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Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise: Science World with Suri!

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise: Science World with Suri!

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes make their way into Science World with their daughter Suri on Wednesday (February 9) in Vancouver, Canada.

The 48-year-old actor shielded Suri from photographers with a blanket while being escorted into the center by a tour guide.

Earlier this week, Katie took Tom‘s older daughter Isabella out for a vegan lunch at Gorilla Food.

The happy family is in Vancouver while Tom shoots his movie Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

FYI: Suri is wearing an Eliane et Lena fur coat. Katie is wearing a Jennifer Meyer Initial Necklace in “S” for Suri and J Brand “901″ power-stretch leggings in Mazarro.

10+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes taking Suri to Science World…

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  • JC

    That is straight up the goofiest family ever.

  • http://maggimarcus Maggi

    Happy? Didn’t they get divorced?

  • ellie’

    Just love this family..beautiful…..

  • ellie’

    Just love this family..beautiful…..

  • ellie’

    Just love this family..beautiful…..

  • Fruttel

    I really hope Isabella is NOT wearing a fur-coat!! Grrrrr.

  • missy b

    The older Suri gets, the more she resembles her Daddy’s side of the family. I see a lot of Tom and his mother and sisters in her face. If you’ve seen photos of Cruise’s family, I don’t see how you could deny that Cruise is her bio father.

  • lucy2

    Josh junior is a cutie, but why do they dress her like she got her clothes from the Salvation Army?

  • vivi

    Random Art: Diddy~Dirty Money iHatethatYouloveMe

  • hello

    suri is so cute

  • mika

    why do the negative tom cruise comments always get thumbs up and the positive comments get thumbs down??? stoopid tc haters

  • Sunshine

    @missy b:
    Maybe we don’t believe that Suri is Tom’s because:
    1) Tom doesn’t sleep with women
    2) Suri’s face looks OLD like Tom’s (bags around the eyes). This is not a genetic trait, but rather a result of age or lack of sleep.
    I’m sure that Suri sets her own bedtime. She does run the house.

  • Disco Woman
  • pr person

    Double dose of double yuck!!!

  • Disco Woman
  • moeww

    Now THATS what i call spoiled!

  • it’s robo-bride

    Can KH look any worse? (Yes I know she can)
    Messy scrunchied top knot. Hair looks filthy.
    Pilly heavy winter sweater combined with what looks like a lacy summer blouse.
    Jeans too tight.
    Boots are starting to look well used.

    Tom, of course, is in his usual look these days–shirt open to show his manly chest. Jeans and shoes with tall lifts!

    These two don’t look happy.

  • 00000000

    awww cute i like them

  • Anon

    Who all here has a bunghole with clingons. Katie should poop into your mouths you all need to stick a backhoe up your arse. Go lick your bungholes you jealous cakeholes.

  • Sensible

    Seriously, it’s FREEZINF outside….why is that child NEVER wearing tights/pants/leggings/something to keep her legs warm??? Suppossedly Suri doesn’t like pants…since when does a child get to decide what they wear??? She’s a TODDLER! That family is whack and they aren’t fooling me, trying to look all normal and s*it.

  • Susie#1

    On one of the other sites, it said that Suri complained she was cold. So why don’t her parents carry extra, warm, winter clothing for her. Maybe she’ll decided it’s good to be warm when the wind is blowing. She looks thorougly miserable here. Suri is underweight, her legs are too skinny, poor muscle tone, and she’s always pale. Maybe a decent diet and normal bedtime work be a good start. Katie looks disgusting…getting worse every day. And for those who haven’t looked at the Daily Mail site, yes, there is a baby bottle on the table – though one person thought it was a doll’s bottle. Not. This family needs help desparately.

  • Enough Already

    To really understand what goes on behind the scenes with Tom and Katie, you must checkout this website:

    Read the top article titled, “Miscavige and Cruise Caught Lying”

    Halfway thru, there is a link called, “John Brousseau settles it.”

