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Katie Holmes: Gorilla Food with Isabella Cruise!

Katie Holmes: Gorilla Food with Isabella Cruise!

Katie Holmes and her stepdaughter, Isabella, grab a vegan lunch at Gorilla Food on Monday (February 7) in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

On Friday, the 32-year-old actress went shopping at the Steven Alan boutique in Los Angeles.

For a sneak peek at a few items from Katie‘s Holmes & Yang Spring 2011 collection, check out

Katie and her stylist, the line’s co-designer, Jeanne Yang, will also be showing off their new pieces at Barneys in Dallas (on February 11) and Chicago (February 12)!

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  • Helen

    How can she go out with hair like that? She knows she will be photographed

  • Lucy

    Cannot believe she is still trying to push that clothing line. Who would buy from this woman who dresses like a dishrag? And she has a stylist?! I thought only the kid was allowed to tell her what to wear. Her stylist must really hate her because she sure can’t dress her in flattering clothes.

  • Well, well

    Going on Granny Holmes. Work that look!

  • jean

    Isabella looks weird… like she’s scared all the time; poor girl, srsly! And how come Tom never showed off his other kids, but Katy’s mimi me is all over the media? Anyway, Katy killed off any chance she had of a career after getting involved with Crazy-Cruise

  • ck

    After her last appearance (which she looked nice), I was hoping that would start a trend. I was wrong :(

  • TROUT POUT!!!!

    Lip injections! Gross!!!

  • article on Katie

    ” Why do so many people dislike Katie Holmes? ”

    ” Is Katie Holmes truly so terrible? Well, she’s probably not all that great. In recent weeks, she’s been the subject of toxic rumors that her new thriller, “Son of No One,” was such a bomb at Sundance that audience members stormed out — a tale eagerly lapped up by legitimate news organizations like Reuters. The Hollywood Reporter observed, “When Katie showed up on screen, there was a collective groan. She plays the wife of a Queens cop and she was completely miscast. They have her cursing a lot. And when she swore, there were chuckles.” And even though other critics who attended the screening have since offered differing accounts of what really went on, the fact that such a rumor started — and took off with such vigor —

    gives an indication of how little Holmes is regarded by audiences and the press.

    Maybe the speculation was based on the blink-and-you-missed-it failure of her last Sundance outing, “The Romantics.” Or perhaps it was the mixed reviews for her 2008 Broadway debut in “All My Sons,” a performance that prompted Ben Brantley to observe that Holmes delivered her lines “with meaningful asperity, italicizing every word.” Or maybe it’s her freaky husband.


    Sure, a big part of the umbrage — and the bottomless tabloid fascination — concerns Holmes’ seemingly Svengali-like mate. For years, rumors have swirled that Cruise, learning nothing from Japanese horror movies, “auditioned” several comely starlets for the role of his offscreen leading lady before connecting with Holmes. But it’s not so much Cruise himself as the notion of a woman who would at best so easily surrender her religious convictions and personal ambitions that makes Holmes such an easy target for shudders. She may possess the Little Miss Perfect vibe that Gwyneth Paltrow practically invented, but she lacks Paltrow’s air of steely achievement. And she certainly inspires considerably more vitriol than her Oscar-winning predecessor, Nicole Kidman.

    Instead, despite her fame and opulent wealth and weird religion, she hits a nerve because she is that familiar, one-in-every-crowd mom — the woman whose worshipful marital devotion can be summed up with, “We do collaborate on everything at home. But I mean, he’s Tom Cruise!” She’s that lady, the one who dabbles in fashion design even though her company’s website has zero images of its wares. She’s the woman who seems, but for one or two different life choices, the sort who’d totally be dominating on “Toddlers and Tiaras.” She’s the one with the husband everybody really hopes doesn’t tag along on the play date, the one who, on the day after you’ve missed your child’s bedtime because you’re working overtime to pay for orthodontia, swans onto the playground to complain she’s thinking of firing her maid. It doesn’t matter if it’s true. What matters is how wholeheartedly audiences swallow it. Katie Holmes may be a well-rounded woman who happens to truly adore her beautiful daughter and movie star husband.

