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Zac Efron: Back in Los Angeles

Zac Efron: Back in Los Angeles

Zac Efron lands at LAX after flying in from New York City on Tuesday (February 8) in Los Angeles.

On Friday, the 23-year-old actor flew to Manhattan to film some scenes for his upcoming movie, New Year’s Eve.

Earlier this week, Zac was spotted on the romantic comedy’s set wearing a helmet while riding a Vespa.

Zac also caught a performance of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark and posed for pics with Glee‘s Chris Colfer and Spider-Man star Reeve Carney backstage!

FYI: Zac is wearing a pair of Rigid denim by Simon Spurr.

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145 Responses to “Zac Efron: Back in Los Angeles”

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  1. 101
    Rose Says:

    @Susan: Yah ,he didn’t walk in read carpet but he is inside,the show !!!

  2. 102
    Michael Says:

    Zac went from being a twink to a sexy ass man!

  3. 103
    Lisa Says:

    @Rose: And you know this how? Proof, please.

  4. 104
    Soni Says:

    Just want to say that Zac and Vanessa are not split/broken up/taking a break because:
    Jude and Siennna split and it is confirmed by both stars and their reps
    Olivia Wilde and her boyfriend split and it is confirmed by both stars and their reps
    Ashlee Simpson and her husband Pete split and it is confimed by both of them and their reps
    So now, Zac and Vanessa “supposely” break/split up, but no confirmation for themselves or their reps. Therefore, they are together.
    Hopefully this puts to rest the rumors and people can get on with their lives and stop believing the stupid rumors swirling around.
    Just my comment.

  5. 105
    Rose Says:

    @Lisa:go to the Twitter of babayboo zanessa,they said zac is inside ,but he skipped the red carpet and also the director of avatar ,both of them they skipped,better right?

  6. 106
    kami Says:

    a news person from inside the show tweeted that zac and james cameron were there but neither walked the red carpet.

  7. 107
    florence Says:

    @RA: Of course he’s going to go, I mean come on he only left last week for his new bit part in a film and on the same night that his new gf has a film out he’s straight back to LA. to know doubt give his ‘ support’ to his friends yea sur Zac.

    We know he won’t be spending VDay with Vanessa as she is still in NC and will be for the next two weeks with her mom and sis, so wonder which club he’ll hit up on that day and who he’ll be groping and kissing, mor than likely Theresa or maybe Brittany.

    Vanessa must be heartbroken and it must be hard to have your first VDay in a long time on your own, I reckon that’s why her mom and Stells went to stay with her to give her some support, it’s the first of many days that she will have to get used to without Zac, but he no doubt will have a great time in the clubs and drinking. Maybe he might hook up with the 5 women also from the other week, you know keep his options open.

  8. 108
    florence Says:

    @Rose: Pretty obvious why he did’nt walk the carpet or want to talk to reporters’s he’s got something to hide and knew they would ask about his new gf so what’s he got to be ashamed off if all the rumours are true and he and Vanessa are single.

    I would have thought this kind of event would have helped him at the moment to be seen at a event that is to do with the arts instead of all the stories of him going to clubs, grobing Teresa’s bum, drinking shots etc. But no he apprently did’nt want to give his support openly about it.

    Guess he can’t wait to see Teresa for VDay.

  9. 109
    so much better now Says:

    oh Please this guy is so much cuter now, ESPECIALLY now that he’s single and not with Vanessa anymore… I was so sick of seeing him with that stupid shaggy hair and that Vanessa chick…he’s more interesting and MANLY now…

  10. 110
    Rose Says:

    @florence: Ha… so pathetic ,zac he didn’t walk to the red carpet,cuz he don’t want more drama in his life,and if be there in red carpet he know what they will ask for him ,so much worse”you know why?even he want to depend his self,in this drama much better he keep quite,wait until nessa come and strat the promo of beastly,and about the vday you sure that he will go to tp fugly no!!!,like he take a hummer and bang in his head,if he do that I personally ,I will heat him,I will not be his fan anymore !!!!!!!and rest of my family,we will not watch it his movie anymore if he will do that ,but I know he a good man ,he loves nessa,they are only busy that’s why they don’t have time to each other,wait and see!!!

  11. 111
    so much better now Says:


    why are you so obsessed with him being with Vanessa… these are young people, why the hell do you want to keep him tied to one person? that is not healthy, he needs to spread his wings and be with other people… and so does she…it is unnatural to stay with one person when you are that young, you have to date different people and be free… I don’t get you weird fans, you are totally obsessed with these people and I don’t get why… this is not your life, it is THEIR LIFE so let them live it and stop acting like this is your life.

  12. 112
    Rose Says:

    @so much better now: And you !!!you didn’t saw his face now, how sad he is now,you don’t say that much better his look now,w/out nessa in his side he is lonely no light in his face you cannot see his betterness and sadness in his face ,not like if he w/nessa you can see the twinkle in his eye and you can see the happeness,you didn’t notice that,look at him ???he need some NESSA ATACK!!!!!!!!!

