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Jennifer Aniston Just Goes With GMA

Jennifer Aniston Just Goes With GMA

Jennifer Aniston stays classic in black as she chats up her new romantic comedy, Just Go With It, on ABC’s Good Morning America in New York City on Thursday (February 10).

The 41-year-old actress admitted that she’s looking for a place to live in the Big Apple. “I’ve been looking and looking and looking,” said Jen, who’s been living in Los Angeles. “I grew up here. I miss it.”

Also pictured: Aniston later in the morning at The View.

Just Go With It, co-starring Adam Sandler and Sports Illustrated cover model Brooklyn Decker, opens in theaters TOMORROW (February 11).

FYI: Jennifer is wearing Hoyle Jackson Jeans.

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Credit: Lou Rocco, Donna Svennevik; Photos: ABC
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  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!

    What this ?

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!

    Why agin

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!

    Drink oil good for her age

  • laverdadduele

    ……..(’(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…\………. _.•´

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!

    Drink bleach good for skin

  • truth is

    Hey! Jen , sounds like your movie Just Go With It is worse than The Booty Hunter. Should I say CONGRATULATIONS! on your advance nomination for RAZZIE AWARD this year. Is that your goal Jen, having a Razzie nomination every year? Good luck! you should win this time.

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!

    And then go burn your head to have color hair black nice

  • rsm

    she looks bso botoxed! oh, jen your career is in the crapper.

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!

    And to be more look younger then her age

  • jokijoki

    she is f****** annoying

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!

    Yeah baby more and more

  • emily

    i don’t get why everyone’s hating on her.
    she’s a confident, funny woman.
    and i personally adore her!

  • Tata

    Lovely woman!

  • LoriLori

    Apparently no one can ask her about the slurred speech/rehab stories or her vulgar friend CH
    LOL @ #4,5 and 7

  • rsm

    @LoriLori: who?

  • Glamourous

    Looking good, Jen.

  • Lovely

    It’s refreshing to see an actress enjoy life and her success. Deservedly so too.

  • Be Nice

    Ladies, can’t you agree to dislike her but not slam her on her thread. There are some people who do like Jen. she seems sweet and down to earth. I don’t get why people have to be so cruel. I think that says more about you than it does her.

  • bob

    black black black black

  • Peaches

    Why is she wearing all black for this movie tour? Looks like she’s trying really hard to copy Angie. Maniston looks awful and black washes her out and makes her look older than she is.

  • karmaback

    She says she misses NY.. has she visited there a lot outside of films.. Seems she spends all her off time in Mexico..

    She said this in 2007. Maybe one day she will actually do some of the things she keeps talking about.

    I won’t see the film so I won’t trash what I don’t know. She is just not my favorite person to see on screen.. and neither is Adam



  • Open bar

    Another dud.
    Jennifer Anniston plays Rachel from Friends in yet,another dud of a movie.

  • Jeniffer ROCKS!

    LOVE HER!!!

  • Habitual Liars Need Help

    Awwe my poor niece spent her babysitting money to go to this movie. She cried saying what a stupid flop it was.. Her mother had no sympathy for her telling her she could of waited and bought it in a dollar bin in a few mos. . She cried more saying’ i don’t want to own it’! I never want to see it again! It was stupid!
    I snuck out the back door after leaving her a note on her dresser saaying come to my house on sat. Do a few errands for me and i will pay you the same amt as you spent today. Poor kid, live and learn.

    This is funny..Yes she was Moving to Chicago for Vince in 06, moving to London for Paul after VV… now this, …

    Habitual liars are nerve wracking. Doesn’t this thing realise her info is documented? Geeeeze. I guess habitual liars don’t care. that they get caught lying on a regular basis. YUK… I hate liars

  • DonateYour$$$$

    If Jennifer Aniston couldn’t produce the money she said she was going to donate to Haiti. Don’t watch the movie and instead donate those precious $$$ to a worthy cause and you will feel much better yourself. Way much better than watching a empty-dumbing-up up-front-robbery of those darn hard earn money.

    GUARANTEED Feel Good Indeed Helping Someone Who Truly Needs It Homeless/Haitian/Orphans/Etc!

  • Dawn


    Can I have the proof that everyone else who participated in that telethon donated money? Or is that only required of Jen and the other dozens of celebrities who took part are off the hook?

  • somebabyinmexico?

    Did Jen give a baby up for adoption after splitting with Mayer…she herself said no BFs after babydaddy. She went out of sight after filming around that time, remember crying on set and supposedly collapsed? Nope, she was pg with Mayer’s baby. Mayer still has her heart.
    Jen needs the Pitts for fame and riding their tails but she needs and loves John Mayer, he’s the real love of her life and her babydaddy. Marry him Jen and go get your baby, be a family.


  • Petter from…

    Who cares about this overexposed, pathetic, lousy comedian.

  • mervyn

    Did you read what she said to perez hilton about Jolie/Pitt?? I believe what she said and i like her now.

  • Me!

