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Hayden Christensen: Leaving Los Angeles

Hayden Christensen: Leaving Los Angeles

Hayden Christensen makes his way to security to catch a departing flight out of LAX Airport on Sunday (February 6) in Los Angeles.

The day before, the 29-year-old Canadian actor spent time with his on-and-off-again girlfriend Rachel Bilson while doing some shopping at Naturemart in Los Feliz, Calif.

Last week, Hayden went shirtless on the beach while relaxing on a vacation in the Caribbean.

Hayden‘s new movie Vanishing on 7th Street hits theaters on Friday, February 18!

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  • Brightside

    Such a strange affair! Given their past behavior over the last three years or so, and their behavior now, I doubt if they will ever reach the living-together stage of a relationship that is natural for most people. Well, if if didn’t work the first time around, it’s odds-on that it won’t work the second time! These things rarely do!

  • Paula

    Awwww sweet Hayden! Guess you’re going to the NY premiere of Vanishing on 7th Street.

  • mia

    *so happy for him and rachel they are such a cute couple*

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    Sunglasses hahahahahaha

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    Befor fat and what?

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    Befor fat and what?

  • Jax

    Hayden, you’re an idiot.

  • مواقع نسائية

    sad for him

  • justin


    leighton meester
    emmy rossum
    mila kunis

  • KT

    A lap top and a backpack, not much luggage visible, is there? I bet he and Rachel disappear after his premiere, Valentine’s day is coming up, they have always been togehter that day in the past.

  • Deborah

    I still believe that they are not together. I know I saw some pictures of them but the pictures were not of a happy couple. They both didn’t even look at each other the whole time. One week Hayden is in the Carribean and the next week he’s in L.A.? I don’t think so. How do we know these pictures are from now. Maybe the paps had old photos of them together. How do we know he was in the L.A. airport? Maybe they are lying there too. Not everything always as it may appear to be. By the way, she is the fame whore not him. Him being with her benefits no one but that fame whore. I think that there are other fish in the sea and he should go find them before he gets hurt, if they are back together. Please don’t call him names either. I like Hayden a lot and don’t want people to talk bad about him. He’s a good guy really. Just a little misguided.



    Ignor haters! We’re here to support yaaaaaaa !!!

  • aberfitch

    So the “booty call” is already up – just around “3 days”?! – wowza!

  • aberfitch

    And hey Jared looked at how your RATchel’s movie fared this weekend huh!
    What great, popular & got huge fanbase actress she is – SO NOT!

  • Dang!

    Wow her movie BOMBED! HA! Looking good though Hayden.

  • blues

    The second those pictures got out hes gone again what a surprise.
    He didnt look very happy yesturday in the ONE blurry picture of him in her car and I noticed she didnt drop him off at the airport. Probably not that best sign really.
    He doesnt look very happy in these pictures either,
    He looked happy and smiling on the beach away from LA on vacation with his family.He comes to La and looks like the light just dies in him.
    Sad really to see.
    Its all clever timing really for his film and the ones he cant get made. Hes trying to get attention but seems at the same time hating himself for doing it.
    Poor dude.

  • verity

    Jeeez that glasses is soo tacky just like the one who’s wearing it!
    They’re “not” his type; as they’re simply “not” a dumb, shallow, talentless & fameh0 hacktress. Try one of the Kardashians or the cast of Jersey Shore – he could have a chance.

  • searlus

    Yah, just after a blurred twit pic & photo-ops from some small-time blog; instantly; Manakin goes up & away again as usual; seems like the old times & nothing really changed isn’t it?!. Up to when?! Try a month or so… apt time for another photo call (or is it booty call as #13 stated) that is – LOL

  • lexy hates bilson

    Well it’s VERY odd JJ that you don’t have pics of them spending time together seeing as you’re on Rachel’s payroll and more importantly we’re supposed to believe the pap’s wait outside her home to take pics of her and follow her around.
    Glad to see him with his shirt ON. Much better look for him.

