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Gavin Rossdale: Yogurt Stop with Zuma!

Gavin Rossdale: Yogurt Stop with Zuma!

Gavin Rossdale takes his adorably cute son Zuma to the local yogurt shop on Tuesday (February 1) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 45-year-old rocker relaxed out in the patio with Zuma, 2, who munched on his own frozen yogurt cone then polished off Gavin‘s yogurt cup. He’s a growing boy!

The same day, mom Gwen Stefani made her way through LAX airport to catch a flight out of town.

10+ pictures inside of Gavin Rossdale and Zuma enjoying their Yogurt…

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gavin rossdale yogurt with zuma 01
gavin rossdale yogurt with zuma 02
gavin rossdale yogurt with zuma 03
gavin rossdale yogurt with zuma 04
gavin rossdale yogurt with zuma 05
gavin rossdale yogurt with zuma 06
gavin rossdale yogurt with zuma 07
gavin rossdale yogurt with zuma 08
gavin rossdale yogurt with zuma 09
gavin rossdale yogurt with zuma 10

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  • http://Ta Sligo ^__^ cute


  • Zoe Moon

    What an adorable cutie! Love Zuma’s plaid pants.

  • Tulip

    Thank God he has nail polish. Cute.

  • Moon’

    Trop mignon ^^

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!


  • Rosy

    Very cuuute!

  • Annie

    I like Gwen but I feel a bit iffy about how they deck these boys out with nailpolish, dyed hair etc. Not because I think it will “turn them gay” or turn them into girls (which is too ridiculous) but because I’d worry it will get them teased. Kids start picking up that another kid is ‘different’ as young as 4 or 5. Besides why not just let them be little kids while they can? Kids are getting looks-conscious far too early as it is.

  • mwannirs
  • Grandma of Four

    Zuma is just the cutest! It is wonderful to see MOM and DAD doing really normal things with their kids! Out for yogurt is about as normal as you can get! The nail polish is not an issue as far as I am concerned! After all….he is 2 and it is NOT hot pink! I actually teach 2nd through 5th grade and some of the guys sport dark nail polish…not many but some do! A great big :-) for Zuma!

  • Lilakoi Moon

    Aww how cute is he munching on his frozen yogurt! I can’t stop Awwwwwww’ing



  • jillyro

    They have cute kids. But I can’t help thinking that they use them more like fashion models and clothes hangers. Their kids seem to be mini fashion props for them.

  • Leezle

    Most parent dress their kids in CUTE clothes I dont think parents say oh that is ugly let me buy that for them, if you have a lot or a little money you always buy what you think is cute and Gwen and Gavin obviously have their own unique style so they buy clothes for their kids that they think is cute and I am sure the kids even pick out what they like! Kids often have their own opinions and establish them by choosing what they wear!! Everyone gets on celeb’s kids like suri and shiloh for the way they dress but it is sick! Kids are Kids!!! And I am sure someone will say something about boys doing what society perceives to be “female/ feminine” as something wrong while girls doing what society perceives to “female/masculine” as something wrong as well. Everyone has fears which is why they Gender their children in order to easily place them into neatly defined categories. People are so threatened by Shiloh dressing like a boy because they think that she may have a gender identity crisis or that when she grows up she will be a homosexual but they fail to realize this will happen wether or not she dresses a certain way. Isn’t it funny that we all perform gender to a certain degree because the moment we are conceived we are put into clothes that signify our gender. It is this very reason that women are confined and defined to normative female role in a patriarchal society that have oppressed women for centuries. If we weren’t strictly defined to gender, masculine/feminine then people would be more free and of course women more so then men because they would not be defined by their sex and the characteristics that have come to define female as weaker of the sex, not as strong so on an so forth would no longer exist and that scares men more than anyone because we would all be equal.

  • Sharlise

    Gwen is strange, in how she dresses those boys.

  • kat

    Awwww bless him!!

  • boston61

    How does a boy that age even know nail polish exists unless someone is teaching him about it?

  • tango

    Is he still gay?

  • piculac

    .@boston61: How does a boy that age know they are supposed to wear clothes? Children have parents you idiot.

  • ala

    Super cute. I love happy, smiling children.

  • ericka

    zuma is soooo adorable

  • nelle

    I don’t think gwen realizes that she has two boys not girls! nail polish noooo

  • http://dklsjddkls Felissa Cadance

    Did Gwen and Gavin dyed his hair?
    Btw he’s adorable.

  • ashley

    gwen clearily wanted a girl..

  • googleberry


    i pretty much totally agree with what you just said… saying that will “turn someone gay” or “make them act like girls” is almost too ridiculous for me to even type…. HOWEVER, it definately isn’t the norm…not that you always(or ever, for that matter!) have to follow what is considered the norm, but for little boys it’s definitely weird to be painting their nails all the time. my family and my kids and i are sort of what you guys might consider to be “punk rock” type style and even MY 6yr old son with his longer hair and his mohawks and his dad with the piercings and total sleeve tattoos and stuff…even my son thinks boys with painted fingernails are weird and thinks that it’s only for girls..and that’s certainly something that we have never said to him- it’s just instinctual. good thing these kids are rich i guess, everyone will WANT to be their friend and everyone will WANT to be invited over to play so they’ll only be made fun of BEHIND THEIR BACKS, not to their face like they would be if my son walked into his 1st grade class with painted fingernails.