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'Just Go with It' - In Theaters This Weekend!

'Just Go with It' - In Theaters This Weekend!

Just Go with It hits theaters on Friday (February 11)!

The film stars Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler, and Brooklyn Decker.

Here’s the synopsis: On a weekend trip to Hawaii, a plastic surgeon convinces his loyal assistant to pose as his soon-to-be-divorced wife in order to cover up a careless lie he told to his much-younger girlfriend.

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  • france

    i hope this one will beat the bieber movie…

  • Thai

    3 non-acting “actors”… Dont waste ur money on that, folks…

  • ada

    thing i wont be seeing

  • anwar

    I know I will enjoy this movie !!!

    Can’t wait to see if it will beat NEVER SAY NEVER, or not !!!

  • Lily

    Adam all the way. He is such a lovable guy !

  • Poppy

    Sandler is not particulary gifted nor is Aniston no comments on the Brooklyn girl, I’ll give this one a miss

  • blah

    can’t wait :)
    Haters, please give up already… go away and GET A LIFE!

  • france

    every jennifer aniston articles these minions are spreading their hates hahaha! i’m not sure if that makes them a better persons!!!

  • Dasha

    Another lame movie with Miss Aniston…

  • der

    stop the hate

  • jimmy

    Adam Sandler always plays the same type of dude, but he’s made a fortune doing it, so he keeps on doing it, until everyone tires of an middle-age man playing dorky immature dudes (which will be soon), he will keep it up.

    But for others, can’t imagine reading that script and saying “wow, sounds like a great movie, count me in!”. Brookly is a newbie, so can be picky. Nicole only has bit part and is trying to show comic range to battle her ice princess persona. But this is the only quality of scripts Jennifer A. gets. Certainly not award worthy material she gets LOL.

  • lillyB

    Why are the people that hate Jennifer Aniston the first ones to comment about how much they hate JA? lol
    This movie looks good, so I will see it.

  • jimmy

    **”Brooklyn is a newbie and CAN’T be picky”…

  • Gaga Goo goo

    idiot comments…..about hating.

    dont be silly…no one “hates” Jennifer or whoever.

    People are just commenting on good acting or not. Grow up!

    Jennifer is cute,,,but…not so hot in acting.

  • S

    I think Jennifer is a great actress. Trailer seems fun.

  • OMG

    in españa 25 febrero estreno

  • OMG

    in españa 25 febrero estreno

  • OMG



  • Michele

    Wow…Jared is getting paid LARGE for pushing this movie. Good for you!


    this movie looks so funny !!! i can´t wait to see …


    Wow, Huvane must pay all you guys really well to promo this crap.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    I hope the Justin B. & Gnomeo & Juliet movies will kick the S.H.I.T. out of this movie.

  • df

    wishing bad karma on others only gives you bad karma, lol so be it…

    jenn is not bad not brilliant but she has something else; likability and charisma. Her movies can make you smile. That is why she is SO successful. I like her in dramatic roles as well. Sometimes those “great acting” oscar films BORE ME TO TEARS. so whatever…

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Same hair, same tight clothes, same acting, now that’s boring.

    She’s successful not because she is great acting. She’s successful because she has the lead actor or an essemble cast to support her. That’s why she always play the supporting role. She tried to played the lead and her movies tanked.

    I wouldn’t call the following movies boring.

    TS 3
    The Social Network
    The Kids Are Alright

  • nani

    OH MY GOD! JA does anything to sell this crap movie…
    She needs so much to make some success after her three last failing movies that … if Huvane told her to sell her mother, she surely would do that!
    Just count how many times she made tv appearances (including Superbowl) to sell it. Not buying it at all!

  • gvfx

    the mere fact that Aniston is being brought up more so than Adam,Nicole and Brooklyn, tells me she has something, lol. you guys contradict yourselves.

