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Zac Efron: Back in Los Angeles

Zac Efron: Back in Los Angeles

Zac Efron lands at LAX after flying in from New York City on Tuesday (February 8) in Los Angeles.

On Friday, the 23-year-old actor flew to Manhattan to film some scenes for his upcoming movie, New Year’s Eve.

Earlier this week, Zac was spotted on the romantic comedy’s set wearing a helmet while riding a Vespa.

Zac also caught a performance of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark and posed for pics with Glee‘s Chris Colfer and Spider-Man star Reeve Carney backstage!

FYI: Zac is wearing a pair of Rigid denim by Simon Spurr.

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  • Tesha.

    No matter what he looks like hes still one of the hotest men in the world. I adore him.

  • Dylan

    It’s weird, since he’s not seeing Vanessa anymore he has lost his looks and style.

  • janeml

    tomrorow is the premiere of I Am Number 4… since Zac flew back from NY tonight, I’m pretty sure he’s going to be attending the premiere w/ Teresa…


  • Clairedelune

    @dylan: word!!! the old zac is more cool and sexy. who is this “i want to be considered a serious actor guy?” reminds me of other passed-their-prime teen throbs.
    zac: why looking so have a short neck so maybe consider v neck collar. you still can be adorable.

  • k


  • hoitytoitytoity

    Woot woot! Partay’s back!!!! Shots! Shots! Shots! LOL

  • Daniel Tang

    He only has a small part so he has probably finished filming his scenes. Didn’t he film for two days?

  • Kammi

    without vanessa, i just not into him anymore

  • Lily

    jizzz in mah pants

  • anonymous

    his face looks a bit different compared to the past…gain some weights maybe?

  • http://Ta Sligo ^__^ cute


  • sanjaya

    I get the feeling he’s gonna attend the premiere with Teresa Palmer later today and rub it in Vanessa’s face. wow Zac how low can you go

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    Fat and short

  • rattlesnake

    does this pus every smile ? if he can’t handle showbiz then he can retire, I’m sure there are many out there willing to take his salary … give me a break ….

  • what

    damn he lost his looks quick.

  • American Heart Throb fan

    @what: @Dylan: you guys are f**king BLIND!!
    “he lost his looks “??? Look at him he looks amazing&sexy
    and i think he lost some weights:):) love his outits
    ADORE him<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  • zac still zac..never changed

    love him:D:D
    he’s looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    to all his fans ZACY IS BACK;)
    and to all his haters and hudgens lovers KISS HIS WHIT SEXY A$S!

  • hoitytoitytoity

    @sanjaya:Hmmm, let’s wait and see… Maybe we’ll get them macking out at the car park or something. Lol
    Partay’s back!!!! Shots! Shots! Shots!

  • zac still zac..never changed


  • Dylan

    Kammi, I know! Vanessa made him great, without her he has lost it. He is just not interesting anymore. Who would have thought it…

  • http://fanpopgirl fanpopgirl

    zac is back in la!Great hopefully vanessa will be back soon:)

  • http://fanpopgirl fanpopgirl


  • SE

    Sexy as always

  • kami

    there are 21 characters listed on imdb so if each gets equal time in a 2 hr movie that would be 5.71 minutes of screen time for each of them. so yep zac could be finished with his part.

  • Annette

    Anyway, he looks quite good.)))

  • Mac

    A word of advice Zac…lie low, minimize your clubbing and keep your business private the way you have been doing in previous years.

  • cutie

    Zac is back to LA to attend the 2nd Annual 3rd Creative Art Award tonight (09 Feb) at 6;pm to 10pm.

  • anonymous

    its good to see him back, wish he could just smilleeee. its valentines soon, hope vanessa will come back :))

  • Mac

    And I seriously doubt he’ll be attending the I Am Number Four premiere. He’ll most likely attend the 2nd Annual 3D Creative Arts Awards. It’s been announced here:

  • Fauve

    Zac was scheduled for some engagement tonight can’t remember some awards or opening of some thing I know vague, but i have a five minute attention span lol. First I want to address the people who make fun of Vanessa fans. Vanessa fans steadily voted for both Vanessa and Zac during the PCA nominations, as well as the Zanessa fans, it was both the Zac fans and Vanessa fans who get him that award (congrats to him), and it’s not only Vanessa — but Zac fans who were upset about the Teresa Palmer rumors. Which there was no proof of that, and Teresa refuted. Who is Teresa any way??? No one we ever saw Zac or Vanessa near and she seems a little bit too smug, and getting more press then she deserves.
    Far as I am Four goes I seriously doubt Alex Pettyfer who worked with Vanessa in Beastly would want that negative attention and press around his and Diana’s night…. Plus – Alex is Vanessa’s friend, and I don’t think he would appreciate Zac doing that to Vanessa. The premiere is at Mann Village Theatre in Westwood 961 Broxton Ave at 4:30PM go to to it California girls. I wish I could, but I have classes tonight. Go see for yourself I would if I was not in class. Secondly, Zac is not that heartless or unkind. He knows what the fall out would be it would be No Vanessa ever again, both their families hurt, and their mutual friends would think he’s a pig and hateful which is the main reasons… and he would lose too many fans, and that is what keeps him popular —- HIS FANS not the media. Who would go see The Lucky One if he did that? Only the lingering Zac fans who like his looks. He’s lost Zac fans to not just Vanessa. And I definitely would not see I am Four if he did that sorry Alex love you kiddo but not even for you would I. What girl condones and accept cheating? NO ONE. He has let Vanessa and Teresa address these rumors he needs to stand up for Vanessa as she has him. That is what a man does. I don’t pick any sides until Zac proves us wrong he is still innocent and still the guy he says he is until then. He goes tonight to that which he won’t he has another prior commitment he will lose too many fans. Vanessa will be back home soon no reason why he cannot go to the Beastly premiere she has his it’s his turn to go to his. So lets not put Zac down please right now he does not deserve it. I love Vanessa and I love Zac with Vanessa until proven otherwise. Another thing to if his management is behind this then he is stupid for doing what they say no amount of money could make me hurt my love not even for fame. I don’t think Zac is that type so I hope that ends that speculation to. Give Zac a chance and the teeny booper fans you make fun of they are the future if they did not like Zac Zac would be a has been.

