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Zac Efron: Back in Los Angeles

Zac Efron: Back in Los Angeles

Zac Efron lands at LAX after flying in from New York City on Tuesday (February 8) in Los Angeles.

On Friday, the 23-year-old actor flew to Manhattan to film some scenes for his upcoming movie, New Year’s Eve.

Earlier this week, Zac was spotted on the romantic comedy’s set wearing a helmet while riding a Vespa.

Zac also caught a performance of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark and posed for pics with Glee‘s Chris Colfer and Spider-Man star Reeve Carney backstage!

FYI: Zac is wearing a pair of Rigid denim by Simon Spurr.

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145 Responses to “Zac Efron: Back in Los Angeles”

  1. 1
    Tesha. Says:

    No matter what he looks like hes still one of the hotest men in the world. I adore him.

  2. 2
    Dylan Says:

    It’s weird, since he’s not seeing Vanessa anymore he has lost his looks and style.

  3. 3
    janeml Says:

    tomrorow is the premiere of I Am Number 4… since Zac flew back from NY tonight, I’m pretty sure he’s going to be attending the premiere w/ Teresa…


  4. 4
    Clairedelune Says:

    @dylan: word!!! the old zac is more cool and sexy. who is this “i want to be considered a serious actor guy?” reminds me of other passed-their-prime teen throbs.
    zac: why looking so have a short neck so maybe consider v neck collar. you still can be adorable.

  5. 5
    k Says:


  6. 6
    hoitytoitytoity Says:

    Woot woot! Partay’s back!!!! Shots! Shots! Shots! LOL

  7. 7
    Daniel Tang Says:

    He only has a small part so he has probably finished filming his scenes. Didn’t he film for two days?

  8. 8
    Kammi Says:

    without vanessa, i just not into him anymore

  9. 9
    Lily Says:

    jizzz in mah pants

  10. 10
    anonymous Says:

    his face looks a bit different compared to the past…gain some weights maybe?

  11. 11
    Sligo ^__^ cute Says:


  12. 12
    sanjaya Says:

    I get the feeling he’s gonna attend the premiere with Teresa Palmer later today and rub it in Vanessa’s face. wow Zac how low can you go

  13. 13
    Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!! Says:

    Fat and short

  14. 14
    rattlesnake Says:

    does this pus every smile ? if he can’t handle showbiz then he can retire, I’m sure there are many out there willing to take his salary … give me a break ….

  15. 15
    what Says:

    damn he lost his looks quick.

  16. 16
    American Heart Throb fan Says:

    @what: @Dylan: you guys are f**king BLIND!!
    “he lost his looks “??? Look at him he looks amazing&sexy
    and i think he lost some weights:):) love his outits
    ADORE him<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  17. 17
    zac still zac..never changed Says:

    love him:D:D
    he’s looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    to all his fans ZACY IS BACK;)
    and to all his haters and hudgens lovers KISS HIS WHIT SEXY A$S!

  18. 18
    hoitytoitytoity Says:

    @sanjaya:Hmmm, let’s wait and see… Maybe we’ll get them macking out at the car park or something. Lol
    Partay’s back!!!! Shots! Shots! Shots!

  19. 19
    zac still zac..never changed Says:


  20. 20
    Dylan Says:

    Kammi, I know! Vanessa made him great, without her he has lost it. He is just not interesting anymore. Who would have thought it…

  21. 21
    fanpopgirl Says:

    zac is back in la!Great hopefully vanessa will be back soon:)

  22. 22
    fanpopgirl Says:


  23. 23
    SE Says:

    Sexy as always

  24. 24
    kami Says:

    there are 21 characters listed on imdb so if each gets equal time in a 2 hr movie that would be 5.71 minutes of screen time for each of them. so yep zac could be finished with his part.

  25. 25
    Annette Says:

    Anyway, he looks quite good.)))

  26. 26
    Mac Says:

    A word of advice Zac…lie low, minimize your clubbing and keep your business private the way you have been doing in previous years.

  27. 27
    cutie Says:

    Zac is back to LA to attend the 2nd Annual 3rd Creative Art Award tonight (09 Feb) at 6;pm to 10pm.

  28. 28
    anonymous Says:

    its good to see him back, wish he could just smilleeee. its valentines soon, hope vanessa will come back :))

  29. 29
    Mac Says:

    And I seriously doubt he’ll be attending the I Am Number Four premiere. He’ll most likely attend the 2nd Annual 3D Creative Arts Awards. It’s been announced here:

  30. 30
    Fauve Says:

