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Jennifer Lopez's 'On the Floor' Video Preview -- EXCLUSIVE

Jennifer Lopez's 'On the Floor' Video Preview -- EXCLUSIVE

Jennifer Lopez rocks out a Zuhair Murad bodysuit in this exclusive preview of her upcoming “On the Floor” video!

LISTEN: Jennifer Lopez‘s “On the Floor”

The song was produced by RedOne and the video was styled by super stylist duo Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haen (they also designed the gold-feathered outfit in the below preview).

Jennifer and husband Marc Anthony will be presenting an award together at the Grammy Awards this weekend, exclusively revealed yesterday.

Watch the preview below…

Jennifer Lopez: ‘On the Floor’ Video Preview!
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    Surprising Jennifer Lopez still has a banging body

  • Lord

    Sorry, but this is old Jared. Saw this already. :)

  • Fernanda Prevedello

    GO! GO! GO! J-LO!

  • shakira

    JLO still one of the most gorgeous women in the music industry…

  • mia

    geez..this woman is over 40 ..she’s too old for that stuff. I kinda feel embarassed just by watching her trying to be young..sorry

  • FOX

    I never thought I’d see the day when J.Lo tried SO hard.

  • blah

    girl still got it :) Welcome back Jlo

  • Steve

    Your just jealous mia because you look like a dog compared to her haha

    Post your twitter page and lets see if you can back it up.
    If not then we all know you look like a dog hehe!
    Back it up. I love calling haters out.

  • Debbie

    The body is amazing.
    I cannot believe she still has one of the best bodies in showbiz.

  • truth

    I agree.It not bad but it’s time to leave JLo.Your time is over.Even Madonna knew when her time came and stopped completing with girls 20 yrs younger than her.Go live happily with skeletor and your little gremlins.

  • jadel

    amazing and gorgeous, pushing 40+ and dropping twins and still look better than most 20 years old out there, only the haters fat ugly ones will complain, the confident ones will congratulate and hope to be like that after 40 and pushing some kids out…

    can’t wait to see the video and i love the song, i hope it becomes a huge hit.

    i don’t understand why people think if you’re of a certian age, you should become a nun, if you still look good and young why not keep that spirit..go on jlo

  • http://Tja Sligo lambert ^__^ cute

    You need coolin,
    baby ,im not foolin
    im gonna send you
    back to schoolin,
    way down inside
    honey, you need it
    im gonna give you my. . . Hehehehe

  • LOL


  • In The Know


    Not graceful…………she’s turning into a caricature of what she was when she was young………………like a pitcher that stays one season too long.

    Kind of sad.

  • lalalalalalalalalal

    @truth: hehehe

  • ilia

    She is remaking the “Lambada” – WTF???

  • justin


  • mia


    woof woof

    I was not saying that she doesn’t look good. She actually looks great for her age, and far better than me, but I just wanted to mention that she dresses like she’s 21 an behaves like that by trying so hard..

  • dd

    She sucks.

  • jimmyjo

    She can’t sing, she needs to give up on music. And her wearing clothes like a 20 year old, I’m embarrased for her. She has to realize she is old enough to be a Mom to Rhianna, Katy Perry and Lady Gagas and is not their peer so she needs to stop trying to be like them at this point in her career. Yes she has a good body, but she’s still older and needs to class it up.

  • Ryan

    u guys talking shit! Because she is a mother she cant dress a bit hippy or young..bullshit..once u have it..u should flaunt it..its Hollywood.. cant wait for the video!

  • sea

    Much better than Aguilera

  • ann

    She was never the Queen of hip hop R and B. She is a good dancer and so so singer. She gets by on her looks.

  • noitallnow

    Reminds me of her “waiting for tonight” video which I loved.

    J-LO grew on me throughout the years. She’s always been driven and had a great work ethic …it shows ….her body looks amazing and she looks great. Whether she can hold a tune or not…really for me the singers I really liked TINA MARIE ..Chaka one can hold a candle to them…but this will do.

    I’m sure her fans must be pleased.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o L

    …because she has a banging body she should make music?!? …her music’s a fcuking joke.

  • Julio

    I guess it’s time for J-Lo to stop….honestly, she is not on her good days anymore….and it’s not because she is old, it’s because the music scene is much more innovated now than 10 years ago, she had to compete with Gaga, Britney, Beyonce and so on…. The days for J-LO as singer and actress are OVER!!!

  • jonas

    JLO is back!!!!!!! Deal with it haters #that isall

  • She stinks!

