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Orlando Bloom & Colin Firth: Audi Party People

Orlando Bloom & Colin Firth: Audi Party People

Orlando Bloom comes out to support fellow British actor Colin Firth at Audi and Godiva Chocolate Vodka’s “The King’s Speech” Awards Season Party held at Chateau Marmont on Monday (February 7) in Los Angeles.

Earlier in the day, Colin attended the Academy Awards nominations luncheon. He later hit AARP Magazine‘s 10th Annual Movies for Grownups Awards.

The Queen of England reportedly saw The King’s Speech, which centers around the stammer her father, King George VI, struggled to overcome, and was pleased.

“She found it moving and enjoyable. She was clearly amused by some of the lighter moments,” a source told U.K.’s The Sun.

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Credit: Jeff Vespa; Photos: Wire Image
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  • lucy2

    I know I’m supposed to ooohhh over Orlando, and yes, he looks adorable here, but I’ve really always had more of a crush on Colin. **sigh**

  • SOS

    No you’re not suppose to oohhh over Orlando Lucy.Only if you personally like him not what the rest tell you to do

  • Endrid

    I love Orlando. He’s a doll! Colin is pretty hot too!

  • YAY!

    Two of my favorite Brits!
    They both look so handsome!
    I’m glad that they became friends while filming Main Street!
    Bet they spent more than a few minutes looking at pictures of Flynn. :)
    Love both of them, and I really hope that Colin wins the Oscar!

  • ForReal?

    Now these two deserve write ups. Fatherhood seems to suit Orlando, and well, Colin has always been a cutie pie.

  • Thai

    A non-actor and a real actor. Guess who’s who.

  • yes!

    You are right. I can add : one ex actor and one very present actor.

  • Antonia

    Two of my favourite British actors. Now, if Alan Rickman were there as well, it would be a complete hit with me!

    Just one note: Her Majesty is Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (and of Her other Realms and Territories), not just England.
    I know this may sound petty but I really do hate the way most Americans keep referring to her as Queen of England.

  • British

    Thank you #8 Antonia, I was just about the say the same thing regarding the reference to the “Queen of England”. Americans don’t help their image of of complete ignorance.

  • http://Ja Sligo ^__^ cute

    Now feel good. . what this? why orlado here?

  • http://Ja Sligo ^__^ cute

    He loser fun hehehehehe

  • @8-9

    Maybe that’s because since we kicked you out in 1776, your country just doesn’t really matter to us here?
    And why not abbreviate her title, when EVERYONE knows who she is?
    That’s just petty.
    I also love the fact that you insult us as “Americans”, when that includes all of North, South and Central America?
    Who did you mean to insult?

  • @6-7

    Copied / pasted what someone said on the other thread, since it’s a fitting response to the ridiculous comments of you ‘two’ (sure) haters.
    “He’s rumored to be starting The Laureate soon, as well as bringing Legolas back to life. He finished three indies last year, and has a fledgling production company to look after. Not to mention that he wrapped 3M not too long ago.
    How much work does he have to do for you to consider that he has a “real job”?
    But I know you.
    You are just upst that he has spent the last few months at home with his wife who just delivered his first child.
    How dare he take the time to be with the woman he loves as she gives birth to the baby that he has wanted for so long???
    Do has-beens get paid millions to rep for companies and to appear in films?
    Nope, didn’t think so.
    So since he DOES get paid millions, he must not be a has-been, right?

  • carly

    I’m From London, England And I Can Say That Colin Firth Is Making England Proud GO COLIN WOOOOOOO :-D Awwww Orlando *Swoons* Another Brit :) He’s Gorgeous :-) I’ve Loved Him Since Lord Of The Rings, I’m Gutted We Ain’t Married & Had Babies Together *Sad Face* Love You Orlando xxx And If It All Goes Wrong You Know Where To Find Me *Winks* :-)

  • carly

    I’m From London, England And I Can Say That Colin Firth Is Making England Proud GO COLIN WOOOOOOO :-D Awwww Orlando *Swoons* Another Brit :) He’s Gorgeous :-) I’ve Loved Him Since Lord Of The Rings, I’m Gutted We Ain’t Married & Had Babies Together *Sad Face* Love You Orlando *** And If It All Goes Wrong (With Wifey You Know Where To Find Me *Winks* :-)

  • Emma


  • @8 and 9

    I’ve never heard ANTONE use the Queen’s full title. Not even newscasters on the BBC. I think that you are just using that as an excuse to insult people.

  • @8 and 9


  • @8

    Please provide a link to two normal broadcasts (not bios, or special reports) where her ENTIRE title is used.
    People normally refer to her as simply ‘The Queen’.
    You’re just being hateful.

  • Karley

    My two favorite British men!
    Thanks, JJ.

  • amy

    What a great picture. Love these two. I’m so glad for Colin Firth’s well-deserved success this year. He seems a lovely man.