    Zac was scheduled for some engagement tonight can’t remember some awards or opening of some thing I know vague, but i have a five minute attention span lol. First I want to address the people who make fun of Vanessa fans. Vanessa fans steadily voted for both Vanessa and Zac during the PCA nominations, as well as the Zanessa fans, it was both the Zac fans and Vanessa fans who get him that award (congrats to him), and it’s not only Vanessa — but Zac fans who were upset about the Teresa Palmer rumors. Which there was no proof of that, and Teresa refuted. Who is Teresa any way??? No one we ever saw Zac or Vanessa near and she seems a little bit too smug, and getting more press then she deserves.
    Far as I am Four goes I seriously doubt Alex Pettyfer who worked with Vanessa in Beastly would want that negative attention and press around his and Diana’s night…. Plus – Alex is Vanessa’s friend, and I don’t think he would appreciate Zac doing that to Vanessa. The premiere is at Mann Village Theatre in Westwood 961 Broxton Ave at 4:30PM go to to it California girls. I wish I could, but I have classes tonight. Go see for yourself I would if I was not in class. Secondly, Zac is not that heartless or unkind. He knows what the fall out would be it would be No Vanessa ever again, both their families hurt, and their mutual friends would think he’s a pig and hateful which is the main reasons… and he would lose too many fans, and that is what keeps him popular —- HIS FANS not the media. Who would go see The Lucky One if he did that? Only the lingering Zac fans who like his looks. He’s lost Zac fans to not just Vanessa. And I definitely would not see I am Four if he did that sorry Alex love you kiddo but not even for you would I. What girl condones and accept cheating? NO ONE. He has let Vanessa and Teresa address these rumors he needs to stand up for Vanessa as she has him. That is what a man does. I don’t pick any sides until Zac proves us wrong he is still innocent and still the guy he says he is until then. He goes tonight to that which he won’t he has another prior commitment he will lose too many fans. Vanessa will be back home soon no reason why he cannot go to the Beastly premiere she has his it’s his turn to go to his. So lets not put Zac down please right now he does not deserve it. I love Vanessa and I love Zac with Vanessa until proven otherwise. Another thing to if his management is behind this then he is stupid for doing what they say no amount of money could make me hurt my love not even for fame. I don’t think Zac is that type so I hope that ends that speculation to. Give Zac a chance and the teeny booper fans you make fun of they are the future if they did not like Zac Zac would be a has been.

  31. 31
    biki Says:

    first let me tall u something to all of u teresa alrady said that they are just friends on hollywood tv 411 and now i just watch on an interviewer asked her about the rumor with zac and she said that he was there just to see the film. go there and u will ssee if u dont belive me,there is a video. and he is here in los angeles to attend the 2nd Annual 3D Creative Arts Awards. and if all of this stupid rumors was true now both of them will confirmed it is not even confirmed. and i dont got it how all of u belive everithing wath u will read there was no pics of this and there was no videos cuz paparazzi dont leave them alone and there whit them anywhere they will go so how does it comes wath he realy do there is pics wath he is not doing there is no pics so all of this with teresa it is false. and plus those who said that he is all the time drinking where in da hell did u see pics or viedeos of thet thet he is drunk cuz i told u paparazzi are everywhere they go with them i never seen zac drunk and when he toke the shots of tekila whit those group of girls it was just a celebration of something and then i watch a viedo when he was leaving the bar i didnt saw him drunk if he was drunk he wouldnt know where he would go and he would do something stupid. so i didnt see pics or videos of that, that he is drunk or something. and plus those who said that it is better to have many girls to hook up with it is not good or to get drunk or took drugs cuz u coul die of taking drugs i know one of my friends who was doing that none liked him and he was missrable and then he said to me i wish i had one girl who allways will love me and be with her all the time and wath he do to the end he regret it. and i know so many actors and acteres who are not doing thet and still have fame and people like them. and it dosent mean if he is doing this thet he will have more fame or something it is not true people would say wath a stupid man cuz no one likes alchohol and drugs and play field. like other celebirtes i dont know who they are still doing this and dont have very fame like zac have cuz he is not doing none of this. and i will say to u again there was no pics and there was no videos of this so dont belive everithing wath u will read untill u dont see it or dont hear it of them selfs. and i am sure that zanessa it is still together noe there busy just cant see them selfs .or how do u now meybe they are seeing in privete.and i am sure that they will see together on v day or when they finish with filming cuz if they realy break up noe they will confirmed. all of this is false.

  32. 32
    just saying Says:

    Why on earth is he going to awards events? He deserves NOTHING. He had a crappy movie out this year. And his pretty boy looks are GONE. He looks hard, cold, and cocky now. Not a bit of spark in those eyes anymore.

    And those of you who keep “believing” that famewh**e, that he was just there to see the movie? Well, he didn’t even see the movie. The chick can’t even get her story straight. If you’re gonna lie about what happened, at least get it right. I think that girl has her sights set on Efron; he’d be a big catch for a famewh**e. I think we ALL know girls like that, and they’ll do ANYthing to get what they want.

  33. 33
    HATERS SUCKS(except vanessa's) Says:

    @just saying: F**K YOU BI*CH GROW UP!

    love u z you deserve all the best:D:D

  34. 34
    lauren Says:

    actually i saw somthing last week that zac is possible going to the creative arts that is today.

  35. 35
    lauren Says:

    actually i saw somthing last week that zac is possible going to the creative arts that is today.

  36. 36
    gaga Says:

    He is not gowing to the i am number four premiere…zac is in la to attend the 2nd annual 3D Creative Arts Awards tomorrow (09Feb) at 6:00pm its official..

    and the premiere is at the same time..or not?

  37. 37
    gaga Says:

    uum i forgot to mention, he looks so hot…o.O

  38. 38
    ann Says:

    @fanpopgirl: Vanessa does not need that human trash

  39. 39
    fanpopgirl Says:

    @ann:Why is he a human trash?

  40. 40
    Lindy Says:

    Has Zac always worn aviator sunglasses?

    Because Teresa said in an interview that she thinks guys look cool in them, if he doesn’t usually wear aviators I wonder if he bought them because she likes them……..mmmmm, guess we’ll find in the next few weeks if their now a couple or if it was all just a made up BS story by a so-called “source”

  41. 41
    peggy Says:


    The premiers at 4:30 he could make an appearance at both or go to an afterparty with the famewhore

  42. 42
    peggy Says:

    @HATERS SUCKS(except vanessa’s):

    And it is you who need to grow or many get some morals. You don’t make out with a girl in public a week after being with your gf of 5 years in NC the week before, That makes you a sleaze.

