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Nicole Kidman Honored at Santa Barbara Film Festival

Nicole Kidman Honored at Santa Barbara Film Festival

Nicole Kidman picks up the top honor during the 2011 Santa Barbara International Film Festival held at the Arlington Theater on Saturday (February 5) in Santa Barbara, California.

The 43-year-old Aussie actress received the Cinema Vanguard Award, which honors someone who takes artistic risks and has made a significant contribution to film.

Nic said, “I suppose that’s in my blood. I don’t even see it as taking a risk, I just see it as staying true to my heart and instinct.”

FYI: Nicole wore a Nina Ricci dress, Pierre Hardy shoes, Fred Leighton earrings, and a Prada clutch.

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Credit: Ray Mickshaw; Photos: Wireimage
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  • Moh123

    Wow she deserve this she is the best actress ever

  • Jean

    well deserved! i remember stephen daldry, director of The Hours, speaking about the depth of her commitment to artistic integrity, glad she is being recognized. Congrats, Nicole.

  • maria

    omg her top lip is disgusting.

  • Carly

    how is she an actress? what a joke. her face is frozen. she can’t emote.

  • 00000000

    her face looks freshly botoxed.

  • closer

    @Carly: you’re right however she is still one of the best actresses of this generation. as a fair skinned ginger i can say aging is pretty hard on us, cut us some slack :)

  • 22

    @Jean: She herself at the oscar round table was talking about renting out a cottage and living there for 6 weeks during and before the process of filming.

  • window

    she is SUCH a sweetheart there is nothing bad to say about her character.


    Simply radiates happiness.

  • Nat

    Natalie Portman will win this year’s Oscar for best actress in a leading category over Nicole

  • Jokergurl

    I’ve always liked Nicole Kidman, she’s talented, gracious and a classy, lovely lady, congratulations!

  • mary`

    Carly@ 02/06/2011 at 12:41 am

    Nicole is an oscar winning actress. she’s been nominated for a second and i would be willing to bet that if it wasn’t for natalie portman she could very well win again. you, however, could never hope to achieve even one tenth of what nicole has accomplished.

  • Congrats!

    Well deserved honor for Nicole! She is a model for anyone that wants to be a true actress, not a celebrity. And she gets thanks for recommending Breaking The Waves. We finally watched it this weekend and my God what a movie. If you like Nicole’s more independent movies you’ll like Breaking The Waves.

  • Pica

    @Nat: You’re right. Natalie WILL win. Rabbit Hole didn’t have all the artsy fartsy direction and special effects of Black Swan. Nicoles performance was raw and perfect. Natalie had loads of help from the dancing, makeup. The dialogue in Black Swan was absolute crap.

  • Couldn’t agree with you more

    When will more people come out and say the BS script was crap??? When you have to explain the entire plot of Swan Lake then you have nothing original or interesting. The Kids Are All Right, Rabbit Hole, Blue Valentine, True Grit, The Fighter all have superior writing. Black Swan is mutton dressed as lamb!

  • ami

    oh just ignore the haters. They posted the link on E ! so they can Hit and Run!

    Thats shows you just how stupid they are . Couple of lonely OLD bags playing their silly game.


  • http://Ta Sligo ^ __ ^ cute

    So boring old woman vapid

  • mary

    WTG Nicole. Very nice honor!

    I agree Rabbit Hole was superior acting!

    Nice to see Nicole so happy in her life!

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    She wears pajamas??

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    Why? Hahahahah

  • grace

    Well deserved! Nicole has proven her talent many times over with movies like To Die For, Moulin Rouge, The Others, The Hours, Birth, Dogville, Cold Mountain, Rabbit Hole, and many others.

    Rabbit Hole is her 3rd Oscar nomination (nom for Moulin Rouge, win for The Hours) Her perf in Rabbit Hole was so genuine, raw, strong, and heartbreaking and if Natalie Portman wasnt in the race, I think Nicole would be the front runner. But if Natalie wins, I think she deserves it. Her role is so demanding and she delivered a legendary performance in Black Swan.

