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Lady Gaga Covers 'Vogue' March 2011

Lady Gaga Covers 'Vogue' March 2011

Lady Gaga graces the cover of Vogue‘s March 2011 issue.

Here is what the 24-year-old pop phenom had to share with the magazine:

On being musical as a kid: “I was a strange, loud little kid who could sit at the piano and kill a Beethoven piece.”

On how she views herself as a performer: “Speaking purely from a musical standpoint, I think I am a great performer. I am a talented entertainer. I consider myself to have one of the greatest voices in the industry. I consider myself to be one of the greatest songwriters. I wouldn’t say that I am one of the greatest dancers, but I am really quite good at what I do. I think it’s OK to be confident in yourself.”

On her ‘little monsters’: “I see myself in them. I was this really bad, rebellious misfit of a person—I still am—sneaking out, going to clubs, drugs, alcohol, older men, younger men. You imagine it, I did it. I was just a bad kid. And I look at them, and every show there’s a little more eyeliner, a little more freedom, and a little more ‘I don’t give a f–k about the bullies at my school.’ For some reason, the fans didn’t become more Top 40. They become even more of this cult following. It’s very strange and exciting.”

On the instant gratification from fans: “Sometimes, being onstage is like having sex with my fans. They’re the only people on the planet who in an instant can make me just lose it.”

On her new album Born This Way: The seventeen-track CD will include such songs as “Hair,” “Bad Kids,” “Americano,” “Government Hooker,” and the second single “Judas.”

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Credit: Mario Testino; Photos: Vogue
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  • John.

    I love you Gaga, and I agree that being confident in yourself is key…but it’s coming across as arrogance.

    You have a fantastic voice, certainly one of the best in pop right now, but not one of the best in the industry. Same goes for song writing and performing. One of the best in pop, not industry. Big difference.

    Warming to the pictures. Unconventional beauty.

  • nicole

    What is with the Louise Brooks hair do?

  • the doctor

    She actually looks good, but why pink hair?

  • Question


  • Question


  • Question


  • Question


  • Ann_Howard

    I love Gaga so much. BUT. I’m hoping there’s more to this interview, because I agree with John in that this sounds arrogant, not confident. I happen to think she IS super talented and great at what she does – and therefore I don’t think she needs to tell Vogue that. Because a lot of people already know – and the people who don’t like her aren’t going to see this and warm to her. Not a huge fan of the pics – I know what they’re going for, I just don’t love it. Bottom line: Born This Way (single) out Friday!

  • Kaz simply Amaazing !!!!!!!


  • Kaz simply Amaazing !!!!!!!

    Drinking oil is good for yo

  • Kaz simply Amaazing !!!!!!!


  • Santa

    she doesn’t grace anything and to be considered musical you have to actually be able to sing on key.

  • J

    “Everyone tells me I’m arrogant but my music’s the only thing I’ve got, so you’ll have to let me be confident about one thing. I suppose that’s what you can expect from the album: a lot of hit records that will piss people off.”

  • johnny

    I love this. What an interesting photo shoot.

  • samantha

    she’s a shit head.

  • Audrey

    I like her music, but her look….She’s not a beautiful woman, but why is she trying to be very ugly like in this photoshoot??

  • Ali

    It’s called high fashion…look at runway models in Paris

  • Itman

    WHAT THE HECK!!!!! i mean “one of the best voice in this industry”; “one of the best songwriters” “one of the best perfomers” commmmee on i’m not a hater lets be clear but come on her voice is not that great she’s surely not like whitney who can hits hard notes she’s always screaming and yelling is not music !!!! and what the freak is she talking about, she’s not one of the best songwriter her song are more simple than a lullaby “alejandro alejandr ale ale alejandro” that’s one of the best songs ????????????????
    she’s just too much arogant, to me she’s just a fad and what she wears is so weird of my point of view, and she pretends it to be art but that way not art


  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    I hate Big head

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    Ha ha ha haha ha start devil !!!!

  • Shy

    This is the best they could come with? Very bad photo shoot. With that make up Gaga looks very unpretty. What is wrong with that people at the Vogue? First that awful Kristen Stewart cover, now this.

    I love Lady Gaga. But I always hate when she says “My little monsters”. It’s like she is talking to a 5-year old kids. It’s ridiculous when some 30-35 old man or woman get called “little monster” :)

  • http://Ja Sligo ^__^ cute

    Why puck ou in the cover magazin

  • http://Ja Sligo ^__^ cute

    Hat up

  • http://dnica Mann

    Yawn!! this is pretty tame.. see what happens when you dress like a freak people expect you to dress that way every time and are disappointed when you don’t… anyway when are those 15min up?