    But while she is no great actress, when she does her dead-behind-the eyes Stepford shtick, she’s chillingly convincing. ”

  • Katie settle for mediocrity

    The ‘awful’ trailer for ‘The Kennedys’ miniseries
    A new preview for the long-awaited TV movie is out, and some critics aren’t very impressed
    Best Opinion: New York, E!, Entertainment Weekly

    The video: The controversial miniseries “The Kennedys,” which had been dropped by The History Channel and passed over by a multitude of cable networks, finally found a home on the little-watched ReelzChannel last week. The series, produced by Joel Surnow, the conservative creator of the popular show “24,” will premiere on April 3. Now that the film has found a channel to air it, a full preview has emerged (watch below). The new trailer, featuring Katie Holmes as Jackie Kennedy, encapsulates the film’s narrative, from JFK’s rise to prominence to his 1963 assassination.

    The reaction: Watching the preview, it becomes “a bit clearer” why “The Kennedys” was passed over by so many networks, says Willa Paskin at New York. Simply put, the the clip “will make your ears bleed.” While it’s hard to tell from these snippets just how the material will be dramatized, every actor “ought to have [his image] slapped up in the Bad Boston Accent Hall of Fame.” Ted Casablanca at E! concurs that the trailer is “painful,” partly because Holmes looks “nothing like Jackie O.”

  • Katie settles for mediocrity

    The Kennedys Trailer Is Horrible…and Katie Holmes Isn’t Helping

    Uh, maybe now we know why the History Channel and so many other networks passed on The Kennedys?
    Forget a Kennedy curse, this eight-part miniseries seems pretty doomed in its own right.
    Here’s looking at you, Katie Holmes.

    It’s painful. Like, really painful. Tom Wilkinson rarely does any part wrong (though he’s borderline here, must say), so it wasn’t exactly he who made getting through the trailer hard.
    But whenever the camera panned to Katie—or Greg Kinnear, as Jack Kennedy—we had such second-hand awkwardness.

    Tom Cruise’s wife looks nothing like Jackie O. At all.
    And that’s a problem because she only has a couple of lines featured in this clip, with the rest of her time being just shots of her face. All we can think about is what Anne Hathaway is going to do with this piece of SNL gold.
    And Kinnear’s atrocious Boston accent is already SNL material in itself, not to mention his unfortunate and pouffy Lawrence Welk Show hair, something Kennedy was famous for not having.
    Really, we felt like we were watching a Katie Holmes/Kennedys parody here. Indeed, the series makes it seem the political family were nothing but a bunch of money-grubbing power snobs. The producers were obviously confused; they forgot they were supposed to take on the Bushes for that score, not the civil-rights renegades that were the Kennedys.
    Dare we say this eight-part series didn’t get picked up for a while because it’s just friggin’ bad?

  • Go Ask Alice

    I am not going to say ,people hate her, but just don’t get her and it. Something is odd. She and Tommy just don’t have that little something relatable thing with the public.

    Isabele,18,not in college,why? I know I posted thisbefore .
    With Kaite eating a vegan lunch, hmmm, Nicole, her mother was all dressed to the max on Fri,orSat. for something Hollywood and Keith Urban was at Super Bowl on Sun. Don’t know if Nciole was there.Seems their daughter, a young lady, wouldwant t bealldressed up at a fancy thing that her mom went to. Seems Nic’ skids by Tommy,(adopting is the same thing) 18 yrs Isabella and 16 yr.s Connor , would be at Super Bowl with their stepdad if Nicole was there or not!! It is SuperBowl Sunday,like a national holiday almost.,

  • OMG!

    What happenned to her face??!! Beaten with the ugly stick!!? Her lips…ewww

  • Betty N

    Poor thing.
    What happened to the pretty little girl who married Tom ?

  • mailey

    Seems like Bella and Connor dislike Nicole. They’re never with her.

  • me

    She looks horrible. How sad. Maybe botox gone bad. Why would you do that to yourself?

  • reality

    will Katie resign her contract? Tommy needs her at least until MI-4 comes out

  • pr person

    The ONLY reason she looked human in the last photo op is because she must have just come from some sort of photo shoot…because left to her own devices… well…. the woman looks craptastic! As per usual!!!

  • .


  • naturegirl

    @Betty M. What happen?????? She married Tom… My god she look horrible. She look old and haggard, DAM, like a grandmother.

  • Cari

    Oh lord. Back to being FUGLY. She can’t possibly have looked in a mirror before going out. What is with that top knot???

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!


  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!


