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Nicole Kidman: I Cried After Hearing Oscar Nomination

Nicole Kidman: I Cried After Hearing Oscar Nomination

Nicole Kidman and husband Keith Urban arrive at their apartment on Tuesday (February 8) in NYC’s West Village.

The 43-year-old actress recently shared a sweet story about getting the good news she had received her third Oscar nomination for Rabbit Hole.

“Poor Sunday. They said my name and Keith was like ‘Yeah!’ and jumping around the kitchen. And Sunday is like, ‘What’s happening? Why are you crying?’ because I was crying,” Nic told People about her 2-year-old daughter.

“She said, ‘Why are we sad?’ I said, ‘No. We’re not sad, Sunday. We’re happy.’ So, that would be my memory of this nomination – my daughter and my husband jumping around the kitchen,” Nicole shared.

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  • Trilly

    She should NOT be moved by an Oscar nom. Its f*cking Nicole Kidman, she does not need their approval.

  • sorrow

    i wonder what it feels like to be hailee steinfeld knowing you’ve peaked at 14. look what happened to anna paquin.

  • DeniseK

    @Trilly – true but she worked hard and it’s always nice to get recognition. She and Keith are the cutest couple ever!

  • Delphic

    She likes to talk about her family a lot, doesn’t she?

  • allinnnn

    hay bendito dios ,cuando nicole kidman dejara de imflarse esa cara se ve horrible dios mi y esos labios ,quien le dijo que se ven lindos,hay que pena y con lo linda que era antes ,me dan ganas de llorar lo que a echo con su cara dios mio,nicole deja el botox ya por favor te ves mas vieja usando usa sustancia destructiva que es el botox,yo no te daria el oscar jamas ,pues dejaste de ser una buena actris cuando enpesaste a usar el botox y punto aceptalo neciaaaaaa,cero botox buena actriss

  • may

    They ask, she answers. Besides they asked everyone of the nominees the same question! Most had a cute story to tell also.

    BIG smile on Keith’s face. He is Happy to have his girls there finally, after her honor the night before in Ca.

    Thanks JJ

  • may

    OR maybe it is the same night? After her award honor?

  • mailey

    i dunno why she’s so excited. she’s not going to win.

  • Strawberry

    yeah and if there was any fairness she would win.

  • dru

    @Delphic: Only her biological kids. The others she doesn’t give a damn about.

  • may

    She honors her older teen children by not talking about them..
    Only to state she loves them very much!

  • BloodbuzzOhio

    @mailey: A nomination is a big deal to some people. This is her first nomination in eight years. People thought her career was over. She certainly has a reason to be excited.

  • may

    Oh boy I didn’t read they were back in NY. LOL I thought she was arriving at the Super Bowl game . Geez Sorry.

  • may


    Ha …………a Oscar nom. is a really big deal. it doesn’t get much better for a actor that that!

    Maybe she won’t win for the little movie, but make no mistake It is a really big HONOR !

  • Frozoid

    What a phony. Does she know her ex-husband is being investigated by the FBI, according to a lauded piece in the New Yorker this week?

  • Frozoid

    Judging from the Botoxed forehead, I doubt it moved when she “cried.”

  • irene olson

    Nicole should win the Oscar; but Portman will win becuase of the hype she received for getting prepared for the role. Alas, Portman will win, but not because of her acting. Nicole and Keith look so happy to be with one another.

  • Halli


    Yeah? Anna Paquin is on a hit show (highest rated on HBO) and is he highest paid actress on cable. Tell me again how much of a failure she is….

  • dense

    Nicole sit down please, at this stage of your career, sure there should be gratitude, but jumping around please!

  • Babs

    Well you have to feel sorry for those people so hate filled they would write things like they said on here.

    That must be a sad life.

    Nice to see Nicole and her husband so happy .

  • Minnesota Sue

    @Babs: Here’s the haters. They’ve spent 6 years of their life saying nasty things about Nicole because they’re jealous.

    Sue (upper right) posts as nomorefan on E but her other usernames are lynchher and ihate her. That says it all.

  • sorrow

    @Halli: I’m sorry I don’t see money as the biggest success in life. Nor an Oscar. Anna is aver

  • Minnesota Sue

    @Frozoid the moron:

    She could care less what her exhusband does.

  • Jokergurl

    When you’re an actor, the Oscar is highest honor is it not? Just like if you were a pro football player and you get the MVP of the Superbowl or wind up in the Hall of Fame, like a Grammy for a musician, why shouldn’t she be emotional about it? Actors are emotional anyway, so what? Let her BE HAPPY about it! I guess it helps to have talent to understand why artistry types get EXCITED.

  • Mimosa = LIAR

    @Minnesota Sue:

    Nicole says their two-year-old has strong opinions
    > about things, including fashion. Nicole also admits
    > she “chooses what she calls ‘pretty dresses” and she
    > has a very strong voice” about what she wants her mom
    > to wear on Oscar night. Nicole laughs and says
    > “fingers crossed, guys. I could be wearing a
    > tutu.”

    MIMOSA: It’s just recycled garbage out of some PR hack’s file.


    Video Mimosa is not your friend!,+picking+a+dress/7016028

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    What this

  • Get a grip


    Why should that be her problem skeptic?? Her teen kids wouldn’t be prosecuted. She’s not a shill for the CoS. And Beck didn’t brainwash Keith after one conversation dummy!

    A few years back you wanted Nicole in prison. Trying to drum up support for that again? BAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • The rules


    You’ve got too much common sense. Nicole isn’t allowed to be happy about her nominations. She’s not allowed to brag about her kids. She’s not allowed to want people to see her movies. She’s not allowed to talk about her husband or anything that happens to her, EVER. Everyone else is allowed, but not Nicole. See how it works!

  • Nomorebrains!