    This untalented mess continues to make an absolute fool of herself. The outfits, the rats nest on her head, the sneering and snarling, the entire attitude is just ridiculous. This video proves she is completely out of touch with reality. She’s a worn out old dishrag desperate to cling to her long lost youth. This will flop like all her other projects.

    She isn’t talented, everyone knows it, why doesn’t she? Its time to go home and pretend you enjoy being a mother, and get a job at the Motel 6 as a maid.

  • Connie

    J.LO is back~!!!! She stills have the moves, the body and groove^^ Cant wait

  • Jokergurl

    She’s stuck in 1998 I think, at least that’s what it looks like, I only liked one of her videos ever “Jenny From the Block” and ONLY because Ben Affleck looks super hot in it. I did like her in Selena but since then, not really a fan.

  • jesse

    jennifers back bitchessssssssssss

  • Krissie

    Love her! Love the song!

  • Artie

    Awesome!, I think this song is going to bring back her career, Congrats!

  • Christine

    Jennifer looks fat. I always thought she was just a so so dancer, bad singer and bad actress. She seems like because she’s older she can’t even move that well anymore.

  • jennifer

    This looks amazing! I do not care how old she is she still has it and is doing/loking better than some 30 year olds. Hotness! She is fire!

  • sarah


  • elia

    jennifer lopez is areal star i adore her i think she will be on top this year because she has the talent beauty luck and the best body ever jennifer lopez rules……….

  • http://None Nancy

    A website devoted to jlo reports that defjam is postponing this idiotic song for itunes for the THIRD time!!! Even her own record label has little faith in her!! Give it up and realize that you are sooo yesterday and the emphasis is on youth and real talent!!

  • Juny

    She’s definitely the hottest woman alive.


    You can’t fool us anymore JLO.

  • divaaaaaaaa

    omgggggggg that podium dancing scene!! KILL IT GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • beatriz

    i love this song(:
    and Jennifer is so sexy.
    i love her

  • spilt_daydreams

    She’s so hot. <3

  • MulberryGirl

    Yes, she looks great, but I agree that doesn’t mean she has to keep doing music. But why not? Right? there is so much crap out there. I just want to know when she is going to give up on this album. it’s been coming out for a year. PLUS this song is a straight up copy. Listen to the background its that euro song. she needs to stop taking beats from other songs. She is always getting on the bandwagon. Let Marc do the singing and she can do the fashion, perfume, acting, judging thing.

    She hasn’t had a hit since she married Marc. Maybe he is telling her this crap is good just so he can shine.

    She hasn’t had a hit

    She looks miserable on AI, she looks like she wishes she was being discovered all over again.

  • SFg


  • Janet J.

    I love JLO and have been anxiously waiting for her to drop another album.
    But it does get to be a bit much with all the “shake your ass in the club” theme of her songs. Her image and music should have evolved into something more befitting of a mature woman.

  • Original songs its better

    There is a lot of copy’s of older hit songs from other artists… I hate it because those original songs are much better than this Jennifer Lopez copy and copy after copy songs. When they cant make own melody and sound in music better stop than make tons of copy the best songs melody’s and beats.. there example was melody from song lambada also other i think its sounds like Ian Van Dahl that Germany singer songs melody but song name i don’t remember now…
    So this is Copy song from other older hits melody’s and beats, Not good song or never get hit songs title. Seems to me like one hit miracle all Jennifer…

  • JustBCause

    After listening the first 15 seconds of this song, I thought J. Lo was doing a remix of Chorando Se Foi (Lambada) song by Kaoma. The intro was almost identical. How’s interesting!

  • www

    i dont know what to say, every star is growing and develop further but she seems to think shes still in 1999, just like Aniston or J.Roberts. They realy dont realiz that people are tired and there are is a new generation, new musik, new movies, new woman. JLo or Aniston are trying toooooo hard. for young girls like me, im 23, what should i think about fourtysomething woman ??? sorry, they are full of money but you cant buy grace or dignity. JLO, your big time is over, Beyonce and Rihanna took over. Aniston, your time is over too, people barely remember “Rachel” or your marriage to Pitt, you´ll never be a Sandra Bullock. Shes the queen. The same i say to Roberts, your pause was too long! Sandra took all of you romcom queens in her pocket!!

  • alina

    JLO Please, be happy with your millions and babys, your time is over. Gaga, RiRi and Beyonce are laughing at you. Save your dignity please!
    You still look and dance great but this song is ridiculous just like “laboutins”. I mean, these songs just show that you are not “still jenny from the block”, your a rich woman who just cares about her shoes or designerbags. You are far far away from your fans. Get it!
    There are many inovative artist out there. You are totaly 90´s !!