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Hayden Christensen: 'Vanishing on 7th Street' NYC Screening!

Hayden Christensen: 'Vanishing on 7th Street' NYC Screening!

Hayden Christensen steps out in head to toe Burberry at a screening of his new film, Vanishing on 7th Street, on Monday (February 7) at IFC Center in New York City.

The 29-year-old actor met up with co-star Jacob Latimore at the event, which was hosted by The Cinema Society.

WATCH: Vanishing on 7th Street Trailer

The day before, Hayden was spotted catching a flight out of LAX after spending time with his on- and off-again girlfriend Rachel Bilson.

10+ pictures inside of Hayden Christensen at the Vanishing on 7th Street screening…

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Credit: Stephen Lovekin; Photos: Getty
Posted to: Hayden Christensen, Jacob Latimore

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  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    Cross eyes

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    Cross eye

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!


  • lynn

    He looks very different. I can’t figure out what it is though.

  • Kathy

    He and Rachel are engaged again. Congrats. They make a lovely couple.

  • Dani

    I think he out on some weight…

  • Dani

    I think he put on some weight…

  • shadowy

    Looking so sad?! Hah! Their “promo” photo-ops is/are just another epic fail to create some buzz – both of their movies are aptly suited to be placed on the DVD land very, very soon.

  • vivi
  • fandango


    Your dreaming here babe trust me if they were back on the marriage circuit again RB would be all over the media with the ring in hand showing it out. As you read on again oflf again is all they are best at doing.

  • Lizzie

    He lost weight after his vacation. He probably heard all the shitty stuff people were saying :(

  • Alexis

    He used to be a lot hotter. I wonder what happened to him…

  • Lake

    I think all grown up Hayden is hotter than hell. Such a handsome man. And beautifully dressed.

  • gia

    he’s so pretty

  • Dang!

    He looks like a ken doll. Cute!

  • Hayden needs to find true love

    Hayden looks very good, but there’s something in his eyes that screams “I need Love”
    Hope he will find a true sweet chick to love.
    He is almost 30and he i hanging with Rachel, a empty superficial bad actress.

    He should not loose more, he looks really fine………we need o se his curly hair and a new sweetie as his girlfriend.

    I’m sure 2011 will bring him his soulmate who will boost his mood and make him very very happy!

  • Th

    @Kathy: They are not engaged again that’s old news . And it was said that thyw was not. Don’t know why bother to bring that up anyway. It suppose o be about hayden not rachel at all. And jj you could not mnetion that at ll. We did not see them together are that at all. You kathy need get your reseach done. They are not engaged it was told last week that they was not at all. Its ashame that jj have to use hayden to get more comments here.Hayden has not work and he has not been to any awards to get notice for his work. You all think that’s all hayden do is go see rachel when he comes to la. And you know that’sa lie.Hayden should be with where his co-star natalie at . Instead instead are people saying that all he do is around rachel all the time. Hayden doeswork you know when comes to la. And jj and kathy you need to get your information together. Andot say thing that you al don’t know abou. JJ this suppose to b hayden andhis movie not rachel all the time. You see rachel wa not with and like i aid be fore you should mention rachel when it suppose to be abou hayden. How he suppose to get work and try to get somewhere when you mentioning rachel all the time. Its really sad that hayden hasto be use this way. To get publicity for that lazy rachel bilson. You can’t make them a couple anymore. Its been over for along time now. jj and kathy you need tomove on that rachel and hayden situation.It been over for awhile now.Just because he was seem there that dn’t mean that they re back on. No one stay away for three months and we talking like nothing has happen. Rachel did not go to the premiere and no one wants to know why. Friends do talk every now and then Kathy. Tht’swhat she said in nov. JJ keep boosting thingit dont work a second time you. You did that onece before with the story that was back on remember in nov? No still don’t like people fel sorry for her like this. If she would get up and go to work. Shw wouldn’t hve to ljjj helping her use hayden like she do. Rachel is too lazy to get up and fin anybody else. Hayden is not chasing rachel, Rachel is the one doing it. jj should have mention her no more at all. It wasn’t his place to do so. Just because rachel don’t have nothing going on with herself. I could if rachel was with him.She was with him she was not. She don’t have nothing and jj has to make it look good. Something that hayden didn’t need.He could have said that he was solo wich he is.Shouldn’t have included rachel in this, JJ didn’t included hynwith whn she had her premiere last week. Why jj nclude rachel in his/ Maybe he will go back home s rachel won’t be able to use him again . Because that’s all she does. But he looks good pictured up there!

  • mailey

    one hit wonder as darth and then the end.

  • Lake

    I hope you’re right #18.

  • yourmama

    sooo weird! small head and big body :S

  • Paula

    Um um um!!! Those pics are warming up my cold winter night. Looking good Hayden. Looking good. Had to say it twice. I couldn’t help myself.

