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Kate Bosworth: Audi Celebrates 'King's Speech' Party!

Kate Bosworth: Audi Celebrates 'King's Speech' Party!

Kate Bosworth pairs her chic Isabel Marant threads with JewelMint jewels at the “The King’s Speech” Awards Season Party held at Chateau Marmont on Monday (February 7) in Los Angeles.

Other celebs attending the bash, sponsored by Audi and Godiva Chocolate Vodka: Kate‘s ex Orlando Bloom, The King’s Speech star Colin Firth, Michelle Williams, and Jennifer Lopez!

Over the weekend, Kate, 28, went grocery shopping with Alexander Skarsgard, 34, at Bristol Farms in Beverly Hills.

Last month, Kate stepped out in a pair of short shorts while leaving a friend’s house.

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Credit: Jeff Vespa; Photos: Wire Image
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  • Eresyn

    OMG not again those boots!!!!!! WHY?????? WHY??????
    Her outfit is meh, the skirt gives me the “i tied an old grey T-shirt on me to cover my big ass” (which is crazy since she is so skinny btw) and i really dislike her jewelry, it looks sooooo cheap :/
    also, i’m noticing she’s posing alone, even if her “boyfriend” Mr. Skarsgard is attending the same event! and sorry KB, i’m not buying the privacy bit since you made very clear you’re such attention ho ;)

  • @ Jealous fat bitches


  • http://justjared Mjforever

    She is at a party with her (married to VS model) ex looking like that? LOL I bet Orlando gave Miranda a french kiss when he went home or maybe something else…. LOL.

  • Amelia

    Oh. My. God.

    What a sorry excuse for a pair of legs…

  • Tanter

    I wonder – was Geoffrey Rush at this party too? They are co-stars – in a film that tanked big time but still – but no photos? I wonder why – if she’s such a lovely person..

  • http://Viking65 mforman

    oh my god, she is such an unwashed, washed up nothing in HW, does she not look in the mirror and see what she looks like, lumpy lips, covered red swollen face, and stoned out of her mind, i don’t even think she cares anymore, because in her state of mind, she thinks she is stunning, and everyone is jealous of her. at least Stellan took control of this particular situation, i am sure that she wasn’t even AS’s plus one, I think he was Stellan’s and Robin, the whore of publicists, got KB an invitation, while calling in a bunch of favors. her jewlery is getting worse with the green that stains your skin and cannot come off, it is so sad everything she touches dries up and dies and is destroyed, AS please run and save yourself. she will say she had to have white powder, liquid courage to see OB, like she did at the MET Gala last year, when she saw her former friends, whose husbands were free game to her, first time she was with them all at an event and she was treated like the pariah she is, she was cut out of the circle, totally humilating, since CM was going to sue about that lie (yeah right),. does anyone see that this girl has no friends who are not paid by her, after 10 yrs in this business, something is just so wrong about that whole situation. see the latest In Touch Weekly, she is on the worst dressed list and the comments made are great.

  • http://justjared Mjforever

    “oh my god, she is such an unwashed, washed up nothing in HW, does she not look in the mirror and see what she looks like, lumpy lips, covered red swollen face, and stoned out of her mind, i don’t even think she cares anymore”
    YEP You nailed it drugs are the problem here LOOK AT HER you could say anything you wanted about her but not that she didn’t know how to comb her hair and dress THAT WAS HER THING BACK IN THE DAY what happened? Something is off here 2005 Kate would kick this chicks ass for going out looking like the pictures above .

  • Chic?!!

    “Kate Bosworth pairs her chic Isabel Marant threads with JewelMint jewels”….what? Chic?!!! Uh, no…plain grey sweater and skirt + THE BOOTS THAT WON’T GO AWAY does not equal “chic”. Does she get a royalty from the boot designer every time she wears them because if she does she must be worth millions by now! Also, why why why is she wearing those 2 necklaces together? The long one looks like a tab from a can of soda with a blue marble glued to it! If I were Isabel Marant I’d be running behind her trying to get my clothes back!

  • Nikki

    This chick is a pathetic excuse for an actress. Poor Alex. He’s too stupid to leave her ass. I wish he’d see the light and get away before it’s too late!

  • chelle

    I thought only dead peoples pupils were that dialated!

  • Did you really?

    @ Jealous fat bitches @ 02/08/2011 at 2:40 pm

  • Mike

    Kate Bosworth > Miranda Kerr

  • sunbears1

    She looks like she’s about to fall over.

  • Lena

    She used to have so much style. I guess the designer freebies have dried up like her career. I’ll bet she avoided beautiful Orlando. ‘I should be his wife’ wahhh! Where’s the bar.

  • Jokergurl

    She used to be so cute, Blue Crush, Win A Date With Tad Hamilton, she’s too thin, it ages you when you’re too thin.

  • http://Viking65 mforman

    why do we have to be fat fangirls, why cant we be women who care about an actor that has great talent, and even greater potential, and is being destroyed by a disgusting excuse for a human being. i do not believe in drugs and this girl just cannot get enough, i am not making this up, this has been HW knowledge since after her only money maker Blue Crush, and that only made money becaue it featured girls in bikinis it had nothing to do with her. you crazies that seem to defend her need to see she has done nothing worthwhile in 10 yrs, she has no friends that she doesn’t pay for, except maybe for RK and i am sure he is paid in a different way than monetary and that was obvious when he financed WW one of the biggest HW loses ever. i agree the freebies are drying up, designers read websites also and they see what is going on with her, but her stylist will beg and plead with promises of JJ postings and some will give into Cher but she will not get the top top stuff that she feels she deserves.



