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Leighton Meester: 'Front Cut' -- First Listen!

Leighton Meester: 'Front Cut' -- First Listen!

Check out a first listen of Leighton Meester‘s new song “Front Cut“!

The 24-year-old Gossip Girl star teamed up with producer and songwriter Clinton Sparks for the club-worthy track.

“I’ve been writing [music] since April, so … I’ve been writing a lot. I went to Europe for three months and came back with a whole bunch of songs that I love and I want to release eventually,” Leighton told back in December.

UPDATE: “Song leaked:( didn’t consent. No offense nice song but I did it 2 years ago. Can’t wait for you to hear my actual songs, from me!” Leighton tweeted.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Leighton Meester’s song “Front Cut”?

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  • http://@fepersiani Fernanda Persiani

    Amazing!!! <3

  • T

    this song is two years old why is this getting released? she is not doing this type of music anymore. I guess Clint decided to release it since its his song.

  • mailey

    um. lol. the lyrics are. cheesey funny.
    he voice sounds great. it’s just that y’all know leighton doesn’t talk like that IRL (the urban slang) so it’s kinda poserish.

  • Reba

    She can’t sing. It’s just dance beats.

  • http://@paulobrawss @paulobrawss

    exagerei manols KKKKKK LOVE U

  • dru

    shes not a good singer. its not an insult, most people arent.

  • Shacha

    I truly dont get all the hype around this girl. Blake might be the more famous name but everyone worships this girl. There isn’t a thing she has done as an actress to garner this respect.

  • 12

    yikes her music video with robin thicke was so desperate and now this? quit music ..

  • mel

    This song is so OLD!!! I bet Clint released this song because Leighton definitely did not release it since she is not doing this kind of music.

  • carine

    i hope to hear some of her new songs this year. i don’t really like the song though i love leighton so much. i just feel she wastes her talent and voice on this song. yeah is fun and clubby but it is also empty. waiting for the real leighton to show up musci wise. i also hope she auditions for tarsem singh’s snow white or some cool project:)

  • Jere

    THIS is the girl people admire? This song is straight out of Montag’s album.

  • Penelope

    @carine: whats wrong with this? surely it represents her if she is making this music, shes said its her passion and is “her”. her voice isn’t very good at all but club music doesnt require that. i call that a smart move on her part.

  • carine

    i guess you just did not followed her…she is a wonderful actress and such a effortlessly cool person!

  • Sunset

    Ugh poser. Whats with that fake accent she put on?

  • carine


    i guess you did not follow her acting…she is such a wonderful actress and effortlessly cool person!

  • perla

    this is not the music she has been working on in the recent months. Clint gave her this song two years ago so i dont understand why its being released right now when all her new music is very different

  • aly

    @Sunset: The song was originally for Fergie but then Clint decided to give it to Leighton so I guess Clint told her to sing like that. You can tell that this song was for Fergie since its very much her style.

  • MaisyRL

    @Shacha: she’s done a lot more than Blake Lively has. people root for Meester bc she actually has talent and projects to back her. Blake doesn’t. She gets press for projects she’ll get ‘considered’ for. But she never gets them. Lively’s the Chanel model for a line of bags. But did she get close to 3 mill like leighton did for Vera Wang? NO. Read the articles…it makes it seem like Leighton is the one struggling to keep up with Blake. That ALONE says a lot about how much hype the media/press place on Blake Lively. Hell, if you list their projects, guess who has the longer list? Who has made more money? But where’s the attention for all that talent and bank for Leighton? Somehow it gets diverted to Blake. Most people are giving these two the Katie Holmes/Michelle Williams treatment. KH had the buzz bc she was tall, skinny, modelesque looking; the brunette version of Lively w/ the girl next door image. Everyone thought she’d be huge when Dawson’s Creek ended. MW was downplayed. In Hollywood today, Williams is the respected actress. KH, not so much. She’s just married to a once famous movie star. So…looking to the future…Lively will be the next Katie Holmes. Buzz/press/publicity does not generate talent where there is none. Though Meester isn’t a great singer like Beyonce or Christina Aguilera, most pop-singers don’t have great vocal ranges. Their voices tend to be average yet they have hit singles on the radio. So…if Meester wants to do that, good for her. I’m not a fan of this song though.