    P.S. Just Dance was pretty cool that is all…

  • itman

    WHAT THE HECK !!!!!!! “one of the best voice of this industry”; “one of the best songwriters” “one of the best perfomers” commmmee on i’m not a hater lets be clear but come on her voice is not that great she’s surely not like whitney who can hits hard notes she’s always screaming and yelling is not music !!!! and what the freak is she talking about, she’s not one of the best songwriter her song are more simple than a lullaby “alejandro alejandr ale ale alejandro” that’s one of the best songs ????????????????
    she’s just too much arogant, to me she’s just a fad and what she wears is so weird of my point of view, and she pretends it to be art but that way not art


  • kat

    Tranny face right there

  • Kiki

    lol…she’s annoying,
    She tries to come across as this “musical genius” when the only thing seperating her from Britney Spears is that Britney was/ is “attractive; both aristis have similiar bubble-gum songs, controled by the record label…britney was over sexualized while Gaga was made into a weirdo. Hope I’m not coming across as a hater, its just that she’s constatly praising herself and always coming across as egotistical. Can’t even listen to her songs after a year, they all sound super dated….

  • emmaa

    The fame has gotten to her head. Such an egotistical idiot. She needs to stop praising herself, it makes me sick.

  • Annie

    There are other celebs I dislike obviously, but for some reason Gaga absolutely makes my blood boil in a way I didn’t know I was capable of. I think it’s that there’s this weird double standard that is applied to this woman. Like the fact that when she blatantly copies Grace Jones, Madonna, David Bowie, Bjork etc whereas everyone else would be ripped to sheds people just say “oh, Gaga IS this generation’s Grace Jones, Madonna, Bowie….” Gary Numan got ripped to shreds in the 80′s for having the “nerve” to “copy” David Bowie and then any copying was WAY less obvious.

    And like how some pictures turned up recently of gaga looking VERY out of shape on stage and wheras Britney was absolutely crucified on every rag cover for being ‘FAT’ even though Gaga here was certainly bigger than Britney was when she wore the exact same costume at the VMA’s. But with Gaga everyone just went “oh, she’s just gaining some much needed weight.”

    And like how she blatently lies about her backstory and wheras anyone else would be called out over it everyone just says “oh, how could anyone lie about their past or age in this internet era?”.

    Her little monsters will argue it’s because she soooo talented yet there are dozens of indie bands out there that run rings around her in both vocal, instrumental and songwriting ability. You know what? So what has she got that others don’t? NOTHING. It’s only that people ALLOW her to have more. “Lady Gaga” as an independant entity does not exist.

  • Brightside

    24 years old and already stuffed so full of pretension and egotism it’s a wonder she doesn’t burst from her swollen superiority complex. Put a sock in it, girl. So you can sing a bit and jot a few lyrics…well, I have news for you…there are other people who do both a whole lot better and don’t do the little sh*t kid attitude either. The real stars are more mature about it!

  • lontondiyiyo

    I also love Gaga! cant wait for her single tomorrow!

  • KC

    I neither love her nor loathe her but she really is entirely too overexposed. I do admire the confidence she has in herself. The rebellion was never necessary.

  • Dani

    All of these female artists are ugly as fk, so they have to hide behind different creatures. They are all comletely talentless and gaga is the worst of the saga. Cant believe shes only 24! ROUGHED UP

  • Nikki

    Music blows right now. Its pathetic

  • Brandon Hilton

    LOVE these photos!

  • Alexia

    It’s like she consciously makes an effort to look hideous…all the time.


    Gaga is about to take over and reign for a long time in pop music and all of you know its coming and You can’t stop the GAGA TAKEOVER. Friday will be a great day because BORN THIS WAY is coming. Like they say “DON’T HATE THE PLAYER, HATE THE GAME”. GAGA is a master at the game you SUCKERS and she’s ready to play. We all know it can only be one at the top and GAGA is about to sadly end some more careers that should have be done with along time ago. Bye Bye Britney Trailer Park trash Spears. In the late 90′s, Britney Trailer Park trash Spears, got away with having no talent and lipsyncing. It’s not going to work now. Watch and you will see what I mean. PUT YOUR PAWS UP.

  • Talker


    The difference btwn Gaga and Sh*tney?

    Gaga uses gimmicks.

    Sh*tney IS a gimmick or a bad joke.

    Gaga is controlled by labels??

    Sh*tney is downright BRAIN DEAD. Her Twitter page and everything else is run and operated by her management (surely you don’t believe she writes these tweets, do you?)

    Sh*tney WAS attractive, as in PAST TENSE. She’s butt ugly and manly now.

