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Nicole Kidman: 'Just Go With It' Premiere with Keith Urban!

Nicole Kidman: 'Just Go With It' Premiere with Keith Urban!

Nicole Kidman is all smiles at the premiere of her new movie, Just Go With It, on Tuesday (February 8) at the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York City.

The 43-year-old actress wore L’Wren Scott and hit the carpet with husband Keith Urban, who wore a Ben Sherman jacket, Burberry shirt, and Ring jeans.

Earlier this week, Nicole attended the Academy Awards nominations luncheon in Beverly Hills.

As for what she’ll wear to the ceremony, Nicole dished she might be turning to her 2-year-old daughter for styling advice!

Sunday Rose has pretty strong opinions. She chooses what she calls ‘pretty dresses,’ so she has a very strong voice in terms of what I will be wearing on the night of the Oscars,” Nicole told Us Weekly.

“Fingers crossed, guys – I could be wearing a tutu!” she added.

10+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban at the Just Go With It premiere…

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Credit: Stephen Lovekin; Photos: Getty
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  • Miyako

    @Not buying it in Minnesota:

    You’re so right “Not buying it in Minnesota”. She twists comments, makes up stories, and takes things out of context CONSTANTLY. For example, she posted this on E today, from film critic Roger Ebert’s review of “Just Go With It”:

    “So nice is everyone here that even the completely surplus character played by Nicole Kidman is undermined. She plays the old standby, the popular girl who was mean to Nurse Katherine in high school. We know the cliché. Kidman could have done something with it, but the screenplay gives her nowhere to go. It’s painful to endure the clo{s}ying scene where they kiss and make up.”

    She BOLDS certain portions she thinks are deragatory about NK…for example:
    - “Kidman could have done something with it” (but leaves out the last half of the sentence that blames the SCREENPLAY!)

    Roger’s main complaint about the movie is “the almost paralytic sweetness of the characters”. But of course all sue did was scan his review for Nicole Kidman & the minute she saw that she was copy/pasting as fast as her chubby fingers could click! Things like this show just how single-minded she is in her thoughts….HATE….NICOLE….HATE….KEITH….FIND….SOMETHING….NEGATIVE. This is her daily mantra.

    Of course, she failed to post a link to the complete review as is her MO. If anyone would like to read the *complete* review & read Mr. Ebert’s opinion as to why the whole movie doesn’t work for him, check it out here –

  • Heck yeah!

    @Betty N:

    LOL Betty N!! I had not yet read your post & Roger Ebert’s quote about “internet critics” before posting mine. It’s so fitting that particular quote is coming from him!!

  • Sue is a doofus


    Sue who got the quotes from maclen always does incomplete research. Otherwise she’d be posting the glowing review from Roger Ebert in Rabbit Hole. Ebert loves Nicole Kidman. Sue has mastered selective posting. And Sue tell maclen that we all know DG surpassed the GOLD mark weeks ago but she ignored it because she’s taken a play out of your book! And who can forget what maclen said about Rabbit Hole, it would go straight to video. Instead, it got Nicole straight to Oscar night!

    The skeptics should start a class called Internet For Dummies!

  • BubleBabe

    Seriously, who gives a flying f**k what this girl says? She’s obviously a moron and nobody’s that dumb to believe a hater. Besides it’s not Nicole Kidman’s movie. She only has a cameo so if it sucks, it’s not because of her. Really, the E message board has been dead for years so I wouldn’t worry about what a couple of losers say over there. E is last when it comes to breaking stories. The best place is Ohnotheydidn’t. They had Pete and Ashlee a day before anybody else. E sucks for news and nobody goes to their message boards anyway so that girl is probably just getting her jollys talking to herself. Just ignore haters.

  • Nicole is still using botox


    Why do you call them haters, just because they have a different opinion to you? Freedom of speech, missy. You don’t own Kidman.

  • Nicole is still using botox

    I love her hair extensions, and I love his hairpiece. I love how fake these two are. Can you imagine these two fighting for the hair straightener each morning? Keith clearly married Nicole so he can attend these sort of things. Who really is the bigger fame seeker out of these two. Spew. OK fanatics, crucify me now for now sharing your adoration of these two fakes. How many nannies has the new baby got so these two can go to every red carpet event this year?

