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Daniel Craig: Flower Power!

Daniel Craig: Flower Power!

Daniel Craig holds onto some giant flowers while walking to his car on Sunday (February 6) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 42-year-old actor has some exciting new projects being released this year!

During the Super Bowl, a new trailer for Daniel‘s action flick Cowboys & Aliens debuted. The film also stars Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde.

Last month, a first look image of Daniel and Rachel Weisz in the drama Dream House was released.

10+ pictures inside of Daniel Craig shopping for flowers…

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daniel craig flower power 01
daniel craig flower power 02
daniel craig flower power 03
daniel craig flower power 04
daniel craig flower power 05
daniel craig flower power 06
daniel craig flower power 07
daniel craig flower power 08
daniel craig flower power 09
daniel craig flower power 10

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  • April 6

    Oh, Daniel you shouldn’t have.

  • susan

    could that girl with Daniel be his daughter Ella? and that’s a huge bunch of flowers; perhaps to put in his home in Los Angeles.

  • Amy

    Thank you for the new thread/pics, Jaread! Wow, who is she? His daughter Ella?

  • Amy

    Woops, sorry…susan. And typo “Jared” :)

  • Domino

    @susan: Yes, that’s Ella. :)

  • susan

    i wonder how Ella likes the new woman in her dad’s life

  • Clémentine

    God, Daniel has the grown daughter. How old is she? She looks beautiful.

  • Domino

    @Clémentine: She’s beautiful. :) I think she’s about 19.

  • Hanne-Lore

    James Bond was wearing a sweatsuit…..Daniel! For God’s sake! LOL

  • Clémentine

    Thanks, Domino. She is a glamorous blonde. Maybe Daniel thinks his daughter is the apple of his eye.

  • abc

    Please respect Daniel’s privacy if you respect him, and cease writing about his daughter. Thank you.

  • Clémentine

    I’m not going to invade the privacy of her. I just think she is so beautiful.

  • to abc

    Please respect Daniel’s privacy if you respect him, and cease writing about his daughter. Thank you.
    since when do you get to decide what we can and cannot discuss on this board. there is such a thing as the freedom of speech under our constitution. besides, Ella is no longer a child; she is of legal age.

  • susan

    apparently, Javier Bardem is not the only A list actor to be offered a role in Bond 23. i just read that Ralph Fiennes has supposedly been asked as well. i hope both actors accept the roles.

  • Rachel

    Anyone is an improvement over Sats – so Ella must be overjoyed too :)

  • to susan

    Bardem confirmed talks to play the James Bond Villain. He is interested in the role. But as for Fiennes, it’s just a rumor.

  • Leo

    His daughter? I thought she’s his new lover, ugh, sorry!!

  • Daniel in LOVE

    Daniel would like Rachel to stay with him, but he with Ella looks so happy!!

  • LL-J
  • Ebi

    A sunflower is my favorite flower, so why did he know my preference?

  • to Rachel

    I wouldn’t go so far as to say that.
    If..well, IF Kim Kardashian is Daniel’s new woman, Ella will kick his a**.
    Kim is eager to be a Bond girl.

  • stand by idly

    Hot guy looking for sexy dirty girls. Looking to have a lot of fun. No, no.
    Don’t take it so seriously!! LOL

  • Julia

    Daniel you are f-king hot!!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE<3<3<3

  • susan

    to Rachel @ 02/07/2011 at 5:31 am

    Kim Kardashian a Bond girl? no, please no!

  • Mako Morton

    They are close. It seems the laziness of the day helped him to relax. I’m glad he felt relaxed and fit after his off.

