentioning a commitment to God on one hand whilst you smack a woman with the other is no Godly man. It is sick.

  • http://Facebook AJ

    My boy Chris made a big come back after that little fight between him and rhiannah