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Leonardo DiCaprio As J. Edgar Hoover -- First Look!

Leonardo DiCaprio As J. Edgar Hoover -- First Look!

Leonardo DiCaprio smokes a cigarette on the set of J. Edgar on Tuesday (February 8) in Los Angeles.

The 36-year-old actor filmed scenes for the Clint Eastwood-directed flick, which also stars The Social Network‘s Armie Hammer, Josh Lucas, Ed Westwick, and Naomi Watts.

Armie, who plays J. Edgar Hoover‘s number two man at the FBI and rumored secret lover, recently dished that he won’t just be smooching Leo on-screen once.

“It’s not a kissing scene – it’s a ton of kissing scenes,” he told E! Online.

“[Leo is] a talented actor. I’m not nervous or afraid of it being awkward,” Armie added. “The script is great. The scenes are in there for a reason. I’m really excited.”

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# 1

ok i was NOT expecting to see these picture. i am SO excited. thank you jared <3

# 2
Long Duck dong @ 02/09/2011 at 12:32 am

Gisele said he had a tiny pee pee.

# 3

art imitating life

# 4

i guess shia labeouf took over for most bloated face in HW

# 5

he gave all the weight to hayden LOL

# 6

SMOKIN’ HOT !!!!!!!!

# 7

Leo is just bound and determined to get that Oscar! LOL

# 8

leo does such a good job acting I am always surprised he never wins in Award shows (yes nominated, but never wins). Hopefully this role will be the one where he gets his much deserved OSCAR.

Any one else excited for some man and man love. Leo is not new to this btw. I love how as an actor he takes chances. Some are so insecure. I couldn’t imagine Will Smith ever playing a gay character. I remember him being against it when he was younger and saying I don’t want my children to see me that way. Wonder if he changed his mind now.

# 9

The Academy Award should give him the oscar right now

el polacko @ 02/09/2011 at 1:30 am

as hoover, leo looks exactly like he has looked in his last five or six roles.
he ought to try branching out sometime.

Hoover fan @ 02/09/2011 at 1:34 am

I’m lovin the waves in his hair… very cool that we got some pics from set so soon..

wait how did they get his hair to look like that?…thats not his hairline

el polacko @ 02/09/2011 at 1:39 am

@joel: although he was reported to have been squeamish about it, and got some bigoted ‘advice’ from denzel washington about taking the role, will smith played a gay character in his first film, ‘six degrees of separation’.
leo has ‘played gay’ in several films now…he should have it down…especially considering his real-life, longtime relationship with tobey maguire….allegedly…although accidentally confirmed by tobey’s mother. ahhhh… hollywood !

Oh goodie, we’re going to get another squinty performance from Leo. Can Hollywood not get some fresh blood pumped into their films? This guy does the same characterization over and over again. Maybe the supporting cast will step up again to cover up his mediocrity.

Barleo wedding in 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UHHHHM: Joel did you not see Will Smith in Six Degrees of Separation where he played a gay character like over 15 years ago? Research before you post sweetie.

laverdadduele @ 02/09/2011 at 1:57 am

That’s one bad hair dye job.

Alexandra @ 02/09/2011 at 2:05 am

Leo is awesome! I can’t wait to see this movie.

I’m sorry, what I wanted to say was that he (Will Smith) refused to do a kissing scene and was squirmash about it about kissing a guy. Very insecure. Leo went all the way in the 1990′s in some period film I can’t remember. True actors go all the way. You are playing a role. But you know how macho black male actors are with their sexuality.

I love Leo. But that is an awful haircut. and what the heck is wrong with his face?!


AND?? He is into the character.

So after this Edgar Hoover, Leo would shoot next is the Great Gatsby.
Leo is really so lucky – having great scripts & directors just at palm of his hand. But no surprise here coz he’s truly a talented guy & got a box-office weight

And Armie H. should be Superman. Henry Cavill is handsome & talented but Armie got more a “Superman Look” on him…

@Long Duck dong:

No true. And please no more Gisele -sunscreen is poison-Bundchen here.