  • Fandango

    About the only thing JJ got right here was the on again off again relationship. I have to agree with Brightside on this one they have really never hit that stage of a relationship that is natural one such as living or being together on a permeant basis. You can tell really not much between them has changed especially if they still commute to see each other. I guess reason it’s on and off.

  • @Deborah

    @Deborah: Deborah, girl you need to get some sense knocked into your head. You know he’s bangin Rachel again.

  • angel

    On the previous Chelsea Lately Rachel thread there is a link on the last page at the top, #126 I think, there are more photos of Hayden and Rachel at Naturemart. Hayden is walking around, it looks like they went into different stores, then got into the car. So there is more than “one blurry photo” of them online now . The photo of them on twitter Friday night in front of the Thai restaurant they are smiling, why did you not mention that photo, as well as the ones they are not smiling in? People walking around do not always smile, give me a break!

    @ Deborah What would be the purpose for “faking” Hayden leaving LA, when he was clearly there on Saturday? Hayden and Rachel are not that famous that anyone cares if they are together or not, no one but their fans care about it. You are in serious denial, they are back together. But if you wait long enough, they may break up again.

  • Perfect Loser Couple

    Thank God Hayden has his shirt ON. After those Bahamas pictures I sure never want to see him shirtless again. He looked like a pale giant slug with swimming trunks. I’ve seen dog food bags have more shape than he does and OMG he’s gotten so fugly. He used to be really good looking. Guess Rachel doesn’t care all she wanted from him is additional press. We can tell by the fact that they’re not together very much.

    Maybe they will have a romantic weekend on Valentines Day. Should be warm and cozy with his bf joining them. Rachel isn’t interested in sex, as she’s actually said in interviews, and he is NOT interested in her sexually. We can tell this because they have zero chemistry together and when they are papped together he usually walks ahead of her or behind her, and looks like he’s going to vomit any second. She also looks bored in the candids. This is a relationship for public consumption only.


    @Perfect Loser Couple

    #Parenting FAIL

    Two First Names: Perfect Loser
    Last Name: Couple

  • Trish

    Where are these other pictures?

  • read

    @ Trish

    # 22 told you where to find them in her post. The other Thai restaurant photo is on a couple of Rachel’s fansites–try the Italia one.

  • jess

    I don’t think Hayden is a loser, he receives scripts, and some very good, but he rejects… unfortunately. And about Rachel… I can’t say the same thing.

  • jess
  • periwinkle

    Huh?! On a limited budget now that just some anonymous blogger who would post their pics and not some popular one like JJ or even the x17- the one who fully covered their “comical / hilarious” photo ops in Paris; that was sponsored by Lacoste (Mr. Christonesen’s “employer/s” at that time).
    Being some legit D/Zlisters is just simply tragic.

  • mailey

    i guess there’s some competition in hollywood we don’t know about for most retarded sunglasses a guy can wear in public.
    hayden, you might pull ahead with these.

  • no-kidding-sherlock

    @ 16 – and I noticed she didnt drop him off at the airport.
    Shush, Ms. Barkson is most likely not in the mood at this time coz the movie the she just filmed for about a week is unsurprisingly tanking to the max… but on some positive note, said movie is not grade “0″ anymore; it scored already… probably her “godfather or some relative came in to her rescue” again -LOL

  • Alexandra

    Hayden is such a hottie! Love him to death, he was born to be a movie star!! He looks so great, WE LOVE YOU HAYDEN!!!