  • Fio

    You could tell by the ear-to-ear grin that came to his face that he really had something to smile about. His smile convinced me that he was happy :)
    Hi, Guinness
    Yeah, I love how he twirls his gun, too!! So cool!!!! And Daniel stands in front of naked Olivia and is looking at her. (0:18) That’s quite a situation. lol

  • Fio

    Interview: Cowboys & Aliens’ Ana de La Reguera
    How’d you end up being cast in Cowboys and Aliens?
    Well, I’ve done multiple dramas. Cowboys and Aliens is not a drama drama, so that was very easy to me. Actually, for me, it’s easier to do a drama than comedy.
    Can you tell me about your character?
    I play Sam Rockwell’s wife. We have a saloon – this is in the 1800’s – and we’re very in love, very happy and then the aliens come and make our lives – difficult [laughs].
    So, you were working the closest with Sam Rockwell?
    Yeah, most of my big scenes are with him, but I did work with the rest of the cast because we have two or three scenes that we are all together. So, yeah, I was able to meet everyone.
    How was that? You’ve worked with a ton of top-notch actors before, but what’s it like being with so many great actors all at once? Can it be overwhelming?
    Yeah, it was sometimes. In the morning when I was getting ready to come to set, I was just thinking, ‘Oh my god, I can’t believe I’m going to work and be with these people.’ It was bizarre! Just thinking, ‘Tomorrow I have a scene with Harrison Ford. Tomorrow I have a scene with Daniel Craig.’ When I was on set, I was okay, but just thinking about that, it’s so strange!
    Was there anyone in particular you kept an eye on to learn from?
    I think everyone. Sam was very interesting to work with, Harrison has all the experience and he knows how to work with the camera and Daniel, he’s a very secure guy. He has a lot of security about what does he want to do and I think Sam, he’s unexpected. You never know what he’s going to do and he’s a lot of fun to work with. He’s very very passionate about his work.
    How was it filming something with so many visual effects? Have you had much experience trying to perform when so many element aren’t actually there?
    I didn’t have that much experience. It was kind of really hard especially for one scene where for one shot I kind of saw everything; I saw horses and aliens and bombs and I saw the whole thing and then they turn around I had to act the same thing, but I wasn’t seeing any of that. So that was pretty difficult because I had to recreate everything that I’d just seen and I just react naturally and I just had to do it again, but with nothing in there. That was a little bit difficult.
    What’s next? Are you shooting anything else soon?
    I have two things in the works that I still can’t talk about for the beginning of next year. We are just dealing with the last things, but I still can’t talk about it. But I’m happy. I’m very very happy.

  • Fio

    Gosh, the information was wrong? Daniel doesn’t take part in Hungarian film…? Agh, I’m disappointed…

    Mégsem lesz James Bondból Rajk László?
    (Google Translation)
    Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz, press officer can not be sure that their clients play in the Hungarian AVH-movie. The show creators say, however: there is agreement in the international stars.

    Also in the news more recently flew in a forthcoming Hungarian szuperprodukcióról even Oszter Alexander and starring Petra Haumann has also shot down fifteen minutes of material. The AVH-film producer and director, dr. Sandor Bitter says world stars are involved in large-scale cinema history: the star of the James Bond movies, Daniel Craig, as well as the Hollywood beauty, Rachel Weisz. Daniel Craig’s press officer, Robin Baum, and Laura Symons could not take the role. Unfortunately I can not tell you that there has been a request, but what is certain is that Daniel does not take part in this film, the information is wrong – Borsa Symons said.

    Rachel Weisz sajtósától also received a similar response: the actress is certainly not contracted to do so from the movie – Rebecca Sides said Capello.

    In order to clarify the discrepancies in the Pepper himself a historian and veteran collector defining dr. Sandor Bitter approached. Rachel Weisz artist of the sunlight flavor, Daniel Craiggel Defiance (duh), and the movie Fateless had the honor of working with. Interesting twist of fate that Daniel is still unknown to stardom a few minutes karakterszereplő, but perhaps for that reason has been a very good relationship developed. Since then much has changed in the world: Daniel became world famous, and I was the first time in my life I got the opportunity to fate, I try to create an independent film. I trust in ourselves, because – as is usual in Hollywood – sometimes parókakészítő, the lighting and props to make a miracle – said the former stagehand who is now a producer can get his hands on.

    I would like to film a success of the AVH-Daniel Alexander Oszter and other less well known, but great people. The Craig szereplésével félinformációk related to the type of intrigues reminiscent of Hollywood, which already at that time could experience in Orlando, Walt Disney Studios, the Harisson Ford starring in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal worked on productions – Sandor Bitter respond.