  13. 113
    so much better now Says:


    you are not inside his head or know anything about what he is feeling or thinking…like i said it’s not natural for such young people to stay together for years and years…they need to date different people and live their life… I don’t understand why people would want him to stay with the same person for so many years unless they are married with kids… but that is not the case here, these are two extremely young people who have yet to experience life and you can’t do that when your stuck with the same’ gets boring and dull and monotonous…

  14. 114
    gaga Says:

    just chill guys..thats not your live. isnt that zac on the right..

    i think that was inside…oo look he can smile..

  15. 115
    gaga Says:


    why are you thinking that vanessa is heartbroken…may zac is the one who get hurt..and he is drinking alot because vanessa broke up with him??

    my brothers gf have breaken up too and my bro is acting like zac…and they were together for 5 years..evryone is blaming zac and talking ****..

  16. 116
    Rose Says:

    @so much better now: Now you said I’m obsess to this two young people,yes!!! But if it’s true that they are separated already ,I don’t have nothing to do ,unless they are still together ,and they didn’t say that they break up,only the gossip site say that ,and for my opinion they should say that by them personally ,so there fans will not freak out like this,I know they are more matured mined than the others people in this pages,if really they broke up,why????he go to nessa in NC why?????? For me ok if he want to be like this no problem ,unless they are happy,I love both of them and I know while they grow up they will more changes will happen ,but if he is still in his relationship ,he connote do this things w/out nessa permission ,like he did before when he go to strip club,and why also you said it that much better he will not w/nessa ?? If you are not also obsess to him,you want him to be come a player to play more ladies in hollywood ,as far as I know he is not like this,he has respect to his self,and his friend nessa friend also they ate the same circle of friend and there family are friend ,so what will happened if he become a player,more fan and friend he lost it,that’s why I’m not jugged him,until it will clear this stupid romur.

  17. 117
    biki Says:

    omg how do u know that he is drinking if he was drinking alchohol now the paparazzi would have the pics and videos they will caught him if he was doing that cuz they are everywhere with him anytime he will go somewhere they dont leave him alone. and i will say again dont belive everything wath u will read untill u dont see or hear it from them selfs. and the person who said that he wasn”t there and he was in sport bar it is not true dont belive on twitter they can make story like this is made up by some girl that he was with teresa it is not true everithing wath u will read cuz none of this wath u are saying it is not true cuz there is no pics cuz i told u paparazzi are everywhere he is goin so just stop all of u. and for the break up it is not even confirmed it is just cuz they cant see each other cuz there are busy but i am 100% sure that they will see each other on v day or when they will finish with filming and might he wasn”t on red carpet cuz he dont want to get nervous whit all this rumors to explain him self is it true or not time will show everithing thing just wait and u ll see ok?and how do u know meybe thy are seeing in private. and if is realy true break up now both of them would confirmed. so it is all false.

  18. 118
    Rose Says:

    Watch for the cover of detail mag,Vanessa hudgens is sooooooooooooo hot!!!!!!!! Omg. I dying right now I connote believe how hot she is……

  19. 119
    lalabub28 Says: follow the links below the pic for the vanessa details interview

  20. 120
    hoitytoitytoity Says:

    @gaga: Not everyone is blaming Zac.
    But he and his PR team did a douchey PR stunt.

  21. 121
    Nicky Says:

    Here’s a part from the March issue of Details magazine. I think all of you can imagine what it means.

    Asking Hudgens about Efron yields a less detailed response. The way she delivers those nice-girl-just-got-hit-by-a-truck, post-breakup lines—”We’re still friends,” “Who knows what the future will bring,” “We’re figuring things out”—makes her sound like all the rest of the cake-eaters in here: hurt but hopeful.

    And that’s the link of the interview.

    Zac and Nessa are not together anymore. It was Nessa’s and also Zac’s decision to go separate ways. And now stop this idiotic hate against Zac. He did nothing wrong and he does nothing wrong. He is a young guy who can do what he wants. He has to justify anything. And the same is true for Nessa. Let them live their lives and do whatever they want.

  22. 122
    biki Says:

    @Nicky: she said they are figuring things out which means they ll get back soon i read on another magazin that they still have strong feelings for each other and they are still hooking up. and they are not oficaly back yet. but they will cuz it is not even confirmed so they might are keeping it in low key or just want privacy. or just took a break cuz of filming and i just read the same thing on another magazine ”We’re figuring things out”which means they just took a break might of their they are of their reps said that they just need a break but they are still seeng in privacy. so even if they realy took a break they will get back.

  23. 123
    biki Says:

    or might they just dont know wath they want from their lifes and they have so much coming things like feelming or photoshots for magazine or something and now they dont have time to see each other and that”s why they took a break and they are figuring things. they are so bussy and i just read on another just right now article reps of them said that they are on therapist to figurout things. wath se meant was that they are just doing thet cuz they dont have time for each other cuz they are bussy just took break.that they need to slow things down and they will get back.but not yet.

  24. 124
    gaga Says:


    very sad he is a puppet of his publicist…it would be better when he remains his faithul to himself…they are nearly destroying his career…

  25. 125
    gaga Says:

    you know that they are changing the interwiev to get more attention…may vanessa did not say something like this??

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