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Jennifer Aniston: 'Just Go With It' Premiere with Adam Sandler!

Jennifer Aniston: 'Just Go With It' Premiere with Adam Sandler!

Jennifer Aniston hits the blue carpet at the premiere of her new movie, Just Go With It, with co-star Adam Sandler on Tuesday (February 8) at NYC’s Ziegfeld Theatre.

The 41-year-old actress paired her Dolce & Gabbana dress with Gucci shoes, Fred Leighton jewelry, and a Burberry coat and bag.

Jennifer was really funny on set. She would always come up with extra lines in the movie to make us laugh,” her younger co-star Griffin Gluck, 10, told Fox 411.

“She’s really good with kids. She would always help us through the scenes if we got stuck. She’s really good at parenting,” he added.

Last week, Jen‘s eponymous debut fragrance launched on

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler at the Just Go With It premiere…

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jennifer aniston jus go with it nyc premiere 01
jennifer aniston jus go with it nyc premiere 02
jennifer aniston jus go with it nyc premiere 03
jennifer aniston jus go with it nyc premiere 04
jennifer aniston jus go with it nyc premiere 05
jennifer aniston jus go with it nyc premiere 06
jennifer aniston jus go with it nyc premiere 07
jennifer aniston jus go with it nyc premiere 08
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jennifer aniston jus go with it nyc premiere 10
jennifer aniston jus go with it nyc premiere 11
jennifer aniston jus go with it nyc premiere 12
jennifer aniston jus go with it nyc premiere 13

Credit: Stephen Lovekin, Kevin Mazur; Photos: Getty, Wire Image
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  • emmaa

    They are both so sweet! Jen looks lovely

  • dense

    This chick is so plain really nothing exciting.

  • Dixie

    you can say that all of her movies sucks and that she can’t hold on to a man which is all true lol but you can’t deny her beauty and star presence.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Jen looks lovely and the movie looks cute!

  • classyjen

    JJ pics are not as good as some others I’ve seen. Jen really looks gorgeous, bright and happy. The dress has very graceful lines and is perfect for Jen’s beautiful figure.

  • mailey

    yah why is she never next to franken-girl?
    she shouldn’t be so insecure.
    decker’s no dime piece.

    however BD has a ring on her finger and has demonstrated that she can hang on to a guy for more than 5 seconds so she’s one-upped on that one at least.

  • Chameleon


    Presence WTF are you yammering about.

    Look at that crowd. They are not even paying attention to her. I think she does have a really good figure.. but PLEASE she looks like sh*t in that dress.. It does nothing for her at all. Her arms look beefy and the bodice is too tight. It is an UGLY dress and not appropriate for this kind of Premier. Plus she did nothing to her hair. Looks like she crawled out of bed and that was not a good look at all..

    Total Fail.. terrible dress choice. She looked better on that Handler show.

    Nicole does not look good either

  • teri

    Look. She’s breathing air,completely copying the trend setter Angelina. Everyone wants to breath just like Angie.

  • ugh

    they both look great!!

  • ugh

    @Chameleon: and who are u to judge her? if u don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all

  • france

    she looks ravishing!!!! if you hate her stop viewing her pictures for pete’s sake!!!

  • Chameleon


    give me a break.. I’m not judging HER.. I made a comment about her choice of clothing.. And since when is a person what they wear.

    YOU need to get over it. She is on a red carpet and guess what people are going to comment on her outfit. If you are too sensitive to that then you better get off this thread. Aniston is not that Precious.. no more so than anyone else. This is a gossip blog. NO ONE has to tip toe and not comment on her. Some times you fans of any celeb need to get a freaking grip.

    the dress is UGLY.. she is too short for that look. NOW how is that attacking HER.

    Grow up or stop posting on Gossip threads..

    Last time I checked Aniston does not have a sister..and you are not her BFF.. just some random fan.. DEAL with that reality.