    Daniel and Rachel jöveteléért two managers are constantly working on: have passed the required guarantee, the 170 thousand dollars (33 million 626 thousand HUF), the K & H Bank, and sent to the desired scenario details. Moreover, Oxford’s manager Daniel, Rachel Beverli Hills. They are partners, not the cheesy. The tax implications, including a 350-page contract anyway.

  • RW

    Disappointed that Daniel and Rachel wont be appearing in that hungarian movie.
    Its nice to see Daniel spending time with Ella so much.
    Although it would be great to see Rachel with him going about their day.

  • Daniel is Hot

    Yes, it is great to see Daniel out with Ella. He looks relaxed and happy. Too bad Rachel is not with him. They are both so busy with their movies, hope they find time to spend quality time with each other. I can just imagine that quality time!




  • Guinness

    Hi Fio…
    yes, I saw that clip of Olivia too—didn’t we discuss her twittering this scene?
    maybe….the pressure…everyone staring at your body….nope, no thank you.
    lillies—Dan loves those long-stemmed flowers. and he gets them himself…hhmmm. maybe i could be his assistant flower checker to make sure the stems are at a certain length. i could be measure taker…measuring stems and other long things in Dan’s possession. damn, am i flashing or is it hot in here????? Mendel? you hot? *dumb question*
    does he take photographs of them?
    Cool that Ella gets to travel there…she has a pretty cool dad. I love their “vintage” outfits!!!! (those are the best sneakers running IMO BTW–so damn comfy)_ i love being the same age as him and double-checking my wardrobe while cyber-following!

    any other news? how is your week going so far Mendel?

  • Guinness

    wow. these are some of my favs…
    the silk black tie! debbonaire
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of his C&A pic on the side of the screen all the time! with his big gun on the side… damn dan!

    crap another snow storm coming up the coast. ~night cheeky cheek Brit. (any response to any of my posts you missed…the 3rd tatoo movie? my caption? )

  • Mendel

    Oh Dan, what a big package you are carrying…*grin*

    Hi Guinness,

    just copying this from the previous thread:

    “his gun
    his gun
    his gun
    his gun


    I love your pic and caption, too! Priceless :)

    Still haven’t seen the 3rd tattoo movie, and keep missing the 1st one, too!

    “i could be his assistant flower checker to make sure the stems are at a certain length. i could be measure taker…measuring stems and other long things in Dan’s possession. damn, am i flashing or is it hot in here????? Mendel? you hot? *dumb question*”

    Very hot! Must rush for cold shower…

    “I love their “vintage” outfits!!!!”

    Yes, Dan is probably the only person who can wear jogging pants, an ole’ cap, a jumper tied over his perfectly formed a***, carrying a huge bunch of flowers – and still look damn sexy!!!

    “how is your week going so far Mendel?”

    Badly. Slept in this morning…

    Stay safe and don’t get lost in the snow!

    to Fio

    “Gosh, the information was wrong? Daniel doesn’t take part in Hungarian film…? Agh, I’m disappointed…”

    Yes, me too! I thought Dan would make a great hangman…

  • Sony About To Recapture Bond23
  • Sony About To Recapture Bond23

    - 1
    Sony About To Recapture James Bond #23; MGM Leverages 007 For Co-Finance Deal
    UPDATE: We’re told Paramount dropped out of the Bond bidding when MGM insisted on bringing the distribution fee under 8% and when MGM got “grabby” in wanting a piece of a Paramount established franchise that studio didn’t want to give up.

    EARLIER EXCLUSIVE: Deadline hears that Sony Pictures is close to landing distribution rights to MGM’s James Bond franchise again, and specifically for the next untitled Bond #23, even though several studios are still very much in the hunt. Sony Pictures chiefs Amy Pascal and Michael Lynton distributed both Daniel Craig 007 pics, Casino Royale and Quantum Of Solace, and now have moved into first position to recapture 007. That’s because Sony is agreeing to allow MGM’s new leadership to leverage the next Bond pic, and indeed the Bond franchise, to create more cash flow for the reconstituted studio post-bankruptcy. The new brass, Spyglass Entertainment co-owners Gary Barber and Roger Birnbaum who are now the Co-Chairmen andCEOs of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, are finishing negotiations to co-finance a number of films with Sony. Deadline has learned that Pascal and Lynton have already found a title on the Sony slate for MGM to co-finance. That’s exactly how Birnbaum and Barber built Spyglass in the first place: by investing in films it didn’t make, such as The Sixth Sense and the recently rebooted Star Trek.

