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'Hart of Dixie': Rachel Bilson's New CW Show!

'Hart of Dixie': Rachel Bilson's New CW Show!

Rachel Bilson is close to sealing the deal to star in the CW pilot Hart of Dixie, Deadline reports.

The 29-year-old actress would be teaming up with her The O.C. creator Josh Schwartz, who’ll be executive producing the comedic drama.

Synopsis: “A young New York City doctor (Bilson) inherits a medical practice in a small Southern town inhabited by an eclectic and eccentric group of characters.”

Rachel and Josh were previously set to work together on the NBC show Ghost Angels, but the supernatural romantic comedy was dropped.

ARE YOU EXCITED for Rachel Bilson’s new CW show Hart of Dixie?

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  • JC

    Her playing a doctor? That should be believable.

  • love!

    So excited!! I would LOVE seeing Rachel back on TV!

  • JC

    How about a role as a shopoholic airhead giving out unsolicited fashion advice? She could probably pull off that role. Casting her as a doctor is like casting Pauly D. to play the President of the United States. If this project even makes it out of development which it probably won’t would be a miracle, and “close to sealing a deal” is not landing a role.

  • CIndy

    well at least shes goin to be doin somethin again hopefully it might last

  • emilie

    This is the same Rachel Bilson who announced a few years ago that she was interested in the kind of movie roles that went to Kate Winslet and Natalie Portman. Guess she auditioned but wasn’t up to the standards of thsoe actresses.

    Her movie Waiting for Forever may just be the worst reviewed film of the year. Check out what the critics think of it at

    And now she’s back on the CW on a show produced by the husband of her best friend.

    Mediocrity and connections, thy name is Rachel Bilson.

  • Pix

    well don’t know about excited but FINALLY she has a job huh?

  • emmaa

    Okay it would be cool to see Rachel back on TV, but again with Josh!? He is the only one finding her work lol…just because she is best friends with his wife.

  • Gabby

    Is Rachel related to Josh? Has Josh ever met a real-life doctor? (!!!)

    She is totally wrong for that part. Unless she is free labor for him so he can show the network something with the option to recast her role.

    That is the only thing that makes any sense about this casting.

  • Nina

    R U Kidding me Bilson playing a doctor of what fashion no no’s or how to shop b/c there is nothing believable of her playing any medical doctor. And also she is going to the BFF’s again in hopes to seal some tv deal. Lets hope if she does get this she sticks in LA and leaves the on off b/f for good b/c there performance of a couple is F-

  • corrine

    How is she going to pronounce Polymyalgia Rheumatica? Triple hysterectomy? Shes dumb as sh**

  • jelly bean

    can’t wait to hear her try to say the medical terms since she has the IQ of a turnip and can barely speak full sentences in real life.

  • Gabby

    Well, eventually one of these pilots is going to stick and she will be in LA for good for filming.

  • Rachel

    She needs to hire a colorist. Her hair is not attractive.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Josh if you want her to work give her a job on Gossip Girl. Why didn’t he try to get the CW to pick up that show NBC passed on?? Or why not make her the star on one of the movies he’s working on??

  • MaisyRL

    @emilie: she is and always will be a one note actress. that’s not completely horrible. Sarah Jessica Parker made the cute, flirty, airhead type work for 8 years on tv AND in movies playing Carrie Bradshaw. but SJP could’ve never pulled off playing a doctor. she tried in an indie movie w/ Dennis Quaid but it fell flat. even if somehow this pilot miraculously got picked up, i can’t see it lasting long.

  • gabby

    I remember a few years ago when some of Rachel’s snooty fans were making fun of Mischa Barton. (You guys know who you are).At that time, Mischa Barton’s movie career was going nowhere and she ended up doing a pilot for the CW.
    Unlike Mischa, Rachel at that time still had some kind of movie career.

    They also made fun of Adam Brody and Ben Mckenzie because those two guys were hardly followed by the paparazzi and were barely covered by magazines – again, unlike Rachel, who was always getting media attention.

    Now look where she is. Doing a pilot for the CW.

  • lexy hates bilson

    BTW Josh, why didn’t you offer her a role on your ABC pilot Georgetown?? Does the CW owe you one?? Or are you blackmailing someone at the CW?? Is this what happened to your X-Men script? You pitched Rachel as the star??