***Leonardo DiCaprio, Ashton Kutcher and Jamie Foxx Top Hollywood Big Men List

Leonardo DiCaprio, Ashton Kutcher and Jamie Foxx have topped a new list of Hollywood big men and we’re not talking height or weight! Life & Style magazine has conducted an in depth investigation in a bid to find out which movie stars measure up in the bedroom and it seems Demi Moore, model Bar Refaeli and Foxx’s latest girlfriend Stacy Dash are lucky ladies.

David Arquette, David Spade, Jamie Kennedy, Brian Austin Green, Jared Leto and the aptly named Andy **** also make the big boys list, according to the publication. One insider says, “They have nicknames like Tripod and Crooked Stick, in Jamie Kennedy’s case.”

“Most of these guys don’t know one another. But as so many of their exes in LA have been spreading around the gossip about them, when they bump into each other, they give a knowing nod,” the source further added.

I think the movie called “Total Eclipse”

wait how did they get his hair to look like that?…thats not his hairline

it is not very difficult to know that there are hairdressers, makeup artists… they are shooting a movie!!!

Fat in The Can @ 02/09/2011 at 3:26 am

I wonder how many kids are going to take up smoking now ?

@Fat in The Can:

They are filming a SCENE:

The Blood Diamond star was preparing for a scene in which he teaches a young girl how to smoke and Clint was giving the pair direction about where to face and how he wanted the scene blocked.


looking ugly & old

no. He is in full costume and makeup as Hoover.

He is so hot.

Ms barfLeo GaGa Pitt Fan`s official admittance to the looney bin in February 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leo like matte Damon in this pics fan =)

Brightside @ 02/09/2011 at 7:55 am

Even when he frowns he looks good.

I’m so excited!! thank you for the pics, i can’t wait to see this movie,Leo we love you!!!

looking forward to seeing the very talented Leo as Hoover.

The problem with Leo for me as an audience member is that he is sexless. A limp noodle.

@Ms Barleo Gaga Pitt Fan: gosh do u live here? you are always so quick to post. psycho stalker much? do u have a life? go check back into the psych ward hunny.

Kerri Flem @ 02/09/2011 at 10:46 am

@bela: Hahah Barf’s offensive “primitive” comments didn’t even get one mention because she is so unfamous and irrelevant. No one cares about her besides her 2 barflies, ahahah…
Let’s please not talk about Barf in Leo’s topics anymore. I know Leo is her biggest claim to fame but yeah; back to Leo. He looks so handsome. I already can’t wait to see this, lol.

link please?? @ 02/09/2011 at 10:48 am

@Long Duck dong:

Leonardo DiCaprio And Ashton Kutcher Have ’8 Inches Or More’
Share print
Getty ImagesThere are big stars and then there are big stars. And no, we’re not referring to the size of their paychecks.

Life & Style’s new gossip column SCENE QUEENS scoured the showbiz scene to get the lowdown on who’s big, ahem, downstairs.

According to our very well-placed sources, these celebs are all 8 inches or more.

We bring you the LA Pipeline! Members of this exclusive club include some very unlikely names: Leonardo DiCaprio, Ashton Kutcher, Jamie Foxx, David Arquette, David Spade, Jamie Kennedy, Brian Austin Green, Jared Leto, Smallville’s Michael Rosenbaum and Andy ****.

@link please??: Bar was the one who leaked all this dong info. LOL

Sexy Leo! Finally he isn’t a little teen aged baby face looking thing. I like REAL men. He has really came into his own. He needs to dump his ugly girlfriend though. She brings his image down.

Everybody knows that Leo has a huge Pee. It is publicly debated. You are too late to enter the debate. Bye.

that story about leo`s huge pee is so reliable as Gisele saying leo has tiny pee. Leo`s fan are so idiots to even mention those tablids stories around. Of course you prefer to believe the good one.

link please?? @ 02/09/2011 at 2:25 pm


yeah sure,, gisele knows EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING

- breastfeeding should be a world wide law
- sunscreen is poison
- JUSTIN BIEBERS hair should also be worn by every man in the world
- leo has a small p.


