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Jennifer Aniston: Good Morning, America!

Jennifer Aniston: Good Morning, America!

Jennifer Aniston steps out in a Burberry coat as she arrives at ABC Studios in New York City on Thursday (February 10) to tape an appearance on Good Morning America.

The 41-year-old actress dropped by to talk about her new movie with Adam Sandler, Just Go with It!

Yesterday, a Funny or Die video of Jennifer chatting with Zach Galifianakis and Tila Tequila was released!

FYI: Jennifer is wearing Oliver Peoples‘ Aero aviator sunglasses with Cobalto vintage glass lenses.

Just Go with It will be released on Friday (February 11).

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  • sav

    Ugly, ugly, ugly……next

  • Goth

    Jennifer do you want the contact details of my hair dresser ? I think you need new one to give you NEW LOOK AFTER ALL THESE YEARS WITH THE SAME HAIR !!!!!

  • Clairedelune

    OMG…I thought she was Diane Keaton with longer hair!!! She looks so old…what happened? JJ: Bad photos Jen.

  • eliot

    @sav: Oh, you’ve seen in a mirror?

  • Dels

    Jen is a perfect woman!!

  • carla

    Her chin so big and really takes over her face (hate to say it, but she could pass for Jay Leno’s sister). And someone should tell Jennifer that after 40, wearing all-black ages one’s skin tone and is not as flattering.

  • jimmyjo

    I usually find her hair nice and healthy looking (her best feature), but for this PR tour, it’s a little too Orange-County blonde and her ends look fried and overall her hair looks dry.

  • Nora

    Oh Barbara, where have you been all these years?

  • aga

    She looks amazing, healthy, why would anyone say anything negative???
    She has great style looks happy . She doesn’t need any man or child or whoever .

  • i’m cristiano
  • CAT

    Uh…I think she forgot what decade she’s in. Wake up Jen! It’s 2011 NOT 1996.

  • Kriss

    Jennifer is a WOMEN
    She acts like ADULT not bomb teenagers!

  • http://Tj Sligo ^_^ cute

    Oooh no >_<

  • Brenda

    I think that Jennifer is wearing a wig. I noticed that she does this to give her hair a break sometimes. Angelina Jolie does the same thing. I like both of them, so that’s why I pay attention. I’m proud of Jennifer for not botoxing her face.

  • copy

    Black is all Angie

  • BloodbuzzOhio

    I thought this was a picture from the ’90s.

  • WOW

    Why is she everywhere promoting this Sandler flick? Where is Sandler, Nicole, Brooklin etc? I think she overdoing it.

  • An

    Cristiano ugly pic

  • Tina

    Must be an awful film the way they are overpromoting it – no other actress does as much promotion as Aniston – I think she loves staying in the spotlight.

    This old hag will never have a family – all she cares about is attention and coverage.

  • Not Impressed by JA

    ewwwwwwww….so desperate

  • Helen

    Who let the (aging, bleached hair, botoxed suntanned face) dog out???

  • Tim

    Only in America could such a talentless sitcom star be important. No other country would put up with an ugly old woman parading around in tight clothes like a teenager promoting awful movies. She used her divorce for sympathy and all her stupid ‘fans’ fell for it and bought movie tickets and her awful perfume because they feel sorry for her.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston
  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!

    Throw this woman in the grabge

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!

    Impediment woman

  • Jill

    This woman will do ANYTHING to stay in the public eye – so desperate for attention and adulation. Wonder how many times she brings up Pitt in this new onslaught of attention-seeking promotion? She has already mentioned Pitt and her other exs several times. Without her divorce (and playing on the public’s need for drama) she would not still be getting all this attention. Well played Jen, but it sure cost you your dignity and grace.

  • Good Morning Jen!
  • Annie

    Woah, so she actually wore a black COAT instead of that little black DRESS she usually wears ad infinitum? Wonders never cease. Her face looks like dog poo in the full size pics.

  • Anna

    She looks so 90′s.Her whole look is so dated.Guess John Mayer was right, she is stuck in 1998

  • NYC

    Jill- she might be your new neighbor soon. She says she is looking at apts in NYC to buy and live in!

  • Gary

    Yuck! Up close, she looks so old – the wrinkles, the heavy make-up, the slightly inflated lips, the hair on her chin and sides of her face.