  43. 43
    lauren Says:

    why are you trying to figure out his night or whats he going to do tonight?

  44. 44
    hoitytoitytoity Says:

    @peggy: I vote for the afterparty. Its where its at, dudes!
    Partay’s back!!!!!!!!!!! Shots! Shots! Shots! LOL

  45. 45
    truth Says:

    He turned into a fatty just like his idol Leo Dicarpio. But at least Leo is a good actor.

  46. 46
    cutie Says:

    C-mon people say what you want say about Zac remember zac is nothing to lost no film to promote Vanessa does so you shut up your mouth.

  47. 47
    Rose Says:

    @just saying: You so annoying ,zac has no problem about that ,if he want to go in the premier of that f………k fugly it’s uf tho him ,he is the one will lost his fan not nessa ,but don’t point out that zac is to bad for nessa,remember they are together for almost 6years,and you can see how he love nessa ,now cuz of this f…..k. Romur you change your mine on him,that is f…..k. ,stupid mine ,so you think good first before you point out!!!!!!! ,zanessa still alive,.!!!!!!!

  48. 48
    Joyhanna Says:

    in my heart,i really want to believe they are still together
    but i’m not sure anymore…

  49. 49
    MADONNA Says:


  50. 50
    jays Says:

    maybe go to the Party again?
    good luck to your new life Zac.

  51. 51
    Lady Says:

    He might not be Spider-Man on the big screen, but Zac Efron is still a fan. Despite what seemed like a possible reconciliation between Zac Efron and longtime sweetheart Vanessa…

  52. 52
    pop86 Says:

    Yay, his hair is growing.

  53. 53
    RA Says:

    Look it’s Gods gift to the world. I mean he’s so perfect and wold never make any kind of mistake. I bet he could walk on warter and turn water into wine. I mean he’s already manipulated his fans to thinking he’s the perfect guy so who know what else he can do.
    Give me a break he’s just another Hollywood a-hole who messed around behind his girlfriends back. He’s More then likley there to go to Teresa permire and rub it in her face and let Vanessa know he messed around on her.

  54. 54
    Booo Says:

    He is a A$$$$$$O

  55. 55
    Haters Suck! Says:

    @ #33
    hey a$$ whipe stop stealing my screen name and come up with your own. Maybe I’ll just add “except zac’s” to the end of my name. No, I won’t sink as low as you. I REALLY wanna say something else here but I’m gonna bite my tounghe. I guess I’ll just say cheers to you “golden boy” enjoy your new hollywood lifestyle.

  56. 56
    gaga Says:

    well i read an article today and it says the girl who has written that **** about zac and teresa is a lier. she said her cousin natalie was there but thats wrong the picture of the poster at the premiere was cut on the original pic you can see a guy..

    and zac always wears that kind of sunglasses you can see it on old pictures..:D

  57. 57

    Sexy, masculine, confident, assertive and bold – everything an Alpha Female wants in a man. And I love the new jacket and aviators – they make him look suave and cool. He manages to make the escalator look good.

  58. 58

    Oh look, the Zanessoid Psychotics are back and have united to blog bomb Zac’s latest post back to fantasy land. In other news, the sun rose today and the grass is green.

    I don’t understand how people can hate people they don’t even know. I don’t hate Vanessa; I think I’ve posted once on her blog. I don’t even hate RP and KS – their fans drive me out of my goard though. Truthfully, I don’t hate anyone enough to spend my time and energy spewing hate all over their posts/blogs and press releases. I’m clueless how you guys can muster so much hatred in your hearts for a man who you’ve never sat down and had a conversation with.

    Zac needs to live his life for him, and not for you. He can’t do what you want him to just because you want him to, so try and get over it. He’s a human being with free will – let him make his own choices.

  59. 59
    Annie Says:

    @Dylan: Lost his looks? You’re insane! He looks great here. The face bloat has even gone down a lot. He just needs to smile more. No need to look miserable, bb.

  60. 60
    Lady Says:

    i belive that vanessa will be home tomorrow. she will finsh her movie. she got a lot of work to. and maybe be book for talk show to talk about her movie that come out.still be live that her and zac are together.we fine out that it was a lie about zac and that lady.

  61. 61
    amelia25 Says:

    Beautiful Zac!

  62. 62
    Val Says:

    @sanjaya: ummmm….Zac and Vanessa broke up. He’s single. What is so wrong with that?

  63. 63
    kate Says:

    there could be a chance that V will be at the premier in support for Alex who is in Beastly with her. Never know

  64. 64
    OverHim Says:

    I liked Zac/Vanessa as much as the next person but come on they’re over. Zac’s actions WITH ANOTHER WOMAN last Thursday made that very clear. And why would you want Vanessa with someone who could lead her one while starting up something new with another woman, which is basically what Zac did with Teresa and Vanessa based on an article I read in In Touch about Zac/Teresa. They’ve been going at it for awhile. Why would you want Vanessa humiliated like that? Just so Zanessa is together? Blech. Let them both move on. Vanessa to someone new and Zac to wherever it is that he lost his maturity and heart.