Can’t wait to see this. Leo will be amazing, as always. Go Leo!

leo looks great…….anyone else notice that zac efron is literally morphing into leo, freaky as hell look at his lates pics…

holy crap it says their shooting from 7am to 7pm on saturday at some building in L.A that is one looong day… can they work for so long?! or for the actors to stay in character and concentrated….actings not easy geez!!

holy crap it says their shooting from 7am to 7pm on saturday at some building in L.A that is one looong day… can they work for so long?! or for the actors to stay in character and concentrated….actings not easy geez!!

@link please??: huh? I thought this was Leo’s topic…..


candycotton @ 02/09/2011 at 3:33 pm

@16 Dream on you delutional pathetic bitttch Barfy ain’t marrying Leo…..she s a loser deal with it ..her career is in the toilet and Leo can’t. Save it …that sk*ank needs to stay. In Israel where she belongs …doing third world ..reality tv…lol she looks like sh*t, U barf freaks just can’t face the truth…that no one givs a sh*it about ..Barfy ..and now Le that Leo’s wortkng he gonna be Barfless even more now…

dumb blonde @ 02/09/2011 at 3:46 pm

Does anyone notice that Leo looks alot like a preppedup Benicio Del Toro?..I think he does..where the hell is Irmelin,she s in hiding ummm TOO MUCH zipi I guess lol!

at #50
you so stupid.. what i said was gisele story is so absurd as the biggest pee list but like most of sick celebrity fans(leo´s) you believe on that list.
ITS SO SAD i almoust feel sorry 4u ashahsh


I agree with you. He is the best actor around. I was really disappointed he didn’t get a nomination this year. It actually pissss
me off. There is know doubt that he will be in the running for this movie. How can it not be with Leo and Clint invovled. hope

Leo smokes? Hmm…

Olivia Wilde / her hubby – Jude Law / Sienna Miller – Ashley Simpson / Peter Wentz. Who should be the next couple call it quits? I have a pretty good idea! … and it`s way overdue!
I think he looks good on these photos but as someone said earlier he has the same look in every movie recently. This is total Shutter Island to me. I hope his character is a little different this time.


Like i said before you are too late to enter this debate. If you want to know how he has a huge pee, ask kristen Zang his girl frien from 1995-1999. She is the one quoted saying as a joke in interview after they spilt in 2001. And of course at that time Gisele was dating him and that led furious couple fan boys ( i am one of them) and they start posting about leo sack how small is or that so they can just feel better about themselfves. In every rumor almost confirm that he has indeed have the big one. Oh well i can hate on him all i want but i tend to believe he has one so i might as well day dream about his models. That at list he can not take away from me.

11th Hour @ 02/09/2011 at 6:36 pm

@lauren: Ummm… lol. Welcome to my work day – EVERYDAY. I love me some Leo, but I feel no pity for his work schedule because he gets paid millions. Plus, with his job it’s more hurry up and wait.

iheartcomments @ 02/09/2011 at 6:38 pm

@54 Lauren

a 10 hour day on set is not unusual. Sometimes it’s a 14- 16 hour day! Especially for crew, actors can just leave but crew has to stay behind and clean up or prep for the next day. Why do you think relationships are so rocky in Hollywood! Production is very demanding of time.

Hi Dr. Brown and team Leo (I know, a bit belated, can’t keep up with this blog like I used to)

CanadaGirl @ 02/09/2011 at 6:49 pm

Great pictures. I think @Fantomas can take credit for posting about the pics ahead of JJ. Thanks!
He looks great, but not nearly like “Mr Potato Head” Hoover. Hehe… his hair is sweet – tragic – but sweet. I’m hoping that the Hoover PR is psyching out the media outlets and will pull out some sneaky moves by having Leo wear prosthetics without us being aware of it. I want him to jump into the role. Hair – good. Clothes – good. Face – too good.

CanadaGirl @ 02/09/2011 at 6:52 pm

Hi, @iheartcomments: and Leo fans.