  • British

    There is no need for The Queen’s full title, of course. The problem is that she is not the Queen of England. She is the BRITISH Queen. Its not petty, it’s just incorrect and completely irritating and disrespectful to the every Brit that have the fortuity not to be English. And I’ve met enough people from both the USA and Canada to know that the former are generally referred to Americans without causing offense to the rest of the continent.

    “Maybe that’s because since we kicked you out in 1776, your country just doesn’t really matter to us here?” If it helps, England and Scotland have had a united Monarchy – meaning no Queen of England (or Scotland) – for longer than your country has existed. It’s even more ignorant and egocentric to suggest that you actually don’t care what goes on outside your own country. You’re really not helping your case.

  • LISA


  • @23

    That was pretty rude of them, but I think that it was probably just their knee jerk response to your condescending tone.
    You were rude first, so you can’t play the injured party now.

  • Misha

    Great pic of them together! Both of them seem like class-A gentleman :)

  • marian

    Such beautiful men!
    You can tell that they really like each other.

  • velcrodots

    My two favourite brits *sigh*. I hope Colin wins this year, the guy deserves it!

  • Jokergurl

    I hope Colin Firth gets the Oscar, love Orlando too, I just loved Colin in the Bridget Jones movies, just adorable, and the accents don’t hurt either!

  • yay!

    Such gorgeous men!
    I heard that Dom and Billeh were at the party, too.
    Two hobbits and an Elf!
    (Oh, and Smeagol, but they all ignored her *snerk*)
    Wonder if Billy showed pics of his wedding to Orlando, and Orlando showed pics of Flynn to Billy?
    They both had happy, life changing events happen to them withing the last couple of months.

  • aww

    Read that he was showing off pics of Flynn to Jeremy Piven (who he knows from Black Hawk Down).
    That’s so cute.
    No matter how famous, new fathers are all the same.
    Bet he also showed the pics to Billy, Dom, Colin, Rene, Jennifer, the doorman, the valet, the bartender, the coat check girl, anyone he could pin down for five minutes…..

  • @31

    Showing baby pictures to friends???
    What a FAMEWHORE!
    No, no, wait…
    More like….”Who does that????”
    No father shows pics of his new baby!!1
    That must be a PLANT!!!!!!
    (yes people, those are real hater comments)
    Orlando rumored to be in small, indie film = proof that he is a has-been because he is taking roles in such puny films
    Orlando pulls out of said film because it is pushed back to being filmed when his first child is to be born = flushing his career down the toilet by dropping out of such an important role for no reason
    Orlando pulls out of Ireland/England based, small, indie film to stay home with his wife who is due to deliver any minute in LA = it’s ridiculous to think that he can’t be away from his wife and new baby for a few months
    Orlando goes out to some industry parties in LA for a few hours = he obviously doesn’t care about Miranda or the baby.
    Miranda pictured out and about before the baby is born = famewhore
    Miranda NOT pictured out and about after the baby is born = “what is she hiding?”
    Now we have just seen Penelope Cruz out at a known pap hangout, and their response was that it was “so nice to see her out and about”.
    Can’t wait to see what the hypocrites say when Miranda makes her post-baby debut.
    Delphidiots make this was too easy.

  • @32

    You forgot that Javier was also at the Black Swan party, and both he and Pene were papped out last night(?).
    Hmmm, I bet I know what the haters would have said it that was Orlando and Miranda out ‘abandoning’ their new born child to a sitter while he is so young.
    The hypocrites would have had a field day.
    Orlando gets criticized for going to an industry party or two during awards season (when EVERYONE is in town), and Miranda gets criticized for staying home.
    Those dephi girls put the ‘idiot’ in delph-idiot all on their own,

  • sara

    OLove had a link to new pics of Orlando, Miramda and baby Flynn out and about on Saturday.
    Miranda looks beautiful, Flynn is adorable, and Orlando looks like a true doting father.

  • @34

    The shape of Flynn’s eyes is identical to Orlando’s!

  • @35

    dark eyes that turn down at the corners, just like his daddy!
    beautiful baby!
    Orlando looks as gorgeous as always, and Miranda looks beautiful.
    you would never guess that she had a baby only five weeks ago. and a BIG baby at that!

  • LOL!

    Oh, they make it sooooooo easy.
    Hmmm, didn’t someone say just the other day that the delphidiots are the biggest hypocrites on the web?
    That after they stated that it was nice to see Penelope “out and about”, that they would turn around and claim that Miranda was a famewhore the next time she left the house?
    Yeah, they did, didn’t they.
    Penelope and Javier go out to dinner = “nice to see her out and about”
    Miranda and Orlando go out to lunch = “set up”!!!!!!!!!!
    Pene covered head to toe in layer after layer = she looks so great after the baby!
    Miranda waering a blazer over one of her favorite maxi dresses = what is she hiding!!!!
    Oh, and now they have created an entire back story in their feeble little minds. That Orlando doesn’t actually live with her, he is just visiting the baby. The baby that they claim is not his. The baby that is really just a pillow. The baby that she used to trap him. The baby that they claim that she had prematurely to jive with their conception conspiracy theories, even though he weighed nearly 10 POUNDS! The baby that LOOKS JUST LIKE ORLANDO!
    Those delphidiots may be psychopathic morons, but at least they are entertaining.

