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Olivia Wilde & Tao Ruspoli Split

Olivia Wilde & Tao Ruspoli Split

Olivia Wilde and her husband, Italian prince Tao Ruspoli, have separated.

The 26-year-old Cowboys & Aliens actress and Tao, 35, called it quits after eight years of marriage, a rep for the actress confirmed to earlier today.

“They have been living apart after trying for quite some time to make their relationship work,” a source told People.

Olivia and Tao eloped when she was just 18 years old.

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Credit: Kevork Djansezian; Photos: Getty
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54 Responses to “Olivia Wilde & Tao Ruspoli Split”

  1. 1
    Laragh Says:

    Damn, she’s single? Praise Jesus!

  2. 2
    frazzle Says:

    How on earth do you let an italian prince slip away! I guess her career was more important….

  3. 3
    loiu Says:

    omg just because she is more famous now…

  4. 4
    godric Says:

    Just because her career is taking off doesn’t mean that was the cause of the split. Don’t begrudge her for her success.

    Being the son of an Italian prince means nothing anyway.

  5. 5
    NOOOOOOO!!!! Says:

    I really liked them together. They seemed happy. I wish them both well.

  6. 6
    ★ HOLLYWEIRD ★ Says:

    Amazing !!!
    I only discovered she was married to an Italian prince last week-end in a gossip magazine.
    I told myself she really has it all and now BAM break-up !!
    I’m sure it’s her fella who couldn’t stand the fact she would outshine him
    now she’s making it in Hollyweird.
    Apparently he tries also to become a big name in show-business as a producer or a director and he probably got jealous of her.
    Silly macho.

  7. 7
    anna Says:


    I comepletly agree with you. Some people are to ignorant to think theres other issues in a relationship other than that. Its no ones business why they split except theirs.

  8. 8
    s Says:

    Everything for publicity. Today split, tomorrow will get back together again. Nothing is new in Hollywood, we aren’t dumbs.

  9. 9
    Jime Says:

    so sad! Few days ago I was just thinking about them and how they have been together for so long. But best wishes for Olivia, she’s gorgeous and her career is taking off

  10. 10
    jean Says:

    I adore her!!!! She was too hot for him anyway! But still, I wish them both the best!

  11. 11
    Sadie Says:

    The body language in that photo screams future divorce. He’s trying to pull her closer and she’s keeping her distance.

  12. 12
    Kirsten Says:

    Whoa, did not see that one coming. I wish them the best. She sure is beautiful.

  13. 13
    The Truth Says:

    never was in the spotlight. sorry that it happen

  14. 14
    Sligo ^__^ cute Says:

    Good news

  15. 15
    sunbears1 Says:

    @anna: lol you guys really pick and choose which relationships you’ll be respectful of

  16. 16
    Sean Says:

    She got married at 18? What a shock! Of course it didn’t last!!

  17. 17
    ellen Says:

    What about their mutual work to make world a better place!?

  18. 18
    mailey Says:

    Oh blah, he’s not -really- a prince.

  19. 19
    Ismail Says:

    @s: She doesn’t need publicity you dumbass! She’s Olivia Wilde.

  20. 20
    Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!! Says:

    Nothing wrong

  21. 21
    Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!! Says:

    They strong

  22. 22
    echos. Says:

    I was just watching the OC last night with Olivia’s episodes and thinking about how young she was and already married for a while now. Very sad, they looked very cute together and their story always seemed romantic. ;( shame.

  23. 23
    Elena Says:

    I knew it! she started with naked photoshoots and I assumed her husband wouldn’t be very happy

  24. 24
    Prime Says:

    More fame and that’s the result.When are you going to learn actors and actresses

  25. 25
    kananda Says:

    don’t want to start a rumour but the moment i heard about the split i thought about the photos of her and ryan gosling at the golden globe party…
    don’t know if i like the pairing… but well, who am i to like or not something from other peoples lives.

  26. 26
    shoegal Says:

    sad but that tends to happen when you get married so young. does she get to keep a title?

  27. 27
    Called It Says:

    I called it! She and Ryan Gosling were all snugged up at the Golden Globes! ha Best of Luck to them both.

  28. 28
    LilyB Says:

    @Called It: I was going to make a similar comment. I don’t know her too well, but I follow RG. I don’t think they are dating, but she was flirting up a storm with him big time at the Golden Globes.

  29. 29
    jj Says:

    Not surprised. You never see him in any of the events she goes to. Now if only she would only hook up with Garrett Hedlund.

  30. 30
    Bela Says:

    18? No wonder they split. She was a baby!

  31. 31
    Halli Says:

    Dang Ryan Gosling. Playa! Just kidding, about apparently she was all his on Golden Globes night. Hmmm….

  32. 32
    truth Says:

    Tron sequel is in the works. She wants to get more famous. Best way for a starlet is to ditch the husband, go single for a couple of months then date a hot big name actor. She is just following the old hollywood rules. I’m sure he will find a better woman who cares more about their relationship than her career.

  33. 33
    British Latin American Says:

    I thought she had more dignity.

  34. 34
    sashi Says:

    very typical of actors/actresses that are on their way to becoming “”famous”" – they know that if they’re in a relationship it’ll make them less desirable for a leading role. etc etc..
    actors will never grow up!!

