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Kate Bosworth: Check Out JewelMint's February Pieces!

Kate Bosworth: Check Out JewelMint's February Pieces!

Kate Bosworth checks her phone while leaving a friend’s house on Tuesday (February 8) in Los Angeles.

The night before, the 28-year-old actress hit The King’s Speech Awards Season Party at Chateau Marmont with boyfriend Alexander Skarsgard.

Kate and her friend and stylist Cher Coulter recently chatted with FabSugar and shared some February pieces from their JewelMint line.

Check out the heart lockets, heart rings, and other heart jewels perfect for Valentine’s Day on!

For more pics, visit X17!

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kate bosworth friends house 01
kate bosworth friends house 02

Photos: X17
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  • Brightside

    Pass! I don’t look at the adverts on a gossip site! I’m here for the gossip! Also I wouldn’t recommend pod person jewelry to anyone! It’s dangerous!

  • Eat something Kate

    Not a flattering pic of Kate’s boney concave chest…disgusting


    Those boots should be able to walk by themselves by now. Why doesn’t JJ have any pictures of the couple at the Audi party? Funny how JJ doesn’t mention that Alex was there with his father Stellan, brother Gustaf and friend Bjorne. The three Skarsgards took a picture together but Khate was noticeably absent from the family picture. Not feeling the love.

  • Tackymint Sucks

    That chain on that necklace looks soo cheap! Why has this tackymint business kept going!


    If the clan not taking a pic with that papho is any sign it would be that papa Skarsgard does not approve of the relationship. Hell he thinks nothing should anchor Alex in the states and that includes Kate Bosho. Where the FU*K are these suppose friends of hers JJ , was it her agents, manager , asssistant’s house because lol that doesn’t really count does it?

  • OCD

    LOL Kate does have mental problems to be wearing those stinky boots again perhaps OCD?

  • Kate’s A Joke

    Not again with this famewh*re…does she have any pride at all?
    Kate you should go back to Princeton, I mean enroll and finish…oh never mind I now see why you didn’t go at all in the first place you were scared you counldn’t cut it right, after all you did not get in on intellectual merit, no it as because your father was on the advisory admission board at Princeton at that time. Unlike Natalie and Claire who actually enrolled and finished their ivy league eduacation and look at them now, it’s obvious KATE YOUR NOT THAT SMART. Ether that or he Coke you sniff killed too many braincells. This Jewelry mint business is not going to support you for that long, you better start making plans in another profession.



    Nope. It’s to prove to Alex she too can wear the same boots and clothes as much as he does. On him it’s a guy thing. She just looks pathetic and dirty.

  • vids

    Only two photos?

  • vids

    What a waste of a post.

  • vids

    This is another celebrity that this blog gets paid to post about. She’s on here all the time for no reason.

  • Jess

    She must be broke. She wears the same clothes over and over again. I guess JewelMint must not pay well.

  • twisted

    This woman is almost 30. The outfit looks like something a high school student would wear.

  • mickey

    ugly chick

  • Pumpkin

    She has a big head on a small body.

  • celeb spotter

    This one again? Please get us some real celebs!

  • hmmm

    Is she wearing Alexanders shirt again?

  • Winter

    @twisted: IA, this would look cute on a young girl. Kate Bosworth should start dressing like an adult instead of a teenager.

  • burn it!

    Burn those boots, Kate!

  • Unbelievable

    This is what it’s come to? Pictures of her checking her phone now? Wow.

  • Common Sense

    @hmmm: The girl looks 5’4′ and probably doesn’t weight more than 100 lbs. The guy you’re referencing is probably at least a foot taller than her and closer to 200 than 100 lbs, so I don’t know why you’d think she was wearing his shirt. It obviously wouldn’t fit her and would hang on her like a dress. The shirt she’s wearing fits her and was made for a small woman.

  • Peanut Gallery


  • Jeff

    @hmmm: No, it’s Ryan Kavanaugh’s.

  • Wilson

    She suffers from early, onset female pattern baldness…She should speak out about it.

  • kitty

    that’s not alex’s shirt…have to wonder why she’d wear one that’s practically identical. she really needs to find her own identity rather tah morphing into her boyfriends.

  • Wilson

    She could help a lot of women.

  • kitty


  • @kitty

    The shirt looks way too big for her to me. Look at the sleeves. They’re all bunched up and still the cuff almost covers her hand. Of course, if PR want to suggest she’s wearing his shirt, there’s nothing to stop her buying an identical one in his size.