  • Here’s Hoping

    I just wonder what may happen – Not saying that it will – but suppose that in a few years time or more – should Miranda and Orlando decide to end their relationship – wonder what the haters will have to say to all the shippers who thought they were a sure thing – I think about that every time the shippers say how the haters have to eat their words now that Orlando and Miranda are married and have a child together.

    Lots of other people got married and had a child together who are no longer together both celebrities and personal friends I know of.

    Lots of relationships I was sure were a sure thing have been hitting the skids lately – Can’t help but wonder who will be next.

    All I am saying is that nothing is really a sure thing….Not in the world of being a celebrity….Not in the world of not being a celebrity.

    It is not just in show biz that people get married and divorced at the drop of a hat these days either.

    Waiting to see what happens – Do wish them both the best and hope that they do last.

    I am happy that Orlando and Miranda have a healthy and happy little boy….hope that more will be in their future, along with a long and happy life together.

    HAPPY VALENTINES DAY Everyone! Let’s hope this relationship makes it thru many more together.

  • @38

    The thing is, NO “shipper” has ever said that they will be perfect together for the rest of their lives. That is something that the ‘haters’ say that we claim. So we won’t have any words to eat.
    We “shippers” only say that they seem happy together, and make a beautiful family.
    The ‘haters’ won’t even admit that they are married.
    The haters have had MANY words to eat, but they simply refuse to admit that they are wrong.
    Miranda will never make it in high fashion = wrong
    Miranda will never make an important cover = wrong
    Miranda’s book will never get published = wrong
    They will break up = wrong
    They will never get engaged = wrong
    They may be engaged, but they will never marry = wrong
    They will never be a family = wrong
    And many more.
    So look at the ‘haters’ if you think that someone has words to eat. We “shippers” are just fine.

  • Here’s Hoping


    “So look at the ‘haters’ if you think that someone has words to eat. We “shippers” are just fine.”

    I said at the moment they have words to eat.

    I just wonder if the day ever comes, what would the haters say to the shippers should something happen to the love affair.

    Unfortunately it is not a guaranteed thing with them or anyone else….and with the constant break up news everytime I turn around about this couple or that couple….theirs could be next.

    Just keeping things in perspective….this is why I am neither a shipper nor a hater….just a casual observer….the only thing I know for sure is that at the moment they are doing great….whether or not it stays that way….only Orlando and Miranda have the answer to that one.

  • @40

    Once again, the “shippers” are not the ones making ANY claims.
    If you don’t claim that you know things for a fact, you won’t have any words to eat…..ever… matter what happens.
    The ‘haters’ have always been the ones who made claims about either Miranda or Orlando, or their relationship.
    They are the ones that have been proven wrong over and over again because of things that they have stated.
    Even if Orlando and Miranda broke up tomorrow, the shippers would have no words to eat, because they never made any claims about the future of their relationship.
    Only fools make claims about the future of total strangers. Again, you would have to look to the haters for those types of comments.

  • @40

    “….the only thing I know for sure is that at the moment they are doing great….whether or not it stays that way….only Orlando and Miranda have the answer to that one”
    That statement alone would get you labeled a “shipper” by a delphite.
    It just so happens to be exactly what “shippers” are saying. That they seem happy and in love. No promises about the future, or predictions of how long they will be together.
    A “hater” reading that statement would call you a “blind shipper” who just can’t face the fact *cough* that O&M aren’t really together, and that they are obviously miserable.
    Haters are the only ones making predictions. That’s why they so often have crow for dinner.

  • ??

    Did fake Orlando ever make up with fake Kate?
    Two people that insane really deserve each other.
    I did notice that FatCamp did finally put in a disclaimer that she was not the real Orlando.
    After claiming that she was Orlando for so long, she tried to insult others for not understanding that ‘geee, she was just kidding’!!
    Makes me wonder if Orlando’s people smacked her on her fat a$$, or if she just grew a second brain cell.
    Still worries me that she works with children.

  • meji

    I wish in those pictures Orlando was using the sling properly. There’s supposed to be an extra head support for a newborn that goes inside the sling and the baby’s feet are meant to stick out. He’s using the sleep support as an infant head support and in side view it’s clear that it isn’t working very well.

    I guess a lot of people don’t use slings properly, and maybe Flynn (being a big baby) has fairly good neck muscles, but still…. it would be a more impressive display of doting parenthood if either one of them had read the instructions, or watched them on video.

    Someone said this on the Daily Mail comments and got about 200 thumbs downs. But she was right!

  • @44

    There is always a learning curve for new parents.
    He will get better every day.
    But Flynn is just fine curled up against his daddy, and Orlando is supporting his head.
    I think that some people spend so much time on the details that they miss the big picture.
    Is the sling being used 100% correctly? No. But neither is the child in any danger whatsoever. That’s the thing that really matters.