    There’s no doubt this is a shrewd move by MGM, but Deadline also learned it wasn’t sitting well with the majors. Top execs at Sony and Fox and Paramount and Warner Bros were increasingly frustrated with the way that the Spyglass duo were playing one studio off another — “and enjoying it,” in the words of one exec involved. Sony at the time even described its strategy to win Bond #23 as “pleading”. Now it looks like that worked along with agreeing to much of MGM’s negotiating terms.

  • Sony About To Recapture Bond23

    Sorry, JJ don’t permit a continuation of Sony story…..Read more yourself.

  • Amy

    Thank you for the great news!
    Amy Pascal in particular has developed a strong personal and professional relationship with Broccoli when they were making the transition from Pierce Brosnan to Daniel Craig. Broccoli and Wilson found Craig among a list of possible 007s, and the choice wasn’t popular at first. But Pascal supported Craig.

    Thank you, Amy!! LOL
    A man of vision will make good in the end.
    Freida Pinto is under consideration as a possible Bond girl.

    What?? I thought it’s too late rumor…..

  • Sony About To Recapture Bond23

    Yes, JJ didn’t permit its word…. “s**m”, perhaps.

  • FP

    it is doubtful whether the rumour is true or not.
    she already denied the rumour.

  • So pleased

    So pleased that DC is not appearing in that Hungarian movie with Weisz. Its bad enough to be sitting through her wooden acting in Dream house.

  • @41

    So pleaesd too that she not in these photos. That pairing is going to get very old real soon.

  • Fio

    Hi, DiH
    Yeah, Rachel visited the set to see Daniel. Daniel wants to establish happiness felt in a secure relationship, so they take deliberate action. Rachel can rely on his discretion :)
    Hi, Guinness
    Thanks for the pic. I’m captivated by this pic better than that. lol
    to Sony About To Recapture Bond23
    Thanks for the article. That’s good news to us. Ahh, Amy loves Daniel as Babs loves :) As for the casting of TGWTDT, she also supported him. So I hope their fears are utterly groundless.
    Is Sony Pictures giving up part of ‘Girl With a Dragon Tattoo’ for ‘James Bond 23′?

  • susan

    @41@ 02/08/2011 at 2:42 am

    it doesn’t matter what you think of Daniel and Rachel together. all that’s important is if they are happy being together.

  • Fio

    Hi, Mendel
    Yeah, the story was so complicated that I couldn’t follow it. Are there complicated circumstances behind the matter? Daniel doesn’t play a hangman, but he might play other role? So is Mónika Tóth his co-star?
    Magyarországra érkezik James Bond!
    (Google Translation)
    James Bond comes to Hungary!
    Hungary was a great favorite of filmmakers and klipkészítők, just think of Van Helsing or Katy Perry’s new music video, from the Fireworks. This time the 007 comes in a shooting in our country, the Hungarian side of the actors!
    It is not enough to wield in our little country portrayed James Bond, Daniel Craig, playing next to an as yet unknown Hungarian lady, Mónika Tóth as well.
    Although not following a 007-movie, but rather a historical ihletésűről, in addition to Actor Daniel is only in the story, the facts do not change: a new film made in Hungary, and his partner Monica will be Craig.
    A Hungarian woman was elected through a modeling agency, where consideration was an excellent Russian language skills and looks pretty too. The film has already turned over, in which Monica Russian kémnőként “Bond” on the side.
    The four főszereplős film, the producer (Sandor Bitter) and the majority of Hungarian actors, and around the 1945 era will be presented. Daniel Craig outside Rachel Weisz will be seen in the story, so I expect sztárdömpingre again (at the corner stores).
    The whole is only drawbacks is that the same have already started filming, the movie is only two years after the movies. Until then, walk with your eyes open …
    Do you think Daniel was a good choice for such a movie theme?