  • http://Viking65 mforman

    #66 you are kidding about those photos we have all seen, the first shows two people laughing and the second shows the famewhore who arranged for the photos to be taken trying to plant one, that doesn’t seem to land (just like her attempt to lay one on Bill). these were taken quite awhile ago, when he was trying to be patient with this crazy arrangement, that patience has worn very, very thin as we all see by every recent photo. maybe you should try to find something we all haven’t seen before, that actually shows something.



  • http://Viking65 mforman

    #68 you should remember this is when KB invited herself to Sweden while AS was filming with KD because she got all nervous, that maybe her publicity stunts would stop. also the Way Out Festival is where KB flipped out when she wasn’t getting enough attention and cursed AS out. please research before posting nonesense.
    #70 sorry, I never saw that pic before are those just two random people, that she is putting on her pap face for. Boy does she look old, I cannot believe that forehead.

  • Theory

    Whenever Kate gets a chemical peel, we get a one-week reprieve from posts about her. I also think the Bristol Farms was actually a legit pap sighting and not staged because I don’t think she would have called them if her skin looked so shitty. But here she’s back to normal and of course gets herself in a picture with her jewelry. That pendant is especially heinous.

  • Denim Shirt

    @mforman: I think that’s supposed to be the one the same person posted on the Alex King’s Speech party post that’s supposed to show her wearing his shirt. Hard evidence, indeed.


    For Someone who pays web site to stay on top things , she dresses very bad, she doesn have taste, wrong colors, I lost how many times I saw this boots , she likes to wear , skirts , she have , very skinny legs…she should explore other better options …
    Who is going to buy something from someone who doesnt know how to use?I don’t .Bad taste girl. EWWWWWFashion Police For you

  • @62

    Miranda — gorgeous, secure, healthy, married, maternal and one of the highest paid models in the world.
    Kate — beautiful, frail, desperate girl who has failed at both love and career.
    There is no comparison.
    Orlando is one smart dude.

  • http://Viking65 mforman

    #73 i agree, with evidence like that i guess we should just believe everything now. i think even people she and Robin pay to post for her (like the above mentioned evidence provider), are getting desperate and looking to post anything, no matter how old, that they think looks like it could be slightly hopeful in showing chemistry, one of the many things missing from these two.

  • cathy

    She just makes me sad to look at her. Something is not right

  • http://Viking65 mforman

    #72 no it wasn’t a set up because remember when she went to the Style Awards (what a joke) her face was all red and glowing and there she was in that outfit (that was made fun of on the Fashion Police), with her padded, papped bra, which she wore that time instead of the padded butt she wore to WW premiere, she is so sad and desparate it is laughable. everyday she sinks deeper and deeper, because she has nothing, especially no work at all (not even bit parts) and is forcing things that are not going to come her way because of the things she does, her reputation is only getting worse, the more this all plays out. with his dad and brother here hopefully he will hang around with just the two of them, because they respect the business they are in and what they do, she on the other hand only respects what she can get out of this business, people in it and what it will do for her, her publicity and her bank account (even if she is a blue blood or not, HA HA)

  • Shameless Self-Promotion

    Oh come on… Self-promotion is a theme for KB posts, no?

  • Adorable

    I love Kate and Alex. She’s incredibly beautiful and it’s nice to know she’s close to his friends and family.

  • huh

    Just watched a few videos on YouTube showing some of the celebs arriving at the Chateau.
    Orlando arrives…… quickly embraced by a man that meets his car, and he is immediately escorted into the event.
    Kate and Alex… looks like Kate has to stop to show her ticket or ID, and both she and Alex have to check in at an outdoor table.
    Orlando = STAR
    Alex and Kate = minor celebs

  • @huh

    Actually, there was a video of Renee Z. signing in too. OB hires handlers. A few years ago I was with a guy and another girl wanted him so bad. She talked $hit about me all the time. There was no way he’d ever be interested in her but she was crazy jealous that he was with me. Some people who post here sound just like that girl. Get over yourselves!

  • @82

    Nice try.
    Rene was one of the hosts for the party, so I really doubt that she stood in line to check in like Kate.
    She may have stopped to ask them something, but she surely didn’t have to check in.
    And were Orlando’s “handlers” in charge of the party? because no one in his car stopped to check in. People from the event took him right in. So unless everyone there was on his payroll, your excuse doesn’t hold water.

  • http://Viking65 mforman

    that reminds me of that X17 clip from awhile back, I think at the London Hotel, where she should around outside, competely ignored by everyone, including the valets, people actually walked around and away from her, it was one the most embrassing things I have ever seen. she just stands there until she realizes, she better go in to the hotel before it gets any worse. no one even talks to her.

  • Lena


    Orlando has earned his A-list standing thru box office franchises. When he dumped Kate her star had already started to fall. Superman Returns did not make her a star and there will never be a Blue Crush 2. Kate is as useless as those funky brown boots.

  • Lena


    @huh, I’m agreeing with you. Think I posted wrong @ before.

    Orlando has earned his A-list standing thru box office franchises. When he dumped Kate her star had already started to fall. Superman Returns did not make her a star and there will never be a Blue Crush 2. Kate is as useless as those funky brown boots.