  65. 65
    Annie Says:

    I hope he shows up to the awards show, the movie premier and the after party. The more events he attends, the more pics of him out there for us to drool over. Just saying!

  66. 66
    isabela Says:

    I don’t even how so many people can hate so much on someone they were fans of until like, yesterday (or at least that’s what the called themselves). It’s just ridiculous. Give him a break, jesus christ!
    “omg, maybe he’s wearing aviators cause teresa said she likes it”……….ugh…just STOP.

  67. 67
    Angel Says:

    Well, they never announced the breakup so don’t think the broke up at all

  68. 68
    isabela Says:

    @OverHim: the intouch article is totally false, since it says zac was hanging out with teresa on january 22. And there’s evidence he was in NC WITH VANESSA on tha date.
    And these things about thursday are all false as well. Everything just screams PR!!

  69. 69
    Emma Efron Says:

    Will he be in more scenes? Zac looks hot as always!!!!

  70. 70
    Alexis Says:

    Okay I’m really confused , E!news says zanessa has broken up and that zac has been with a new girl Teresa or something but come on they don’t have solid evidence that zac and the blondie made out and nor do they have evdience that zanessa broke up . They – zanessa – like this on the DL soo all I’m trying to say is …..
    Don’t believe everything you hear until zanessa say so themselves that they called it quits .
    Thanks x

  71. 71
    Emma Efron Says:

    I believe Zac has never changed & he is a very sweet guy!!!!

  72. 72
    lauren Says:

    okay,some of you fans need to chill out.
    no ones knows what really happend between zac and vanessa. same with gossip mags, they dont know the whole truth either. they get their stories from ”souces” who knows maybe the sources are lying?

  73. 73
    BARBARA Says:


  74. 74
    gabby Says:

    Very interesting that People magazine has just posted that Zac was spotted in a shop in New York buying new sunglasses…….and now we have this pic of him wearing new aviator sunglasses……so the person who said that Teresa had said in an interview that she likes guys in aviators maybe on to something!!!

  75. 75
    BARBARA Says:

    The glasses he’s wearing he has worn them before, Vanessa has bought him and she has some glasses just like them. and he always takes her glasses too.

  76. 76
    zac-is-tard Says:

    i agree that vanessa doesn’t deserve this doucebag. he can hook up with that teresa girl or other publicity sl*ts. that’s what he deserves.
    let’s hope that his career slumps and he ends up with a lowlife-b!@tch that will cheat on him too. zac will be 40 and he will be like those “idols” he adores who are always on bars and clubs wasted and has no serious commitment.
    way to go zac. dumb-@$$!

  77. 77
    Rose Says:

    Omg!!!! You are arguing about sunglasses that zac ,wearing?so stupid ,you didn’t saw the other picture of zac from before,he always wearing it and there is picture of nessa that she is wearing checkered blouse ,they same sunglasses ,he is wearing now,you think cuz this stupid tp say that,is they are together ,??? Wait and see ,you didn’t notice ,zac smile is not like before,when he is w/nessa,it deferent ,every time nessa is not here he is lonely,you can see in his face,poor zac he missing her baby,and all you haters back off!!!!!!!! He didn’t. Do anything bad,he is a big boy now ,he is responsible ,he know what he is doing,remember this ,he said he is so lucky to have nessa.

  78. 78
    Whoami? Says:

    Zac will be at the awards show tonight and most likely the reception that follows. He did show up at the screening, it was not a PR stunt as some refer to it. I will repeat “not”. He went to meet up with some friends of his, and that is all it was. Teresa Palmer is just an acquaintance. For those of you who are fans of Zac’s, Thank you for your undying support.

  79. 79
    lisa h Says:

    I don’t think Vanessa will be happy with zac the way he acting. I hope they get back together

  80. 80
    gaga Says:

    this pic is nearly 3 years old..

    another one


  81. 81
    Team Zac Efron Says:

    Right now I’m Team Zac Efron if I Find out that Zac to that TP Prem tonight I will Turn on Back on him and will never Support him again,

  82. 82
    Team Zac Efron Says:

    Right Now I’m Team Zac Efron But If I find out that he goes to that TP Premiere Tonight will never support him again because This New Zac Sucks

  83. 83
    gaga Says:

    @Team Zac Efron:

    zac turned to la because he will atenting at an award show, whic was mentioned on page 1 or 2 or 3

  84. 84
    @80.....gaga Says:

    The sunglasses in those old pics have a different colored frame, there not the same sunglasses as he’s wearing in the new photo above……maybe he wanted a new pair to show off to Teresa…

  85. 85
    Anna Says:

    -_- Half of you need to get the f**k over yourselves… he’s back in LA to attend the Annual 3D Creative Arts award tonight. Its also supposed to be the SAME TIME as the I am number 4 premiere. I dont know, unless he has a twin, i doubt we’ll be seeing him there. Just a thought…

  86. 86
    mig345 Says:

    He looks so cute, His hair is growing so fast, he has lost weight.

  87. 87
    alana Says:

    @zac-is-tard: Wow, the fact that you keep coming on a ZAC post and your name is zac is tard shows me just how devoted you are to him and you claim to hate him. Sure…

  88. 88
    Fauve Says:

    Zac Efron fans in LA tonight he will be at 6925 Hollywood Boulevard Grauman’s Chinese Theatre tonight 6pm – 10pm

  89. 89
    kami Says:


    for the 3d event. here is the ifo.