Hoover fan @ 02/09/2011 at 7:15 pm

does anybody know what is the verdict on the King ******* thing? is it Leo or someone else? I’m rooting for LEO on this one… ;)

he loooks good here, very sexy, little bit of a paunch, glad the cig is for the movie not smoking for himself again.

his p is probably average but his d i c k in Hollywood juice terms is enormous…that is one mighty king ******* there is no verditct except the one you make yourself. he fits it too a t anyway.

he’s just yum. bar is NOWHERE on his mind right now- that;s cheap p u ss y for playdates not anything of importance

personally think he would look good with olivia wilde- not sienna miller- we finally found a blonde that looks worse than barfy up there- and he already had that trick anyway.

like i said he’s the schlonginator

miss bar jolie gaga unceremoniously voted off the board AGAIN hahahahahhahahahhaahahahah

yeah, im thinking oscar nom on this again…i dont think it can be ignored. not with an 80 year old eastwood as director. I dont know if he’ll make it this time but this one is definitely going to be a nom.

he looks so great in period clothes he was born for the gary cooper
1920′s haircut and the newsboy cap—there is a picture of him on a bike on pop sugar….love it. love the short hair ciut, love the outfit.

Does he remind anybody else of gary cooper and jimmy cagney? I swear he looks just like cagney sometimes.

@candycotton: Hi Candycotton. You have n’t posted in ages. Hope you are well.@candycotton:

@iheartcomments: Hi iheartcomments. Hope you are well.

@iheartcomments: hi iheartcomments. hope you are well.@CanadaGirl: Hi there. Great to see pictures. But I am with you Canadagirl – I hope the production team has more up their sleeve than this. From these pictures I don’t see Hoover I see Leo in a sharp suit with different/weird hair. If we don’t see more of a transformation, I can hear the critics now – Leo is to vain to alter his appearance in service of a character, Leo is not ‘method’ enough in his approach to acting. Even if none of the make up choices are down to Leo, he will bear the brunt of any criticism as ever. So I hope they get this right because I want him to excel at this.

Also, regarding the Gatsby film – Mike FLeming from Deadline Hollywood is reporting that Warner Bros is nearing a deal to finance and distribute the picture with more news expected on this approx Friday.

@iheartcomments: Hi. Hope you are well.

weird. jj posted my comment to iheart so many times. Sorry about that. Take care all.

candycotton @ 02/10/2011 at 12:23 pm

@dr brown I’m good dawg…lol thanks for askin ,a lot of the original posters have left..too many barf freaks are on here posing as Leo fans…except they know who they for Leo.. he does need to show more range in characters like he did in the beginning..I love too see him play ..a murderer …I think he should play Jim Jones… the fallen cult leader..that killed himself and h is followers..that was a real tragedy Leo would probally score an oscar… Johnny depp takes more risks with his career he s not afraid to step outside the box…also Robert Deniro has played a lot of diverse characters…he should think about doing more diverse characters…while he’s still young…can’t believe he will be 37 this year.. times flys…

Bloated old looking between his drinking and smoking cigarettes which by the way he didnt have to practice for this role……he looks gross dont know what happened to a good looking guy hes a loser!

Johnny depp takes more risks with his career he s not afraid to step outside the box…


Johnny Depp more risks? His latest choices are terrible. Alice or The Tourist are horrible movies, and Pirates movies are ridiculous!

Really disappoint­ed for Johnny !!! If it weren’t for makeup, the guy wouldn’t have a career.

@donna 123:

He is into his new role (J.Edgard HOOVER) but if you dont like him, good for you! kissesssss

candycotton @ 02/10/2011 at 1:10 pm

@donna your the loser…hun u sound bitter what happened did your boyfriend spend all the rent money on hookers..again? yeah Leo should take better care of himself…but. saying he’s a loser is. Just not cool.but its funny how you would take the time to post on a losers .blog..?? @sure I know what I said …besides what u you think….he s still taking risks…if u don’t like his work than don’t. Watch!!

Depp is a joke. The tourist was rubbish. He can’t compare to Leo

l’m looking forward to seeing this movie. Theres been so much talk about it

candycotton @ 02/10/2011 at 1:25 pm

Happy early Birthday…. to ” cookie” (Irmelin)…lol…..<3

@Canada Girl and dr brown

Re: Leo’s look

The main focus of the film is Hoover’s early years. See photo of Hoover at the age Leo is playing him for most of the film.

So at this point in the filming storyline there would be no reason for Leo’s appearance to be more altered that it is.

Later in the film when we have glimpses of a far older Hoover we will see the necessary transformation in Leo’s appearance.

