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Gemma Ward: Heath Ledger Was One of a Kind

Gemma Ward: Heath Ledger Was One of a Kind

Gemma Ward graces the cover of the Daily Telegraph‘s Sunday magazine.

Here’s what the 23-year-old Aussie model and actress had to share:

On meeting Heath Ledger in New York in 2007: “We were both struggling with things that I won’t get into and we bonded over that. At first I said, ‘Listen, my mum’s living with me right now and I’m going through a hard time. I’m not interested in having a serious relationship,’ and he said, ‘Let’s just be there for each other through these hard times.’ And we developed a relationship and started seeing each other.”

On her memories about Heath: “He was an incredible person, unlike anybody I’ve ever met – and will meet ever again. He was one of a kind and extremely sensitive, extremely open, extremely honest, extremely generous, extremely energetic. He had time for everybody, no matter who you were. He was such an amazing talent.”

On her character in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides: “Tamara is the typical siren. And what I found interesting about the mermaids in this movie is that the producers stayed true to mermaid mythology. The original story of The Little Mermaid was very gruesome – a lot of these old fairytales are.”

On her career: “I wasn’t a child [when I started out]; I was a teenager. I wasn’t all that innocent, either. I wasn’t taken advantage of – I knew what I was doing. I feel very powerful in myself now. I’m happy with where I am and I’m excited for my life and excited to embrace all aspects of it. I’m definitely not [regretful]. I look back on everything I’ve done with pride.”

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65 Responses to “Gemma Ward: Heath Ledger Was One of a Kind”

  1. 1
    Dance In The Dark Says:

    Why is she even bringing him up? Does she think there is no other way to get publicity than to talk about Heath? She should have the respect and grace to just keep it to herself. Stop opening old wounds.

  2. 2
    lalalalalalalalalal Says:

    alien like amanda seyfried

  3. 3
    cf10 Says:

    who the hell is she? and why is she using heath for publicity? shame on her

  4. 4
    Anne-Laure Bernard Says:

    She had a great fashion career, but please… shut up.

  5. 5
    she's back! Says:

    gemma ward is back to fashion! AT LAST! fashion world is ecstatic over her return

  6. 6
    Radio Says:

    She opened up the doors for all the models with the doe eyes. She is such a good model I don’t know why she quit. She was never able to come back, all the designers turned their back on her.

  7. 7
    ellie Says:

    i remember when amanda seyfried started out on veronica mars and mean girls how i kept thinking she looked like gemma ward. amanda’s face has matured differently than gemma’s though, but still very similar characteristics. dakota fanning, amanda seyfried, and gemma ward need to play sisters.

  8. 8
    132 Says:

    @cf10: she isn’t using him.. the interviewer pestered her about heath

  9. 9
    Artemis Says:

    She was an absolutely beautiful model and if she speaks now about Heath Ledger is because she left the fashion world after his death in 2008. Now she is back and I am really glad of this.

  10. 10
    Reba Says:

    She shouldn’t have answered those questions so openly, especially since Michelle Williams will inevitably here about this “relationship” that Gemma had with Heath. Just respect him, and leave it at that.

  11. 11
    laverdadduele Says:

    Their “relationship” sounds more like a booty-call than anything else. Why is she even talking about him?

  12. 12
    flawless Gemma Says:

    She’s so beautiful and lovely. Great to see her back!!! I wish there were pictures of her and Heath, I’m sure they made a gorgeous couple.

  13. 13
    Elliot Says:


  14. 14
    J Says:

    I miss Gemma so much! I guess she was one of the people who most suffered with his death. She suddenly vanished from fashion seasons, campaigns and editorials after he died. Their relationship only became public after his death, only because people were crazy to know what was going on in his private life and everybody started to speculate what he was doing and who he was dating. Last time I saw Gemma was during her vacations somewhere I don’t remember….. And she was kinda fat.

  15. 15
    Kelly Says:

    @Reba: Ha! Michelle Williams was well aware of Heath’s new relationship with Gemma Ward. Her jealousy is the reason she didn’t let Heath see Matilda two months before he died. Heath dumped her and started dating someone younger, more beautiful and nicer than dowdy, sourpuss Michelle.

  16. 16
    CanadaGirl Says:

    Glad she’s doing well, but why is Heath’s name being pimped out?

  17. 17
    GEENA Says:


  18. 18
    jean Says:

    to the idiots out there who have no idea who she is: She was a SUPER MODEL & the girlfriend od Heath Hedger when he died; after Heath’s death she was so devistated that she quit her ENORMOUS modeling career. And btw, I remember not too long ago, when everybody was cool about Michelle Williams speaking about Heath, cause she didn’t do it to boost her Oscar campaign, nooooooooooo!!!!!!!