  90. 90
    lily Says:

    Teresa said she likes guys in aviator sunglasses in her interview for ‘I am number four’ . Zac has always worn aviators but not recently….until today, that makes me think he’s doing it for her maybe?

  91. 91
    kami Says:


    did y’all just come out from under some rock?

  92. 92
    Daniel Tang Says:


    “Zac has always worn aviators but not recently….until today”
    Your logic (rather lack of) is the stuff that comes from the mind of a 10 yr old girl. Wow!!! Your comment is so laughable it’s priceless. ROFL

  93. 93

    @Team Zac Efron: You may have highjacked my screen name, but your lack of punctuation coupled with your ignorance of the rules of capitalization make you an ersatz imitator. If you are going to play single white female with TEAM ZAC EFRON, you need to return to English class and brush up on your grammar. While imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, you can’t muster a 2 bit pantomime.

  94. 94
    just saying Says:

    @Whoami?: So it seems Zac ditched the awards to go partying with his friends. Not sure we know who this guy is. To ditch an expected appearance, is just not what we’ve come to expect from him, especially a night to mingle and make professional connections. What is wrong with him?

  95. 95
    kami Says:

    @just saying:

    no he’s there.

  96. 96
    just saying Says:

    Nevamind….he’s there.

  97. 97
    hii Says:

    Zac apperently didn’t show up at any event tonight:

    From twitter:

    DelmyBarillas Alright guys! Zac Efron was a no show at tonight’s event! Sorry guys!

    No word on why Zac Efron and James Cameron were no-shows..we’ll keep you updated!


    Then someone posted this:

    A drunken zac effron is at the sports bar and his sweet mojo is helping fuel this UNC / duke first half. Keep drinking, buddy!!


    So, skipping awards shows to get drunk, I wonder when it’s time to start worrying.

  98. 98
    Kim Says:

    hii, I don’t know what people are tweeting but he’s at the awards show.

  99. 99
    Susan Says:

    He may not have walked the red carpet. If he doesn’t feel like being photographed and interviewed, he can just go in without the hoopla.

    Teresa Palmer is on Twitter: @tez_palmer

  100. 100
    Hallo Says:

    Not so…..interested already bcos he is not with Venessa. Venessa make him great.

  101. 101
    Rose Says:

    @Susan: Yah ,he didn’t walk in read carpet but he is inside,the show !!!

  102. 102
    Michael Says:

    Zac went from being a twink to a sexy ass man!

  103. 103
    Lisa Says:

    @Rose: And you know this how? Proof, please.

  104. 104
    Soni Says:

    Just want to say that Zac and Vanessa are not split/broken up/taking a break because:
    Jude and Siennna split and it is confirmed by both stars and their reps
    Olivia Wilde and her boyfriend split and it is confirmed by both stars and their reps
    Ashlee Simpson and her husband Pete split and it is confimed by both of them and their reps
    So now, Zac and Vanessa “supposely” break/split up, but no confirmation for themselves or their reps. Therefore, they are together.
    Hopefully this puts to rest the rumors and people can get on with their lives and stop believing the stupid rumors swirling around.
    Just my comment.

  105. 105
    Rose Says:

    @Lisa:go to the Twitter of babayboo zanessa,they said zac is inside ,but he skipped the red carpet and also the director of avatar ,both of them they skipped,better right?

  106. 106
    kami Says:

    a news person from inside the show tweeted that zac and james cameron were there but neither walked the red carpet.

  107. 107
    florence Says:

    @RA: Of course he’s going to go, I mean come on he only left last week for his new bit part in a film and on the same night that his new gf has a film out he’s straight back to LA. to know doubt give his ‘ support’ to his friends yea sur Zac.

    We know he won’t be spending VDay with Vanessa as she is still in NC and will be for the next two weeks with her mom and sis, so wonder which club he’ll hit up on that day and who he’ll be groping and kissing, mor than likely Theresa or maybe Brittany.

    Vanessa must be heartbroken and it must be hard to have your first VDay in a long time on your own, I reckon that’s why her mom and Stells went to stay with her to give her some support, it’s the first of many days that she will have to get used to without Zac, but he no doubt will have a great time in the clubs and drinking. Maybe he might hook up with the 5 women also from the other week, you know keep his options open.

  108. 108
    florence Says:

    @Rose: Pretty obvious why he did’nt walk the carpet or want to talk to reporters’s he’s got something to hide and knew they would ask about his new gf so what’s he got to be ashamed off if all the rumours are true and he and Vanessa are single.

    I would have thought this kind of event would have helped him at the moment to be seen at a event that is to do with the arts instead of all the stories of him going to clubs, grobing Teresa’s bum, drinking shots etc. But no he apprently did’nt want to give his support openly about it.

    Guess he can’t wait to see Teresa for VDay.

  109. 109
    so much better now Says:

    oh Please this guy is so much cuter now, ESPECIALLY now that he’s single and not with Vanessa anymore… I was so sick of seeing him with that stupid shaggy hair and that Vanessa chick…he’s more interesting and MANLY now…

  110. 110
    Rose Says:

    @florence: Ha… so pathetic ,zac he didn’t walk to the red carpet,cuz he don’t want more drama in his life,and if be there in red carpet he know what they will ask for him ,so much worse”you know why?even he want to depend his self,in this drama much better he keep quite,wait until nessa come and strat the promo of beastly,and about the vday you sure that he will go to tp fugly no!!!,like he take a hummer and bang in his head,if he do that I personally ,I will heat him,I will not be his fan anymore !!!!!!!and rest of my family,we will not watch it his movie anymore if he will do that ,but I know he a good man ,he loves nessa,they are only busy that’s why they don’t have time to each other,wait and see!!!