  • Farah

    If he wants a girlfriend I’d be happy to help him out ;)

  • Ariel

    He looks nice! His hair looks stupid on red carpets a lot but it seems like he got it right this time. I think it’s funny that like ten days ago everyone was calling him fat, and now we’re back to saying he shouldn’t lose any more weight. I’m a huge fan but I can barely see the difference… Guess I’m just not observant enough?

  • I.P

    @Farah: sorry sweethear he most definately is not looking for a lady, if ya know what i mean

  • shanda

    @Hayden needs to find true love: He will find true love and when he do she will not use him.For atention and will always have his back. I’m sure that she will the lucky girl in the world to have home. he looks like he”s he easy to live with and easy to love.iIf given a chance.His heart would always be in the right place for her. See he was sols tonite.Have to enjoy hisself without more drma from j and his made upstories. No one else mention why rachel wasn’t with him wy not. Must have told her she couldn’t come with him there.But e still grown up and handsome as ever. So is his co-star His movieprobably make a littlemore than his ex. Looe hayden always.

  • Paula

    This article is only about Hayden. Just Hayden.
    Sending a hug to the photog who took this picture.

  • shanda

    You was wrong not mention that his brother was with him at the screening are his movie. Why did you do that. Rachel was not that important that you couldn’t have mention that his brother wa wth him there. You need to stop mentioning when se don’t belong there. So you lie about why he was there. here was noo spotting are her with hayden. You need to stop reading those lie. They are nothingf but lies. I knew something hadto behindyou mention her twice. Hayden was not with her at all.You are big liar at eart to make believe that hyden as there to see rachel ho put you up to that rachel. The other site show he was with his there. You need to stop lying for her and she get out and do something instead are making up stories for her.haydn was not thee to see her at all. He was there to see his brother not rachel. . Stop telling lies fr her already.

  • Nice

    He looks good!


  • @ Th & shanda

    The article that you claim Hayden and Rachel are not engaged in also says “they are still dating”. You seem to forget that part of it. Take a chill pill honey, and get some rest. You need it, you barely make any sense at all!

  • Jax

    Does being a f**k buddy, or tool count? Just another job in Bilson’s resume. Loser. He should either marry her and make an honest woman of her or cut her loose. This is making them both look like total losers.

  • Brightside

    I see Vainshing is 69% on Rotten Tomatoes, mostly good reviews unlike Bilson’s debacle of a film that is still languishing at 7%. Vanishing I will go and see…
    Yes, she’s a loser and really the best thing he can do for her as her boyfriend is keep her away from any camera, film based or media. She really needs to be a stay-at-home girl, financially supported by a man and who does the cooking, cleaning, and washing of clothes, as she’s no good at anything else but she might just be good at that.

  • unreechy

    Why one still need to marry a seemingly “business f*ckin fartner” when you can get a transpo, lodging, food. emergency money & umm…some banging. (but from dismal looks of him, he didnt get that much – lol) “free of charge”?! His f*ckin fartner’s requested honorarium for it just might be some obvious & timely photo-ops and all hell sky’s the limit.

  • jolene

    love him!!! so beautiful, so talented, so sexy…

  • Brightside

    ….so going out with a total loser….is how you meant to finish.

  • lexy hates bilson

    He looks nice. Let’s hope this movie gets good reviews and makes a few bucks.
    BTW JJ where are the pics of him and his girlfriend Rachel?? You have no problem putting other crappy looking “fan” pics on the board but you can’t put your employer’s pics up??

  • Lora

    Hi guys,


    I agree. I noticed it some time ago.

    I think he is getting old – his faced has changed. If you remember his earlier pics or movies, he alsways had quite full lips. Now his upper lip gradually disappears. As if he forces it inwards. Outer lip corners also seem to go down a little.

    And his eyebrows. They seem to go down too as well as his outer eye corners.

    He is getting more and more after his mother in appearance. If you will try and find a pic from the premier of Awake where he was taken photos with his whole family except father, look at his mother and you will clearly see Hayden’s future face.

    I am really not so thrilled or inspired to see his latest pictures. And the matter is not in him getting weight – that is probably for the new film – I do not mind. But in a general impression that his energy is down and he is carrying some heavy burden. I can not get rid of this impression. Even when he smiles, it seems he forces it. And the whole face looks as if somebody turned off the lights inside him.

    In spite of all this I think that he looks very elegant here – the suit fits him very well. Though I find his tie stylish but a little bit boring for me. And I think that his hair style was much better at the Boss event.


    I can not possibly help but agree to this part of your post

    “…He should either marry her and make an honest woman of her or cut her loose.”

    Can not say better. But would wish him rather to cut her loose. They look like two flies stuck in a tar – no way to fly, no wish to stay. I can not even call the situation ridiculous. Already waxing.