  19. 19
    Louise Says:

    Why is she even talking about Heath??..I think it’s pretty obvious why she’s talking about him now, there’s a “movie” to promote.

    Heath has left behind a child and whether or not there was jealousy’s or bad blood between people, she should respect that.

    It doesnt sound like what they had was anything other than a fleeting friendship with benefits so why cash in on that now unless she has ulterior publicity.

  20. 20
    Amber Says:

    Will you idiots stop trashing Gemma. Shes not using Heath Ledger’s death. She mourned for three years.
    They asked about Heath because everyone wants to know. She was his girlfriend, why shouldnt she answer. Its her right and she was being respectful. You can tell she was in love with him.
    Jealous losers should stfu

  21. 21
    Louise Says:


    She was so ENORMOUS as you put it that I have never even heard of her and that’s coming from someone who actually works in the fashion world.

    Michelle has every right to speak about Heath if she chose to as she had a child with him. It was also done in a very tactful and brief part of an interview.

  22. 22
    Remy Says:

    @Louise: Oh you mean like Michelle had a movie to promote and campaign for an Oscar nod? At least this girl was seeing Heath. Michelle was just an ex he had a kid with. She has no right to talk about her ex like he didn’t ditch her and they were still together.

  23. 23
    Amber Says:

    @Louise: Liar, you work in the fashion world like I work for NASA.
    Gemma was huge in the modeling world before she retired. Youve never heard of her because you live under a rock. Loser.

  24. 24
    godric Says:

    It is kind of tasteless to have that as the main headline but I blame the interviewer, not her. But really, she only knew him for 2 months…

  25. 25
    sosad Says:

    Umm..she left fashion because she wanted to be an actor. She did a movie with Liv Tyler, don’t you people remember?

  26. 26
    Lily Says:

    even if the interviewer “pestered” her with questions about Heath Ledger, she didn’t have to answer
    she did Pirates of the Caribbean, why doesn’t she talk about working with Johnny Depp ?? that would be way more interesting than hearing about how awesome Heath Ledger was, which we all already know about

  27. 27
    Delphic Says:

    @Dance In The Dark: Do you not know how interviews work? They don’t just start randomly talking about people. She was clearly asked about him.

  28. 28
    BloodbuzzOhio Says:


    HAHAHAHA. If you really work in the fashion industry and have no idea who Gemma Ward is, shame on you. She was a muse to many iconic designers. Karl Lagerfeld, anyone?

  29. 29
    anna Says:

    No matter how nasty interviewer was, I think she should keep it for herself, because like this, it looks like attention seeking.

  30. 30
    mailey Says:

    lol Wow, that cover is horribly exploitive. In giant letters. Might as well be a Star magazine. Ridiculous and Shameless.

  31. 31
    Mark Says:

    Hey maybe she loved the guy. No worse than when Michelle gave that interview awhile back. From what I’ve heard alot of people liked Heath women & men.

  32. 32
    morgan Says:

    She has kept quiet for three years now and I’m glad she is talking about him. It’s nice to know he was having fun with someone who was from the same place where he was from I just wish with all the people that supposedly cared about him could have helped him with his drug addiction, maybe he would still be here.

  33. 33
    griffin Says:

    Here is another crass aussie “actress” ready to pimp anyone out for a shot of fame. Out of respect for Michelle Williams and Matilda she should keep her mouth shut from now on. She quit her modelling job cause of her “issues” no one would book her. Next…

  34. 34
    Gemma fan Says:

    Wow at the cruel comments saying Gemma is using Heath. It’s obvious you didn’t follow her and don’t know ANYTHING about her. She’s a very sweet and sensitive girl, she couldn’t care less about publicity. Gemma did absolutely nothing wrong. Her comments are beautiful and heartfelt. She knew Heath, YOU DIDN’T. I agree with J, she’s one of the people who suffered the most but I’m delighted to see her back. Can’t wait for Pirates! :D

  35. 35
    wtf Says:

    EW and STFU

  36. 36
    Jokergurl Says:

    She’s right, Heath was one of a kind, he just seemed unique in interviews, his presence, demeanor, whether or not he was her lover, I don’t care about all that, none of our business anyway. I still miss him it’s just very sad because he had all that potential and he has a young daughter who will never meet him, that’s just tragic. :( On a lighter note I think the next Pirates movie will be good, I hope the focus goes back on Jack Sparrow.

  37. 37
    prada Says:

    stunning flawless better than you always& forever etc goddess

  38. 38
    funny Says:

    She is one of the weirdest looking models ever. I can’t believe models with big exploda heads and no cheekbones can become models these days!!!! WTF???? Cindy,Linda,Claudia,Naomi,Christy must be laughing at these so called “models”/aliens. No wonder models are NOT famous anymore! The regular population is not going to be attracted to a 12 year old looking fat head alien. Long gone are the days when men wanted to date Cindy Crawford and every girl on earth wanted to look like her, lol.