  • Melissa

    I can’t wait to see this movie, my husband and I already have our date night planned. And as always Jennifer you are flawless.

  • stupidmovies

    again with that hair. yikes! is that her favourite wig or something?
    hours of hair and makeup and this is the result. hahahaha hideous!
    movie for people with no brains.

  • http://justjard tota

    jen looks hotttttttttttttttttt

  • Melissa

    @ France, this is what the jealous and obsessed Jennifer enviers do, they stalk Jennifer sites and say mean untrue things, they will spend hours and hours on here making mean comments and saying mean things to anyone that praises her, when they look at her their self hatred grows out of control and they must lash out on her because it is the only way they are able to cope with thier pathetic miserable lives,

    Watch and read you will see! It is quit enjoyable.


    The dress is TRAGIC and it looks as though she had just rolled out of bed with that unruly hair! Adam could have tried to go for a little more tailored suit . THe movie will Bomb just like the rest of Aniston’s film bombs..

  • jenislikeable

    At least her co-star doesn’t look like he’s disgusted by her unLIke the uh hem….OTHER one that had a premiere of a BOMB not too long ago. Depp looked like he was about to vomit. lolol

  • kim

    Is she pregnant.. she looks like she has a bump..

    all that working out why does she have a bump?

  • ugh

    @Chameleon: BAHAHAHAA #U MAD CAUSE I CALLED U OUT? go take a chill pill

  • http://justjard tota

    WHY badjlina fan enter jen site?
    go away
    jen in her best day

  • kim


    Maybe you can analyze comment 18.

    Wonder what that comment reveals about you people that follow Aniston

    Pot meet Kettle..

  • LOL

    She is turning into Goldie Hawn, no offense to Goldie.

  • Ghost

    Wow !!!… Just off the Ho stroll. Are you kidding me. Bloated from the weekend before ,Dress that some low rent hookers wouldn’t be caught dead in and a hair-do that I could have done. With bombs in the past she really is pulling out all the stops. I can’t stand this phony-balony, but I hope she has a hit soon , Wait… No I don’t !!!! I hope this crap movie bombs like the rest and people start to expose her for the fraud she really is.

  • America’s Sweetheart
  • Melissa

    @ Kim, she is just calling it as she is seeing it, but maybe you don’t realize you are on a Jennifer post, why spend so much time on someone you don’t like, you will not find me hanging on Angie’s post, although there are a couple of Melissa’s on there. But with all that said I do wish everyone would get past the Brad, Angie, Jennifer triangle, my not liking Angie has nothing to do with Jennifer, it is because ever since she hooked up with Brad she is phoney and pretends to be something she is not, there is no reason she can’t do good in the world and still have a sense of humor and be fun. Now every interview is about world issues, and how wonderful her life is, no ones life is that perfect, not even hers. She should not be promoting her movies on CNN and MSNBC, she needs to get out and be with the real people, that is what is going to win them over. No one who is a fan of Angie’s could possible disagree with me. Angie used to be cool and fun to watch in interviews, google them and you will see, but that all changed after she started a relationship with Brad.

  • Sick of her

    At the superbowl when Mario Lopez was interviewing her she admitted that she is a fan of The Jersey Shore, and that she was facinated by Snooki. Also, she is siding with Lindsey Lohan regarding the stolen necklace. Plus, she is BFF with Chelsea Hander. Still no apology statement regarding her r*tard remark. There are too many reason why alot of people don’t respect aniston and thses are just 4!

  • Tina

    Yuck – I can’t stand this cow.

  • http://justjared zce

    I have to say that dress is aweful it appears to have stopped at the hip it reminds me of the one that Halle had on. Beside that dress I truly hope that Adam Sandler wife have a good eye on Jennifer she appears like she wants him for herself,he was a fool to even show up with her at the superbowl and his wife wasn’t nowhere to be seen. Creepy, she is still pathehtic.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    She looks so manly. The chin & the joker jawline.