  • wow


    The second link kinda looks like his shirt? I dont know but the shirt Kate is wearing def does not fit her and its quite ugly, but then again, maybe thats the look shes going for??

  • big forehead

    Yeah! I am sure she is going for look I’m wearing his denim shirt but let’s face it she a skinny starving B**ch and she wears big clothes to make it look like she not hungry.

    Big clothes from 2005 when she actually had a body but just like her big forehead she also loves to wear big jacket.

    There are lots more at x17 where she is wearing big stuff to match and camouflage her big forehead. which does help it’s huge like this

    She was wears big shirts and jackets when people scream that she look hungry and plus she is desperate enough to stage that she is wearing Alex shirt. Next thing you know she will start walking down the street in his purple undies and his plaid shirt just to state we are so close look I wearing his dirty undies.

  • Lena

    Those boots are now part of her feet.

  • Emily

    Is there way to banish this woman to the Island of Hollywood Has-beens? I understand back during Sundance since she had two films to promote (which of course Jared took completely out of proportion and made it seem like she was the star of both films) but why for crying out loud is she photographed EVERY day? She does absolutely nothing, she’s no longer current (oh and by the way sleeping with a television actor doesn’t warrant a post). Sorry.

    If she’s looking for exposure, she’s found it. I’m now officially sick of looking at her face on this website, which I used to like coming to for pictures and news on legit actors. Oh and before the Kate stans jump on me for being a fat and crazy Skarsgard fan, nope. I don’t see the appeal in that man, he seems just as fame driven as her.

  • yep

    she is beautiful!

  • I don’t understand why ?

    You all come in here, he is going to keep posting about her, because you all respond. Apparently she doesn’t read this site, because she keeps wearing the same boots over and over again. SHe wants the exposure, ONLY!! The more you talk about her, the more she gets. AS for Alex, he’s been dating her for a year. He isn’t going anywhere soon.

    Another note, she arrived with Alex in the same car, so yea they arrived together, whether Stellan wanted her in the pic or not is irrelevant, apparently Alex wanted her there. I don’t like her either, but realism is what it is, realism.

  • Gina

    Hey at least they are owning up to the fact that most of her posts are really just to promote her failing jewwlry line. This time they just put it out there. They are listening (or reading)….

  • YvetteW

    Can not say I blame her for the hustle – oops I mean PR – of her jewelry. However it would help to show the stuff. You can not see what they are selling in either picture. I have seen enough of her stick legs, those godawful boots, and her 2 minute movie roles to last a lifetime.

  • @ I don’t understand why?

    yes I do agree with you alex wanted her there
    he arrived with her left with her including “friend” bjorn it’s almost like there baby sitting her in the car,
    yet alex fail’s to pose a picture with her or even acknowledge her she poses solo. nice boyfriend. oh yes alex and kate are trying to keep thing’s on the DL because it’s USA alex only shows PDA outside the USA epic fail!!
    once there at a party alex bearly acknowledges her anyway, reports of her being clingy and moaning while alex is being friendly with other guests what a child and that’s from the GG after party. so what are they are like at other partys!!
    nice couple LOL

  • Jewelry Desigers?

    Hey Cher & Kate, FYI, there are artists who actually go to college to study jewelry design- it’s not a hobby, it’s a profession. They study things like design principles- something you might want to brush up on. It’s insulting to me as an artist, and I’m sure to all of the other Real jewelry designers out there, many of my friends included, that you think you can just decide to do this with no education or product design background. Maybe this explains the reason your jewelry isn’t selling and has to be promoted on a hollywood gossip website…
    Cher-”hey Kate, I have an idea! Lets start our own line of jewelry luv! You don’t have much of an acting career left, and I don’t know what I do all day long, so let’s become jewelry designers!”
    Kate-”that sounds like fun, but don’t we have to know HOW to design jewelry?”
    Cher-”how hard can it be? I already have a sketch pad and colored pencils. Besides, you never studied acting and you’re an actress, sometimes…and… we’ll make these little videos talking about our jewelry, so you’ll still get to be in front of a camera- kind of like acting!”
    Kate-”okay, but we have to make sure that all of the jewelry we design coordinates with my beige suede boots.”

  • Nikki

    the Skarsgards need to have an intervention and hit Alex over the head until he comes to his senses. i mean really, look at the girl…he could do SO much better if he wasn’t whipped…or desperate for exposure because i’m pretty sure he’s in on her PR mess.