  111. 111
    so much better now Says:


    why are you so obsessed with him being with Vanessa… these are young people, why the hell do you want to keep him tied to one person? that is not healthy, he needs to spread his wings and be with other people… and so does she…it is unnatural to stay with one person when you are that young, you have to date different people and be free… I don’t get you weird fans, you are totally obsessed with these people and I don’t get why… this is not your life, it is THEIR LIFE so let them live it and stop acting like this is your life.

  112. 112
    Rose Says:

    @so much better now: And you !!!you didn’t saw his face now, how sad he is now,you don’t say that much better his look now,w/out nessa in his side he is lonely no light in his face you cannot see his betterness and sadness in his face ,not like if he w/nessa you can see the twinkle in his eye and you can see the happeness,you didn’t notice that,look at him ???he need some NESSA ATACK!!!!!!!!!

  113. 113
    so much better now Says:


    you are not inside his head or know anything about what he is feeling or thinking…like i said it’s not natural for such young people to stay together for years and years…they need to date different people and live their life… I don’t understand why people would want him to stay with the same person for so many years unless they are married with kids… but that is not the case here, these are two extremely young people who have yet to experience life and you can’t do that when your stuck with the same’ gets boring and dull and monotonous…

  114. 114
    gaga Says:

    just chill guys..thats not your live. isnt that zac on the right..

    i think that was inside…oo look he can smile..

  115. 115
    gaga Says:


    why are you thinking that vanessa is heartbroken…may zac is the one who get hurt..and he is drinking alot because vanessa broke up with him??

    my brothers gf have breaken up too and my bro is acting like zac…and they were together for 5 years..evryone is blaming zac and talking ****..

  116. 116
    Rose Says:

    @so much better now: Now you said I’m obsess to this two young people,yes!!! But if it’s true that they are separated already ,I don’t have nothing to do ,unless they are still together ,and they didn’t say that they break up,only the gossip site say that ,and for my opinion they should say that by them personally ,so there fans will not freak out like this,I know they are more matured mined than the others people in this pages,if really they broke up,why????he go to nessa in NC why?????? For me ok if he want to be like this no problem ,unless they are happy,I love both of them and I know while they grow up they will more changes will happen ,but if he is still in his relationship ,he connote do this things w/out nessa permission ,like he did before when he go to strip club,and why also you said it that much better he will not w/nessa ?? If you are not also obsess to him,you want him to be come a player to play more ladies in hollywood ,as far as I know he is not like this,he has respect to his self,and his friend nessa friend also they ate the same circle of friend and there family are friend ,so what will happened if he become a player,more fan and friend he lost it,that’s why I’m not jugged him,until it will clear this stupid romur.

  117. 117
    biki Says:

    omg how do u know that he is drinking if he was drinking alchohol now the paparazzi would have the pics and videos they will caught him if he was doing that cuz they are everywhere with him anytime he will go somewhere they dont leave him alone. and i will say again dont belive everything wath u will read untill u dont see or hear it from them selfs. and the person who said that he wasn”t there and he was in sport bar it is not true dont belive on twitter they can make story like this is made up by some girl that he was with teresa it is not true everithing wath u will read cuz none of this wath u are saying it is not true cuz there is no pics cuz i told u paparazzi are everywhere he is goin so just stop all of u. and for the break up it is not even confirmed it is just cuz they cant see each other cuz there are busy but i am 100% sure that they will see each other on v day or when they will finish with filming and might he wasn”t on red carpet cuz he dont want to get nervous whit all this rumors to explain him self is it true or not time will show everithing thing just wait and u ll see ok?and how do u know meybe thy are seeing in private. and if is realy true break up now both of them would confirmed. so it is all false.

  118. 118
    Rose Says:

    Watch for the cover of detail mag,Vanessa hudgens is sooooooooooooo hot!!!!!!!! Omg. I dying right now I connote believe how hot she is……

  119. 119
    lalabub28 Says: follow the links below the pic for the vanessa details interview

  120. 120
    hoitytoitytoity Says:

    @gaga: Not everyone is blaming Zac.
    But he and his PR team did a douchey PR stunt.

  121. 121
    Nicky Says:

    Here’s a part from the March issue of Details magazine. I think all of you can imagine what it means.

    Asking Hudgens about Efron yields a less detailed response. The way she delivers those nice-girl-just-got-hit-by-a-truck, post-breakup lines—”We’re still friends,” “Who knows what the future will bring,” “We’re figuring things out”—makes her sound like all the rest of the cake-eaters in here: hurt but hopeful.

    And that’s the link of the interview.

    Zac and Nessa are not together anymore. It was Nessa’s and also Zac’s decision to go separate ways. And now stop this idiotic hate against Zac. He did nothing wrong and he does nothing wrong. He is a young guy who can do what he wants. He has to justify anything. And the same is true for Nessa. Let them live their lives and do whatever they want.

  122. 122
    biki Says:

    @Nicky: she said they are figuring things out which means they ll get back soon i read on another magazin that they still have strong feelings for each other and they are still hooking up. and they are not oficaly back yet. but they will cuz it is not even confirmed so they might are keeping it in low key or just want privacy. or just took a break cuz of filming and i just read the same thing on another magazine ”We’re figuring things out”which means they just took a break might of their they are of their reps said that they just need a break but they are still seeng in privacy. so even if they realy took a break they will get back.