    It has pictures and documentation of HOW the Ford Excursion Tom owns was ill-gotten. Yes, it’s the one you see Katie, Tom and Suri being driven in daily in the paps’ photographs. It details how Suri was being built a baby seat even before she was born. It’s all very creepy and disgusting. This couple has really gone over the top. Every day there are updates on that site as to the FBI investigation of Tom Cruise and the advantages/benefits he and his wife enjoy at the hands of “slave labor”. It’s sickening.






  • Shy

    Gosh those people. It’s a Canada. It’s February. You can see on one picture how freaking cold Suri is. And yet those idiots put her in summer dress in the Winter. Where is the child protective services?

    I wonder if they will hold Suri on their hands with a blanket till she will turn 15. That would be fantastic to see how Tom will carry 15 years old Suri on his hands and all her face will be covered in blanket. And we thought that Michael Jackson was weirdo.

  • Grandma of Four

    Things look fairly normal to me! A trip to the science museum…cool! Kids love science museums as there are so many fun things to explore and I bet Suri had a blast! Plus….and this is a big one….Suri has a COAT on! I can hardly believe my eyes! Normally, it is the parents all bundled up and Suri in just a dress! PROGRESS! :-) Nice to see them all together and smiling!

  • annie

    I always check out Tom Cruise Forever site, there are pics on there sometimes you don’t see elsewhere, and there’s a couple of pics of Katie, that when you enlarge them, you see how sweet and very pretty her face is, and there are a few of Suri looking out the car window.
    There are also pics of them at the Thai resturant from the other night, and it showed all people who were sitting at the table opposite Katie, Tom and Suri.
    You never get the real pic sometimes from pap shots.
    I ‘m also getting the impression that people out there are getting tired of some sections of the media bagging her all the time for no reason. I was actually quite surprised at the many responses that came out in her defence. The site in question always overlooks nice pics and tends to print the worst. People out there are picking up on this I think It was nice to read such positive comments for a change.

  • Ginny

    Tom’s almost as tall as Katie in these photos. He must have about 4 inches worth of lifts built into those boots!
    As for Suri, you’d think that Tom and Katie are rich enough to have the help rotate out summer dresses in winter. That would be a smart way for Katie to “let Suri pick her clothes” (but with a little PARENTAL guidance – silly me).

  • KC

    I really don’t understand why her parents do not dress her appropriately for the weather conditions. She must be freezing with nothing on her little legs. Bizarre family dynamic!

  • nicole

    For those saying it was freezing yesterday in Vancouver, it was not.
    It was a gorgeous sunny day. I should know, I live here.

  • Ivermom

    Katie looks like H*ll!

  • l

    this child never wears socks..Canada/Vancouver = winter time at the moment

  • SamanthaJayde

    Katie..please do something about your hair… :’(

  • dani

    It is funny how this site and People Mag are both ignoring the 25,000 word expose on Scientology that the New Yorker has published. The New Yorker isn’t exactly known for making things up. Yet both these sites have published vanilla pics of this man at dinner and People at the aquarium.
    Tom is richer than most folks, yet he is too cheap to pay for his own custom made trailers, motorcycle painting etc? Preferring to use slave labor of folks who get paid $50 a week? He belongs to a cult that supports Prop 8? The coursework alone is estimated to cost around $300,000 so the cult obviously doesn’t want poor people in it. It is a well written article with supportable facts.

  • boston61

    Why does this little girl always look like such a slob? Why is she always half naked? I think she fancies herself a princess. She is too special for jeans and sneakers.

  • New Katie Clip As Jackie
  • mwannirs
  • To annie #27

    I’m glad you’re so in love with Mrs Cruise annie because she’s gonna need all the help she can get when her husband goes to jail and her new religion falls apart. I think she’s pretty disgusting. She is, no doubt, aware of all of Cruise’s illegal acts being his loving wife and all and obviously has no problems with it. She travels around in a limo built with slave labor and lives in a house renovated by slave labor, all while she walks around in $1000 shoes and carries $5000 bags. Come to think of it, I hope the FBI take a long, hard look at her as well. She’s participating in the human trafficing and she should be held accountable along with her husband.

