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Justin Bieber: Incognito for Super Bowl Commercial!

Justin Bieber: Incognito for Super Bowl Commercial!

Justin Bieber goes incognito in a commercial for Best Buy that aired during the Super Bowl on Sunday (February 6).

In the commercial, Ozzy Osbourne promotes 4G and 5G phone service before Justin comes in to take over since technology is moving too fast for Ozzy.

At the end of the ad, Ozzy‘s wife Sharon says, “What’s a 6G” to which Ozzy replies, “What’s a Bieber?”

Justin then appears with disheveled hair and a full beard and says, “I don’t know. Kinda looks like a girl.” Ha!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Justin Bieber’s Best Buy commercial?

Justin Bieber: Best Buy Super Bowl Commercial
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  • lala

    I’m not Bieber fan, but I love him as a person. He’s very kind

  • laverdadduele

    I wish he would go incognito FOREVER! I’m so sick and tired of seeing this stupid kid everywhere I turn. I won’t even get started on that impossibly stupid haircut…

  • mickey mouse

    love justin, he is the new michael jackson

  • mumford&fans

    @laverdadduele OMG I could not agree more I can’t wait to see MUMFORD & SONS KICK A on grammy night and have all the little teeny boppers crying.

  • mumford&fans

    @mickey mouse WTF? are you high? Justin could never and should never be compared to MJ just because he dances while sing does not mean a thing he will fade in a year and no one will care.

  • mumford&fans

    @lala: “kind” of a tool

  • jp6464

    Hey laverdadduele, First you see Bieb on TV, then you come here to read about it and post, next you should go to Best Buy to view the extended version of the ad, to get your total Bieber fix. ha ha. I would say he earned his $1,000,000 check. And he’s only 16.

  • منتدى نسائي

    He is a cutie

  • MistyBarber

    Justin Bieber is great! He has real talent, and isn’t faking it. That’s a nice change. Although, I think this commercial was completely pointless and STUPID. He needs to be more picky about the work he does.

  • laverdadduele

    @jp6464: Yeh, I despise him so much, I need to spill my hate everywhere I can.

  • mumford&fans

    @MistyBarber oh yes real talent the kind that is autotuned and writes/sings stupid lyrics who is only popular because teen girls love him and lets face it they have no taste in music. All these stupid bands and artist and all their fans need to GTFO let the real artist have a chance to shine like the William Fitzsimmons, Mumford & Sons, Bon Iver, Iron & Wine, City & Colour, and The Avett Brother’s AKA REAL MUSIC take over the airwaves once more. Radio and MTV have went to crap al because people care more about meaninless music instead of real lyrics.

  • confusedperson

    @laverdadduele: the ONLY ONLY reason you see him everywhere you turn is because you look him up. if you don’t like him then don’t give him the time of day by searching his name up on Youtube and Google. that makes you the most retarded person EVER you and everyone who’s always fussing about him. you don’t have to like him big whoop who cares not everyone does and that’s fine but how you gonna fuss about seeing him everywhere when you’re the douche who’s looking him up in the first place. get a life dude seriously and this is coming from someone who could care less if you like him but who just doesn’t understand you and all the other people who have a problem with him but yet give him the time of day.

  • tami

    he’s soo SEXY AND TALENTED AND COOL AND STYLISH AND UGH lol i just love HIM his looks come second but he’s just so funny and can joke about himself which is a great quality because it stops you from getting so angry about things and life all the time. BIEBER4LIFE

  • laverdadduele

    @confusedperson: Boo, are you upset about Bieber haters? For someone who couldn’t care less you sure took the time to write a whole load of c.r.a.p. Fortunately, he will disappear into obscurity in a couple of years and no one will remember him.

  • caramel

    About a year ago, i thought he looks like a cute little boy. As he gets older, the more that he’s looking like a lesbian. Just saying :)

  • Tim R.

    I can’t take people seriously when they complain about him being too hyped up. 50% of his views on youtube are from haters. 50% on the comments on articles about him are from haters. 50% of the people who took the time to watch this video and leave a comment are haters. If you don’t like him, THEN DON’T WATCH HIS STUFF. It’s easy to ignore him, just don’t google him or click the “play” button on his videos. How can you complain about the hype if you’re the one’s largely contributing to it. You’re helping his career by always obsessing about how much you hate him. GET A CLUE.

  • meliss

    @Tim R.: Could not agree more.

  • Taylor

    @mumford&fans: Justin’s music is for young people, who just want to have fun and don’t care to be listening to those types of artists yet. Different genres for differnt age groups. get over it.

  • jean

    I hate Bieber but this was HIGHlarious!!!

  • KRL

    In itself, this kid I do not like … is a thought. But see above
    these pints .. scary. When you do not like to not see it, but the question
    is that it is up in the soup, everywhere and very tired.

  • Grace

    @laverdadduele: You took the words right ouf of my mouth. I’m in your camp.

  • Caroline

    STFU here!

  • partypooper

    why does ever ybody love the o hot hes the guy who wrote a song with only three differnt words babybabay oooo like baby baby baby ooo like who wants to listin to a record skip i mean come on ppls

  • Jokergurl

    I love OZZY and SHARON!

  • Coconut1995

    @ mumford&fans – If your so against the guy, please tell me why you bother commenting? I hate how people are so negative about Justin, just because he’s young and popular. I’m not exactly a Bieber fan but I think it’s amazing that he’s only seventeen (sixteen when he started out) and has already made a name for himself.

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