  123. 123
    biki Says:

    or might they just dont know wath they want from their lifes and they have so much coming things like feelming or photoshots for magazine or something and now they dont have time to see each other and that”s why they took a break and they are figuring things. they are so bussy and i just read on another just right now article reps of them said that they are on therapist to figurout things. wath se meant was that they are just doing thet cuz they dont have time for each other cuz they are bussy just took break.that they need to slow things down and they will get back.but not yet.

  124. 124
    gaga Says:


    very sad he is a puppet of his publicist…it would be better when he remains his faithul to himself…they are nearly destroying his career…

  125. 125
    gaga Says:

    you know that they are changing the interwiev to get more attention…may vanessa did not say something like this??

  126. 126
    kaya Says:

    she did Bye Zac

  127. 127
    kaya Says:

    she did Bye Zac

  128. 128
    hoitytoitytoity Says:

    @gaga: Get the tone of it = hurt but hopeful.
    And with that douche move, any reunion would have been postpone quite a bit. If Zac can be cool doing what’s to say, he won’t do it again and again and again when ZV are officially together-together.
    No one should be a doormat/hanger at any relationship.

  129. 129
    biki Says:

    @gaga: yeah u are right cuz the whole interwiev was whit not god words and vanessa dont talk like that.and if it was interwiev just vanessa would talk .they made a story, it was saomthing like she was there and it was raining and something the whole interwiev was in past simple and likehow i got it it was just a story cuz if it was a real interwiev just she would talk not some one else and making a story. cuz interwievs are like question and then answers it is not intrwiev to make a story. first they talked something making storys and pretending that she is talking something and it was all the way in past simple tense.

  130. 130
    CarpeDiem Says:

    My thoughts about this whole “are they” vs “aren’t they” (maybe some of you are interested):
    I don’t think that the Detail is some sort of confirmation that they are truly done. The only direct quotes are “We are still friends”/ “Who knows what the future will bring” / “We’re figuring things out”. It is the interviewer who said that they did break up! (The interview took place when the break-up news were all over the media and even the interviewer commented that Vanessa wasn’t telling the whole story because three weeks later they were seen making out.)
    Since then we had several reports that they were together and not just as friends. (Do you still have the keys to your friend’s house? or Do you fly all over the country to visit your friend after you’ve just seen him 5 days before?)
    When you’re breaking up from your first love you normally distance yourself from your ex and you aren’t seeing him / her all the time when you are in the same place.
    I think that they both decided that right now they have to concentrate on their careers and that their relationship comes second (or even third after their families and friends).

    I don’t think they wanted anybody to know about their decision but this is what happened. How? I don’t know but I suspect that Zac’s rep / management has something to do with it because a single young man who parties and occasionally hooks up with different women is much more appaeling to a male fan base than a commited young man who has a more or less clean image!

    Personally I hope that Zac will make headlines because of his work (like Vanessa is doing) and not because he was seen with *** partying it up!

    Let’s see what the next weeks will bring, perhaps we’ll be having pics of them together at one of her premieres because I truly believe that Zac is still as supportive as he was all these last years.

  131. 131
    lauren Says:

    she didnt even answer the question at all.
    i agree with gaga, they do that all the time with celebrities.

  132. 132
    lauren Says:

    Also i agree with carpe diem,
    this person is making sense.

  133. 133
    lauren Says:

    Also i agree with carpe diem,
    this person is making sense.

  134. 134
    florence Says:

    @CarpeDiem: Well Zac’s way of figeuring things out is obvioulsy to be seen getting physical with as many females as possible, visiting nightclubs regular and downing shots, that is sure a good way to try and figure out if you still want to be with someone after 5yrs.

    Bottom line Vanessa is going to be in the media a lot once her films are out and she is going to get a lot of publicity but only good, what publicity has Zc got lately NOTHING that shows he wants to work on the relactionship with Vanessa just as it’s been said as showing him as a single guy, clubbing it up and being associated with as many women as he can, if I were Vanessa that alone would make me thing not twice but three times even if he wants to work it out would it last or would it just be for publicity on his side.

    The interviewer also said that she sounded HURT but hopefull now all these stories are coming out about Zac if she was hurt before how must she feel now. And if she was hurt then obvioulsy Zac just like most males thought with his lower regions first and then is quite happy to be told what to do by his PR team and Gina.

    The Zac of CSC promo’s is long gone and honestly I like many other’s can’t see him coming back anytime soon. So Vanessa honey it hurts yes but your future is not with this boy, go find a man who wants to be with you and does’nt care about being ‘ cool’ with other guys.

  135. 135
    CarpeDiem Says:

    @florence: Obviously you’ve never experienced a break-up / break. When you end a relationship that lasted as long as Zac and Vanessa’s did, it hurts a lot. And everyone deals with a break-up in their own way. Perhaps Zac chose to party it up, if all the reports and twitter sightings are indeed true.
    Persoally I don’t believe what the media wants us to believe.

  136. 136
    BARBARA Says:

    I saw the video and Zac is going to kick himself, you have never seen Vanessa like this she is soo sexie and beautiful, by the way the interview was written in december they have been seeing each since the interview, and he went to vist her in NC even the people on set said they really love each other and they were on the right track and taking theretime i believe Zac’s pr wanting Zac to leave Vanessa, because of the Disney, so people will forget and change his image, to get him future a head, BUT zac still loves Vanessa, when he see her in these pictures, he is going to kick himself, my god she is so sexie and beautiful. If he lets her go he will regret it for the rest of his life, he will never find another girl like Vanessa,know matter how much he trys. But i believe he is still with Vanessa and loves her.