  • The Truth

    @Deborah: Agree with you they could have been old pictures are them being together and why wasn’t they shown if they was together? jj should could have shown them if it was true.JJ don’t know the ral real reason was there. So jj are you saying that they are not a couple? anymore. Its still her ex nothing more. Why would you bring up that anyway. No she is not going to being him to the airport. Cause she still trying to use him that all. Former couples do visit as friends nothing more.She doing the same thing she did with adam still want to be connected with her ex.Rachel always use him for attention anyway.@KT: Don’t think he is going bother about coming back to see her again . Cause she would been with him. Rachel can’t keep nothing private. just have to make people think that they ae still on. Taking about hayden finding somebody. Rachel is the one that need to do that. She trying to do what other people do with their exs.Think that it will get her attention like couples do. You don’t know what hayden was there for. And rachel needs to move on when hayden comes to la.We really don’t know why hayden was there. Maybe to tell her stop using his name for attention like she did..Don’t expect to see her at he prmiere tonite if he did supposely visited her saturday. Didn’t that story in star magazine say in Nov say that they see each other every now and then? That’ what that mean and he wasn’t with her at her house. he probably stayed in a hotel and not with her. And only one day too . He was only there for business nothing else. JJ you should post when it happen not th next day.And he’s still her ex-boyfriend.He not using this for promoting hisself. He don’t have to do that. Rachel still have to try and use him the best way she can by stories of sigting on twitter and people makng up stories for her.

  • @ the truth

    He left LA alone, Rachel will not be at his premiere tonight, but he was with her this week. It did not show who brought him to the airport, just pictures inside. You are falling apart again, get over the fact they are back together, you don’t even know them!

  • Valeria

    Visit our homepage about hayden! :))

  • Sam I Am

    @ Deborah

    “I like Hayden a lot and don’t want people to talk bad about him. He’s a good guy really. Just a little misguided.”

    I agree. :o)

  • @Deborah

    Deborah, you are just another crazy fangirl, if you like hayden a lot and don’t want people to talk bad about him what do you think you’re doing? Leave him and Rachel alone, they are dating again and it seems to be working out great since it’s been about 4 months now that they’ve been back together.

  • @justin

    rachel bilson

  • @justin

    rachel bilson

  • Brightside


    4 months back together doesn’t equate into four months actually spent together, in each other’s company. That only works out to about 3 weeks. All well and good I suppose but what the fcuk do they do for a s.e.x. life? I’ve never considered myself a s.e.xual raver but, even when my partner and I were at the early stage of our relationship, before we moved in together, it was a darn sight more regular than that.
    I couldn’t cope with the lackluster, pallid, commitment-free, libido-low sickly weak thing that HC/RB call a relationship (or even dating). I like my relationships with a bit of meat in them, a bit of passion….their relationship is more like a limp piece of lettuce!

  • shanda

    JJ you didn’t need to mention rachel. Hayden did not come there to support her when she was at premiere.He only come there for business. She wasn’t with him when he went on vacation and she wasn’t with him at the berlin fashion shop.why mention her anyway. He still not with her and has left her in la.And there are no pictures are them being together.He’s still her ex and he just came to visit not spend no tiime with her like suppose have.He should jut can come to la without people thinking that he only can to see her. we don’t know what hayden came there for.If they didn’t leave together then he didn’t come to spend no time with her where are the so cal picturs anyway. People make up things all the time about them being together. I guess the star story wasn’t enough so people had to make up another story for her. She needs to say that they are just friends and nothing else. Its alright to say that we are still friends instead are on and off girlfriend.It saying that they both have moved on in a sense.He might not come back to la no more.It would make things better instead are making thing look like they are back on when they are not. When you say that they are on and off. You still trying to make them a couple when they are not.Rachel won’t say that they are just friends she still want people to think that they are more than that.And jj posted that they are on and off because he don’t really know why hayden was really there.Hayden went offby hisself and not with her. And you cant say that havesex cause they don’t.Rchel just want benefit are using his when he cometo la to visit. Other times you can’t get jj to mention hayden’s name when he’s not in la.Only when someone mention that was together on twitter and no pictures to show and jj didn’t posted them. it must not have been true.Rachel need to move on. cause hayden should have done so, doing things wihout her.They are just friends nothing more. If they are not having sex. could hve been old pictures.No pictures are premiere tonite they are not a on and off again anythig.Rachel love to copied other people ane what they do.I guess star going to have print another story about them not being engaged it was a lie and so is this story about them being together over the weekend.Just say rachel is still his ex and he come there for business and he’s just being her friend now.Still looks good!