    “Who cares about this overexposed, pathetic, lousy comedian” You.. if u dont care about jennifer why are you reading about her?? Plz explain

  • chloe


    in regards to: ““Who cares about this overexposed, pathetic, lousy comedian” You.. if u dont care about jennifer why are you reading about her?? Plz explain”
    Two words: Train wreck. Everyone loves to watch one, though no one would say they like to and what you see happening with this woman and her career is one long, slow, train wreck. This is not a lovely woman who is happy, happy, happy. Rather, she is an empty headed insult to real women everywhere, because she’s a fake and she keeps perpetuating her own lies. Her recent People interview was no exception, in which she brings up wanting children yet again, when anyone with eyes can tell she’s not mother material. Again, nothing is wrong with that, but she lies about it. All the time.
    No one else will call her on it, but if you can’t see that she’s either drunk or high or both in the clip above, you need to have your eyes and common sense examined. She’s incoherent and cannot finish a sentence to save her life. If that were anyone else other than “America’s Sweetheart”? The questions would be spinning around the blogosphere and they’re largely quiet. Why?
    The woman has one damn good PR team, that’s why. You don’t dare question her or ask her questions she doesn’t want asked. That’s why I laugh when people say, “well, she doesn’t tell the interviewer what questions to ask…” Oh, yes, she does. Through her PR team. Any good PR team, and hers is worth their weight in gold, would. She’s still in the public eye for one reason: she pays for the privilege. While she may not give up her millions for charity, she’ll do the press for them, to make it look like she does. You’re looking at where those millions go: publicity. She can’t stand being out of the public eye. Otherwise, ask yourself why, every time she’s photographed by the paparazzi that she’s got hair and make up together or, when she’s in Cabo, she’s always conveniently dressed in a too small bikini, always positioning her ass in the air? She pays for the attention…
    She pays for the attention, but the sad fact is, there’s only so long you can put on a fake show for the public before they get wise to it. She wishes she still lived in the late 1990′s because you could still get away with so much then, that you can’t now. More and more people get to see the ugly realities and the strings being pulled in today’s Hollywood because of social media and gossip blogs. She’s a train wreck… and, no matter how else you look at it, train wrecks are utterly fascinating to watch. But not in the good way and not in the way Ms. Aniston wants us to.

  • Right On #33

    Proof of that came today with Montag. She is quickly back peddling her story now that Aniston’s pr team got hold of her.

    More proof, no questions from any of the interviewers about her 3 or 4 razzi noms (they asked Bullock, why not her???), no questions about the Chelsea Handler rant, and no denial about the Perez Hilton Life & Style comments about Brad Pitt and Angelina. Yet, she can deny a baby food diet and adoption stories??? See she’s full of caca and like you said this can’t go on forever.

    This is why she still have to work so much because it cost a good fortune to have attacked dogs ready to clear your name and do your dirty work though allies/friends.

  • longchamp

    those shoes!!!! love.

  • Dawn


    No. You are the train wreck. Anyone who writes an essay like that about a celebrity is an obsessive train wreck who needs to get a life.

  • RC PR

    Yup, Jennifer drunk/drugged on the blue carpet of her premiere. That’s why Sandler looks po’d in pics and has to stay at her side. Nicole and Brooklyn scored the long interviews for entertainment shows cause Jennifer stumbling and slurring her words. You know old Jen doesn’t give up the camera that easily! Perhaps she is in mourning about something? Loss of something, but I know one thing–the more she talks–the more she lies–the more she gets flucked up. Yup, slow motion train wreck–all narcissists wreck as soon as people stop covering for them. No wonder no one wants to hold her together anymore, man! Dead-End!

  • Dawn

    @Right On #33:

    Has it been confirmed that Heidi scenes even made it to the final cut of the movie? If they didn’t, that’s probably why she wasn’t invited. .

  • Dawn

    @Right On #33:

    Has it been confirmed that Heidi scenes even made it to the final cut of the movie? If they didn’t, that’s probably why she wasn’t invited. .s

    And I find it the same people who lecture about not believe the tabloid reports regarding Brad and Angelina are the same people who believe everything in the tabloids regarding Jen. It’s hilarous.

    Anyone who believe tabloids reports about Jennifer or Angelina are morons.




  • Annie

    WOW it looks like she appeared in all tv shows in america to promote Adam;s movie. How desperate can she be?? She is all over the place!

    Is that how she gets movie offers because she promotes them telentlessly with just her small fee??

    I bet she volunteers to promote and the studio dont even ask her to do it.

  • Candi

    Yes, Baby Jane loves the alcohol and coke.
    But she slurs due to lip/botox injections.
    Look at her upper lip.