  137. 137
    Tammy Says:

    i used to find ‘Zanessa’ the most annoying couple in hollywood! They where just so squeky clean and perfect, but if you really are a ‘Zac Fan’, then you shouldn’t hate on vanessa because she makes him happy. And i have really noticed this since i’ve started comparing ‘single zac’ to when he was with vanessa.

    P.S. You can critisize vanessa for a lot of things, but you can’t critisize her for her looks because i just saw her deatails magazine pics and she is stunning!

  138. 138
    Zac fan1 Says:

    Vanessa’s new interview… Well, anyone with even half a brain should be able to figure out that she is the one who ended the relationship. She wants to shed her “good girl” image and to have the spotlight completely on herself for once. Zac is the one who has been chasing after her since the break and he is the one who never smiles anymore. She is always smiling and she looks pretty happy whenever she is out and she is the one who is willing to talk about it. Doesn’t sound too upset to me. So, everyone just needs to back the f*** off of Zac. If he needs to go to a few clubs or to spend time with a few women to try and figure things out and to help mend his broken heart then he should be able to do that without sh** from anyone!

  139. 139
    Susan Says:

    Teresa tweeted two hours ago “I am single and am not dating anyone.”

    Thought you guys would like to know!

  140. 140
    kyle Says:

    He’s back in LA because of the 2nd Annual Creative Arts Awards where he is scheduled to attend. I hope to see pictures of him in that event. Such a busy guy!!!

  141. 141
    DM Says:

    I believe that the Details interview was done in December. The first thing they say is the holidays are around the corner, which basically prove that it was done in December..and since then, Zac and Vanessa has been spotted at the Eden nightclub, him going to NC to visit her and I’ve noticed in all his latest pictures that he’s been wearing that black bracelet..

    So I guess they already figured thing out.. whatever it was they worked it out….I we will just have to wait and see maybe he will be with Vanessa on her premiere on March 4th for her Beastly Movie..

  142. 142
    nicole Says:

    why’d jj take off that post about zac being in “the necessary death of charlie countryman”?

  143. 143
    Chris Says:

    Fan girls fan girls fan girls what can I say? You are so Zacnotized you can not see the truth if it hit you in the eyes. When Beastly and Sucker Punch comes out Teresa will be calling up her boyfriend Zac and you will see pictures of them taken by Paparazzi both of them will need the attention because Vanessa will get all of it. No one wants to see that boring movie of Teresa and Topher she will give Zac some in his audi after he has had 9 more shots of Jaggermeister and they will be caught on camera that way him and Teresa can get pleasure out of seeing Vanessa heart broken on interviews about him can any of you tweens read? She was hurt for good reason because he has been ******** around on her since New Orleans even the locals knew that and he guess who was at Zacs house after the I AM FOUR premiere T.P. Zanessa died now they will be known as Team Tac Just Jared will post their pictures all over we will see Team Tac on the kiss cam at the MTV awards where Vanessa will win Best Actress and Best Fight Sequence who they will have her go against Teresa Palmer. Vanessa will be at the Golden Globes and Zac and Teresa will be there to annoy her and the Oscars and the PCA and the list will go on we all know the PCA is rigged they will let Teresa win to see Vanessas reaction when Zac kisses her. How long will it be before Zac takes Teresa to Hawaii and buys her a Kuippo ring or maybe a engagement ring something he never gave Vanessa. Vanessa deserved better from this loser she is better off without him the next guy will appreciate her instead of having her and a side piece girl good bye Zac .

  144. 144
    cutie Says:

    @ CHRIS;
    Dont say anyhing if you dont have any proof at all you idiot!!!

  145. 145
    florence Says:

    @cutie: Well Zac certainly won’t be going to Vanessa’s premiers you can count on that. After all the time she has spent supporting him, giving him praise when she has attended HIS premiers and at 17 Again he did’nt even want any photo’s taken with her, it’s like he was ashamed that she was there.

    If she sounded hurt in the interview then obvioulsy HE did something to hurt her and therefore if Vanessa did call time on their relactionship then she had good reason. Otherwise efron will think that he can hurt her again and again and she’ll take it, nobody should do that to their other half if they really care about them.

    And of course he and Theresa are together and will start rubbing Vanessa’s face in it, that’s the NEW Zac’s way.

    Just like his supposed new film it is yet again another romance film with HIM as the lead getting the girl. Perhaps his team should be less concerned about shoving him in our face’s as a leading man and let him have some smaller roles and build up his leading man role, instead of putting him as the lead in every film he does, it takes time to become a proper leading man and it seems he and his team aren’t prepared to let it happen that way, it seems it’s either he’s the leading man or their’s no film. He’s only 23 for god’s sake, learn your craft some more Zac and then try.

    I hope that Vanessa has a great year with her films, photo shoots and hopefully a new love that will make her truly happy and not feel to mess around on her and cherish what they have, she deserves it, she’s been known as only Zac’s gf for to long, he had his chance to shine and the pap’s made him out to be the best thing on earth while she was nothing. So go Vanessa.

    Funny to how he’s gone missing again, wonder where he and Theresa are shacked up.

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