  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    Woman < ___<

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    D e.. < ___<

  • Yawn

    Nic’s actually in town for a change and her daughter isn’t. Kind of funny how Bella always comes out of hiding when her Mom shows up in LA.

  • Jokergurl

    It’s too bad Katie Holmes used to be such a cutie, always grinning, Tom and Scientology has sucked the life out of her. She just looks drained :(

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    She want Running with the devil now ,to be more good

  • it’s Robo-Bride


    Back to looking like a bag lady.

    It is hard to believe someone who is an A Lister and knows she is going to be photographed leaves the house looking like this.

    Hair: Can’t decide if it is is clean or dirty. Forehead area looks clean, but there appears to be a clump of greasy hair by the top knot. What the heck is this thing. She didn’t even bother to smooth her hair into it. Ages her.

    Clothes: Sweater is full of pilling. Sweatshirt looks as though it has some white stains on it. Pants are too short for the booties.

    Lips: Lookin’ like a trout pout. Did she get lip injections? If so, why?

    She looks far older than 31.

    Bella looks happy and is dressed age appropriately in clothes a teen would wear.

    Katie can’t seem to manage to dress herself. I’m sure Suri didn’t approve of this outfit.

    Her bag cost a small fortune as did the boots and jewelry. Just goes to show money can’t buy class and common sense.

  • wendy

    Isabella Cruise looks a lot like Nicole Kidman, if you imagine Nicole heavier and darker. Not saying she’s not adopted but maybe a family adoption. Especially her mouth and expressions ….

  • Sunshine

    Okay. So last week Diane K does her typical “I’m never getting married again” comment in Glamour.
    The next day or so Katie goes out shopping in BC and then walking down the streets of LA looking human and dare I say “good” for the first time in YEARS!
    THEN Josh and Diane are out over the weekend and Diane has a ring on THAT finger. I couln’t see see JJs hand but another blogger said he has one too (again I did not see it so if anyone has info I’M DYING TO KNOW!!!)
    Now Katie goes out looking absolutely awwwwwwwful!
    I see a pattern here.
    awwwwww POOR KATIE!!!
    (I Really Hope Josh and Diane Did It!)
    Get Katie her meds FAST!

  • lucy2

    Katie’s mouth looks awful! Just like Meg Ryan a few years back. Why did she do this?
    Bella looks quite good! I’m glad to see her smile and not having to drag around Katie and Suri’s belongings.

  • annie

    If there is a girl in Hollywood with the least tickets on herself, it’s Katie, because as we saw the other day she is one of the most beautiful.
    I adore Katie, but time and time again , I see how she let’s herself down, and that’s why I always go on like a broken record that she really doesn’t to get it. She is the most inconsistant girl on the planet
    She must know she is going to be photographed, and the top and jacket are really not nice, and I know she has the cutest tops and jackets.
    Ido believe that there are a group of women in Hollywood, that people are very interested in what they wear, and Katie is one of them, maybe even top of the list. She might not like this, but this is how it seems to be, judging by all that’s written about her clothes, bags, jeans, etc.
    The way she seems to think sometimes, and her actions , because of that, seems to let’s her down, Sorry Katie!
    Anyway saying that , I liked that Spanish dress in the Holmes/Yang label, and I can see Katie in it, paticularly if it falls off the shoulder.
    She should model some of her clothes, she’s a great model.

  • Claire

    She looks horrible! What the heck did she do to her mouth? Her contract with Tom should almost be up by now! Run Katie Run!!!!!

  • joel

    Katie’s lips have a blue tone….from smoking

  • Needs a ‘real mom’

    Isabella does NOT look good. She always looks depressed to me and very awkward and uncertain. It’s obvious that she’s a teen who EATS too much to compensate for her uncertainties. Poor girl. She needs a ‘real mother,’ not the ‘pseudo-mom’ kind of stand-in that Katie represents. Why doesn’t Nicole play a more active role in her teenage daughter’s life? If ‘Crazy Tom’ is denying her the right, she ought to fight him on it. IMO Katie is too self-absorbed and obsessed with her ‘pampered little princess’ Suri to achieve any meaningful connection with Isabella.