  • Simple

    @Nicole is still using botox:

    All that needs to be said is you are a hateful idiot.

  • I_know_you!

    @Nicole is still using botox:

    I love how you haters only make yourselves look even MORE stupid, the more you comment. Can’t help yourselves though, can you? Five years of hate is a tough habit to break.



    What’s even funnier is when they try to post as Average Jane commenting. They’ve said the same 10 things over and over for 5 years! We know it’s them, it’s always them!

  • Mia

    Ok people…PEACE PLEASE… let’s ALL have more RESPECT for eachother. I’m SORRY if my comments were offensive to some people…it was not my intention. I actually like Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban (they are nice and beautiful persons) but sometimes I feel people IDOLIZE them a littleTOO MUCH and should instead try to see things in a more rational way.
    Anyways…PEACE EVERYONE !

  • Mia

    ….Oh and one more thing…If I posted here it’s just because I feel sorry for Connor and Bella …those kids seem really sweet and it often appears they are unfarely put aside (but maybe I’m wrong …I hope I’m wrong). When I said I found Nicole annoying it was only related to this thing, otherwise I like her.

  • Arizona

    @Mia: Don’t apologize Mia. Speak your peace – they are a bunch of biotches!


    ” Yawn: Nice shoes – hair looks better than norm but the suit and shirt combo is seriously fug. I seriously think she puts hideous outfits on to watch all the idiots fawn all over them and then has the last laugh herself. ”

    DITTO ! ….lmah!!!!! :-D

  • Betty N

    Here is another screen name faker. Meaning she has sever on E!

    Now get this her screen name is Keithkitty.. OMG what does that say about her?

    Spends 24/7 talking about Keith and Nicole?

    Pretends to be some kind of ex-addict? They make up different personalities to do whatever it is they do? NUTS


    Why would her screen name be keithkitty? I tell ya these losers are seriously crazy!

  • Androgynous Pat

    “Oh it’s nomorefan. She HAS to respond and she HAS to have the last word. Classy lady who thinks a good Christmas movie is the unrated version of The Hangover. I bet she thinks a good religious movie is Nuns On The Run! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    BTW it would be just like Sue to accuse someone of smoking. Karma baby – I’ve never smoked any cigarette of any kind EVER! BA-FREAKIN-HA!”

    This post is such a joke, I can’t stop laughing over it. Yea, The Hangover is a horrible movie. No one else liked it, and that’s why they are making #2. It was the biggest comedy of 2009, and as far as the “unrated version”:

    “Even though the longer version is labeled as unrated it doesn’t feature any more classical unrated material such as nudity and so on but several extended dialogue sequences that are more or less useful for the movie but fans will enjoy this Unrated Version as well.”

    Besides, one of your own loved it as well! Go attack her – off with her head!


    Posts: 2,434
    Registered: 1/15/08
    Re: The Hangover
    Posted: Jan 22, 2010 8:11 AM in response to: bellacat Reply

    I loved this comedy!
    Bradley Cooper is on my radar now too!

    You never smoked a cigarette? Of course not, all KUNK fans try to be the Virgin Connie Swail. Uh-huh . . . sure. How’s that chastity belt holding out?


  • Tnat’s right

    @Androgynous Pat:

    Keep digging that hole Sue. You think the good Christian image you try to pull off but fail is helped by admitting what you’ve been up to? You post one thing on the KUNK threads and then act totally the opposite in real life. Watching the Hangover on CHRISTMAS DAY and discussing it in detail but youa re the perfect wife and mother!


    Posts: 13,307
    Registered: 6/23/06

    Re: The Hangover
    Posted: Dec 29, 2009 6:02 AM in response to: CornFlakegrl in response to: CornFlakegrl
    Click to reply to this thread Reply

    I bought the unrated version about a week before Christmas. There we (20+ people) were on Christmas Day smashed into my living room watching the movie.

    Your own words are bringing you down. Watching The Hangover on Christmas and then calling Nicole names because she is a Catholic is just classic. You’re all liars. Talk one way and act another. Does astilbe show her posts to her kids too, the ones that can only listen to Christian music? Yeah Nicole is a liar about her faith, Sunday’s baptism everything, but you are honest and pure.