  • carey

    For the person who asked about Tove he is there you didn’t think he miss out on this.

  • annie

    looking good HC. dump that greasy hair no talent bilson the can have any woman why choose a little smut like her?

  • shanda

    @Brightside: @@ Th & shanda: You brightside need to stop. If jj would have put that about them being together via twitter then you would have known that they was together. Jared did lie about that and you all kno this for a fact. Rachel will never be with hayden th way she wants to.Shewas supposely with him because are the attention. Jared is worst than you and @. Just becase natalie was in town an didn’t want to leave rachel out.Rachel is not dating hayden you believe what gossip cop said. Just because all the others said something and he didn’t. You and brightside need help when it comes to these blogs. They make things sounds good so people can believe them. Hayden and rachel have not been in public to show that they are back on. Others have and showed it. Like i said rachel still using hayden for attention.And he don’t be with her. You ought to know when a man is into you are not. So staying away for three months make you couple ? I think not. You need to staop reading those blog. Cause they don’t have no idea is they are dating aor not. I don’t care how much twitter say that they was. Brightside you need to changing your minds much for other peopl i don’t.Rachel is dog are a person to keep using hayden that way. Hayden don’t need to be use ok. You all and rachel need to stop using hayden that way.his suppose to be about hayden not rachel and jj made a mess supporting rachel bilson that’s all jared do. Yo well tht jared lied about that to support her. Whe she was still mesing with adam ahe would let nobody know that se was until Adam learned ome sene ad find someon else then she left him alone. Why support rache when se slept with all the se guys like jake. gllenhaal and others And when they didn’t want her se ran her litle behind back to hayden. Haydnen don’t want her either. Her sleeping around lik that. She is not over doing that. She make as well tell people the truth about it. Hayden deserve to be around people that have something going for them not this loser bilson who always wanting something. Like ehne she didthe movie BFF and and babay sh use that and it was her movie. I don’t ned a chill pill. to keep suppoting rachel. JJ didn’t mention hayden when rachel had her premiere. Rachel need to to get her another gou andstop using hayden like she do. So jared can sto[p feeling sorry for her when natlie comearound. That’s what jj and others are using hayden for and that’s allyou think he do when he comes to la n that’s not tru. Ther is more to him than just eeing rachel. Just because she on’t have anything you all fel sory for her and that’s not right. @ i will say what i want and you and jj can’t change my mind about what’s going on. Rachel have said nothing about dating hayden it was made up. So i guess you like you like lies that they make up for rachel with no good self. We suppose to support hayden here not low dow rachel Bilson. you act like that he don’t know nobody but her there. Its not true. This is the worst thing jared could have done it to put her name with his.She didn’t go so why mention her? that as really wrong for jared to do here. Just because rachel too lazy to get and find her another guy to be with and have fun. Hayden didn’t mention he was dating her you all did. Nor did she last week. Still they are just friends. You all just want them get back together.@Nice:

  • charlie

    @ Shanda You need help! I can’t even read what you wrote.

  • Where’s Rachel, Hayden?

    There’s no Hayden without Rachel. Thanks to her relentless pressing out of the relationship they have by both of them esp Rachel, Hayden isn’t an individual in his own right. He’s just someone Rachel exploits for attention every other day on the streetsof LA, at times every day, and sometimes twice a day. They’re not seen together very much but it isn’t necessary for that in order for Rachel to press them out. Four years. That’s how long Rachel has been promoting RachaelandHayden. Four effing years. She’s trying to drag it out another ten by playing this on-again-off-again engagement. Its the mot disgusting thing being done by Z-list fading starlets these days. And look at these pics, he’s a whale in a suit, and a heavily tranquilized one too. He’s so drugged up his eyes are crossed. I’ve seen corpses at funeral homes with more expression on their faces. He must have gone from cocaine to heroin to thorazine. He’s going to end up like Michael Jackson only without the massive talent pushing first-rate work product. Vanishings is a low-budget Jumper but with a boy substituting for Rachel Bilson’s character.

    Humph…always figured he would wind up going that way.