  39. 39
    Cyn Says:

    I’m sorry she is UGLY!!!

  40. 40
    missed her!!!!! Says:

    she’s so gorgeous

  41. 41
    Cheryl Says:

    Some of you people are horrid with your nasty hateful remarks. None of you know any of the people involved and yet you judge and berate. Grow up.

  42. 42
    reba Says:

    Aussie models like her and Miranda Kerr OBVIOUSLY have Aboriginal ancestry. Look at the wide-set eyes and wide noses. So obvious! Pretty, too++

  43. 43
    V Says:

    How come I didn’t know Heath Ledger (RIP) and Gemma Ward were dating??! What a good looking pair. :(

  44. 44
    Dee Says:

    Way to bring up Heath’s death for publicity. Real classy!

  45. 45
    this Says:

    she shouldn’t talk about him.
    She was just a girlfriend not the mother of his child.
    Michelle Williams is classy and handled publicity with great respect for him.

  46. 46
    mellr Says:

    win a signed copy of kardashian Konfidential here

  47. 47
    sea Says:

    Be kind with her. It’s evident that she struggled with the loss of Heath.

  48. 48
    PerthGirl Says:

    Gemma and Heath dated for quite a while before he died, but she doesn’t want to give details of the when and how. Heath had dumped Michelle early in 2007 and if you look at photos of Michelle from back then you can see her p-ssed off face, whereas his was pretty happy. Gemma was chosen by the French as the No. 1 model of the last decade, and she left all that because she couldn’t cope with Heath’s death. She loved him, he loved her, fullstop. As for Michelle, the couple had broken up months and months before making it official and she was seeing other men too, including Spike Jonze when they were filming Synedoche New York. After Heath’s death, she pretended to only then start dating Spike, but that was a LIE, she had dated him before Heath’s death, even before they had officially split. Heath could do whatever he wanted, and what he wanted was Gemma and it’s just too bad for those who can’t accept that. His family have embraced Gemma for a reason. She wasn’t just an ‘affaire’ for Heath, but a proper girlfriend and they had actually planned to move in together before he died. How do I know? I just do.

  49. 49
    Atrium Says:

    I Like Her

  50. 50
    MK Says:

    She must take drugs too. Ok, again, why Heath Ledger died? If she was a good girlfriend her boyfriend wouldnt have never died of drugs.

  51. 51
    DBSK Says:

    @Kelly: Heath and Gemma only casually dated for a month or so. Gemma’s own sister even commented how all Heath could talk about was how much he missed Matilda AND michelle.

  52. 52
    DBSK Says:

    @Amber: lol its no way she mourned for 3yrs she talked about him in May 2008 saying he operated from the heart

  53. 53
    An American Says:

    Heath and Michelle were no longer a couple (and allegedly estranged to boot), so get over it!!!! She is just telling the truth. He had NO widow, so she is not disrespecting anyone by speaking out. She’s not using him for publicity either, she’s correcting all the FALSE claims that he was a ladies’ man when he died. He wasn’t. He only had ONE girlfriend when he passed and that was Gemma. I really hope this comment isn’t posted like 3 times and I apologize if it is.

  54. 54
    Em Says:

    Gemma’s sister NEVER said Heath missed Michelle, she said only Matilda. He was very upset he couldn’t see her. Why would Heath miss Michelle, who was denying him access to his kid, when he was smitten with Gemma? Heath took Gemma home to his family as his girlfriend and supposedly had a tattoo with her name.
    Face it H/M shippers, Heath and Michelle were finished and not on good terms by many accounts. A custody battle was in the works. Heath was dating Gemma like it or not. Michelle was history.

  55. 55
    ella Says:

    Gemma Ward hardly needs to “pimp anyone out for a shot of fame” given that she is already a seriously successful supermodel whose just been out of the game for a few years and, it looks like, is maybe finally coming back in. She has worked for so many high-range designers so for you to say she couldn’t book jobs is just laughable.

  56. 56
    MEANT LOVE Says:

    I really like Gemma Ward. You sound like someone that knew the truth.
    I can’t stand Michelle Williams. I believe that Gemma and her sister tried to comfort Heath Ledger emotionally but it just wasn’t enough to stop Michelle’s vicious lawyers from going after him threatening to destroy his reputation so Michelle could win sole custody and also to satisfy her spiteful jealousy about Gemma being the new girlfriend. Gemma was very young when she dated Heath Ledger and though she was a successful model that doesn’t mean she could be the strong woman he needed to help him fight Michelle. I believe Gemma tried her best to be there for Heath Ledger but she had no experience in life to deal with someone like Michelle Williams. Gemma made Heath happier but I don’t believe he was in love with her. He had dinner
    plans with Lindsay Lohan days before he passed away.
    He also invited her over to his apartment quite often. I absolutely do not
    believe he was in love with Lindsay but he enjoyed her.

