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Kate Bosworth: Audi Celebrates 'King's Speech' Party!

Kate Bosworth: Audi Celebrates 'King's Speech' Party!

Kate Bosworth pairs her chic Isabel Marant threads with JewelMint jewels at the “The King’s Speech” Awards Season Party held at Chateau Marmont on Monday (February 7) in Los Angeles.

Other celebs attending the bash, sponsored by Audi and Godiva Chocolate Vodka: Kate‘s ex Orlando Bloom, The King’s Speech star Colin Firth, Michelle Williams, and Jennifer Lopez!

Over the weekend, Kate, 28, went grocery shopping with Alexander Skarsgard, 34, at Bristol Farms in Beverly Hills.

Last month, Kate stepped out in a pair of short shorts while leaving a friend’s house.

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Credit: Jeff Vespa; Photos: Wire Image
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  • Brightside

    ‘Last month, Kate stepped out in a pair of short shorts while leaving a friend’s house.’

    How is this relevant, JJ! How is this even classed as fcking gossip! Who the fcuk cares about whether she stepped out of a friend’s house in short shorts or even in the all-fcking-together! It’s not important! It’s not gossip and it sure, in all seven hells, isn’t newsworthy!

    And she still looks like a wax-skinned pod person!

  • Peanut Gallery

    woops, Tackymint alert!


    What’s with the weird pose? is her head too big to hold upright? Her outfit is actually nice for once. Her makeup hides the burned look from her recent chemical peel, however you can still see the bumps on her lips from the most recent collagen shots. Very surprised that the Tackymint joolree is not mentioned in the post since she’s obviously advertising it.

  • elfin

    She looks stoned.

  • Nicole

    Again, why is she there??
    Aww did Orlando show her baby pics!! I bet he showed her pics of his newest creation, Beautiful Baby Flynn.
    And she showed him pics of her newest creation, Tackymint Jewelry. Aww….bet they shed a tear over the alloy filled jewelry that leaves green and black marks all over your skin.
    Can’t wait to see the beautiful Miranda!!!

  • Brightside

    H.e.l.l.s is a censored word! Why? I understand why fck, sh*t and c*nt etc should be censored….but h*ll, I didn’t realise that h*ll is censored too! So how about heaven…is that censored?

  • Broadway Babe

    I think her outfit is cute but the boots don’t go with it and they make it look dingy.

  • Nicole

    She really looks high.
    Also, looks like Orlando spent the evening with the people who COUNT!! Like Colin Firth…the STAR of the movie. These two weirdos probably hung around like they belonged until they realized no one cared about them being there. Kate then probably took 20 trips to the bathroom..ahem..and Alex drank himself into a mess and probably crashed in his dads room. Keepin’ it classy as always you two.

  • canuck

    I don’t understand why she insists upon wearing those ugly boots everywhere. And don’t try the they cost $ 800 excuse. She’s a celebrity and was probably given them for free and could get a nicer pair for free.

  • WTF

    WTF is up with this girl?
    Why does she always look half-baked?

  • mickey

    ugly chick

  • jj fans

    She looks like she’s about to fall over.

  • Smeagol

    Smegol why do you look so sad? Did your precious leave you alone and ignored you?Legolas is not too far away. Maybe you should say hello! Or better yet go find your precious. Must find the precious.

  • Onyx

    Did she really design that jewelry line?
    It’s quite ugly.

  • happy

    KB should be a model (if she were taller) not an actress. She only has one expression.

  • happy

    KB should be a model (if she were taller) not an actress. She only has one expression..

  • Annya

    wow, stoned!

  • blue bear

    I used to think she was pretty but not so much anymore.
    She does look wasted.

  • Ice

    Bosworth, stand up straight and comb your hair!

  • burn it!

    Jesus Christ, this woman needs to burn those boots.

  • SOS

    Aint it funny how much censorship there is in the land of freedom. H.e.l.l

  • burn it!

    Her feet must STINK from wearing them ALL the time!
    Burn them, Kate!

  • kitty

    actually quite like her outfit here! (apart from the long necklace and boots that is) her face is mashed as per usual though.

  • Endrid

    I wonder if Orlando and Kate crossed paths? If so he probably thought, ‘Bloody hell, I’m glad I dumped Megamind Kate. She looks as awful as that cheap ass jewelry she’s wearing’. He then showed Colin pics of his beautiful wife and son.

  • LA

    Another celebrity hobo.