  • Anna2

    This movie is not going to beat “NEVER SAY NEVER” as much as I can’t stand Bieber or whatever his name is if 1 family has 4 kids and they want to go see the movie that 6 people compare to 1 couple = 2 people going to see ”Just Go With It”.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o L

    …i pray this movie bombs horribly. adam sandler has made nothing but bad movies for awhile now. and man!ston, that’s all she’s ever made. making a living playing sidekick to male leads (more popular and talented than herself) in unfunny romantic comedies is pathetic, it has to stop. is this biish absent pride?!? do some good work for fcuk-sake.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    gvfx @ 02/09/2011 at 11:46 am

    Most people brought Aniston up more because they hate her more than the other two.

  • SarahNL

    Hell yes, I’m going to watch this one instead of the justin bieber movie. I think they are funny.

  • jolly folly

    Based on the trailer (and I don’t care who is in the movie) this one looks like a major stinker.

  • Clairedelune

    Does Jennifer think she can work o hard making 100 loser romcoms and eventually she will be a star? Nonononono this is not learning Chinese one can just practice and practice the tones. She’s like the annoying high school girl who is trying so hard to be the popular one but actually no one cares. This behavior = big loser. So lame. I used to kinda think she had bad luck with scripts. But now no. Pls move aside & let us have chances to see some new talents who deserve the limelight. She is like the omnipresent GAP promotions and discounts. So yesterday and lame lame lame. Don’t studio execs get it?

  • SexyVegan

    Katie, Jennifer and Nicole hater: This is what you become when cousins marry.

    Seriously, get a life.

  • LoriLori

    Just Go See Anything but this predictable lame rom com.
    Jen’s days are numbered she has called in too many favors THE END IS NEAR!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH GO AWAY

  • sullivan

    What demographic is this movie geared toward? All of the lead actors, except Decker, are in their 40s. Despite his age, Sandler’s humor is adolescent. Are the powers-that-be counting on Decker’s bikini-clad body to bring in the audience?

  • Tina

    Who cares about this aging hag? Let’s just ignore her and maybe she will go away…

  • naturegirl

    Oh to my fans i am fine, I am happy, happy, iam iam iam…The message she sends when she trying to overcompensate…..I’M.DESPERATE, I’M DESPERATE, I’M DESPERATE..

  • naturegirl

    There are real actors and actresses in this movie so it wont bomb, but i see razzy number three coming up.

  • Jen, Brooklyn, and Nicole
  • sullivan

    Give the devil her due – Aniston plugs the hell out her movies. Magazine covers, talk shows, morning shows, late night shows, bingo night at St. Joseph’s. She’s spammimg us. *Look at me – I’m naked! Now get out there & watch my movie.* *I’m really, really happy! Whee! See my movie.* *I want kids – just like in my movie that opens this Friday!* No wonder she’s a lush.

  • oh my

    When Jen’s publicist coaches the child actors to say how maternal Jen is, he should have coached his client to watch her body language posing with children. She always looks uncomfortable with kids, best to stick with dogs…Norman’s body language and actions on CH show was the truth. He ran off to find his real caretaker. It takes many to hold Jennifer together, man. As someone stated, no wonder Jennifer didn’t want Brad to meet her truth revealing mother! So Jen created drama over a slight and banned her mother for years!

  • O’Sullivan

    Jennifer is a great actress.

  • LLL

    Ok guys! It’s the same story as a bollywood movie : MAINE PYAR KYUN KIYA!!!

  • http://justjared zce


  • Lynn

    Sandler+Aniston= marriage made in talentless heaven.

  • Poppy


    A movie with the same plot has been made in 1969 starring Goldie Hawn it was called “Cactus flower” it seems originality is missing these days

  • n

    This movie is a copy of a BOLLYWOOD MoVie –> “Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya” which means “Why did i fall in love?”

  • fag

    come on, someone of you hate aniston, cause she she’s single, attractive woman. i think we all have to say that she’s great person and hot girl. and stop say: i love j.a., i love a.j., it’s so boring!!!

  • ellie’

    So looking forward to seeing this movie.. Great actress beautiful and so much fun…

  • SaveYourDollar

    Save your dollar and donate it to some worthy cause instead. You will feel much better.