    The only one I feel sorry for in all of this is Suri. Not only is she being raised by an incompetent woman who sold her soul for a bunch of credit cards and a pathetic career, but that same woman is also allowing this poor kid to be raised in a cult. My God……that poor kid is still on the bottle!! She’s not dressed properly and her poor little head is being filled with nonsense written by a mad man science fiction author. While the FBI is looking at your idol for being an accessory to human trafficing, I hope Children’s Services looks at her for being a horrible mother for allowing her child to be raised in a cult.

    Finally, I hope Cruise does go to jail and based on the evidence that is appearing on the web (pictures, logs, schedules….etc), it won’t be long before that happens.

  • Why?
  • Sciento Cult

    To annieo #27 – You are absolutely right about this “cult”, cross finger that FBI can find some evidence to capture “the alien leader” of Scientology.

  • kuper

    Not agreeing with how they dress Suri, but “Canada” winter is totally different on East/West coast. I wear shorts on sunny days in Vancouver – it’s pretty warm when the sun’s out. Toronto/Quebec weather is the one everyone’s thinking about -30C.

  • HML

    It wasn’t that cold in Vancouver. It can actually be pretty warm during the day. A girl I went to HS with was actually their tour guide, and she said it wasn’t cold that day.

  • Romeo

    Right, #7 and #11.

    How can you possibly know any of that, #12.

    What sites, #22? Why do you believe everything you read?

    How does she look miserable here? You can’t diagnose someone via paparazzi photos and make silly assumptions about her diet or bedtime.

    That’s an inaccurate assessment, #23.

    She doesn’t nor ever looks cold, #25, #28 and #29.

    Because they know that Cruise is barely mentioned in the article, his reps denied the direct involvement of church members and he had nothing to do with how David Miscaviage was treating them, #34 and #38.

  • Gaga Goo goo

    OH shut up Romeo or whatever names you use.

    You are so can’t see or think straight.

    This brat still uses a bottle and a blankie and you know it. She is almost 5 years old. Not 5 months old.

    She is surely autistic at some level. Of course, Tom, with his cult religion and bimbo wife,..will deny it.

    Its too bad and these idiots should never conceive a child again. What a sorry life regardless of having a bundle of money,etc,,,,which is not important.

    Go dig yourself a hole!

  • anonymous

    I don’t like to say negative things on this site, but what is with her hair?

  • dani


    It is unbelievable that you keep defending him and this cult. You have got to be part of Xenu because anyone with a lick of sense knows Cruise is so deep into it that he knows exactly what is going on. DM is Cruise’s bestest buddy and you think Cruise doesn’t know what is going on? Oh puh-leez.

  • dani

    Oh yes Romeo–#23 is spot on with the article about DM and TC lying.

    One more nail in the coffin that proves you are part of the cult of Xenu.

    You answer exactly as you have been taught to answer.

  • Romeo is an IDIOT

    My God Romeo. You are truly a mentally deficient Cruise fanatic. Yes, Cruise denied the allegations and this evening, one of the many people who did slave labor for Cruise came out with pictures and doucumentation to PROVE that Cruise is lying. The Village Voice and many other sites are carrying the information.

    Perhaps you ought to shut up and stop defending Cruise when you don’t have all the information. You’re as offensive and obnoxious as Cruise and I suggest you STFU because you look foolish defending a man who is very close to going to prision. Cruise accepted slave labor. He allowed slave labor to be used in his home, at his airplane hanger in Burbank, in his offices and on his cars and motorcycles. He KNEW the people working for him were not paid because he knew they were Sea Org members. HE DID NOT PAY THEM AND HE KNEW THEY WERE NOT PAID BY SCIENTOLOGY. THAT IS PARTICIPATING IN HUMAN TRAFFICING AND THAT IS AGAINST THE LAW. HE ALSO BROKE IRS LAWS.

    Romeo, get out of Scientology while you still can.

  • Helen

    haha that child is more stylish than her momma

  • Romeo

    She’s not autistic no matter how much you want her to be, #44.

    I’ve never defended his stupid religion, #46.

    I’m not a Scientologist, #47.

    Link me, #48.

  • http://nicole Alice Cutie

    Adorable,nice and sweet family!How can someone tell bad things about Suri?That is horrible! She is just lovely little girl.