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Victoria Beckham: Baby Bump at Heathrow Airport!

Victoria Beckham: Baby Bump at Heathrow Airport!

Victoria Beckham does her best to cover her baby bump as she walks through Heathrow airport on Tuesday (February 8) in London, England.

The 36-year-old fashionista is expecting her fourth child with hubby David Beckham this summer! Vic and David announced the happy news early last month.

Vic hasn’t given up her style in favor of comfort, though – check out the studded Louboutin heels she rocked!

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victoria beckham baby bump heathrow 01
victoria beckham baby bump heathrow 02
victoria beckham baby bump heathrow 03
victoria beckham baby bump heathrow 04
victoria beckham baby bump heathrow 05
victoria beckham baby bump heathrow 06

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  • Jane

    SERIOUSLY? baby bump? WHERE? Lmao, she looks great though, as always, amazing outfit. But she must be very early in her pregnancy, probably 4 months or a little over, still al ong while before she shows. Thanks for posting JJ, love her!

  • Emma


  • cathy

    Baby bump? what baby bump she looks exactly the She looks good though. If she’s got baby bump then i see whole lot of 9 months pregnant women in the streets everyday!. hahaha. She’s about 4 months pregnant and she isn’t showing yet or she’s really a genius in hiding a bump. Listen pregnant ladies to hide a bump one must wear a very loose shirt and hold it against the stomach so nobody can see the bump.
    Maybe they hire a surrogate like Nicole Kidman did. just kidding.

  • b

    She look really good in these pictures!

  • b

    She looks really good in these pictures!

  • Brightside

    I had forgotten about the baby bump. It’s going to be the most fashionable baby bump ever, though. No other celebrity will have a baby bump as fashionable as Victoria’s although they will all be green-eyed with envy for one.

  • hmm

    those HEELS on stone floors?!?!? seriously vicky, put on some kitten pumps or something for baby safety

  • Courtney

    um every pregnancy shows differently even on the same woman. Victoria is about 4 1/2 months or 19 weeks and supposedly expecting a girl so it’s going to show differently than her boys did and height age weight and body type play a role in how pregnancy shows as ell this is her fourth and she’ll be 37 in April. as for example Jeanne Crain had her 7th child Christopher about 3 weeks prior to her 40th birthday May 5th 1965 or about 2 weeks after Joanne Woodward had her youngest daughter Claire who would’ve been her 4th child at 35. and for a celeb unless it’s a high risk pregnancy it’s perfectly fine to wear heals and at some events you can’t avoid them for example the academy awards under a ball gown flats would look tacky

  • clipsy

    Wait. I’m just gonna get my magnifying glass because I can’t see any bump. She looks amazing but not pregnant.

  • clipsy

    Wait. I’m just gonna go get my magnifying glass because I can’t see any bump. She looks amazing but not pregnant.

  • PP Polly

    She loooks Sickly!!!

  • Lillianne

    Can’t wait to see what the little darling will look like. She will be one lucky little sister.

  • In The Know

    Nothing says pregnant like six inch studded spiked Louboutins!!!

  • Leezle

    SEE that is how you know she is a fame whore they went and announced their pregnancy and she isnt even showing, no one would have known for a long time as she is so skinny she could have hidden it for months but she wanted the extra press and spotlight that sadly the news of having a child brings to a celebrity!!!

  • olive

    uhmm leezle she ALWAYS announce her pregnancy after the 1st trimester. Why would she wait for tabloids to speculate and earn money out of it and that would probably lead to a bigger new. This is actually the first full body pic of Victoria since she announce her pregnancy. She’s been hiding in London how is that fame whoring?

  • john

    it’s amazing how female can walk with such a heels only use your toe to walk…the whole body weight on toe…must be a tortoure…

  • nguyen tran gia linh

    I Love Her

  • jean

    Is she really having a girl? I hope so, she really wanted one!

  • Frida

    Not that hard to cover a baby bump that isn’t even showing yet, Jared…

  • Lalalove

    MY LOVE!<3 Oh, how I’ve missed seeing her.

