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Christina Aguilera Responds to National Anthem Fumble

Christina Aguilera Responds to National Anthem Fumble

Christina Aguilera has responded to the discussion over her fumble of the lyrics to the National Anthem during her performance at the Super Bowl on Sunday (February 6).

WATCH: Christina Aguilera perform the National Anthem at Super Bowl XLV

” I got so caught up in the moment of the song that I lost my place,” Christina shared in a statement to “I can only hope that everyone could feel my love for this country and that the true spirit of its anthem still came through.”

Instead of singing the line “o’er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming,” Christina sang “what so proudly we watched at the twilight’s last gleaming.”

WHAT DID YOU THINK of Christina’s National Anthem performance?

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117 Responses to “Christina Aguilera Responds to National Anthem Fumble”

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  1. 76
    Say Says:

    I love all this, “She didn’t know what the hell she was singning, but, by God, she meant it!!”

    Could you see when they panned over the troops serving overseas, and they’re like, “f**k me, I’m risking my lfe for this?”

  2. 77
    spadavich Says:

    She did a terrible job throughout the whole deal. Sing it the way it was written..she screamed through it….and how do you screw up the words of the National anthem?

  3. 78
    smshct Says:



    she didn’t even have the good sense to offer an apology, just some lame excuse of being caught up in the moment….I’ve heard children do it with more class and intonation….SNL will have a field day with this

  4. 79
    Soul Fly Says:


    My thoughts exactly…people are really harsh…

  5. 80
    Sheri Says:

    With the amount of money they were paying her, she should have been flawless!! This wasn’t some high school production … it was the Super Bowl for goodness sake. As a professional, this really was inexcusable. She’s probably had many weeks to prepare so there really are no excuses.

  6. 81
    Anthony Says:

    The only worse performance of the National Anthem was Rosanne Barr’s version in 90 before the Padres-Reds game. But this was a very close 2nd. It is a beautiful song, I wish people would just sing it like it was supposed to be sung and not take any artistic liberties with it.

  7. 82
    Janet Martin Says:

    Christina messing up the National Anthem is like defacing the American Flag, what an idiot she is, sounds like her ego got in the way of her need to prepare herself.

  8. 83
    AHEM Says:

    Seriously “caught in the moment” Although most of us are taught this song at such as young age, I’m sure she has heard this song at some point in her life. She just made a total fool of herself.

    How can you get your national Anthem. A singer is chosen based on professionalism to “NOT” get caught in the moment. crying and getting emotional would be okay, but forgetting the words… She should have done som research.

    Maybe if she didn’t butcher the song so much and sing notes that are no where on the music sheets she might have remembered where she was in the song. I fully understand want croneing is but keep it to your personal music, and sing the Anthem how it was written.

    Nice work! Whitney was perfect and so was Beyonce. She also had trouble with that last high note…. She’ll never be able to take this one back. people will always look back and say “oh yeah Christina, she messed up the words”

  9. 84
    Carly Says:

    Let’s face it Christina messed up, its not about getting caught up in the moment, you should know the words you idiot, hide your face in SHAME!!!!!! And it looks like we know who ate all the pies……

  10. 85
    wejosjf.al1 Says:

    Um Jared the way I learned the song is “what so proudly we hailed” not ‘watched’.

  11. 86
    sc0322 Says:

    GOOD JOB! NOT! Horrible! There’s only one version not a Christina super bowl version. To solve the problem in the future let some one sing the song who it actully means something to. A choir member from one of the branches of service. If this was the fist time some start actually messed the song up or sing it terrible bad it might could be over looked but it has happend before and will again.

  12. 87
    B Says:

    You know people are ready to crucify over this, but you can tell she was in the moment and felt honored to be there and that most AMERICANS DON’T know the anthem because no one even recognized the mishap until some nerd pointed it out. She was strong and kept going which Im sure others would have crumbled, stopped and restarted the line, or made some horrific face to let ppl know they messed up. She did beautifully and unlike most singers, she didn’t lip sing like J-hud, or faith hill and she did it acapella, because if she had music or a band behind her ppl really wouldn’t have noticed!! If patriotism hinges on this song then why the hell are we playing it before sporting events??!!! So she just gave all the haters something else to feed on, she has to be one of the most hated ppl out there. So much for anti-bullying because celebrities aren’t human so we can crap all over them to make ourselves feel better and that’s okay. I swear we have to be the most judgemental group of ppl, yet claim this is the “land of the free,” yeah only if you fit into some mold of perfect!! I mean how many times did you all have to watch the video and then google the lyrics to actually see where she flubbed? I bet about 98% had to!! It’s not that serious and that’s why you see so many other singers coming to her defense!

  13. 88
    sc0322 Says:

    @bruce: I agree with bruce! Vet here and that song means alot! next time can we get a service member to sing it! someone from one of the branches choirs might be a starting point or hold a competion something fun and memorable to a current service member. It can be done trust me!

  14. 89
    sc0322 Says:

    So horrible!

  15. 90
    melissa Says:

    she was terrible. the girl before her that did america the beautiful had a wonderful voice – they should have had her do both. you can’t have love for the country and screw up the song so many times. she’s really a has-been

  16. 91
    s Says:

    @Sheri: agree.

  17. 92
    Ashley Says:

    she did her best and she did it well.
    singers are humans and they do make oopsies just like the rest of us.
    i’m a Christina fan as you can plainly tell and i’m not gonna turn my back on her just ’cause of a slight mistake she made during this performance.

  18. 93
    Ravynwolfe Says:

    She knows the words. She got mixed up temporarily. It happens. It happens to everyone. Everyone that makes a comment about her flub negatively has to look at themselves. She’s a good singer, she got up in front of millions of people (in the stadium and at home) and did her best…nerves can get to most people and all the things that can distract you at the superbowl. Give her a break. She’s human folks..being a celeb and making big bucks does not cause you to be unhurtable. Be kind.

  19. 94
    Alex Says:

    So, she made a mistake. She still sounded Amazing! Not many Americans even know the words themselves.

  20. 95
    Jan, Denmark Says:

    I am embarrassed on behalf of USA and the americans. You(r artisits) are embarrassing yourselves but not respecting and honoring your own NATIONAL ANTHEM! But by letting it be a tool for artists to twist and skew so it is totally unrecoginiseable is just embarrassing.

    ONE time in Denmark a singer tried it… she was booed off the field, and tehn the crowd (as it is custom) proceeded to sing it correctly acapella!

    USA have a song with the potential for awesomenedd, but untill you use it as a tool to promote artists… it will fail.

  21. 96
    rhonda Says:


    Love your idea, hope someone who runs the Superbowl reads comments online.

  22. 97
    Sweets Says:

    Did she not learn the lyrics in grade school? She is my favorite female vocalist, but I did not like her rendition in the way she sang it. Also, she doesn’t look as appealing as she used to. What is up with her hair being beyond blonde?!

  23. 98
    Adam Says:

    Should’ve had two Glee girls last night: Lea Michele to do America the Beautiful, and Amber Riley to do the National Anthem. Amber sounds like Christina at times, has sang it twice, and has not even messed it up.

  24. 99
    Adam Says:

    @smshct: To top it off, they’ll have her be outclassed by Lea Michele.

  25. 100
    America Says:

    Yes I still feel it. Luv ya

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