  • Filk

    You can see the hair on her face in the flash of the cameras – nothing says old menopausal woman like a hairy face.

  • GM Recent Interview

    Hi there, yes I was married to Brad Pitt the movie star, yes he did dump me for a more talented, more attractive younger woman who doesn’t smoke, sit on the beach and star in sitcoms. Yes, he broke my heart and she stole my man. Yes, I was like a little fawn trying to take my first steps again (Vanity Fair). Yes, I didn’t really have any claim to fame after my husband dumped me. Yes, I did talk to as many magazines and went on tons of talk shows to use my divorce to get sympathy and attention for myself. It really helped my career. Yes, I guess I could thank Brad & Angelina for helping keep me in the media eye. I know my divorce sympathy angle is getting a bit old – much like myself – but I think I can get a few more years out of it. Oh…almost forgot that I have another awful movie to promote – can I have a few moments to talk about something other than my divorce?

  • Bunee

    “Perez also claims Jen said she is dating and happy – a sentiment she conveys in a new interview with People.”

    “For starters, she says, she hasn’t dated anyone in more than a year and a half, and she isn’t adopting a baby – from Mexico or anywhere else, for that matter.”


  • Candi

    I think it is hilarious how JA is back-tracking and saying she didnt hate the rachel haircut.
    i find her mentioning AJ in an interview she gave to Perez HIlton to be desperate, and distasteful- but I know I shouldn’t be surprised.
    I seriously think something may be wrong with her. This over-promotion is ridiculous. She is either delusional or her PR is getting paid from an anonymous source to make her look like a fool in front of the world. Or maybe it’s the coke people have been saying she loves. I just don’t understand how she does not see how desperate and pathetic her actions are. Seriously? Really? (And this has nothing to do with AJ/BP. Anyone looking at this objectively sees it.)

  • bern

    She should quit lying.

  • Candi

    When will it end, JA? When will you stop with your manipulative PR ways and stand on your own merit? Are you really going to go this route forever? Have some dignity and quit the act.
    WHEN WILL IT END???!!!???!!!

  • ???

    She is everywhere over-promoting the “Just Go With It” movie, from the superbowl to like every talk shows and her posing in magazines including the one where she is in bed with a botton-down shirt holding a teddy bear. Gross and stupid.

  • dani

    Wow. I thought it was Gwyneth Paltrow at first.

  • kitty

    shez so gorgeous and talented!
    you go girl!!!

  • LoriLori

    Letterman poked fun at the 45yoa Jen in last nights Top 10, something about L.Lohan will not stay sober as long as JA can’t find a husband.

  • oh my

    I first heard E! interview Jennifer on the red carpet of her movie and swore she was slurring her words again (cannot find that video) but found this one. Hmm, it sound like she is slurring here too and why isn’t Popsugar giving her more interview time? Something wasn’t right, was Jennifer drunk again? Drugged? Not the first time either— past interviews like Leno, PCA.

  • u

    Brangelina fans personify trashiness

  • Candi

    JA slurs her words due to her lip/botox injections.

  • carolynlee

    I just checked Rotten tomatoes for the movies coming out this week . Adam Sandler and Jen Aniston’s movie is by far the worst . There is no movies that comes close to the low rating this week . Roomates was as low bu that was 2or 3 weeks ago . There are some really well rated movies coming out but I certainly don’t see them being promoted like this garbage is . How many talk shows and entertainment show have Jen and Adam been on to promote this trash ? This proves the adage that a fool is easily parted from his money .

  • bean counter

    I’d wear all black too if I had to spend two weeks promoting
    a movie with a 7% positive ratings on Rotten Tomatoes.

  • truth is

    Wow, what’s up with all black? Well, maybe Jen knew that movie goers will bury her movie Just Go With It. She is just ready to celebrate it because her movie is dead on arrival.

  • ahahah

    so this is what she looks like without that fake sprayed on tan? not a looker..her hair is too bleached as well.

  • SaveYourDollar

    #34 GM Recent Interview = You are hilarious!!!

    #36 Candi = ANistoned always contradicts herself. She can’t kept up with the countless lies and spinning they have said before. They think people are so stupid.

    Well, Anistoned PR people maybe you can fool Anistoned followers but you cannot fool us.

  • akoyona

    Hahaha, look around her adoring fans are MEN of Certain AGE!!!! Or should I say dirty old men!!! LOL!!!