  • Fio

    I’ve tried hard to solve this puzzle but I can’t. I give up. lol

    Magyar lány Daniel Craig mellett
    (Google Translation)
    Hungarian girl next to Daniel Craig
    Carpatho-one from Beregszasz born from the family doctor, an economist living in Budapest Hungarian girl, Monica Toth gets the opportunity to try out her acting abilities partner Daniel Craig in the film, now in Hungary, which the horrors of the fifties to the historical authenticity, understandable and exciting to explore -presented.

    The logistical support of Ford AVH filmmakers which recently announced a tender for Hungarian young people waiting for your application, the actor who feel like work, and be willing to take on a part mellékszerep up to the high-profile productions. A large number of candidates from among the film makers Monika Toth was selected, which played no small role in the Russian language knowledge is an outstanding lady, a young Russian girl is a spy movie will play in the AVH.
    Mónika Tóth Montana prepare for the Knowledge Management LTD, the beauty, the Update and Ruby International Ltd Reka edzőnő training tool helps to attend to the location of this time is the Ford by the film makers made available to Ford C-Max will provide . Stay in Hungary during the Monica rotator with Daniel Craig for the company certainly has a brand new Ford Mondeo will provide, as it did for the James Bond film, Casino Royale took place on the predecessor model közönségbemutatójára.

    “I am pleased that world stars like Daniel Craig and a Hungarian actor, as the next Alexander Oszter ÁVHfilm unknown young actor also allows to test themselves for such an important production.” – Monika Toth said enthusiastically.
    “I believe that in the eyes of the younger generations will be truly authentic, this document also tényfeltárú, but also a lively, exciting feature films, ones where the actors can perform, who are one of them.” – Added the young girl.

    “Mónika Tóth example, their language, can serve as an example of the diverse skills of young people before that, it is worth a lot to learn and to live purposefully, as this may take a long-awaited success.” – Explained Paul Hunter, director of the Montana Knowledge Management Ltd., a partner of film production in the AVH.

    Monica Toth earned a master’s degree at the University of Economics, 5 languages, including Russian, speaks fluent English, hobbies and welfare of the environment, and accordingly vegetarian.

    Monica has also stated that a great honor and also a challenge, adventure and experience from the same time for the role. Really looking forward to a personal encounter with the world famous as James Bond Daniel Craiggel, but just as the first day of shooting, where the morphology Oszter Sandor Farkas will be the first scene.

  • Fio
    Have had some very special visitors today. Thanks so much to the family of Daniel Craig for supporting Clatterbridge!
    about 2 hours ago via web

  • Fio

    ‘Cowboys & Aliens’ director Jon Favreau on Super Bowl sneak, n**e Olivia Wilde, and his serious sci-fi/western mash-up — EXCLUSIVE
    Oh, no…really?
    Olivia Wilde Separates from Italian Prince Husband

  • Mendel

    to Fio

    “Daniel doesn’t play a hangman, but he might play other role?”

    Shame! I thought that role sounded interesting.

    Well, I can always play hangman with Dan then *grin*

    (I love playing hangman – and I mean the word game, shhhh Guinness, I bet you thought I was talking kinky here! ;)

    “I’ve tried hard to solve this puzzle but I can’t. I give up. lol”

    I was googling a bit, but didn’t find anything (yet…)

    “Olivia Wilde Separates from Italian Prince Husband”

    Yes, that seems to be the case – it’s one of the top posts of JJ, too:

    (same as the split of Jude and Sienna – must be a day of splitsville today)

    Hi Guinness, are you snowed in???

  • Guinness

    another day of snow, yes. wrecked one car. great. earlye to bed, earlye to rise to taxi everyone. it is a busy life. glad to see you are feeling better! and yes, i was totally on the wave length of something hanging–especially in the morning, the best time for romance! so, you were good.
    what a theme for splitsville, hope Dan will stay off the jj site for that!

    no news yet today, let us hope Digger Fio will come up with something! cheers, catch you on the other side of wednesday my friend. ~G