    Gaga isn’t pretty but is artistic.

    LASTLY, and this is HUGE.

    Gaga CAN sing, write songs and play musical instruments.

    Sh*tney has ZERO talent whatsoever.

  • diva

    Nowadays all U need to wear is a stupid wig in an outrageous color and they’ll call it high fashion!

    I mean seriously?


    @Talker: You are so right. I find it so funny when Brtney Trailer Park Spears’ fans say that Gaga is following Britney Spears lead with her song and video coming out. They are so dumb. No one wants to be like Britney Spears. Britney Spears is the one who is waitng to see what Gaga is going to bring out. Britney Spears video is done and why is she taking her sweet time releasing it. Britney Spears knows the little press she has will be done once her stupid video is shown. No one will be talking about her because Gaga is what we want to see. Britney Spears is the one running around with her head cut off like a chicken, because she’s a nasty chicken head anyways. Britney Spears pushed back her album and went back into the studio this week. Its as if she knows this is the do or die album like Christina Aguilera had last summer with Gaga and it is. I bet you, when she heard the remix song by Gaga from the Muglar Fashion show a few weeks ago, Britney Spears knows Gaga is not playing. Gaga is ready to takeover. It can be only one at the top and Gaga is for sure going to win very easy. Anyone can win against a person who does not sing live and when Britney Spears does sing live, you want to get some ear plugs and jump out of a building. The American idol winners are better than Britney Spears. Hands down. You Britney Spears fans need to sit down and shut up. You lost your everlasting minds if you seriously think Britney Spears is in the same league as Gaga. I am laughing so hard right now, reading these stupid comments. It’s a insult to be compared to Britney Spears. Even the horrid Keisha or Katy Perry don’t want to compared to her. I remember when Rihanna was laughing in her face in the front row at the MTV awards when Britney Spears was a hot mess performing Gimme more. Her weave was coming out and she looked like a crack head on stage. Go back and watch it . Gaga has nothing to worry about and i’m sure she knows this.

  • O_O

    best voice NOT she sounds like she’s nursing a cold & often has a pitchy voice. she cant knock out a tune like Mariah whitney or xtina. her lyrics are not great and piano playing skills aren’t great either. Im no piano player but her hands move as fast as barney the dinosaurs . Billy joel can rock the piano heck vanessa carlton notes look way more complex in a thousand miles. shes confusing her talent with the talent of her producer who produce good dance beats for her

  • Lou

    One of the best voices in the industry? give me a break, she is so arrogant its disgusting when have you heard Beyonce ever say something so dumb!!! She has catchy pop songs thats all and she doesn’t deserve this icon status that everyone wants to give her she needs to be around for years to deserve that!!!! I am also sick of her constantly using bullied teens/children and gays as propaganda to sell albums. Every time she speaks she uses them and sets herself up as their hero!! NOT She acts like being herself in this business has cost her or prevented her from doing things but her stupid getups are the only reasons she got noticed!!!

  • Lou

    Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine has more talent in her toe nail then Gaga has so sad what fame does it convinces drones that the music is good look what fame has done to the Kardashians they actually have fans!! I dont know what they are fans of but!!!

  • O_O

    Yea cause it takes a musical genius to redo an old disco song like I WAS BORN THIS WAY BY CARL BEAN. just like when she used boney song mabaker m to make poker face. so lets add this up . use an old song + use a producers great beat = another P diddy below average artist.

  • ihateph


  • fashionista

    From a fashion point of view tis is a big YES!!!! American Vogue took a giant leap forward with this cover unlike Bazaar who pracitcally ended itself with a cover of that trashian. Fashion magazines of the pedigree of Vogue should have a theatrical cover showing you couture clothing and theatrical makeup. The color palette sceams Spring. This is a good one. And it’s so GaGa. You actually believe this cover.

  • citydude

    Talented people NEVER say there are, cause they don`t have to. Madonna has ALWAYS said “I know I`m not the best singer in the word…”, BUT I always try to get the best out of what I got and work really hard”. M IS #1 and she doesn`t have to say she is (cause everybody knows that).

    There is also a difference between stealing and being “influenced by”.
    M is influenced by Frieda Kahlo++, Lady Gaga STEALS from GRace Jones, Madonna, David Bowie, Debbie Harry+++

  • amber

    She’s trying too hard to be an odd bird. She has no charisma whatsoever. She knows any press is good press because it keeps her name in the limelight so she wants people talking about her good or bad. She thrives on it.

  • citydude


    M also openly admits her references/who she is influenced by and gives them credit…

  • citydude


    She IS “fabricated” and sooo fake!!!