  • Lola

    HAS-BEEN (has she ever been anyway ?)

    i could do go on all night HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • ana


  • truth is

    @Dawn: But honey, this is not the first time Jen kicked someone. She did the same thing with Jennifer Connelly for their Marie Claire photo shoots. Analston is just insecure b*tch. When she said “Stop taking away my thunder” on Ellen show recently, was she implying it to someone whom she thinks is trying to steal her thunder? because the same expression she used when she worked with Jennifer C. for HIJNITY. Two incidents, the same situation with the same woman who kicked a co stars or who knows maybe there were few co stars who got kicked by her, they just did not have guts to speak up. Jennifer Analston is the B*tch one. Add to that, remember there was a reporter who got fired from his job because he asked Jen Analston a hard question about a rape victim in the charity for the rape victim that she “supported” and yet did not have any clue for it, then she got embarrassed and fired the reporter. This is how Jennifer Analston do a dirty work. She’s the real B*tch indeed.

  • sun

    Movie Review By AP Associated Press: Just run from Sandler, Aniston’s romance

    The poster asks, “What if a little lie kept getting bigger?” More like, “What if the people telling the little lie kept getting dumber?”

    Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston’s romantic comedy, idiotic even by their usually low big-screen standards, is stuffed with unpleasant narcissists saying and doing the stupidest, often cruelest things in hope of cheap laughs.

    They fail. There’s barely a titter’s worth of humor in this bloated mess that drones on for nearly two hours.

    Director Dennis Dugan, whose many collaborations with Sandler include “Big Daddy” and “Grown Ups,” lets scene after unfunny scene linger painfully as the characters blather dreary nonsense for minutes on end.

    Based on Walter Matthau, Ingrid Bergman and Goldie Hawn’s 1969 comedy “Cactus Flower,” the movie casts Sandler as Danny Maccabee, an unmarried, well-off plastic surgeon and supposedly nice guy who has spent two decades pretending to be a mistreated husband so he can score with sympathetic women (yeah, real nice guy).

    Then Danny falls for schoolteacher Palmer Dodge (Sports Illustrated swimsuit goddess Brooklyn Decker). Rather than doing something silly, like telling Palmer the simple truth that he’s interested and available, Danny enlists his assistant and longtime platonic pal, Katherine (Aniston), to pose as the wife he’s divorcing so he can woo his new woman.

    And the lame-brained lies build from there. Single mom Katherine’s kids (Bailee Madison and Griffin Gluck) are drawn into the charade, along with Danny’s randy cousin (Nick Swardson).

    All three are annoying enough as their regular characters, but Madison and Swardson yammer in grating European accents much of the time as part of this shabby plot to con sweet and trusting Palmer into falling for a creep.

    Sandler, also a producer on the movie, truly does come off as a creep here. His characters usually are crass but good-hearted, and while Danny utters the occasional nicety, he’s just a big, nasty jerk.

    Compounding things, the 44-year-old Sandler’s boyish looks are really starting to erode, so Danny seems a bit like a pathetic old lecher pursuing 23-year-old Decker’s Palmer (Allan Loeb and Timothy Dowling’s screenplay also provides no clues why the impossibly hot Palmer might fall, almost at first sight, for a middle-aged liar).

    As the fibs pile up, characters keep uttering “just go with it,” and it feels like a plea from the actors and filmmakers, hoping the audience will play along no matter how dumb things get.

    The filmmakers contrive to send the whole gang on a weird, extended-family trip to Hawaii so they can show off some exotic scenery and sneak in shots of Decker glistening as she steps out of the ocean in a skimpy bikini.

    In Hawaii, Katherine also encounters old college rival Devlin (Nicole Kidman), a pompous windbag who happens to be vacationing there with her equally insufferable husband (musician Dave Matthews).

    Among the movie’s many clumsy gags is a hula smackdown between Aniston and Kidman that, even though it offers grand views of their taut midriffs in action, manages to be really, really boring.

    Kevin Nealon also has a sad little cameo as a plastic-surgery addict, but his makeup’s so heavy, he’s almost unrecognizable, so he has plausible deniability that he was ever in the movie.

    How Kidman got roped into this dreadful affair is a mystery, but don’t you make the same mistake. Just run from it.

    “Just Go With It,” released by Sony’s Columbia Pictures, is rated PG-13 for frequent crude and sexual content, partial nudity, brief drug references and language. Running time: 116 minutes. One and a half stars out of four.

  • Susan

    To #41 so true. At last count she had been on Oprah, Ellen, Good Morning America, Jimmy Fallon,Today, the View. Only missing Jay Leno or Letterman now…..Fallon appearance was weird..nice dress but she cannot enunciate to save her life. She needs to work on her voice and relax in this interviews….

  • Candi

    Over-promotion: Conan, Ellen, Oprah, Chelsea Handler, Superbowl, GMA, The View, Today, Jimmy Fallon, Allure Mag., People Mag., Life & Style Mag. and counting.

  • fcuk


  • bean counter

    Jennifer wasborn on January 11, 1969. Today is her birthday.
    Her age is now: 24? 26? 32? 35? 39? 42?

  • jimmyjo

    Yikes, my local newspaper gave it a 1 1/2 stars!!!! They said it was a real dud. She is on a major PR campaging as she needs a hit DESPERATELY, she has had way too many bombs one after the other or tthis will be what, her 5th one (Love Happens, The Bounty Hunter, The Switch, Management).