  • The Truth

    @fandango: Agree with you on that. More off than on.. Guess they are really off this time. Him being seem alone at the screening alone Hope its off for good.When you spend that long apart. rachel could have find someone else by then Really people we didn’t see them together. You don’t get soft with kathy about that. We all know the real reason behind this anyway.The attention and cause she don’t have nothing going for her.Still using hayden when we already know that he came back for business.Why jared menion her again anyway. It not going change our mind about eithet way.She just got mad cause the engagement story didn’t go well. And has to keep it up for her. Cause she won’t say nothing. I don’t feel sorry for her. feel sorry for hayden who has to be use like that. He and his brother was there and jared fall to say something that he was there with hi. But he sure just to the chance to say that they was together which we didn’t see. Toplease some are little fans here. hey suppioe to tel you what to mentin on your ste and if thye don’t like it too bad.. jared made thse peopleto believe alie. cause natlie was here and he idn’t want people to think rachl didn’t hve nobody. Rachel movie was bad at the boxoffice and jred knew this. jst becaue the wo onth are in the same month, natalie has three months and thye al came at the same time. jared mentining rachel isn not going to make people go see her not playing where i live. Andhayden ‘s movie do have chance are mang little money. Jread saound like tht hayden came to la to support her and he didn’t. He was of having fun in the sun arachel wasn’t with him at all. Its makes adiffernt when the preson is with you. But she was not and jared should try to conviced people thatr are back on. sound like something rachel planned all along. Shedidn that last year in nov whn she didn’t have nothing. Haydnen should have realize that rachel is insesecure and despreate.woman. sh on’t want nobody to have attentio but her. and wat to wok for it. thi suppose to be hayen moment not hers. I don’t care about vaaaalentine coming up . Rachel bilson don’t need nobody..She is a user and she always want somebody to fix things for her. When will everybody learn that’s what sh does. love to takecedit for everyone’swork.Hayden needs to stay away from her she is no good an have not oved on with her life like she sai that she wuld. She is a big liar.when you move on you do’t suppose to be near that person at all. even if he com and visit where you liv. no contact what so ever. that what breaking up means or she just coping what other people. they don’t have nothing to discuss at all.both didn’t have nothing to give up.So why is rachel chasing Hayden when he come there. She said that she was moving on without him What a liar he is.Boyfriend and Girlfriend do not have on and off relationship friends do. So why is it that jared can’t say that are they are friends instead are them having a relationship? That would be easy to say than that. That what freinds do. Jared don’t won’t to upset nobody feeling? I will.Rachel is a low down and dirty woman. Sheknow ho get people to beieve in her mess. She should use what she do sto get a job insteadf. .If she was with him she wanted something from him as alway ndgot man cause she couldn’t do it. That’s how nasty she i thinking hyden suppose to fix it for her and he didn’t. Rachel i the ool for thinking that hayden could fix her bad mmovie. that’s what she did for everything she do. if haydn don’y fix like she she get mad, rachel don’t need no man at all how sh use them.And why shehaven’t gtten another man anywa.. They broke up a year this month.And its still not working. he needs to give it. Playing games about being on the dom low that’s a lie. when people mention it.. She issuch a liar. She needs to stop chasing hayden for a job and get off her butt and do it herself. He can’t give her nothing anymore. That’why she still wants to hang with him.She not with him for nothing(supposely). Rachel have not change at all.No dating here.just friends with benefits( rachel is the one I’m talking about.) user till the end just friends that’s all.

  • caslla

    hayden you are handsom as ever.!

  • Brightside

    @Where’s Rachel, Hayden?:
    Reviews for Vanishing are mostly good and Rotten Tomatoes puts it at 69%; summed up, it’s a dark and moody piece that could be scarier, however it does work.
    Jumper is only rated at 16% and there is a reason for that…Jumper was a load of cr*p.
    There were reasons why it was a load of rancid bilge, poor acting was one and a limp, ineffectual love interest with no on-screen chemistry was another. ( Not so strange that there’s no off screen chemistry either, really).
    Vanishing is definitely the better of the two, the budget is smaller, but a big budget doesn’t always make for a good film.

  • Alice

    @ 43 Where’s

    You sound like you are the one on drugs, making up lies about people you know nothing about. What a pathetic soul you are , get a life!

  • Bridie

    Looking great, Mister!! Movie’s also great – just keep going, Hayden!

  • @46

    I saw it and I can’t say that I actually liked it at all but like looking at the sky everyone sees things in their own light. I just didn’t see it as his best work, it’s better the jumper by far but again not what I call a good movie. Also the idea it’s only in 2 cities, not going to be a big blockbuster and right now he needs it. He has no movies he is filming, a lot on the books for him but all harboring in no mans land.

  • teenie.

    I agree with the the truth. Rachel is usree and did not need to be mention here here. Hayden is too good to mention with a losre bilson. She does not do nothing with herself. And she wants hayden to be like her.He can’t do that.. Are he will get no good movies. Natalie is better than rachel and Hayden need to be up there where natalie is at. He won’t be able to get there hanging around bilson. ( that if he di. ) Why wasn’t hiis brother mention> Rachel wasn’t in the movie was she? . think not! All these people Tht suport bilson are losers themselves. Her name don’t mean nothing to no one. Only in the magazines stand. Hopr will find himself another person to be with and tell rachel bilson to go to hell. This was about hayden and hi movie not rchel bilson and hers. We see no bilson that was great to see.Woder why jared didn’t mention about her not going with to the screning with him? That says alot about them being back on. AQnd don’t say nothing about that being private . athat’a lieand you all know this for afact. Hope i never see her on here, But hayden looks goodand dapper.