  • xoxo

    Someone link this to Josh Schwartz’s twitter. That way he’ll know what people think of his decision to cast Rachel – again.

  • KOL

    Rachel Bilson,. Leighton Meester…ugh they all have that ugly two toned hair. Why you have to pretend to have roots to be trendy you are officially pathetic.

  • echos.

    is the ‘big city doctor moves to small town’ the plot for that old show everwood? i can’t believe this girl was cast for a doctor. are they serious? this bitch can’t act her way out of a paper bag. that’s hollywood for you, it’s all about connections. completely disappointing that ACTUALLY talented and hard working actors/actresses seldom get the break they deserve because they don’t have best friends who are married to television producers.

  • lol

    she probably got the part cause Josh Schwartz is involved with it.
    dont give me wrong i always liked rachel but this is so obvious

  • Chris

    I cannot believe I did not read one nice comment about Rachel Bilson and the new pilot. What is the big deal? Why is everyone hating on her so much? How does everyone seem to know that she is dumb and awful. She has hardly been given an opportunity to show her talent. Give her a chance.

  • sloane

    It was just stated as “closing a deal” just like what Deadline’s hype for Ghost Angeles that wasn’t pick-up by NBC. So its NOT final yet! And if the CW people would simply clears their head and be wary of their finances (they should just check out more the Gossip Girl coz its not really rating that much); CW would or rather MUST follow what NBC had done by scrapping JS cr@ppy idea.

  • marie

    hope it will be a good/interesting series.. I miss the OC tho… :(

  • sloane

    The MERE thing is; Mischa Barton, Adam Brody and Ben Mckenzie DON’T have any relatives, friends or even acquaintances who are extremely close to Josh Schwartz – so go figure…

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    She has face devil

  • ATLqueen

    I know I defend her a lot in here so I will say good job for her if it goes through. My only problem here is….. A DOCTOR! OMG, I honestly do not think this girl can pull that off. I can’t take her that kind of seriously. A DOCTOR?? I read it and I just knew JJ got something wrong. He’s done it before so I won’t put it passed him. *laughs hysterically* A doctor!

  • Puntosa

    Que riko!!! Me encanta Rachel y que bueno que vuelva!!

  • Lake

    This is without a doubt the dumbest idea ever. Maybe if they cast her as the loopy gum smacking receptionist it would be easier to swallow.

  • no-kidding-sherlock

    Ahhh, NEPOTISM surely rears its ugly head again!
    But then it’s proven already that “being a jinx or having bad luck” do really strikes into 3’s (coz obviously that everything she touched after being a clueless sidekick in OC is just doomed). Strike 1, what had happened now to the video game & a solo movie that was announced by her dear ole daddy mid last year…
    Then Strike 2 is the NBC’s deservely bypassing of Ghost Angeles.
    So Strike 3…is still but “very predictable” waiting to happen yet…
    But if you still count the mortified result of her WTF errr… WFF movie – that would be now Strike 4 isnt it – LOL

  • Casting

    They need a blond New England refined wasp type for that role to work. Like a Kate Winslet type.

  • monreal

    A doctor – really?! It was like reporting that Kim Kardashian would play a “nun” on TV.
    But a doctor?! Just hell NO!
    A doctor’s patient… on a psychiatric ward – most likely YES!

  • emme

    Maybe Rachel will be playing a QUACK doctor not a real doctor.

  • Dread not

    “Close to sealing the deal” sounds like code for Rachel having to hi the casting couch a few more times for Schwartz and his co-creators. But I’m sure she would’ve earned the role with her awesome acting talents, anyway… GMAB!

  • Bilson an MD????

    This is the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard. This plotline is so tired and overdone. We had Northern Exposure and we’ve had Doc Hollywood and any number of other films and series about people moving from city to country or the other way round so this isn’t in any way a fresh or new idea. Bilson is supposed the be the fresh element but the woman isn’t fresh. She’s had nothing but failures since the OC and can’t figure out how to market herself in a way people will buy. Her as a doctor is an epic fail. Its a terrible idea. There are any number of actresses out there who would be a better choice for this but since apparently none of them are related to or bffs with Josh Schwartz they’re not up for the part. Someone who can’t even sell herself as a fashion icon can absolutely not sell herself as smart enough to be a doctor unless her character screwed every professor she had in med school for good grades. And that college would have its accredidation revoked in record time.