  • Bunny*

    *The gurlfriend was at the same party (wearing her tackymint), but there is not picture of the together on the post… we get it! = “They love privacy” oh, and “they stocked up on some groceries”

    *There have been rumors about daddy not approving famewhoring lifestyle (based on his words) = picture of them together on JJ.

    *No pic of Bill = get it, he’s not a famewhore.
    I’m sure other sites will post other pics… but JJ is so transparent.

  • Brightside

    That one expression you mentioned…the explanation for that…POD PERSON!
    See, I keep saying it…and I say it because it is true…she is a pod person. She is not a normal human being. Some alien life form grew her in a pod and inflicted her on humanity. It’s the only rational explanation for her alien facial features. The staring, wide-spaced eyes, the lifeless hair, that creepy and inhuman smile, the large, shiny forehead, the blank expression in spite of the inhuman smile…all symbols of a pod person.

  • ForReal?

    YES! Scored money again. This time I called it within 12 hours. Another Beige sighting right on the tail of boyfriend being papped out.

    This predictability is working for me!!!

    Really JJ, ‘wearing short shorts’ who the bloody hell cares? It’s about as useless as that stuff she keeps trying to sell us…..and just as repulsive.

    Why is there never a mention of her without boyfriends name? Ohhhhh because she is washed up and out and has been since before Bloom dumped her.

  • awww

    Poor Kate.
    Having to be at the same party as Orlando.
    He’s happily married and a new father. She’s still desperate for attention.
    Must make her sad to realize that he is so happy without her.

  • Sad Kate

    She’s stoned because she can’t deal with the fact her real BF just hopped a plane back to Sweden.

  • lol

    @Brightside and Smegol haha! Hilarious both of you and so true.

  • Ella

    She needs to stop fcking with her mouth…she’s had way too much collagen/filler done already.

  • Anna

    it’s interesting that in all the photos of her at this event she’s alone- nobody wants to be photographed with her! Wonder why?!!!!

  • Jenn

    She must feel so out of place at a party with real actors ha

  • Brightside

    Would you be brave enough to stand next to a pod person? They can suck your brains out, you know. Plus, she only has to flap her arms and brain-washing spores will waft from her arm pits causing instant zombiefication to anyone standing nearby.

    Can’t you see her leaning towards the photographer? She’s getting ready to devour him or flap her arms in his direction.

  • burnt bacon

    She always looks so dirty and unkempt. Have some personal pride, for Pete’s sake!

  • Jam

    Where’s Alex???

  • 2BirdsOfAfeatherFlockTogether

    Kate has such a HUGE EGG HEAD!

  • Kate’s a poser

    Whats up with all the posing, does she think she’s Kate Moss? Kate Moss is older than this wannabe and still has her beat! Kate Moss is also a real Engish woman. Why is Kate Bosho such a F*ckin POSER! Fake all around?
    BTW does Kate have any friends that are not on her payroll, sad but that just indicates she’s lame and a biotch.

  • Orlly Run!

    Orlando get as far away from Kate at any party. Kate will see your marrital status as playing hard to get, lol it’s has’t stop her before from homewr*cking.

  • How Sad!

    So the Skarsgard clan would not pose with the famewh*ore! can you imagine papa skarsgard breaking the news to her that they are NOT taking a pic with her and she just lets them walk all over her lol.

  • Rayray

    So, is grey the “new beige”?

  • Gina

    I give the outfit a B. Looks like some effort went into it but something is a-miss. Maybe she should have followed Coco Chanel’s rule and take one accessory off before she left the house. Namely the horrible necklace.

  • Brightside

    There’s a ‘new beige’? OMG…I haven’t weaned my mother off the ‘old beige’ yet! That’s terrible news. She dresses like a mushroom as it is! I daren’t mention grey. : (

  • ?

    Didn’t Alex quote his dad as saying always rent or lease while in LA/ U.S, never buy, Sweden being the main reference to whether he missed Sweden , so where does this leave Kate?
    I highly doubt she’ll leave everything a settle down in Sweden so why is Alex putting himself through all this torture, this relationship with Kate will not last esp in terms of what Alex wants, which is to never divorce. I kinda feel bad for Kate because she’s oblivious to the signs that in the long run, their supposed relationship won’t work out. I have a feeling Kate will marry a super rich dude that will be able to finance her roles in movies maybe Ryan K. She’s not getting any younger.

  • http://justjared Mjforever

    That hair…..

  • Damn

    She’s high as a kite.

  • http://facbook dette

    @Smeagol: yes,yes ,yes

  • Doreen

    What’s with the two separate articles? Extra paycheck from Kate for that?

  • sally

    I bet that she wasn’t invited to that party she was alex’s +1 guest