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Alexander Skarsgard: Audi Party with Dad Stellan!

Alexander Skarsgard: Audi Party with Dad Stellan!

Alexander Skarsgard makes it a family affair at the The King’s Speech” Awards Season Party held at Chateau Marmont on Monday (February 7) in Los Angeles.

The 32-year-old True Blood star’s dad Stellan and his younger brother Bill also attended the bash sponsored by Audi and Godiva Chocolate Vodka.

Alexander‘s girlfriend, Kate Bosworth, was at the party, too!

On Saturday, Alex and Kate stocked up on some groceries during a trip to Bristol Farms.

Bigger pic inside

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alexander stellan skarsgard audi party 01

Credit: Jeff Vespa; Photos: Wire Image
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  • Farted

    who f.arted?

  • Anita

    Your headline should read ‘ Alexander Skarsgard: Audio party with dad Stellan! Not Bill! Bill’s his brother! You got it right later on tho JJ, lol! Nice pic though!


    I’m so tired of Famewh*res. He really does belong with that thing.

  • Anita

    @Anita: oops! Getting as bad as JJ with my typing errors, meant Audi not audio party,lol!

  • Anita

    @Anita: oops! Getting as bad as JJ with my typing errors, meant Audi not audio party,lol!


    Btw, Alex is with his father Stellan and brother GUSTAF not Bill. No pictures of Khate?

  • Yikes!

    Bill is looking ROUGH!

  • Yikes!

    Bill is looking ROUGH! He’s aged almost as badly as Bosworth!

  • Justine

    you guys need to stop giving him crap for being with a kate bosworth.

  • Alexandra

    Get a fu##ing life.

  • Taylor

    Alexander’s girlfriend, Kate Bosworth, was at the party, too!
    Whoever writes this stuff must be laughing while they’re doing it. She’s rarely in the same shot as him and they mention her in every single story about him.

  • Nicole

    I can see why Stellan and Gustaf are there but why the hell are Alex and Kate there? I mean did they even understand The King’s Speech? That movie seems way over their heads in history, content, and talent. Probably blew their minds. I bet Gustaf had to explain it to them on more than one occasion.
    Gustaf, “No, no, no, Alex, Colin Firth really doesn’t have a stutter it was actually about the former King of England”
    Alex, “But isn’t there a Queen of England, when did they get a King?” scratches head and takes a swig
    Kate, “Did I tell you I worked with Geoffrey Rush in The Warrior’s Way? He is naturally talented like me.”
    Gustaf, “Well he did attend a school for the dramatic arts like me and my Dad except his was in Australia. You know a school where the talented go to learn how to emote, morph, and transform themselves into characters with surprisingly realistic results that usually get them noticed and praised?” *eye twitching*
    Kate, “Heard about those but my mom said I didn’t need it because I was born with so much natural talent that those places would actually ruin it for me”, smugly smiles and bats eyelashes
    Gustaf, “Oh ruin your oh so fantastic Hollywood career” eye twitching harder
    Alex, “So you think if I had a stutter I would get better roles and nominated for an Oscar? I bet if I made Charlie in our upcoming movie Straw Dogs(bomb) *wink wink* have a stutter I would get nominated for an Oscar next year” dialing Rod Lurie
    Gustaf walks away with Stellan
    Alex, “Rod, I want voice overs with a stutter for Charlie. Yeah, I think I will win an Oscar for it next year if he has a stutter. Stutters are the new thing!!”
    Kate, “My performance doesn’t need anything, Alex. Now where is Ryan K? All these jealous beatches keep deserving roles from me and Ryan is only one who recognizes my true talents” puts on lipgloss and saunters off

  • Broadway Babe

    Nice to see three Skarsgards in the same shot.

  • kaching$

    @Justine: JJ needs to stop with the constant Baldsworth plugs.

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    2 old man and lookalike

  • Brightside

    ‘Alexander’s girlfriend, Kate Bosworth, was at the party too!’

    Odd way of putting it, JJ. So, did she just show up randomly or what? Is she stalking him? Separate invitation? Did she not arrive with him that you felt a separate sentence was needed to explain her presence there?