  • Shacha

    @MaisyRL: I was not boasting Blake. I said Blake gets the attention but Leighton is literally worshipped. A long list on IMDB doesn’t mean anything. She’s done one serious movie and thats Country Strong. She was not as impressive as people make her seem. Now I dont follow the teen drama surrounding the two but they are equal. I don’t get why this girl is touted to be such a talent.

  • 21grams

    @aly: shes done accents on her other songs too i wasnt only refering to this lol

  • corrine

    @Shacha: ya ive noticed everyone hates blake, and everyone loves leighton. i think its a response to the attention blake got, people began rooting for the underdog

  • Maggie

    I could jam into this. But this song is old! I figure climton want to make money out of this. Actually i prefer leighton to sing country songs. She’s amazing in summer girls and words i couldnt say. You guys who said hee voice is nad should listen to it.

  • MaisyRL

    @Shacha: what’s impressive about her: she took a character that was supposed to supporting to Blake Lively’s Serena Van Der Woodsen (she’s supposed to be the lead), and made that supporting character as relevant if not more so than the lead. actors/actresses with talent tend to do that. classic example: Girl Interrupted w/ Winona Ryder and then unknown Angelina Jolie. AJ took the spotlight away from the lead! WR seemed like an afterthought though the entire movie was supposed to be about her character’s experience. there are more. but let me keep this short. that is usually, not always a telltale sign of potentially great acting. people see that in Meester. You may not. Many others may not. Even after awards and accolades people think Jolie is a horrible actress. To each their own. It’s that trademark of acting that with the addition of her underdog status to Blake Lively that makes people love Leighton Meester.

  • acoustic

    she is going more acoustic… Watch in you tube her song “Jenny”, it is so good!

  • Cat

    Really catchy

  • Birthday

    @MaisyRL: Leighton Meester is no Angelina Jolie sweetheart.

  • justin

    I actually like this!!! This and somebody to love I hope she continues this sound but more singing

  • cam

    @justin: She is going towards an acoustic sound like her song Jenny. This song is really old and she is not doing music like this but I guess Clint is desperate for some money so he released it.

  • MaisyRL

    @Birthday: never said she was. or will be. pointing out a trademark of acting potential. if you were smart enough, you would’ve been able to gauge that point.

  • Birthday

    @MaisyRL: I got what you said completely but it wasn’t a fair comparison. I should have said “will never be”. Shes got no personality. Something about her acting is not natural.

  • MaisyRL

    @Birthday: Angelina Jolie’s come around once in a generation or two. last great american actress before her would be Meryl Streep? and she’s an institution that Jolie wishes should could be like at that age. Meester can’t even aspire to get to that level. maybe Julianne Moore status or some other actress in that league is the highest she could reach for.

  • anna

    hate the song, love her. She should change the music style or at least the doesn’t seem like her

  • Neebo
  • headache

    god so many haters! just appreciate her work! the world loves leighton meester!

  • Ash

    Yes this song is old. If it were new, she would of mentioned it on her twitter. Her voice sounds better when she did the country songs.

  • Susie

    Hardly anyone will be of Angelina’s status. I still think she has potential as an actress and should stick with that more than music.

  • len

    stick to country girl

  • mellr
  • Gil

    LOVE it! :)

  • gg fan

    haters have to deal with it!

  • Zoe

    why the hate ppl? she’s doing wat she loves and she’s young so she’s having as much fun as she can right now.. why is everyone comparing her to everyone else? she’s her own person.. there’s way too many haters in this world and its sad to see.. and i think she has a great personality which i dont understand how its related to being a good actress.. many good actresses dont have big, bubbly personalities and the ones that do look way too fake and look like they’re trying too hard.. but that’s just my opinion..

  • there

    She tweeted this: Song leaked:( didn’t consent. No offense but I did it 2 years ago. Can’t wait for you to hear my actual songs, from me!

    That’s good to hear because I was not feeling this song!

  • Elly

    Я обожаю Лейтон! Она просто супер!

  • Crystal

    @Shacha: Leighton only gets worship by her hardcore fans just like Blake’s does with her (thinking Leighton is more talented than Blake and vise versa doesn’t equal that). That is where it ends. She’s not where it counts, in the media who see’s Blake as an A list actress with an acting career in the same league as Carey Mulligan’s even though Green Lantern is her only big movie role and she had a tiny part in The Town. With Leighton, they tend to portray her as living in Blake’s it girl shadow.