  • Androgynous Pat

    @Tnat’s right: Do you realize that The Hangover was one of the hottest CD releases for Christmas that year? There were millions of other homes opening up gifts that contained the movie on Christmas morning and watching it that same day? 20+ people wanted to watch the movie together. Ooooooh, that is such a bad thing, isn’t it? You act like it was porn. You are looking really ridiculous at this point. How old are you? 13? The lies you live and make up in your head about the skeptics are incredible. Not only do you “classy” fans lie, but you steal as well. What does it feel like to be a thief?

  • Not buying it in Minnesota

    nomorefan if you’re talking you’re lying. You’re a hypocrite as well. You could try and explain some of your other names like lynchher and ihateher but it’d be more lies. How does it feel knowing Nicole is nominated for a 3rd Oscar? She’s presenting too. Keith, nominated for a Grammy and presenting. Keith is coming to CMA Fest. He never needed you and your hater friends. Try and stay away from Jake on the upcoming tour BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • Karma’s a B!tch

    Nicole may be starring in a new movie with Colin Firth. So the haters are right…no one in Hollywood likes or wants Nicole Kidman. Franco on Broadway, Clive Owen, Nic Cage, Aniston, Sandler, Eckhart. The list goes on and on!

    Dontcha just love it when the skeptics bring stories they made up from the Myths blog onto E and then tell everyone they “heard” it somewhere! Paving the way for morons everywhere! LMFAO!

  • Androgynous Pat

    @Not buying it in Minnesota: More lies from the bunnies, or in the case of trying to identify everyone with their screen names, you just plain suck at it. Unless you have access to IP addresses, how do YOU really know? If you only knew how we are all laughing at you scrambling to put everyone with a screen name, and you couldn’t be further from the truth! Since you already steal, don’t ever try identity theft because you would stink at it as well. Nominations and presenting – always a bridesmaid, never a bride – oh, you should know how that feels. Nominations are bought and paid for in Hollywood – and that IS a fact. Ads are taken out in industry publications begging for votes! Keith is going to the CMA Fest – oooooh so are a bunch of other country artists. There you go scaring me again with your thinking. No artist NEEDS his fans. Do you think Keith needs you? Is that why you have to defend him so badly? Really? Seriously? Stalker! Again, laughing at you because if you think I would pay to see him in concert – wrong! Well actually I could see him for free and have a better seat than you could ever dream of having through the fan club, but I prefer the small, intimate venues, and as I am sure you know, I’ve been there done that for one of Jake’s performances. When you personally meet the guy, it’s all good. There’s no need to see him so soon – especially with an act that has been repeating the same show for five years. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • eliza

    Six years of hate and lies and false rumors and vile accusations, and what’s the result? Keith and Nicole are going strong, and you and your little group of haters are looked on with disgust and contempt, given zero credibility. It doesn’t matter what names you use, people can spot you a mile away. The Hangover on Christmas Day? That’s the least of the things you should worry about justifying. The ugly self you’ve revealed over the years is what needs addressing.

  • Not buying it in Minnesota

    “When you personally meet the guy, it’s all good.”

    Yeah, because that’s all you’re there for! Slobbering all over the guys when they’re on the way up and you still have a chance to have a meet n greet at every show. Flirting with the techs and roadies to try and get backstage. Follow the band to where they eat after the shows. We know your type. You drink too much and fall over everyone. There’s always a group of you at every concert when there’s a good looking guy on the ticket.

    You lie as easy as you breathe, and you know it!

    Here’s some reviews you can twist on your negative thread. Tell Leery to shut up, she’s making you look more pathetic than you guys already are….

    To make things much, much worse, Katherine’s high school nemesis Devlin (Nicole Kidman) shows up at their hotel forcing Katherine to come up with her set of lies. Kidman is shallow, undignified, crass, big, pretentious and overdone and she is a riot in what amounts to an extended cameo. This is Kidman’s funniest bit yet – and she’s a tough comedic sell.

    But she goes for broke, hauteur be damned, it pays off and she pretty much steals the film. Her character is married to Ian, the inventor of the iPhone, played by musician Dave Matthews. Another interesting surprise.

    The real scene-stealers are the stunning Nicole Kidman as an old college frenemy of Aniston’s, alongside a droll and preening Dave Matthews (yes, that Dave Matthews.) Kidman and Matthews are truly fun to watch, charming and engaging in all the best ways.