    Damn strange way to phrase it!

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    Run away

  • kaching$

    It’s like he’s getting paid to include her in every Skarsgard post.

  • brneyes22

    Stellan looks short next to Alex. lol

  • http://Ja Sligo ^__^ cute


  • Luv Alex

    I love him as an actor but he has terrible taste in women and if this is how he treats his gf (they seem more like fwb) then he’s not a very good bf.

    Still love his work though.

  • ElisaDay

    Finally, a good picture of Alex. I like him with a bit of a stubble ;)

  • so odd

    So odd, so she is there and he is there with his family you would think since they been together for a few now that she would be in that pic of the 3 of them. Seriously how serious is this relationship?

    She basically standing alone in the wire pics, while he’s chummy with his family. Come on there is def some strange going on. Or it really isn’t that serious.

  • west

    Alex’s dad is Stellan Skarsgard not Bill Skarsgard.

  • jj fans

    New sweater?

  • FS

    One photo? When he’s finally photographed next to someone with some class? You can do better than that JJ. He looks good.

  • Annya

    Dad Stellan doesn’t look comfortable in the picture.

  • Bunny*

    *The gurlfriend was at the same party (wearing her tackymint), but there is not picture of the together on the post… we get it! = “They love privacy” oh, and “they stocked up on some groceries”

    *There have been rumors about daddy not approving famewhoring lifestyle (based on his words) = picture of them together on JJ.

    *No pic of Bill = get it, he’s not a famewhore.
    I’m sure other sites will post other pics… but JJ is so transparent.

  • Nina

    Stellan never looks comfortable.

  • Molly

    Please take your medicine Nicole dearest.

  • V

    What is your problem? Obsessed much?

  • Lauren

    Why does anyone care who he dates? It’ll NEVER be any of you, so get over it.

  • JO

    That’s his brother Gustaf, not Bill!!

  • mailey


  • Joan

    She’s was there? Where’s the picture? But if she was there why didn’t she take a pic with them? I mean if she and Askars are so close and in love. And don’t tell me that’s because she didn’t want the attention because we all know it’s not true.

  • Smile

    Alex looks great in this photo as always !

  • Doreen

    What’s with the two separate articles? Extra paycheck from Kate for that?

  • Chauncy

    Jealousy is so pathetic! To the haters (all 5 of you using a variety of names) – you must have better things to do than sit at your computers and bash people.

  • Doreen

    Either that or JJ is pitting them against each other, seeing who gets the most hits. LOL!

  • Let’s Be Real

    Please, when someone has photos on a gossip site daily, he or she can expect comments. I guess Straw Dogs is getting close enough Alex has had to step up the PR. Kate never stopped.

  • x17 vid

    yep alex and kate arrived together in alex’s audi and some other people were also in his car. so once again they never do things alone!! and why did kate not pose with BF alex and, stellan , gustaf after all isn’t she supposed to be family lol

  • x17 vid

    there is also another vid of alex having lunch at jone’s with pals and alex is actually smiling!!!

  • Doreen

    OMFG she so soooo effing smug in that video. She loves being filmed you can tell. Gag me!

  • Lauren

    Get over it, Doreen. Same goes for the rest of you “fans.” Pfft. I hope he marries and has kids with her, just to watch it drive you crazy.

  • Ismail

    Stellan is a good friend of Colin Firth.

  • missy2792

    He looks good in this picture.

  • Hmmm

    @Lauren Maybe time to stop haunting a gossip site ready to force everyone to love Kate Bosworth? Not going to work. It’s also pretty hard to argue the two of them don’t have PR working overtime when they’re getting twice daily pap photo ops, but I’m sure you’ll try. I doubt too many people will keep up an interest level if/when they get married and I also don’t doubt that will disappoint these two greatly.

  • The video

    Oh my G-d indeed Kate. As if she doesn’t love it.

    Her hair looks awful.

  • Seriously

    Hmmmm…I agree with Lauren. The only thing meaner than your cynicism towards Kate is your own deadbeat posts. Most of us that actually like Kate and Alex don’t post in this gutter.

  • julie

    @Seriously: of course you are going to agree with yourself. lol.