Leo did a great job of portraying both the young and older Howard Hughes, and personally I think he’ll do just as well with the young and older J Edgar :)

CanadaGirl @ 02/10/2011 at 6:09 pm

Leo did have a good character transformation with The Aviator, but Hughes and Hoover are different and I think that there’s some room for movement/fine-tuning. The hair and clothes are good and will help develop authenticity, but their basic physiological structure is quite different. It’s time to ugly it up a little and add more to the exterior to refine the characterization.
Good insights tho’, Ann. Thanks. :)

CanadaGirl @ 02/10/2011 at 6:18 pm

You’re right, @dr brown:. Leo will bear the burden of criticism even though he probably doesn’t have the final work on costuming. Leo does great accents and his ability to pick up in the fine physical gestures is amazing to see. I know that I’ll enjoy the movie when it comes out… even though it’s not my country’s history.

CanadaGirl @ 02/10/2011 at 6:30 pm

I think there’s a resemblance there, @scheana2:. Not so much in profile, but full-frontal I see it. Here’s a picture of Cagney at 37: . They both have a little swagger.
Are you being moderated again?

it’s the hairline, hairstyle and foot ball shaped face. its’a great football shaped face, i diss not, but to me there is a strong resemblance. also in the characters he plays–they are very “noir” and that is whay cagney was known for- as the gangter in angels with dirty faces and white heat- not for yankee doodle dandy which cagney finally did win for.

cagney was red haired, irish, and that also reminds me of leo’s ginger hair. leo also looksl ike gary cooper a bit too. sigh.

i think he looks a little bit like redford too sometimes

Leo resemblance @ 02/10/2011 at 9:28 pm

@CanadaGirl: @scheana2:

omg Gary Cooper was a hunk… swooooon :)

Hoover fan @ 02/10/2011 at 10:01 pm

i wouldn’t want to see Leo following in Johnny Depp’s footsteps either… the past few years it just seems like he’s been doing anything that comes his way, like Nic Cage. It’s just working for the sake of paying for his castle that he supposedly owns in France, and he’s gotta think in Euros now so everything is twice as much as living in the states..that’s why you see him taking any job he can get…. I think Leo should diversify too, but I’m thinking more like Robert Deniro… I would love to see him do some comedy and definitely more suspense thrillers… he’s gonna be so good in comedy… I’d love to see him do a comedy with Deniro or even Will Ferrell, Ben stiller, owen wilson, Robert downey jr., I love all those guys… they would mesh really well with Leo, I know it’s a big leap for him, but I hope he will give it a try some day. It will be so fun to see him do something goofy and different. And I think it would be good for him down the line …

CanadaGirl @ 02/10/2011 at 10:36 pm

I think that he will eventually do comedy but, like DeNiro and Nicholson, he’ll probably wait until later in his career. Leo is an established dramatic actor, can you imagine how hilarious it would be to see him give a dead pan comedic performance?
Nicholson, who is one of my favs, is great in Something’s Gotta Give. It’s a romcom, but he nails it. Hilarious but still Nicholson, “You don’t see me wearing hats and crazy outfits!” His gestures are classic. Gets me every time.

CanadaGirl @ 02/10/2011 at 10:41 pm

Gary Cooper was quite handsome, and he had a rich “social life” too. :)

@Hoover fan:
i agree with you hoover fan, i would love to see leo do something ‘light hearted’ and comical but i dont thing these sorts of roles are challenging enough for him… he likes to portray ‘outside the box’ charecters…ie as different to himself as possible…this dude is one hardworker…i dont think that at this stage in his career, he doesnt feel the need to loosen up…maybe in a couple of years ( i hope so).
when he was promoting inception, a british journalist asked him if he would do a nice ‘rom com’ movie at some point….he had no idea what that meant…..its a romantic comedy…..

look at leo’s pix up there and then browse cagney on imdb…you’ll see what I am talking about. cagney also has leo’s big arc eyebrows.
cooper was legendary for his you know what. i dont think he was good looking later on, i’ll take cagney but as a young man he was very much so.

leo = cagney, cooper, orson welles in terms of performance—ever see welles as border town sheriff—forget name of film but it is noir classic.