  • I see zero self-esteem

    Anybody else see a sad trend? nomorefan was sluehog, now she’s Androgynous Pat. Going after men, some almost half her age, when she’s married with kids. ihateher is really “I Hate Myself”.

  • Androgynous Pat

    @Not buying it in Minnesota: “Yeah, because that’s all you’re there for! Slobbering all over the guys when they’re on the way up and you still have a chance to have a meet n greet at every show.”

    Sorry, never slobbered all over the guy. It is called having a conversation. I know that is hard for you to understand since you think Keith is so hot and accept horrible music from him as long as you think he is hot. See, they’ll stick around and talk to you if you treat them like a human being, and well, act like a human being.

    “Flirting with the techs and roadies to try and get backstage. Follow the band to where they eat after the shows. We know your type. You drink too much and fall over everyone. There’s always a group of you at every concert when there’s a good looking guy on the ticket.”

    I’ve never done that before either. Well, I did pass his guitar tech on the sidewalk returning to my hotel one time in broad daylight, and he said, “Hi!” It would have been rude to not say hi back! Is that technically flirting? It was nowhere near concert time. I usually head home after a show. I don’t seek out the bands. I’m not the groupie-type – never been on a bus. I’ve never drank too much at a show, but I have seen other fans (I should say bunnies) steal M&G stickers from other fans just so they could get back stage. Isn’t that classy? Don’t choose to drink during a show either because it is just rude to make people move for you when you are coming and going to the bar during a show.

    “You lie as easy as you breathe, and you know it!”

    Nope, can’t say I ever have lied, and I would swear it over The Bible. But you obviously lie, steal, and even try to steal identities.

  • Androgynous Pat

    @I see zero self-esteem: “Going after men, some almost half her age”

    Wow, this comment is so high school, can’t believe it. If meeting an artist is now known as “going after men”, you psychos really have some jealousy issues. Tell that to every female fan that has ever met a male artist. Unlike Urban, I’m been faithful in my marriage! BAHAHAHA! I’m done commenting back to losers like you, but it won’t keep me for commenting my opinions on here. I’ve been around long enough to see the witches who are obsessed with Urban, and let me tell you, I’m glad I left that behind me. I was embarrassed watching fans like you at shows. There’s reason why his security was increased and tickets as far away from the stage are offered to you.

  • Not buying it in Minnesota

    @Androgynous Pat:

    You’ve contradicted yourself so many times about what a fan you supposedly aren’t, I’ve lost track nomorefan.

    Personally I’ d rather have my sanity than some free tickets from connections at a radio station, which by the way doesn’t make you any better or more of an insider than anyone who is friends with station employees in this country or signs up for their Listerner Club. There’s something messed up in your head that you’d prefer to hang out with other women who bash the gay community, innocent children, and two families you don’t know than to be called a Keith Urban fan. You throw around the word pedophile so easily it’s an embarrassment and really quite disturbing. The people in your lives must be so proud. Calling a child FU and her sister named after a w.hore. Bragging about free tickets as a way to deflect 5 years of hate, especially since said radio station paid for your last trip to Nashville, is SICK SICK SICK.

  • Boring!

    @Androgynous Pat:

    If I wanted to read this crap I could visit E online. Same song, same whackjobs singing it.

  • Shut up!

    Stop taking your personal fights to JJ. Find a chat board and hash it out there. Stop spamming the thread. Nobody wants to read your idiotic drama.

  • I_know_you!

    @Shut up!:

    Nice try haters. Sucks to have all your dirty deeds thrown out there for all to see, doesn’t it?

  • Miyako

    Try this on for size haters…

    Keith Urban just won *another* GRAMMY for Male Country Vocal Performance! So much for that worthless rant of how his career is over…BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    He’ll also be performing a tribute to Dolly Parton, along with John Mayer & Norah Jones.

    What excuse will the haters come up with now for why Keith WON and why he’s asked to perform?? That deserves another BAHAHAHAHA!!!

  • http://comcast dolores

    I see the Scientologists are at it again, what is it about Nicole that you hate?? Is it she couldn’t go along with the cult or that she carries herslf like a lady even though her two older children were stolen from her???? You have hurt her as much as anyone can be hurt, now leave her alone.

  • http://comcast Dee

    This couple is PERFECTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!