    Dum Dum Sue did you know Nicole is friends with Paul Haggis and Keith and Nicole are helping him with his charity in Haiti?

    Now that’s paving the way!!!

  • mellr
  • Lightman

    The words of Roger Ebert:
    “This Internet age has given rise to the critical sniper, and snipers have always been the most despised of soldiers. The Internet critic is foulmouthed and illiterate — he hides behind a cloak of anonymity, he offers no products of his own making. The insults he issues have a playground quality. He says to others what was once said to him, believing that they will feel the same hurt as he did, and still does. And somehow this will compensate him. The abused has been sold on the benefit of becoming the abuser.”

    “The only criticism that is valuable to others reflects universal truth, it is not merely an expression of the inner conflict of the critic, and needs must be practised by those most qualified and most altruistic. Negative criticism is often nothing more than boasting in disguise and, like most boasting, is just an outward manifestation of inner feelings of inferiority.”

  • Behind the hate


    Thank you Lightman. So true!

    Just to illustrate….nomorefan/Sue/ihateher/lynchher/NKsKidsForSale’s latest skeptic name is blue sky. She uses it on the Urban Myths blog. Seems innocuous enough to someone who isn’t a fan. “Blue Sky” is the name of a song Keith sang background vocals on for a labelmate and buddy Emily West. It’s a gorgeous song inspired by her parent’s divorce but it wasn’t a chart hit. Fast forward to a week ago and the Academy of Country Music Award nominations are announced. If you don’t know it’s one of the 2 prestigious country music associations. It’s a big deal. In the category of Musical Event Emily and Keith were nominated for their recording of “Blue Sky”. This wasn’t a hit single, Emily didn’t become a huge star from it. It’s really a huge compliment to the performance that it was included. Keith is often asked to perform on other people’s records because he’s great on harmonies, great guitar player, and he’s a great guy. If he can fit it in he’ll do it because he loves what he does.

    nomorefan’s reaction to the nominations was:

    “Music event with Emily West – seriously? Many people don’t even know he was on the song!”

    But nomorefan knew. She knew and she’s p!ssed off about it. Keith did alot of these guest appearances in between his last two albums and the skeptics slammed him for it every time. But it turns out Blue Sky is Sue’s song. Her angry coverup makes no sense because it’s up to the nominating body to know that Keith is on the record. Those kinds of collabs are usually included in that category. She follows every move Keith and Nicole make. She’s in pain and angry. She thought she had some kind of connection with him. Keith marrying Nicole was a stab into whatever heart she had before she became obsessed. It’s not a reason to feel sorry for the haters, but it’s a sure thing the skeptics are in mental anguish.

    So your conscience finally hit you
    And you’re feeling guilty
    And you’re wishing I was there
    So you wanna say you’re sorry
    Well, please forgive me if I’m too gone to care
    You can take back your goodbyes
    Wipe off those sad eyes
    ‘Cause I’ve got some tears of my own

    The Weather man says it’s gonna rain tonight
    The kind of storm where the basement floods and you lose the lights
    Should have thought of that before
    ‘Cause I’m not your blue sky anymore

    So you heard the pitter-patter of a lost heart beating
    And you learned what it was for
    So you made a list of shoulders that you’d be needing
    Well mine aren’t yours anymore
    Come on show me your temper
    Be the man I remember
    So I won’t forget what you’ve done

    The weather man says it’s gonna rain tonight
    The kind of storm where the basement floods and you lose the lights
    Should have thought of that before
    ‘Cause I’m not your blue sky anymore

    The weather man says it’s gonna rain tonight
    The kind of storm where the basement floods and you lose the lights
    Should have thought of that before
    ‘Cause I’m not your blue sky

    Don’t wanna be that blue sky
    I’m not your blue sky anymore

  • Really?

    THIS thought she had a chance with Keith?

  • Juicy Lucy

    The woman can’t do a thing to her hair. Wear a hat.

  • Lily


    Didn’t she say it’s keith and Sunday jumping around in the kitchen.

  • yowza

    Wow ……… those hater women look like desparate housewives. I can’t imagine how unhappy they are with their lives having that much hatered towards another couple or a person. I know they’d say they have perect life, but spewing such maligned hate and jealousy make them fools (like we all think they are, but they don’t know themselves). I don’t know what kind of joy and satisfaction they get from such behavior (they are bullies).

  • yessssss


    Yeah they have perfect lives, perfect kids, perfect marriages but they have posted for 5 years. And it’s 5 years of the same lies they started. If one topic peters out like Nicole is really a man they move onto something else like Keith is gay or They bought their kids or Tom is a better parent. They’re nuts and can’t stop.

  • Gotcha Sue!


    Look who posted about the investigation on the Negative thread! BAHAHAHAHAHA!


    Posts: 13,298
    Registered: 6/23/06

    Posted: Feb 9, 2011 6:24 AM in response to: erniesmom in response to: erniesmom
    Click to reply to this thread Reply

    The longer #1 allows Bella & Connor to remain living with their C of S member father, the worse #1 is going to look. A big investigation is being done right into the C of S, and things like it being a confirmed cult will be released, but the other thing of major concern, and this is why I can’t believe #1 doesn’t do something legally to get her kids away from this – human trafficking!

  • cody

    Those lyrics to that song are beautiful and heartbreaking. Where do I find this song?

  • Laura
  • Emily West


    You can buy the song on iTunes!

  • Jimmy W.

    @Behind the hate:

    How’s that working our for you Sue (Blue Sky) ? LMAO

  • Jimmy W.

    @Behind the hate:

    Thanks . You put that very well.

    Sue thinks she is so clever. HAAAAA

  • http://comcast Dee

    Love Roger Ebert, he has a way with words, I wish I could emphasis how I feel toward things like he can.