  • Dieter

    She deserves the Oscar for Rabbit Hole. I had a wank on seeing her buns on the threadmill !!!

  • Jen

    I think Nicole’s performance in Rabbit Hole is much better than her winning acting performance in The Hour, and i’m quite sure she’ll get her 2nd Oscar award if Natalie isn’t nominated:)

  • Zoe Moon

    She deserves all the accolades coming here way. She is such a great actress and woman. I am happy that she finally has everything she has ever dreamed of in her life.

  • mervyn

    Bwaahaaaaaa…stay true to my heart. Guess that is why she accepted contract marriage with TCruise. Of course it wasn’t because she wanted fame and fortune. Such a fake.

  • r

    Jared you should band KAZ and Sligo because they are the same person just spamming useless crap on the comments board.

  • Colleen

    Someone with as large as feet like Kidman should not be wearing shoes like that. From the knees down, I’d swear I was looking at a tranny.

  • Frozoid

    Can’t act her way out of a bag.

    And she shows way too much gum when she smiles that plastic smile.


  • mary

    Time to haul out the pictures from the last thread!
    Then we can see who is who.

  • Joy

    Just hope & pray that once all of the awards hoopla is over that she goes home to those beautiful little girls & that wonderfully talented Keith & spends some long quality time with them. They grow up so fast & they are the greatest “award/reward/gift” anybody could hope to have. Whether she wins the statue or not she’s already received something priceless. Wishing them all every possible blessing & grace.

  • moh123

    @Sligo ^ __ ^ cute: and you are an ass hole

  • I_know_you!


    That’s right mary, here we go again with their sick, nasty comments.

    And look at this ignorant comment from E! message board and that hag Mimosa:

    “Excuse me….but who would actually be screaming to see ol’ Granny Freeze? No one. Her PR team must’ve paid a few hundred out of work people to make noise when the limo pulled up. And yes…PR firms have been known to employ fake fans.
    Either that, or they were actually excited to see someone else…LOL!

    Of course…this could be an exaggerated story too….and there were only 3 crazies screaming at anybody and everybody who showed up. It’s not like this particular film festival is all that big of a deal. It’s not Cannes. ”

    Yeah right, they’ve paid all these people to show up with cameras & lights to photograph & interview Nicole, just for PR. Not that she’s an Oscar-winning actress that’s highly praised, or has fans that follow her life & career that showed up to catch a glimpse of her.

    Check this out for yourself to see all the “exaggerated, fake & paid” press & fans screaming…lol

  • twpumpkin

    Nicole deserves the Oscar this year for Rabbit Hole. Natalie Portman will get it however. Black Swan was the worst movie. I wish people would vote based on the actual performance not the hype.

  • Kathy

    Did you check out those crazy people on the E link! ?

    Whoa, , now that is serious metal illness.

    Why would E! want that kind of trash on their site?

    That site must be in real trouble to promote that kind of thing?

  • Too funny


    When have we heard that before! According to them Nicole has paid every “fan” at a movie premiere, the “fans” lined up along her wedding day route, bought Keith awards, bought herself nominations, positive reviews, and entire venues of tickets for Keith’s concerts to get him on the highest grossing tour list. Because Keith can’t sell out a county fair.

    Those nutballs are delusional at best.

  • Too funny


    When have we heard that before! According to them Nicole has paid every “fan” at a movie premiere, the “fans” lined up along her wedding day route, bought Keith awards, bought herself nominations, positive reviews, and entire venues of tickets for Keith’s concerts to get him on the highest grossing tour list. Because Keith can’t sell out a county fair.

    Those nutballs are delusional at best.

  • hello dolly

    NHA United? wtf is that?

  • ziggy

    Just saw Keith Urban on the Super Bowl Pre game show !