    Thus is a stupid idea. Since Josh Schwartz is personally pushing this person for a tv job why not a frustrated tv actress who can’t get a job no matter what and decides to take a job as a tv weather girl…who gets assigned to cover a superstorm in the middle of nowhere. She could probably do that.

  • Jax

    What does this brainless little twit have on Schwartz? She must have some dirt on him. Or they all engage in threesomes. Something is going on. There is just no way in hell she can carry this off. I think the members of the AMA need to get a petition to put a stop to this. We have a legitimate healthcare crisis in this country, we don’t need this to make us look any more pathetic.

  • PW

    Loved seeing Rachel on Chuck. Totally charming and I’ve been hoping ever since that she would do more movies and television.

  • Dang!

    LOL…like everyone else said “A DOCTOR”??? I can understand a comedy…a ditzy girl in the big city…but a doctor? LMFAO!

  • amaranth

    Wow, this non-actress needs to get over herself coz who would seriously buys this sh*t?! And/but if this would really pull through; she would looked like just a small-time-quack doctor who had flunked the board exams as many times she took them but had passed eventually due to “begging & bribing by her loads of connections”.

  • jj22

    Jax and Dang! are dumb @#$s! Get lives pathetic losers!

  • PW

    I don’t see the problem with her playing a doctor at all. If the show is anything like Doc Hollywood, I can totally see her in the role of a doctor. She’s good at comedy. It’s not going to be ER.
    The real problem here is that you all hate the idea of her working on anything period. You were so hoping your were right but you’re not and it looks like Bilson is going to be around as long as she wants to be.
    And this argument about her friendship with Josh Schwartz is so bogus and nothing but foolish talk. You can look through the careers of any number of actors and find they are friends with or have crossed paths with someone they’ve worked for or met before on another project. It’s called making contacts and networking.

  • Jax

    Um, we (Jax and Dang) are rational and know of what they speak. Have you ever seen this moron give an interview? Dear God, she can’t form a coherent sentence. Giggles and batting the overdone eyes. That’s all this 30 year old never was has. Doctor material? Please. It’s insulting for anyone with a brain cell.

  • Brightside

    Seriously, is every concept that Josh Schwartz comes up with an old and tired rip-off of other already well-used concepts? Is this what passes for creativity on America’s small screen? This stands about as much chance of being picked up as Ghost Angeles. The American public just isn’t dumb enough to want to tune into another old, tired rip-off. Especially one where the lead is so mis-cast, can’t act and has little comedic credibility.
    And I remember, JJ, that you said exactly the same about Ghost Angeles…
    I don’t know who to feel pity for the most…
    Josh Schwartz who sounds so desperate to stay valid as a producer himself that he will clutch at such used straws to get noticed…
    Or Rachel Bilson, who seems to have woken up to the fact that she was never the right cut or quality for a big screen actress, but is going to shove herself at yet another old ,tired, rehashed idea from the creative free zone that is Josh Schwartz’s brain!

  • Fandango

    Bilson as a doctor yea and Lindsey Lohan is a Virgin.

  • Ahari

    If the powers that be at the CW pick this up, they’re as dumb as their new “doctor.” SMH.

  • Pepto

    Hayden should call Sienna, she’s single again. At least she’s a real actress, he’d have more in common with her.

  • RossBoss

    @Pepto: oh yeah lets have hayden be with sienna miller, the sluttiest girl alive, good call! why don’t you get it through your tiny little brains that hayden loves rachel.

  • RossBoss

    I get the whole doctor thing, but Zach Braff played a doctor on Scrubs – he doesn’t look like the type to be a doctor. It says the show is suppose to be a comedy, so i doubt it’s going to be like greys anatomy where she is a serious doctor.

  • RossBoss

    I get the whole doctor thing, but Zach Braff plays a doctor on scrubs – he doesn’t look like the type to be a doctor. It says its suppose to be a comedy, so I doubt it’s going to be like greys anatomy where she is a serious doctor.

  • chris 23

    A doctor??????? ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!! Oh god, I needed a good laugh.