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Dave Franco & Emma Roberts: Cults Go Outside!

Dave Franco & Emma Roberts: Cults Go Outside!

Check out the teaser poster for the upcoming “Go Outside” music video from The Cults starring actors Emma Roberts and Dave Franco.

The Supervideo tells the story of a man (Franco) obsessed with classic French films living out his greatest cinematic fantasy when he embarks on a night of passion and thrills with the actress (Roberts) of his dreams.

The vid, directed by Patrick Hoelck, is set to launch on February 22!

Bigger pic inside…

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  • George

    Cant wait for this! I bet there going to look so cute together!!!!!!

    NEW RAP 2011

  • Alexis

    James Franco.
    Dave Franco.

  • jasmine

    You kind of phrased this incorrectly. I was confused why you wrote who directed and stars in the “Cults Go Outside” music video, as well as the description, but not who sings it. Anyway, apparently the artist or group is named Cults and their song is called “Go Outside.” I think Dave and Emma look good. Emma gets a lot of crap because people think she’s only famous because of her aunt, but whatever, she still has to prove herself regardless. I’d rather hear about someone famous because of their established relative like Dave Franco and Emma Roberts (or going back say Sofia Coppola or Kiefer Sutherland) than someone’s fame I don’t get at all, like Kim Kardashian’s or Paris Hilton’s. Emma’s lucky in the aspect that no one really remembers her Nickelodeon show, despite its success, so when she does indies no one freaks out and says how she’s neglecting her young fans. I see a Anne Hathaway-type career ahead of her.

    I’ve never heard of a teaser poster for a music video. A movie, sure. But don’t you just say “released stills from (blank’s) upcoming music video”? Is it more like a film-music video combo like “Thriller” or “What Goes Around (Comes Around)”?

  • Miami

    But Emma IS famous because of her aunt. Do you know how many talented people never get a chance in life becaause they don’t have powerful connections of famous last names?

  • Miami

    or famous last names

  • http://Ja Sligo ^__^ cute

    Bathere how’s?

  • SarahNL

    Dave Franco! <3 Ugh, Emma Roberts.. really? She’s not a bad actress but she’s just so friggin annoying. Maybe it’s the characters she plays or maybe it’s just her. Anyway.. I’m definitely gonna watch that music video!

  • Someone

    I love Dave ♥
    and also Emma!

  • Someone

    I love Dave ♥
    and Emma too!

  • jasmine


    I know she got famous because of her aunt, but I’m saying that at least she’s attempting to do something with her career rather than just be famous to be famous. She’s done indies, big ensemble projects, tv, horror, children’s movies. There are a ton of celebrities that got their foot in through the door because of a famous relative besides her, like Kirk Douglas, Angelina Jolie, Charlie Sheen (that one didn’t work out too well), Gwyneth Paltrow, Ben Stiller, Kiefer Sutherland, etc. In the end they still have to prove themselves like anyone else. I’m not saying it’s right that they had an in before someone else, but it’s what happens. I completely agree that it’s unfair. But at the same time, It’s no different than getting an interview at a company because your relative works there. Even if you get hired due to nepotism, if you suck at your job you’re going to either get kicked out or heavily criticized.

  • Miami


    But it’s the chance you know..when you have access to acting coaches and your relatives are in the buisness of course you would try to make a name for prove..but the chance is important.Do you think we will be hearing about her if it wasn’t for her aunt ? BIG NO

  • cathy


    i agree with you. using miami’s argument then we wouldn’t have heard about julia roberts either if it weren’t for emma’s father. she didn’t try acting until eric started to do well in hollywood. i’m sure he set up his little sister w/ a meeting with an agent or manager. i get your point. it’s not like everyone’s heralding rumer willis as the next big thing even though she has famous parents. she hasn’t seemed to do anything to try to show she has range or can act. i watched lymelife for alec baldwin and watched hotel for dogs with my daughter… emma was pretty good in both. i don’t get NOT giving someone a chance because they have famous relatives anymore than ONLY liking them because they have famous relatives.

  • anna

    so it’s like notting hill?? They both have famous DNA, hers from Julia and his from James. He’s really hot..I don’t like her though, so I don’t know if I’ll watch this.

  • Primrose

    Nothing Hill is about a movie star who falls in love with an ordinary man. Something extremely rare in Hollywood LoL but so worth it

  • Yas

    Love Dave

  • Olivia

    Emma WANTED to be an actress without her aunt. like she told before, her mom let her go to an audition for Blow to shut her up, but she’s got the part! there’s no support from Julia. and they’re not even speaking about acting. of course this is just Emma’s words, but I believe her and can’t see any reasons to tell us false.

  • Kaylee

    I will give Emma credit she is a very beautiful girl and has made some good decisions for her career so far. However the talent is just not there, she is very unnatural to the point its almost awkward, like she is trying to convey a certain emotion but just cant. Its like watching an alto trying to sing a sopranos part, very forced and painful to watch.

  • Quinn

    EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ THIS ABOUT EMMA ROBERTS, IT’S HILARIOUS. (Her interview at a Sundance premiere this year):

    Don’t get me wrong, not all people that get into this industry because they’re related to someone is annoying. I LOVE Dave Franco! But I hate hate hate Emma Roberts. She just looks like such a spoiled b*tch! Everytime she presents something at an award show, she looks like shes annoyed to be there? Just.. so obnoxious.

  • Sienna

    Haha oh my god Quinn’s comment is so true! That article was hilarious. I don’t disregard actors talents just because they have famous relatives but if they’re getting role after role and they’re not good at what they do then I do have a problem and that’s exactly how Emma Roberts is. I don’t understand why she’s getting roles when she plays the same bitchy awkward annoyin girl. And she sounds and acts the same way in real life! She’s trying to make a name for herself by doing cool indie films but when you’re essentially playing yourself, what’s the point?

  • emma fan


    she wasn’t a bitchy awkward annoying girl in valentine’s day or hotel for dogs or nancy drew or or the winning season. she was a normal teen or a foster child holding it together or an adventurous girl, fish out of water and so on. she was a cutter in it’s kind of a funny story and a bitch in wild child.

    i think people interpret her being an introvert as being a bitch. her co-stars have talked about how her two passions in life besides acting are reading or fashion. carter jenkins even joked that it was hard to get her attention because she’s always reading. she’s always polite in interviews and she never brings up the aunt thing, it’s always the interviewer who brings it up first. she doesn’t even smile as often with her teeth showing because she’s always asked to give the “famous roberts smile” and she doesn’t want to draw any more comparison than necessary. i don’t know what was up with sundance, but seriously, give her a break. lainey is not the best source of gossip.

  • Jokergurl

    I like Emma Roberts, she’s not a bad actress, she can act, she has charisma, who cares if she’s Julia Roberts’ niece, and I have read that she is shy, and quiet, kind of along the lines of Kristin Stewart who is not a motormouth either. I don’t hear much people calling Kristin Stewart bitchy or stuck up.

  • Brooke

    Does anyone else find it kind of funny that both Dave Franco’s ex (Dianna Agron) and Emma Robert’s ex (Alex Pettyfer) are currently dating and have their huge blockbuster film ‘I Am Number Four’ coming out less than a week before this music video is supposed to come out? Do you all they hooked up for this video as retaliation or is it completely coincidence that they got together for this project and its being released right after the premier of the film where both of their ex’s hooked up on set?