    I don’t believe he loved Michelle Williams either. She is nothing but a spoiled rich brat who has been pampered by her parents. She meets Heath Ledger and then traps him because Michelle gets what she wants. There is no actor that would have stayed in a relationship with her and that’s why she planned to trap Heath Ledger.

    Heath Ledger would have found his TRUE LOVE if Michelle Williams didn’t get in the way. I am proud of Gemma Ward for trying her best to help Heath Ledger but she wasn’t meant for him either. I don’t understand what you meant about Gemma and Heath planning to move in together before he passed way but if they did I don’t believe it would have lasted.

    I can’t stand Mary Kate Olsen.
    That Diana Wolozin and Mary Kate deliberately waited to call 911.
    How do we all know what time Diana arrived at his apartment for
    his massage? How do we know what calls Diana made from her own
    cell phone that day? She might have called Mary Kate more times than she is willing to admit.

    What about surveillance cameras at Heath Ledgers apartment building? Were there any?
    Is there any evidence as to when Diana Wolozin first arrived at Heath Ledgers apartment that day? Did she leave the building at all after she first arrived and then come back later to finish making calls to Mary Kate and then to 911?

  57. 57
    robyn Says:

    she did this interview for a sunday magazine thats apart of a weekly paper in Australia she did not sell her story to some tacky magazine she would of done this for nothing, nor did she publish it in America it was just in Australia, she spoke not one word about Heath since his death and the Australian public was dying to know how they were involved, hence the guy asking her questions about him and even advertising more about those parts of the interview something she would have had little control over. I think Gemma ward is amazing, a very talented and sweet person she is doing the right thing in my book, shes been honest something that seem a rarity these days, give her more respect guys

  58. 58
    Reality check Says:

    Out of his girlfriends Heath loved Naomi Watts the most and Michelle Williams the least. It was plain as day he adored Naomi. He never ever looked at Michelle the way he looked at Naomi. Not even once. Heath stayed with Michelle for as long as he did because he had no choice as she pulled the ‘accidental pregnancy’ trick on him after only 7 months together. Heath loved his daughter, the mother not so much. He looked miserable with her.

  59. 59
    lemonbird Says:

    Gemmas sister did say he was on the edge and hurt over the breakup back in 2008 dammmn youre soo behind you hater,and youre not a real Heath fan then you would know michelle dumped him and he still loved her shes the reason why he did IM NOT THERE.Giliam is BS

  60. 60
    lemonbird Says:

    You michelle haters should go s*ck a d*ck your jealously over her and Heaths relationship is siick,you dont know what was going on between them & they of course still had strong feeling for each other,Gemma was just a fling!
    Heath loved michelle very much he called her his soulmate,they had child together concentually Heath wanted it too he said it came natural to they’re bodies.He was happy with her too so many pics of him kissing her head more hands on then his other gf’s.When he was with michelle he always looked nice and fresh and wore 3-piece suits,ever since the break-up with michelle hes dressed like a homeless person and not clean himself up he became so depressed

    All his friends said he was coping with the breakup also his friend Joseph Aloi.

  61. 61
    Brittany Says:

    Ugh some of these comments are so annoying…you people act like you knew Heath Ledger personally! Im sure people dont know who he loved and cared about. Im not going to sit here and say that he loved Gemma more than Michelle because I honestly wouldnt know, but just by looking up heath ledger and his relationships, it seemed as if he loved Michelle More than anyone he has ever been with, and if you people dont like it, well you all can get over it, ok?? thanks! :)

  62. 62

    He was not by any means an alcoholic but he was DRUNK when he
    slept with Michelle. I heard this.

    He never should have done Brokeback Mountain. The only reason he slept with Michelle was to make sure he had moral support and approval from another female until the movie came to pass.
    Michelle Williams was his protection from public scrutiny.
    There you go. ok?

  63. 63
    Brittany can get over this Says:

    You have no sense of what he felt in his heart Brittany. You are one of those types that believes the surface of things and does not know how to understand what’s underneath. Put yourself in his shoes. Do you honestly believe he wanted someone who can’t open up to people to become the mother of his child? Michelle is nothing like the way he was. Today she is trying to be very personable and social but that is today. She was not like that before. He had the personality that attracted all of the attention and Michelle did not.

    Brittany there is nothing to get over. Some of us are tired of hearing
    about a relationship was never meant to be.

    Perhaps you can get over that.


  64. 64
    suni Says:

    @Remy: LOL wtf yeah, they “just” had a kid together… ptff what a loser you are

  65. 65
    Jenna Says:

    I’m pretty sure Michelle was the one who broke up with Heath, and though he missed her and Matilda very much, he was seeing other women. Maybe Gemma would have been “the one”, who knows?

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