  • annie

    @needs a’ real mom’
    Katie is not her mother , she is her stepmother, and probably more of a friend than anything else.
    Bella has a mother, who seems to have 2 pampered little princesses of her own, who if you havn’t notice worships them just as much as Katie does Suri.
    If you think that Nicole can’t get to her kids , with due respect , you’re wrong, but as usual it doesn’t matter what Nicole says, that her kids are great, very sane, and well adjusted people, who love to live in La with their dad, nasty Tom always gets the blame.
    Has it ever occured to anyone that maybe Bella likes hanging out with Katie and her little sister. Bella is 18 yrs old, now and there are enough pics around for anyone to realise how much she loves her father.
    Maybe Bella finds her mother something of a self -absorbed and obsessed needy drama queen, because that’s the way she comes across and probably can’t figure out why her mother who is now remarried with 2 children , still cannot stop talking about her ex husband., after 10yrs.
    Maybe she feels…. why didn’t her mother love her enough to spend time with her after her parents divorced, instead she travelled making movie after movie, because she was so shattered.. after all she had nobody to share her bed with or have pancakes with in the morning…..god forbid these are not my words they are Nicoles.
    She will do anything for love, go anywhere for love,….. isn’t that what she says……… what about the love a mother feels for children, doesn’t that count , or doesn’t she think that her daughter is old enough to understand what she’s saying.
    Nicole Kidman makes me sick both as a woman and a mother, the only thing she’s good at, is acting! Make no mistake Bella knows very well who the people are, that genuinely love and care for her.!

  • omg

    Annie get over Nicole

  • marta

    Isabella looks good lastly

  • Sick comments

    What a bunch of nuts! Obviously she feels CONFIDANT enough to go out many times sans all makeup! Where on earth do you see her with new lips? I swear, if it’s not Angie/Brad everyone else is ugly, right?
    YOU all WISH you looked like her sans makeup. When Katie it made up and dressed up, she’s georgeous. Like everyone else, she looks better dolled up. Give the hate a rest! Geez!!!! find room for others besides your chosen ones to love!!

  • sass

    And imo Katie Holmes is obnoxious. She needs to get over herself and he wack -job husband.

  • sass

    Her rather…

  • Ace

    Here’s proof for the loser Kidman fanatics that Isabella had no plans of moving in with Kidman when she turned 18.

  • taco

    curious..Kidman is in LA, her daugher no…Do still anyone belive Kidman is the bad parent?

  • PostPunk


    Obviously you don’t know the power of Scientology and its Grand Poobah, Tom Cruise.


    What proof? She turned 18 a month ago and is in the middle of a school year. I suppose the day you turned 18, you dropped life as you knew it. Don’t be a retard.

  • LoriLori

    @34 Needs a ‘real mom’

    ITA, I wish NK had fought harder for these children soon after the divorce, Isabella does not look happy, and Katie is gooned on the SciFi juice
    Conner just wants to please his dad, maybe one day the kids will break free of this cult

  • From Fox News–It’s about time

    The FBI is investigating whether the Church of Scientology engages in human trafficking and uses unpaid labor — including allegations that Tom Cruise had work done on his motorcycles and property by church members who were paid little if anything for their efforts, a new report reveals.

    The shocking 26-page exposé in The New Yorker focuses on “Crash” director and Oscar-winning writer Paul Haggis’ decision to quit the church, a spacey blend of self-help and science fiction that critics say uses brainwashing and coercion to indoctrinate and impoverish vulnerable recruits.

    “I was in a cult for 34 years. Everyone else could see it. I don’t know why I couldn’t,” said Haggis, who cut ties after the church’s San Diego chapter endorsed Proposition 8, which opposed same-sex marriages.

    Haggis, whose writing credits include “Million Dollar Baby” and “Quantum of Solace,” has two lesbian daughters.

    According to the report, church leader David Miscavige, a close Cruise friend who was the best man at his wedding to Katie Holmes, ordered members to customize a building, two motorcycles and an SUV Cruise owned — for little or no pay.

    John Brosseau, a 30-year member who has left the church, said he met with Miscavige and Cruise in 2005 at a secretive church enclave in the Southern California desert.

    Cruise, an outspoken apostle of Scientology, was admiring a motorcycle Brosseau had customized for Miscavige.

    “Cruise asked me, ‘God, could you paint my bike like that?’ I looked at Miscavige, and Miscavige agreed,” Brosseau told the magazine.

    Go To for the full report.