  • Lalalove

    Why is she walking in such high heels when she’s expecting? Only VB. Gotta love this woman. Just be careful, is all I say.

  • Annie

    She is definantly showing in the 2nd and 4th thumbs…she’s only around 4 months I think? If so she looks around the right size. That said…she does realize she can’t put her newborn baby daughter on the Atkins diet or the Prawn diet straight away? RIGHT?

  • st

    expecting a daughter finally

  • peony

    A mannequin having a mini-mannequin. How lovely.

  • Marta

    I must be blind because I don’t see any baby bump, although I see gorgeous bag.

  • anonymous

    The Beckhams Haven’t Even Confirmed Any Sex Of The Baby :/ And Whichever Sourse (IF ANY HAS!!) Has Said She’s Expecting A Girl Arn’t Very Good Friends Are They…As She Was Only Saying A Few Weeks Ago Her And David Wanting To Wait And See Until The Baby Was Born For A SURPRISE Cos It Didn’t Matter To Them What The Sex Was :/ Or Did Everyone Forget About That

    Soooo Don’t Take Everything You Hear As Litrual :)


  • Ginger

    @Emma: Womanizer. The baby is to gain some good PR after his hooker scandal. They did the same thing after his affair with Rebecca.

  • seet

    @Ginger Haha He is still standing tall. The filthy tabloids are quaking in their boots already; they have had to be paying out money for their crimes and they will be doing so sooner or later. They are the ones who have been advertising and promoting him after doing all in their power to sully and destroy him. Oh and no mention of their dirty little stories on their sites anymore.

  • anonymous

    I Ment Source :L

  • Zoe Moon

    She looks fantastic. I read in another publication that she is expecting a girl. She has been wanting a baby girl for a long time. If this is true Congratulations on your dream coming true. Their daughter would be a stunning child.

  • larsvonwhat

    her skin looks great! pregnancy glow :]

  • hahahaha

    can you imagine a beckham daughter? Good Grief! If true that little one has NO chance in the looks department- she’ll end up looking like an ugly wet ferret just like her momma with acne to boot! Can’t wait to see what the little troll looks like when it’s born…. hahahahaha!
    Hate the Beckhams!!

  • Colby

    I actually agree with Ginger #28. This fake couple lives their lives on PR, that is what “builds their brand” and keeps the $ rolling in.

    This stupid pregnancy/baby business is their “pattern”. They did the same thing when the Rebecca Loos scandal broke in 2004, suddenly she’s pregnant with the 3rd. You can even trace this “pattern” all the way back to before the 2nd was born, there were affair rumours swirling then and again she ends up pregnant with the 2nd. Now, with affair rumours circulating once again, oh well of course she ends up pregnant with #4. Combat bad press with good press. There is no one on the planet more pathetic than this woman, to stay with a man who disrespects you again and again by cheating on you, just to maintain the celebrity “lifestyle” is pathetic and pitiful beyond reason- Exactly what this woman is.

  • Dieter

    Her glorious tiny poon has pushed out three healthy boys’s so far and now one beautiful and healthy girl !!!!

  • Abby

    I love Victoria. I can see that she gained weight already so stop saying she got a surrogate or whatever. Can’t you see the little bump? :/

  • Lov-Her

    I read this too and they did say that way back, cool hey

  • Gaga Goo goo

    She’s such a pickle!

    What woman in her right mind would wear these heels? With her attitude, she or the baby is better off being carried by a surrogate if that is not already happening anyway. LOL

    Also, I don’t understand why anyone would want to hide a baby bump if they so want a child. These celebrities are such idiots.

  • LISA

    @Ginger: YOU ARE A TWIT

  • LISA

    @Ginger: HEY YOU ARE A TWIT

  • Emma


  • Helen

    Wow she looks amazing! I thought you are supposed to show more your 4th time around

  • katie

    This twit of a woman spends more time at airports than with her kids she loves so much