  35. 35
    Real Black Woman Says:

    Now she can finally hook up with co-star Justin Timberlake or Ryan Gosling like the tabloids have been pushing her to do.

    I hope she doesn’t turn into a tramp like Sienna Miller or Jessica Simpson.

  36. 36
    Jasmine Says:

    Really sad to hear. I thought they were beautiful together. Also, if the rumors are true, it’s disappointing. I always thought Olivia was more mature than that.

  37. 37
    CrisDizzle Says:

    Does Olivia still get to keep the title of ‘princess’ if they are getting divorce?

  38. 38
    Clairedelune Says:

    you could see that coming……same old hollywood karma

  39. 39
    LA Chick Says:

    she probably cheated. she is young.

  40. 40
    Nicole Says:

    They looked very cute together. Sad :(

  41. 41
    ++Logan++ Says:

    I definitely think they would have had issues in the marriage way before the Golden Globes, that’s probably why she was so flirtatious (perhaps even cheated) with Ryan Gosling. I hope she didn’t, because that’s disrespectful to any partner you’re with.

    But then again, “Royal” families think they’re god’s gift to earth and have so many rules and restrictions which was probably too boring and rigid of a life to live for Olivia and she finally needed some freedom.

    Royal families mean nothing these days, just a stupid title and given income from the government and tax payers money to feed their lavish lifestyles. I’m glad Olivia can stand on her own to feet and make something of herself instead of sitting around pretentiously and pretending to be an important “Princess”.

  42. 42
    Dread not Says:

    Wilde Woman is single now?! I think I gotta chance!

  43. 43
    British Latin American Says:

    What are you talking about “++Logan++?”

  44. 44
    True Confessions Says:

    “It was Olivia’s decision…for the typical Hollywood reasons,” another source close to Wilde tells Us. “Her career has exploded and she saw being married is not as much fun…. She is a hot property now … it was weighing her down being married.”

    Shallow much?

  45. 45
    christine Says:

    I bet millions of guys out there are happy to hear the news. I think her and that blonde australian on their show “House” would have been a juicy hook up.

  46. 46
    christine Says:

    I mean a juicy hook up on the SHOW.

  47. 47
    to Logan Says:

    You don’t have a clue, have you?
    An Italian Prince doesn’t get any money from the government or the tax player. Itlaly is a parliamentary republic and not a parliamentary monarchy like the Netherland, the UK, Spain, Belgium, Sweden or Denmark.
    And btw, Germany has no emperor since a few years LOL

  48. 48
    christine Says:

    # 48 to Logan @ 02/09/2011 at 5:05 pm 0

    You don’t have a clue, have you?
    An Italian Prince doesn’t get any money from the government or the tax player. Itlaly is a parliamentary republic and not a parliamentary monarchy like the Netherland, the UK, Spain, Belgium, Sweden or Denmark.
    And btw, Germany has no emperor since a few years LOL



  49. 49
    Stacey Says:

    I’m sad that shes getting divorced, because she really really loved him, but as any couple they had some complications, and I guess things kind of drifted apart. But on the Plus side, she is single. :D She could have pretty much any guy she wants..and any bisexual/lesbian woman. :P I find her like the definition of beauty. <3

  50. 50
    CA Says:

    I’m pretty sure she plays an alien in Cowbiys and Aliens, because in this pic she looks like an alien. Look at this huge head….

  51. 51
    dude Says:

    she was a “hot property” when she was younger. now she’s been married for nearly 10 years, brunette, and nearing 30, also a talentless actress. it will be interesting to see how she does in future movies, but in my opinion, she was the worst part in tron, aside from the glowing rubber suit, her acting was awful. she should stick to teenage dramas like the o.c., maybe have a part in gossip girl or 90210 as someones mom, with little speaking parts.

  52. 52
    princess Says:

    she’s no princess thats for sure. just a typical famewhore. not a fan of her acting, and yes her head is huge! lol @CA she probably does play one of the aliens. Tao on the other hand is handsome Italian prince, currently single, and a brilliant filmmaker/photographer. woohoo! wish I lived in california!

  53. 53
    cali Says:

    What!? Why wouldn’t you want to stay with the handsome, interesting, talented and creative prince?! How romantic would it be to be married to an artist (photographer and filmaker)/ real life prince!? If I were her I wouldn’t want to give that interesting and creative lifestyle, not to mention cool family history, up for fame! You’d be taking a chance on such a shallow and fake career move! Does she not have a heart? She’s another hollywood robot with a giantass head! Another megan fox type, except fox doesn’t have an abnormally large head. pathetic.

  54. 54
    age Says:

    Age is irrelevant with this! doesn’t matter if she was 18 and got married, she probably loved him then and now it seems she got to a point where she started loving fame and her career more. which to me is still kind of wrong, I mean was “i’ll stay with you until my career takes off” in the vows or something? I thought she was ok on house, although i think the story line is way more interesting now with her character off the show. and I though I read she helped out in Haiti a bit. so yeah i honestly thought she had more dignity, sad she turned out to be another holllywood famewhore.

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