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    They like crazy

  • http://justjared zce

    That dress is aweful and where is Adams wife? I hope she keeps her eyes open.

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    Its very arrogant

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    Go go goo x__x

  • Lovely Jen

    Age is only in the mind. Isn’t Jen aging gracefully? Take a look!

  • Anna

    She really needs to go up a size.She’s not in 30 anymore, her body is really starting to spread,especially in the stomach and arms.She can work out all day everyday but she wont be able to beat nature.Lately all her clothes (dresses, jeans, tops) have been looking tight on her, if this pathetic child woman would realise the she cant get away with the same super tight clothes she used to she would look better.But we all know “Rachel’s” vanity is through the roof and would never admit needing to go up a size.You just know she will be avoiding posing with Brooklyn Decker and Nicole Kidman at all the promotional events, because heaven forbid “Rachel” is not the hottest woman in the picture.She really has become the cougar sterotype, over 40, boobs hanging out of every outfit, bleached hair, pounds of make up on her face, tight clothes.Give it up Jennifer, no matter how many hours you spend in the gym of puff your face up with fillers your never going to be 25 again.

  • sullivan

    Time hasn’t been that good to either one of them. Sandler looks rougher, but I’m sure he hasn’t adopted Aniston’s extensive (and expensive) maintenance program.
    It will be mildly interesting to see if America will pay to watch this middle-aged rom-com with adolescent humor.

  • At Long Last!

    Justin Bieber’s film is coming this Friday!
    See you there!

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Lovely Jen @ 02/08/2011 at 9:17 pm

    I so agree. And age is also in her face. Take it look! Take a real good look at her face.

  • Marianela

    She looks good

  • laughable

    boyfriends and husbands made to sit through another aniston movie will be thankful for this one. at least they have brooklyn decker to fantasize about for a while. bounty hunter must have been pure torture, watching a dustin hoffman lookalike in drag and slurring dumb lines.

  • sullivan

    Who paid the kid to to prop-up Aniston with his *she’s a good parent* comment? Truly cringe-inducing.

  • cee

    Aniston looks a little beefy. Looks like she has been watching all Angie;s RC’s and is copying all the moves and the dress. Pretty sad how all the entertainemnt shows go out of their way to build her up. Everyone feels sorry for the lousy actress. Could they do any more promo for this movie????????? As for why JP fans are here? Take a look at a JP thread and all the Aniston hens are there all day every day. I have made my one comment. I dislike phoneys and Ansiton is one.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    laughable @ 02/08/2011 at 9:34 pm

    I know. Thank go for BD.

  • Lynn


  • Flopsville

    “She would always help us through the scenes if we got stuck. She’s really good at parenting.”
    translation = she was really impatient and bossy. that’s the director’s job, stfu, jen. your attempt at “helping” and “improvising” the movie makes it suck that much more.

  • truth is this to me

    Jen’s dress looks like something from Frederick’s of Hollywood, the top is too snug and bottom looks like a sheer curtain panel. As usual her hair is the same as ever, blah. Jen needs to mix it up sometimes but I guess she never will.

    Adam’s suit is too big and long and he looks like a smurf in it.

    Brooklyn looks great as a 23 year old model should. Like the dress on her as she is long and lean.

    Nicloe looks better than usual and Keith looks like a munchkin next to her. Both they both look happy.

    Can’t comment on the film as AdamS films put me to sleep, he is not funny any more..

  • Jen Is Classy!

    She’s handling her PRE-MENOPAUSAL stage so well! Or isn’t she?

  • knicknack

    My first thought was that she’d gained some weight. Second thought was that it’s the kind of weight one gains when one is pregnant. Third thought was to look at profile pics, and she does seem to have a belly. Could just be bloating, who knows…

    *disclaimer: I like both her and Angie just fine – I don’t have a pony in that race at all.

  • Laura

    This woman looks amazing for her age.. Its not a crime. If you are an actres you must take care of your face/body. Everybody is looking at you and judging. Its very important..