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Taylor Momsen Strips Down for Justin Bieber's Premiere

Taylor Momsen Strips Down for Justin Bieber's Premiere

Taylor Momsen wears a revealing outfit while leaving out the backdoor at the premiere of Justin Bieber: Never Say Never on Tuesday (February 8) in Los Angeles.

The 17-year-old entertainer recently revealed who she would love to collaborate with on some music.

“I mean, my all-time favorite band is The Beatles for their genius,” Taylor said. “I guess I’d love to write with Paul McCartney, that would be awesome. John Lennon‘s not a possibility anymore but Paul McCartney would be amazing to collaborate with.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Taylor Momsen’s premiere outfit?

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  • kate

    She would be lucky to ever collaborate with Sir Macca! Im pretty sure there are thousands of more talented singers, and less temperamental, he would prefer to work with!

  • Angela

    She looks like a hooker.

  • tricia

    fame whoooooooore.

  • Warren

    I thought she couldn’t stand music like that. She always acts like what she does is better. What’s she even doing there?

  • Nikki

    The raccoon is on the prowl. Why is this girl even famous? All she wants is attention.

  • melody

    I guess I’d love to write with Paul McCartney, that would be awesome! In your dreams. I hate her, she had no style! What a waste.

  • laverdadduele

    So young yet so trashy.

  • sanjaya

    wow i’m surprised she didn’t get arrested for indecent exposure.

  • Lilakoi Moon

    Ha. Is this girl for real? Did she REALLY go to some event (well, sorta, I don’t like Bieber at all but it was still a public thing with lots and lots of kids) dressed like this?!? WTF? I was a rebel and a wild b!tch a few years ago…. but I never made it SO damn apparent. She’s taking it a little too far and people will get over her ass. Oh well, it’s her body…. As for Paul mcCartney, LMAO. Yeah right. When pigs fly.

  • javi

    wow man and i tought miley was under dress lol

  • Twinkle

    Are you sure she wasn’t the party favor passed around?

  • LISA


  • Gilmore

    I thought she didn’t even know who Justin Bieber was? Wow. And she really needs to put some clothes on, show some respect for yourself.

  • http://facebook I LovE Bieber

    sluttttttt put more clothes on….
    ily jb <3

  • christina

    Why was she at this premiere? LOL whuuuutevs.

  • Lena

    She got her outfit at Skanks-R-Us. Somebody really wants to be noticed.

  • Lena

    She got her outfit at HOs-R-Us. Somebody really wants to be noticed.

  • hello

    lock up her parents for neglect

  • Awesome

    It’s just sad that she’s actually a really good actress she could’ve done something with her career yet chooses to dress like a hooker,talk about dildos,insult other people in interviews and generally act like someone who just got out of jail. What a waste of talent.

  • Cora

    Ohh lookey here…super edgy Taylor Momsen: look! She’s wearing black eye shadow, dressed like a tramp, and is leaving the Justin Bieber movie…yeah, there goes any hardcore-badass “street cred” she ever had…lmaooo

  • toni

    Oh Taylor at a Premier? Are you serious? Jesus take the wheel heck take the whole car.

  • Wtf!?

    Seriously, this along with Lindsay Lohan is a case of BAD PARENTING. That’s what it boils down to. If she were my mom’s kid….yikes…she wouldn’t be wearing that…nor acting like that either.

  • http://deleted lovelydee

    Why would she wear something
    like this there?
    That’s totally inappropriate.

  • Jasmine

    Isn’t she too “hardxcore punk rock” to be hanging out a teen pop star’s movie premiere?

  • Crystal

    what the hell is she thinking?? She is the most crazy 17 year old in Hollywood.

  • melissa k.

    People make fun of Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift… ect. for being goody goody teenyboppers. but really, i appreciate them because at least they give kids someone good to look up to. who knows, without them kids these days may be looking up to people like this. and that would be a real shame. put some pants on taylor. it’s not impressive.

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!


  • Natasha

    Why does she always have to go in her underwear? Someone should tell her there are things people call “shirt”, “pants”, “skirts” etc… God, just irritating!

  • anonymous

    shes only 17 ?
    WTF !
    wheres her mom ?!
    what the f*** was she thinking ! she needs jesus or something , she has to be insane to wear that !!!!!!!

  • headache

    LOhan has way better fashion sense than her.

  • Phillina

    She looks great! All you other losers are just jealous!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o L

    …This kid’s trying way to hard.

  • emily


  • Clairedelune

    Where are her parents? Sad day for America. She is actually a good actress and has a real passion for music. What happened?

  • dance2xo

    I thought she said she had never heard of Justin Bieber? haha

  • Lalalove

    eww pancake back

  • RJF

    well…there is a reason she left out the back door


    People need to stop feeding into her clothing choices. SHE IS DRESSING THIS WAY FOR ATTENTION! So quot giving it to her.

    In 2011 dressing like a total sl** is no longer shocking. I don’t get WHY anyone is shocked by how she dresses when we have been seeing underage girls dress this way for years.

    Bottom line is she has no talent and cannot get attention without doing **** like this. It is pathetic, it is desperate. SO STOP giving her the attention. And no dont come back here with “well aren’t YOU giving her attention” bs comment. This is the first and only post I will ever make about this irrelevant skank.

    All I’m saying is she is INTENTIONALLY dressing this way, so you will talk about her and make her more famous. So don’t. The day people stop acting so “shocked by her wardrobe, is the day she’ll stop trying so damn hard to get people’s attention

  • hmm

    she’s not even legal!!!! where are her parents???? are they trying to raise a hooker?

  • Maggie

    her body is so not even hot enough to be wearing that. she’s like that weird nerd girl in high school with the super long hair that needs to be cut and styled and the pasty white skin and the skinny yet totally not worked out, flabbish body.

  • miss8

    taylor, do you know why the call it UNDERwear???? DISGUSTING…btw…


    Hey give credit where its due, she is an amazing singer and no body gives shit to GAGA for basically doing the same thing, YOU ROCK IT Taylor

  • justagirl

    As said before, where are her parents??? This is impossible! She is only 17! It’s even strange when you were something like this outside the house or outside a strip club when you are an adult. This is so not appropriate “street wear”, what the heck? Is anybody actually paying attention to her music? Because honestly, if she is good (and I don’t want to judge about this) then she doesnt need this mascerade! Get dressed, girl!

  • Janine

    I agree she’s a fame whore and stuff but I really like that she goes thru with this..
    I think she looks rock n roll… even thou that might not be a good thing

  • Nikki

    This is just plain weird. Im not sure what the celebrity world has come to at this point, but i have a feeling it will only get worse

  • Annie

    She’s totally like one of those unpopular, gangly, nerdy girls who start slutting it up as soon as they leave school to show how tough and “hard core” they are now. Pa-thetic.

  • jessica

    What’s wrong with her? Some days ago I watched the first season of Gossip Girl and Taylor was so beautiful, young … I mean, a normal girl. Now, I look at recent pictures of her and I can’t believe that are the same person …. she’s the next Lindsay Lohan, if she’s lucky, maybe she can be next Mischa Barton …

  • reggie

    I like her she keeps it real . She is a little bad **s with a killre voice. Kill it girlfriend!!!

  • really123

    love the back. can I see the front?

  • Aimee Webb

    Looks like she got lost on the way to The Rocky Horror Picture Show ….er…Oops wrong Movie XD