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Cynthia Nixon & Christine Marinoni Welcome a Baby Boy

Cynthia Nixon & Christine Marinoni Welcome a Baby Boy

Cynthia Nixon and Christine Marinoni are the proud parents of a baby boy!

Max Nixon-Marinoni was born on Monday (February 7), and a rep for Cynthia tells that Christine and Max are both doing great.

The 44-year-old Sex and the City actress and her longtime love, 43, have been engaged since 2009.

Cynthia has two children – Samantha, 14, and Charles, 8 – from her previous relationship with photographer Danny Mozes.

Congratulations to Cynthia and Christine!

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Credit: Stephen Shugerman; Photos: Getty
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  • nvrmnd

    wonderful news! this family seems so down-to-earth…

  • laverdadduele

    WRONG…in so many levels.

  • pat

    Will Christine pass out cigars?

  • jean

    the butch one had the baby? I’m shocked!

  • Mary from Russia

    I didn’t understand. Who of them gave birth to the baby? Who is the real mother?

  • Lena

    Cynthia’s mate looks like a dude! Who’s got the man parts? Gross!

  • Lainy

    Aw this is amazing, I’m so happy for them. They’ve always seemed like such a solid couple and you can clearly see the love shine out of Cynthia every time she talks about her family,

  • Wardo

    @Mary from Russia:
    “and a rep for Cynthia tells that Christine and Max are both doing great.”
    This indicates Christine is the biological mother :)

  • kitty

    hollywood is so freaking sick!

  • Ace

    They look like they could be sisters.

  • Florence


    Oh wow, you think gay and lesbian couples only exist in Hollywood? Oh honey…

  • John Hopkirk

    That guy on the right is punching well above his weight.

  • Mary from Russia

    thanks ))

  • http://Ja Sligo ^__^ cute

    They not celeb

  • Frida


  • lisali

    Who is the daddy? They got sperm somewhere.. who’s the 3rd parent?

  • Lucky Charm


    “hollywood is so freaking sick!” – Because a woman in NEW YORK gave birth?

  • kitty

    ummmm I’d just like to point out that I am NOT number 9….I shall call the accused^ ‘kitty number 2′.

    and more importantly, congratulations to Cynthia and Christine!! :-)

  • s

    Don’t insult there family. Congrats to them :)
    God bless the new little angel in there lovely family!

  • kitty


    sorry kitty, I’ll be meow kitty, sorry!

  • chaonaine

    I’ve been watching sex and the city almost all day today and now such a news… congrats!

  • Jaime

    “Cynthia Nixon and Christine Marinoni are the proud parents of a baby boy!”
    Umm….no. Christine is the proud parent of a baby boy. Cynthia didn’t have a dam* thing to do with it. Or did she by some miracle impregnate Christine? Because if she did this is world news!!

  • choco

    It’s not just Hollywood. We live in a totally f”’cked up world. Although this is way more natural than when two guys get a baby. Sick.

  • meowkitty

    I can’t imagine what it must be like for 14 year old Samantha and 8 year old Charles or they’re FATHER! They must wanna die, I would if my mom was a freak like that.

  • rhonda

    what if that ugly freak got sperm from Elton John? that would be one fugly-ass kid.

  • Painter

    I can’t believe r*tards like you still exist, I’m sure as long as their mother is happy they are happy.

  • anen

    I don’t get this. How does this work Cynthia has sperm/penis???

  • anen

    does Cynthia have male stick?

  • Marina

    I’m so sick and tired of certain people thinking they have the right to define what a parent is. I’m adopted, my mom and dad are the two wonderful people who raised me. No one else. I love how you guys suddenly use biology as an excuse for your neanderthal views. Right, “how does this work, what about the father” you ask? To donate sperm doesn’t give you the right to call yourself a father. You f**cking earn that label. And I don’t doubt for one second that Cynthia and Christine will not love that baby with all their heart.

    The ONLY reason this becomes a problem is because of bullies like you who somehow still manages to ruin peoples lives EVERYDAY. How can you live with yourself knowing fully well people all over the world goes around feeling so uncomfortable in their own skin. Thinking they are ‘sick and disgusting’ for being different than you. Kids would much rather their parents be gay and happy, than closeted and miserable.

  • Sad sad sad


    Donating eggs and sperm doesn’t make you a parent. Love, responsibility, and commitment to a child does.

  • Lena

    At least Ellen landed a pretty girl. Cynthia, your partner, Ewwwwww!

  • Love&Justice

    @ WOOT WOOT Marina….Tell them girl!!!!

  • Soni

    #4 Jean:
    I am with you. It doesn’t make sense.
    Don’t get me wrong, anyone who wants a baby should have one, but this one seems backwards.
    Is there some reason why Cynthia didn’t have the baby?

  • susan

    laverdadduele @ 02/08/2011 at 3:00 pm

    who died and allowed you to pass moral judgement on others?

  • to mary from russia

    I didn’t understand. Who of them gave birth to the baby? Who is the real mother?
    that is none of your business. in other words you have no right to that information.

  • Dread not

    Wow, Cynthia Nixon knocked up the lead singer from Simply Red.

  • Jasmine

    Christine is incredibly ugly. Poor kid. Glad he’s healthy and doing well but…poor kid.

  • cari


    Sorry, but are you for real? They are both parents of the baby. Just like two individuals no matter what their sexual orientation or whether they are married or not are parents of an adopted child (Brad and Angie, Nicole and Tom come to mind), a surrogate (Kidman-Urban, and others).
    You earn your role of parent. Just being a donor doesn’t mean you are a parent. These two have made a commitment to their child. THEIR child–to love him, honor him and raise him. This is what a parent does.

  • Just Jared fan here.

    Are these fugly things men or women? EWWWWWWWW!

  • Ben

    So the manly looking one gave birth to the baby and who is the daddy? Is Cynthia a hermapahorodite?

  • oy

    Please don’t let the father turn out to be David Crosby.

  • anonymous

    he is one UGLY looking dude.

  • Uxia


  • Jeb Hunter

    I have plenty of gay friends but……………I just threw up in my mouth seeing that.

  • Denise

    Wow. Can’t believe some of the disgusting and narrow minded comments on here. What the hell is wrong with you people?

  • CC

    He is not cute

  • http://jj luvbug

    Why do people bring God into stuff like this? The Bible says homosexuality is a sin!!!!! so stop using God name like it is ok to be this way,. If relationships like this were okay, then they would be able to produce kids with each other. I feel sorry for the baby. Another confused child being raised to think that this life style is okay.