  • from the NY Post

    The FBI has reportedly launched a sweeping probe into the controversial Church of Scientology for allegedly being involved in human trafficking.

    The investigation includes the cult’s mysterious leader David Miscavige, a close friend of actor Tom Cruise who was also best man at his wedding.

    The allegations are that Miscavige allegedly doled out regular beatings to members, The New Yorker reported in its current issue, which hit newsstands this morning.

    A former member of the embattled Church of Scientology told the magazine that “the [FBI] investigation had been going on for quite a while.”

    Another added, “They wanted a full download about the abuse.”

    The feds are also looking into accusations of “enslavement” in regards to members of Scientology’s religious order, known as “Sea Org.”

    A former member alleged that punishments included being sent to something called the “Hole” — two trailers located on its California compound where anywhere between 80 and 100 people are sent to “do group confessions all day and all night.”

    The allegations are made in the 28-page article, which also includes an interview with Hollywood screenwriter and former member Paul Haggis, who directed the movie “Crash.”

    “I was in a cult for 34 years,” said Haggis, who left the church in 2009. “Everyone else could see it. I don’t know why I couldn’t.”

    Haggis also said he had other issues with the church. For example, he said his wife was ordered to disconnect from her parents after they left the church.

    Haggis said the news accounts he read of kids drafted into the Sea Org reminded him of child slaves he had seen in Haiti.

    “They were ten years old, twelve years old … scrubbing pots, manual labor — that so deeply touched me,” Haggis said. “My God, it horrified me!”

    The Church of Scientology has denied the existence of “any place of confinement” at Gold Base, its international headquarters located outside San Jacinto.

  • Mia

    My personal opinion is that NICOLE KIDMAN should’ve a made the choice to live next to her kids (Bella and Connor) in L.A. after her divorce with Tom Cruise …I’m sure that Keith Urban would’ve been comprehensive about it since he didn’t have kids at the time. It’s too easy to say: “Oh I asked my kids if they wanted to follow me in NASHVILLE but they said no!” ….OFF COURSE they said “no” they were going to school in L.A., their life and friends were in L.A. Nicole should’ve asked Keith to be comprehensive and live in L.A. near her kids at least till they got a little older. Teenagehood is a delicate period in any person’s life…maybe it’s a little more delicate and harder when you’re adopted and your parents have a new life with biological kids. Bella and Connor I admire you !!!

  • Jackie

    @ Mia
    Um…..the children were 7 and 5 at the time of the divorce and they were not “going to school in LA”. They were home schooled. Also Nicole didnt move to Nashville until a couple of years ago. What happened with all the time in between when they were prevented from seeing their Mother? If you think Cruise had nothing to do with telling a 5 and 7 year told what to do, you’re nuts. Those kids were brainwashed against their Mother because she had the audacity to leave Scientology. She was “disconnected”, which is a common practice in Scientology. Scientologists are not allowed to associate with non-Scientologists or SP’s. Nicole was declared an SP or Supressive Person. This is all about Cruise and Scientology controlling those children and turning them against Nicole Kidman. As far as Katie is concerned, she’s a grown woman. If she is being controlled by Cruise and Scientology (It sure looks like she is) thenn she’s a freakin moron and deserves what she gets.

    If anyone are bad parents its Cruise and Holmes for raising his kids and their kid together in a brainwashing, destructive cult that is now being investigated by the FBI.

  • Sam

    I think Isabella looks very good in these pictures. Looks like she has lost some weight and her face looks pretty. She is at that awkward age where all teens go through, but is coming out of it. I think she is lovely.

  • Mia

    @jackie: I don’t know if it was exactly after the divorce or a little later but I remember seeing a lot of pictures of Bella playing soccer with other girls her age …so whether Bella was home schooled or not she WAS having some sort of social life in L.A. at the time. And recently I saw pictures of Bella with her mother in Sydney so apparently they CAN see eachother. And anyways, what you’re saying doesn’t change a thing to what I’m trying to say: the mother should’ve managed to live closer to her kids during teenagehood. And even if Tom tried to keep Nicole away from her kids..she shouln’t have made the decision to go live somewhere else because it doesn’t send a good message to her kids. And, last but not least, the fact that I am making critics to Nicole Kidman doesn’t mean that I am a fan of Tom Cruise. Maybe his nuts but still she should have stayed closer to her kids somehow, in my opinion !!!!!!