    LUCKY NICOLE!! yowzer!

  • Joy

    Yes, Keith rocked it with a song from his new album “Get Closer” even though the audience looked half comatose. He’ll come back later with some more songs. He’s a great talented artist and his band is great as well.

  • irene olson

    Nicole is so deserving of this honor and, yes, she should win the Oscar. Her acting was above outstanding. Natalie Portman will win because of the hype and the initial training for the role, but the movie and her role are overrated. “Margot at the Wedding” was a movie not many people saw, but Nicole was beyond awesome in that role. People with intelligence realize her total talent and what a wonderful person she is. Her husband, Keith Urban, is equally talented in his field. Keith is an awesome entertainer and such an intelligent man. I am not a lover of country music, but I found the music of Keith Urban and was enthralled. People need to listen to his music; he tells beautiful stories in his songs; not the usual sad, drinking country songs. Keith and Nicole so deserve their beautiful family and the happiness they have.

  • hopeso

    Congrats to Nicole. Well deserved. Faith Margaret, Nice.

  • FYI

    @hello dolly:

    One of the many skeptic boards where membership is required. That’s right, besides posting on e, JJ and Urban Myths all day they post on message boards too.

    astilbe-michele-neverland47-pier7girl used to moderate over there. NHA United is stolen from NKU (Nicole Kidman United), a Nicole fansite that welcomed Keith fans with open arms. It was a bad for the skeptics because they had a huge fanbase and could prove time and time again that the skeptics were liars.

    The picture is their banner. nomorefan got served on E because of it. She said she had no clue what NHA (Nicole Haters) was but the truth was she was also moderating and everybody knew it. The skeptic boards are supposed to be a secret and skeptics pretend they don’t exist. They became so paranoid that at a certain point another member had to vouch for you and say they knew you for you to gain membership to a new board. There’s less than 10 of them. You tell me how much backstabbing had been going on my then. They didn’t know who was who! BAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • Eve

    That’s not even the worst one. KunkWorld takes the cake IMO.

  • hello dolly


    omg who has time for all that?! And these are the same people that always make comments about Nicole not being with her kids enough?

  • scottee

    What is up with the dress? I would never buy a dress that wasn’t finished at the bottom. I bet she paid a fortune for it, too. Nicole, where are all the pretty dresses you once wore?

  • Jeanne

    @hello dolly: Speaking of time, who spends all their time searching everything there is to know about the Urbans, and then stalk those that don’t go to the Church of KUNK to worship? How many hours are spent searching and saving every post that is made by complete strangers on other sites, public and private? What is wrong with having a private message board; there are thousands of them out there ranging from any topic you can think of? What effort did you go through to find skeptic boards and try to get on them and why? To spy and steal? How badly do you need to win? It is the same old same old. You don’t know anything new, but you must win, right? We aren’t going anywhere. You will never intimidate us to stop because you continue to be pathetic with your “efforts”. How many hours in the day do you spend with real people versus internet people?

  • Jimmy W.

    @Jeanne: @Jeanne:


  • blue


    News flash, normal people do not wate 5 years of their life with hate.


    The posters here want to have a little intelligent conversation and you are not able to do that, so trot back to E! with your tail between you legs and talk to yourself and answer yourself, and your couple of crazy tag team nuts

    Thanks to whoever posted you idiots pictures. I couldnt stop laughing. Mom Jeans? Home made fan shirts? Good grief!

  • Look! It’s Sue Raddatz!

    AKA Nomorefan/Ihateher/lynchher

  • Jeanne

    @Jimmy W.: Another disturbing attempt to make us shake in our boots. You use the name of an artist that is well-liked. Is this supposed to make us stop? By the way, wrong skeptic. To blue, “News flash, normal people do not wate 5 years of their life with hate.” What are you doing right now? By using upper case letters, in the internet world, that means you are yelling. Is that really necessary? Calm down; they are only celebrities – not your family.