  • biki

    first let me tall u something to all of u teresa alrady said that they are just friends on hollywood tv 411 and now i just watch on an interviewer asked her about the rumor with zac and she said that he was there just to see the film. go there and u will ssee if u dont belive me,there is a video. and he is here in los angeles to attend the 2nd Annual 3D Creative Arts Awards. and if all of this stupid rumors was true now both of them will confirmed it is not even confirmed. and i dont got it how all of u belive everithing wath u will read there was no pics of this and there was no videos cuz paparazzi dont leave them alone and there whit them anywhere they will go so how does it comes wath he realy do there is pics wath he is not doing there is no pics so all of this with teresa it is false. and plus those who said that he is all the time drinking where in da hell did u see pics or viedeos of thet thet he is drunk cuz i told u paparazzi are everywhere they go with them i never seen zac drunk and when he toke the shots of tekila whit those group of girls it was just a celebration of something and then i watch a viedo when he was leaving the bar i didnt saw him drunk if he was drunk he wouldnt know where he would go and he would do something stupid. so i didnt see pics or videos of that, that he is drunk or something. and plus those who said that it is better to have many girls to hook up with it is not good or to get drunk or took drugs cuz u coul die of taking drugs i know one of my friends who was doing that none liked him and he was missrable and then he said to me i wish i had one girl who allways will love me and be with her all the time and wath he do to the end he regret it. and i know so many actors and acteres who are not doing thet and still have fame and people like them. and it dosent mean if he is doing this thet he will have more fame or something it is not true people would say wath a stupid man cuz no one likes alchohol and drugs and play field. like other celebirtes i dont know who they are still doing this and dont have very fame like zac have cuz he is not doing none of this. and i will say to u again there was no pics and there was no videos of this so dont belive everithing wath u will read untill u dont see it or dont hear it of them selfs. and i am sure that zanessa it is still together noe there busy just cant see them selfs .or how do u now meybe they are seeing in privete.and i am sure that they will see together on v day or when they finish with filming cuz if they realy break up noe they will confirmed. all of this is false.

  • just saying

    Why on earth is he going to awards events? He deserves NOTHING. He had a crappy movie out this year. And his pretty boy looks are GONE. He looks hard, cold, and cocky now. Not a bit of spark in those eyes anymore.

    And those of you who keep “believing” that famewh**e, that he was just there to see the movie? Well, he didn’t even see the movie. The chick can’t even get her story straight. If you’re gonna lie about what happened, at least get it right. I think that girl has her sights set on Efron; he’d be a big catch for a famewh**e. I think we ALL know girls like that, and they’ll do ANYthing to get what they want.

  • HATERS SUCKS(except vanessa’s)

    @just saying: F**K YOU BI*CH GROW UP!

    love u z you deserve all the best:D:D

  • lauren

    actually i saw somthing last week that zac is possible going to the creative arts that is today.

  • lauren

    actually i saw somthing last week that zac is possible going to the creative arts that is today.

  • gaga

    He is not gowing to the i am number four premiere…zac is in la to attend the 2nd annual 3D Creative Arts Awards tomorrow (09Feb) at 6:00pm its official..

    and the premiere is at the same time..or not?

  • gaga

    uum i forgot to mention, he looks so hot…o.O

  • ann

    @fanpopgirl: Vanessa does not need that human trash

  • http://fanpopgirl fanpopgirl

    @ann:Why is he a human trash?

  • Lindy

    Has Zac always worn aviator sunglasses?

    Because Teresa said in an interview that she thinks guys look cool in them, if he doesn’t usually wear aviators I wonder if he bought them because she likes them……..mmmmm, guess we’ll find in the next few weeks if their now a couple or if it was all just a made up BS story by a so-called “source”

  • peggy


    The premiers at 4:30 he could make an appearance at both or go to an afterparty with the famewhore

  • peggy

    @HATERS SUCKS(except vanessa’s):

    And it is you who need to grow or many get some morals. You don’t make out with a girl in public a week after being with your gf of 5 years in NC the week before, That makes you a sleaze.

  • lauren

    why are you trying to figure out his night or whats he going to do tonight?

  • hoitytoitytoity

    @peggy: I vote for the afterparty. Its where its at, dudes!
    Partay’s back!!!!!!!!!!! Shots! Shots! Shots! LOL

  • truth

    He turned into a fatty just like his idol Leo Dicarpio. But at least Leo is a good actor.

  • cutie

    C-mon people say what you want say about Zac remember zac is nothing to lost no film to promote Vanessa does so you shut up your mouth.

  • Rose

    @just saying: You so annoying ,zac has no problem about that ,if he want to go in the premier of that f………k fugly it’s uf tho him ,he is the one will lost his fan not nessa ,but don’t point out that zac is to bad for nessa,remember they are together for almost 6years,and you can see how he love nessa ,now cuz of this f…..k. Romur you change your mine on him,that is f…..k. ,stupid mine ,so you think good first before you point out!!!!!!! ,zanessa still alive,.!!!!!!!

  • Joyhanna

    in my heart,i really want to believe they are still together
    but i’m not sure anymore…



  • jays

    maybe go to the Party again?
    good luck to your new life Zac.