  • @Jewelry Desigers? (sic)

    Funny post, but anyway…

    Cher Coulter claims to have a qualification in fashion design from Central St Martins in the UK.

    Jewellery design is not in fact a profession. A profession means you aren’t allowed to practise unless you have a qualification and you’re a member of the professional body. In most fields of design you’re as good as your portfolio and Cher is perfectly entitled to try and market her designs, tacky or not.

  • Me

    Those boots are going to start walking on their own. She wears them all the time. The stench from her feet would slay an elephant. If she can’t afford pricey boots, go to Payless. They have a buy one get one half price sale most days.

  • Eresyn

    Her jewelry line is just too pathetic…Cheap looking and not original at all…That long necklace she was using here, it looks like it’s made from a soda can ring opener, with a 2 cent cheap plastic gem glued to it to embellish it…AWFUL!!!!!

    Seriously, who would want to use such tacky and cheap looking stuff????
    She should’ve made a deal with a shoe store instead, so at least she could be wearing NEW shoes instead of those HORRID old boots!!!!

  • eresyn

    Her jewelry line is really pathetic. That necklace she used here looks like it’s made from a soda can ring opener with a 2 cent cheap plastic gem, to embelish it :/. It it just AWFUL!!!! who would want to buy such crap????

    She should pair with a shoe designer next time, so at least she can get free shoes and get rid of those HORRID old boots!!!!!

  • eresyn

    sorry about the almost double post…wtf???LOL

  • fashionista

    The shirt is not too big:

    With the exception of the sleeves, which are just a tad long at the ends, it fits her perfectly.

    She’s a petite girl — not just in height but also bone structure.
    She is not wearing a man’s shirt. If she had on a 6 foot plus guy’s denim shirt, you’d see a substantial difference in where it fell at the sleeves and end. She wears a similar brown shirt. I think she got it from H&M or Top Shop.

  • http://Viking65 mforman

    their jewlery line is going down hill and it has been even before they started discounting and giving free shipping, the stuff is crap, I don’t care how hard she tries, it is awful. watch out AS soon she will want to start a crap clothing line and start another round of this stupid publicity. when they arrived at that party you could see he couldn’t wait to get out of the car and away from her stoned, drunken looking a**, he almost runs over the paps to get to the front door, she is not even really talking to him, she is talking to whoever is in the backseat, because AS has his eyes forward the whole time they are on video, she did not even sit with them. I think she heard he was going with his family and got Robin the wh*** of publicity to snag her a ticket, probably using another celebrities contacts and forcing AS to drive her. his father is not the type to put up with a clinging whiner at an industry event which was very important to AS, to mingle and talk and not be bothered with trash. this girl needs to wake up, she is worse off now than ever, it did not even take the jewlery line a year to fail, it cannot be saved, people are only getting pcs (if they order at all) to laugh and make more fun of her, I thought she was a laughing stock before but after 10 yrs in this business and nothing to show for it, not even an unpaid friend, and the disgrace of WW and those two bit, bit, bit parts in the Sundance films which are never going to be picked up, she needs to step back, and maybe go home to her blue blooded parents and the guy she cheats with back home and bury her head in the sand for a long time, leaving poor AS to turn things around for himself, he really deserves that. by the way I am not some crazy fat fangirl just a fan of his even before TB became so popular.

  • This is almost embarrasing

    Seriously – it’s so obvious that these posts are pure pr for her. So this is essentially what’s left of her carrer – posing for pap shots and paying gossip blogs to post them. In order to seel cheap jewelry.

    I really want to know if Alex has any idea about this. I don’t believe he wants pap-attention but he has to be pretty thick not to notice the pap-attention gets worse when she’s around.

  • http://justjared Mjforever


  • E online artical

    PR pople are working over load for this relationship kate was caught hanging out with alex’s dad stellan skarsard yeah right what ever. alex and kate even enterted the party seperate dispite arriving together what is that all about, pretending not to be a couple?? however they both stood side by side once inside the party what ever?? and they are so happy together and serious what ever??
    and no PDA from either of them so alex does not even give PDA to his GF in a private setting there was no paps kate must have been dying for some love crumbs from alex she is all for PDA
    however kate needed to be on her best behaviour because stellan was present otherwise she would have been all over alex like rash
    what a loving couple??

    and all this information has come from CLOSE SOURCES AND INSIDERS what ever???

  • AnnmarieZ

    When AS & KB do split there won’t be a picture of them together that JJ can split down the middle!!