  • Sara

    Okay you guys really cross the line, talking about their sex life? That’s disgusting. Stop worrying about what is going on in their relationship. Typing 5 paragraphs on their relationship each time you post does nothing but waste your time. Whether you think they should be together or not, or whether they have a good or bad relationship is not going to affect what they want in life. Nobody here knows what their relationship is like, you can not like them together all you want but the way you just assume things is a tad ridiculous. Hayden was seen in the Caribbean on what was it the 26th? It’s now the 7th, he could have left the Caribbean on the 27th and was in LA since then. So you don’t know if he was only their for a couple days. Do I know for sure? No I don’t. But stop assuming. And calling their relationship fake and a chance to “further” their careers is so dumb, if they wanted press for their movies Hayden would have been at the premiere of her movie and Rachel would be flying up to New York for his. The time we heard something of them being together was in the middle of October and we are just now getting ONE photo of them. If their relationship was so fake they would have been seen together right away, but they keep their relationship out of the media and you guys know it. You know everything I’m saying it true, you just lie to yourselves to try and make it seem like they are not together. But, you know they are. I don’t know how much more obvious it can get. If you want to believe they are faking their relationship, why do you just blame Rachel? Hayden would be a part of that too. It’s about time you guys just accept the two are together, you’ve been complaining about them since the day Rachel was seen feeding Hayden in 2007. It’s about damn time you get over it.

  • HC is a Zero & Bilson is -10

    …on a scale of 1-10.

    Hayden turns into a fat ugly slob with the world’s ugliest sunglasses. Must be freebies from Sunglass Hut. Never thought I would live long enough to see it. God he looks SO BAD. Those pics at the beach were disgusting. Some flesh would have been fine but he looks like a whale in those. Hopefully Bilson brings a harpoon with her on V-Day which I’m sure they’ll spend together consoling each other because their awful films are tanking. Of course Bilson has huge saddlebags and small sagging boobs so she can’t say too much about her bff’s bay window. They’ve gone straight from the courtship phase of their relationship (all of it on camera in Jumper) to the after-30-years-sitting-on-the-porch-looking-like-each-other phase in only 4 years. Amazing. Their careers are in retirement too. Soon he will lose the rest of the hair on the top of his head and start looking like his father. He already acts like him, and his loser brother too. What a sad story.

    Go back to Canada, Hayden. No one wants another whale in Hudson Bay.

  • Rita

    @ Sara Thank you for saying so clearly what has been going on since 2007! It is about time people accept they are together, and stop getting angry because they are. Many couples break up and get back together, more than once. Sienna Miller and Jude Law, Megan Fox and her husband are two examples. Hayden and Rachel are able to decide if they want to be together, or not together, by themselves.

    @ the truth alias Shanda There are links in this thread to the pictures all over the internet that you say do not exist of Hayden and Rachel from this weekend. Try to get some help with your fixation on these two, they are not worth you going crazy over.

  • fandango

    @ sara and Rita

    Why are you too here if the comments bother you then move on as long as you comment on their personal life then you are no better then the ppl your are complaining about.

  • Chuck Bass

    You ppl r lame, i’m not even a fan of either one of them but its obvious they r together again

  • lexy hates bilson

    JJ where are the pics of these 2 together?? You have no problem putting bad fan pics taken of Reese Witherspoon and other celebs. But for your employer – Rachel Bilson – you don’t post the crappy pics??

  • Jokergurl

    I don’t think he’s with Rachel Bilson anymore the press are just making up more stuff about them.

  • LOL

    @Jokergurl: The press? The press hasn’t said crap. There is actual photos of them together hun. I like how this whole time when there wasn’t any photos of them you guys would say they weren’t together and the only way you’ll believe it is when you see a picture. Now pictures come out and you still have to lie to yourself by saying they are not together.

  • shadowy

    Privacy…really?! The mere fact that there still some money-hungry paparazzi pics’ that popped out – “just in time” that they’ve got each movie that badly needs to promote hard; there’s still an “attempt” for some or any hype. But sadly, the most media circuits doesn’t care to bother now.
    But then it’s a good thing, w/ the media being oblivious on them; they could tame down now their media-hyping coz on-screen & off-screen; they’re just “nauseating” as their twilight careers highly speaks for itself.