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Christina Aguilera: National Anthem at Super Bowl XLV!

Christina Aguilera: National Anthem at Super Bowl XLV!

Christina Aguilera belts out the National Anthem at the Super Bowl held at Cowboys Stadium on Sunday (February 6) in Arlington, Texas.

The game will be played against the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers.

The 30-year-old singer has a connection to the Steelers as she grew up in Pittsburgh and has been singing the National Anthem for the team since she was seven-years-old!

Even though she mixed up the lyrics for a second, Christina continued on like a pro!

Christina wore a Dolce & Gabbana skirt suit, Stephen Webster jewels, and Christian Louboutin shoes.

Watch Christina singing the National Anthem below…

Christina Aguilera: National Anthem at Super Bowl
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christina aguilera national anthem super bowl 02
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Credit: Kevin Mazur; Photos: WireImage
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  • LopezTonight

    This voice is FANTASTIC! Amazing!

  • Floptina

    OMG, she f*cked it up big time! :D

  • lauren

    Did she get the words wrong?
    Or am i just mildly deaf?

    Loved the massive cheer for the soldiers though!

  • Polonian Gal

    Loved it! Especially the terrific high note at the end <3

  • alison


  • Nathan

    She was amazing =D loved it!

  • Mary Simpsons

    amazing!!!!!!!!! she looks hot and i love her voice!

  • mommasaid

    too bad she sounded like a cat that was in pain and she couldn’t even get the words right! #FAIL

  • Flopanizer

    Wonderful, stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lady Gaga

    Shame on her. She can’t even get her own national anthem right? LMFAO!!!!

  • muspirit

    Christina totally messed up the National Anthem..flubbed on the words. I am really missing Carrie Underwood!

  • Weber from Brazil

    She sounds amazing….
    no lipsynching here
    but she messep up some words :O

  • anne

    was this edited? she really messed that up.

  • Julie, the Hater

    She’s so brave for singing LIVE not like others who lipsynched like Mariah Carey, Whitney, Cher, Jordin, Jennifer Hudson…..

    Her voice was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

    She’s a Goddess!! Godtina!

  • Angelina


  • Lady Gaga

    She’s so chubby! LMFAO!!!

  • Belle


  • Linda Sloane

    How can you allow a singer no matter how famous sing the National Anthem without knowing whether they know the words? How is that possible do you not have pride in America? And on top of not knowing the words she sounded like total total CRAP! I am not even watching the damn game because of her. Absolutely Despicable and disgraceful

  • Susan

    No one will ever top Whitney Houston’s 1991 Superbowl National Anthem. Gives me goosebumps to this day.

  • Poss

    Flopney Spirs and Tranny GuyGuy would love to have Legendtina Aguilera’s voice!

  • Poss

    @Susan: Whitney’s nation anthem was LIPSYCNHED!

  • http://justjare piggy

    what happened to her nose

  • TV Watching

    I didn’t like this version — too many runs and embellishments. It was over-done.

  • موقع نسائي


  • موقع نسائي

    This voice is beautiful!

  • Odette

    … ¡¡ I LOVE HER SO MUCH !! … She Is Fabulous And She Looks So Beautiful …

  • me2

    did not like chistina
    the other girl from glee, however was fabulous…………..

  • Robert

    Do singers actually realize that the national anthem is about the country, the people and our fighting men & women over sea. She should have just held a plaque up that said “LOOK AT ME”. The national anthem is THE ONLY song/piece of music that should NEVER be altered in such an unpatriotic way! I absolutely hate anyone that would BUTCHER something that so many hold so dear. I HATED IT !! GOD BLESS AMERICA AND ALL THOSE SERVING OVERSEA !!!

  • dee

    FAIL! she forgot the words and try to cover it up. Seriously it’s like MAya Rudolph doing a parody on SNL. I don’t know what guys were listening to but she butchered it. I don’t know why popstars never learn, u don’t mess with the national anthem no matter how good of a singer u are…

  • ck

    Best tweet:

    “National Anthem always chokes me up, even when sung by some dude in drag who doesn’t know the words”

  • Jackie

    She sounded amazing. Haterz gonna hate! She sang it live. Whens your fave gonna dew it?

  • boston61

    She actually has clothes on. Maybe her mother was there.

  • Rhonda

    her job was to sing OUR national anthem at the Super Bowl, you need to get the freaking words right or sit your ass down.

  • Wow that sucked

    Wow that was f**kin terrible…embarrassment to america. All these people saying it was great mustve had it in mute.

  • rockstar


  • James

    Do your thing Christina. I’m sure a third of these people don’t know the words to the anthem if their lives depended on it and they don’t have to sing it in front of a crowd thousands. I always respect talent and talent with faults is even more endearing.

  • ava

    Do celebrity publicist post on JJ now , with Angelina Jolie and some other celebrities like Aguilera, looks like they have their people posting stupid comments about how great they are…. because anyone could hear her voice was awful , she was making up verses and sang like a dying cat dragging up each word.

    Whitney Houston’s 1991 Superbowl National Anthem wasn’t LIPSYCNHED!, they started pre- recording the anthem for the superbowl the last 10 years.

  • Renagde

    I think if she just kept up with the rythym of the song instead of trying to accentuate the high notes, she would have been fine.

  • Peace Nique

    It would have been better if she actually knew/sang the right words to the song…

  • Maria

    She F’D the words up! She spend too much time doing the “aaahhhhhhahhhhaaaahhhhahhhh” that she forgot what the next word is to the song. I hate when singers do that “aaaahhhhaaahhhhaaa” too much of it ruins the song.

  • SouthernDeli

    This clown face chick didn’t do a good job with this song . She would look so much better with less make-up and less dye on her hair . There are lots of other singers who could have done a much better job .

  • Ash

    I thought the NA was usually lipped. Gotta give the girl props for having the guts to do that.

  • JC

    She’s a slutty idiot

  • maryf

    Xtina can definitely sing but this is The National Anthem. What’s wrong with singing that song straight ? I would like people to stop putting riffs and their own spin on it. It’s just fine the way it was written ! Yes she sang live and without a track, but she messed up more than a few words and sounded really bad. Well at least she continued and was professional about it….

  • DLN

    This was the worst rendition of the national anthem since Roseanne.

  • Cristobal

    I’m a Christina fan and very disappointed in this.

  • Xtina_wins_haters_are_enraged

    Hey haters! Here’s an idea!

    Go be mad at “singers” who use auto-tune and who don’t have to remember any lyrics to any songs because they never sing live. Stop being so jealous of Christina’s fierceness!

    Christina is f*cking amazing. Christina’s singing = power + live + messed up lyrics : That’s how she does it! lol. Get used to that, haters!

  • Filip

    Christina Aguilera – SuperBowl XLV 2011, BETTER QUALITY HERE

  • christinalover

    christina looked greated, sounded greated. well she was nervous so messing up the lyrics is not such a big deal

  • CB

    Come on, she obviously knew the words, she just messed up a little. it’s always a risk during a live performance, no matter how well you know the lyrics…

    On the other hand, I hated the vocals, there were so many unnecessary runs I thought it would never end. Awful.