Hoover fan @ 02/10/2011 at 11:14 pm


omg I LOVED him in Something’s gotta give… he had me in stitches at the end when he goes to meet Diane Keaton in Paris and he’s at the bridge and it starts to rain…and he says “Anything else??” in his typical Jack Nicholson voice.. I love that man… that would be another dream team, Leo and Jack…match made in comedy heaven lol :)also As good as it gets and Anger management are two of my JN faves…..I’m not a big Adam Sandler fan, but Jack made that movie for me. Also Woody Harrelson and John Turturro were great….Turturro is another actor who’s way under-rated imho, he’s doesn’t get the recognition he deserves. .

Hoover fan @ 02/10/2011 at 11:19 pm


I agree with you, and I don’t think it’s going to happen any time soon either… but I hope that if a really great comedy is pitched to him (along the lines of Analyze this which is one of my fave Deniro comedies) that he will give it a chance. I know what you mean though, it probably will be some time before that happens..

Hoover fan @ 02/10/2011 at 11:25 pm


yes they do have similar features, but Leo is much more handsome than Cagney.. Girl don’t tell me Gary Cooper was known for that too, cause you already got me salivating over here as is…that was one hunk of a gorgeous man… those eyes, that face..oh lordy lord lol

his P was/is legendary right up there with Milton Berle…yum, new thread, leo in PJ’s! loving the almost daily posts must be the PR for the film. the article about bar’s movie premiere was funny- i translated the comments Tzipi got outed again- they said she must be tired from typing so much. She made a homophobic comment AND she posted about how blue eyes are just much prettier! I guess she knows she cant get away with it here but she thinks she still can in Israel, no one is watching ! wrong!

Also the passionata pictures look really forced, the one with the baby photoshopped into the laundry basket is weird. Its like barfie would think the baby belongs in there with the socks? Probably. You can practially see her turn into an old fat jewish woman on the Big Brother clip, you can see the divots under the eyes. No, I dont usually look her up but I had time last night… and was tired…didnt practice my usual retstraint from giving her traffic

and to think that I dreamed of Leo last night, he was dancing AND singing, and was very good, I was suprised…

@scheana2: “I don’t normally look her up” ha, are you kidding? you spend all your time looking her up, you are obsessed, it’s always you who brings her up on Leo’s threads. trashing her constantly just makes you sound bitter and jealous.

CanadaGirl @ 02/11/2011 at 7:17 pm

Hi, @Hoover fan:. I think Jack and Leo would be great together. My dream movie … DiCaprio, Nicholson, DeNiro, and Pacino. What movie plot could encompass all that talent? Aside, I re-watched Heat on-and-off this week (at three hours I don’t have the time to do a beginning to end sitting) and the talent in that film is … astounding. The movie has stood the test of time and is still great. Pick it up if you want a good film. Ohh… Val Kilmer…. absolutely stunning in Heat… he’s a great talent.

CanadaGirl @ 02/11/2011 at 7:19 pm

On to the next thread! see you there!

hoover fan @ 02/12/2011 at 5:47 pm


i agree with you Canada girl, that is a dream team indeed… I also love Val Kilmer, I was just watching Tomb Stone the other day and wondering when he will finally make his come back. I really miss him and i think he’s been in a slump for far too long now. And I agree about Heat, haven’t watched that in a while, but I agree that it’s one of the best and the cast was amazing… we need to get those guys back and get Leo in the mix… that would definitely be a dream cast for sure..

CanadaGirl @ 02/12/2011 at 10:45 pm

@hoover fan: Oops.. answered on the newest thread. :)

chimmeychonga @ 03/22/2011 at 8:30 pm

Not much of an article. Hope Clint rises to the occasion, I mean there’s more to JEdgar than cross-dressing. I do hope he includes that Lee Harvey Oswald was a CIA agent that answered to Hoover, or at least intimate that Oswald was set up and bad guys Bush crime family might whack him because he was a good soldier to Kennedy, or he was up to a point, as he was seen in the company of Johnson and Bush the night before the assassination.
Well, I know very little of the subject, but I do hope this movie is not about faggots in the government; though there be many, there are more criminals to be sure.

chimmeychonga @ 03/22/2011 at 8:32 pm

He’s made up to look like JEdgar Hoover of course.

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