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Vanessa Hudgens Talks Zac Efron & Quentin Tarantino

Vanessa Hudgens Talks Zac Efron & Quentin Tarantino

Vanessa Hudgens strikes a sexy pose in this shot from Details magazine’s latest issue.

Here’s what the 22-year-old Sucker Punch actress, wearing a D&G cami, had to share:

On training for Sucker Punch: “We trained with Navy Seals. We were machines, You could NOT f— with us.”

On working with Michael Caine for Journey 2: “He’s uh-mazing. Not only is he uh-mazingly, stupidly talented, but he still kind of hits on me. All the time. If it was anybody else, I’d be like ‘Who the hell do you think you are?’ But because it’s Michael Caine, I’m, like, ‘Sock it to me more, baby, come on!’ I.Frickin.Love.Him.”

On Zac Efron: “We’re still friends. Who knows what the future will bring. We’re figuring this out.”

On talking to Quentin Tarantino at a post-Oscar party: “….probably after a few drinks I told him ‘We’ve gotta do something together.’ … “Slowly, I’ve gained balls. I used to be very shy. Nothing has happened with Tarantino yet, but I definitely tried to plant my seed. Hopefully he won’t look back and think, ‘Oh my God. That crazy b—-.”

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Bigger pic inside…

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Photos: Eric Ray Davidson
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  • lauren


  • g

    so, they’re definetely broken up&I hope this means that the Zanessa fans can accept it

  • lauren

    also if you read the interview,.. the interviewer said (maybe she knows somthing cus three weeks later they were seen making out in a club)
    this was in December.

  • lauren

    also if you read the interview,.. the interviewer said (maybe she knows somthing cus three weeks later they were seen making out in a club)
    this was in December.

  • misstrindade

    SO HOT! love her she’s gorgeous

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!

    India 0_o

  • pop86

    She looks totally hot and amazing.
    They have broken up and are still friends but are not couple.

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!

    K k c..p

  • Nikki

    LOL what a tard

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!

    No no not h..t

  • justin

    Zac come on , waht are you waiting for?
    go back to sexy ness!

  • Kaz simply Amaazing !!!!!!!

    I see short woman

  • Sligo ^__^ cute

    Old pic

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o L

    …ahahahahahaa …trying way to hard.

  • Kaz simply Amaazing !!!!!!!

    Hot with clothes??????

  • Kaz simply Amaazing !!!!!!!

    What ,how ,when ?

  • adriana-lima

    hahah she’s s*lut everybody hates zac bcause he’s swearing look she swared too what the big deal

    trying to hard

  • france


  • pop86


    No English matters no sense.

  • Kaz simply Amaazing !!!!!!!

    She face like have xxxx

  • Gordon

    Ill accept this as a early valentine present. Shes so Hotttttt!!

  • Miranda

    I would just like to say, its called girlFRIEND and boyFRIEND.
    This basically says they’re still together, just saying :)

  • Miranda

    I would just like to say, its called girlFRIEND and boyFRIEND.
    This basically says they’re still together, just saying :)

  • obobobobo

    OMG she is so hot and sexy.

  • lola
  • lola
  • juli

    te amoooooooooooo v

  • ash

    she’s hot but srsly she can’t act,her tongue can’t straighten up,and her dancing moves are strange…she’s just got LUCKY

  • pop86


    Friends means two people who care about each other but need space to figure out what they want. It sounds like a couple who have broken-up but will always be supportive of each other.

  • Lalalove

    she looks good here!!! She’s as annoying as ever! But, goodness, she looks amazing!!!! *runs to find gym member wherever I left it*

  • sweet

    zac who- please the guy is like a balloon with a hole in it and the air is slowly being let out, in other words his career is deflating. there are way better up and coming guys whos career choices arnt as one dementionel as his . vanessa is showing so much more potentual then he is, in a lot of ways he was holding her back. now is her time to shine and get rid of the dead weight -litually. so good on you vanessa you are turning into a remarkable lady .

    by the way she looks uh-mazing

  • ellie

    it’s weird, this is the one shot from the photoshoot that i think was photoshopped or looks weird. if you go to the site the rest of the photos look great. she’s always had a tiny waist/flat stomach and a toned butt. but this one she looks like she’s sucking her stomach in and pushing her chest out like it’s her job….look at how tense her face is and her pose. even considering that, her chest still looks like it was photoshopped (compare it to the pic where she’s facing front and wearing the same clothes on the site). vanessa’s not flat-cheated, nor is she huge. she’s just proportional to her body…i wish details didn’t mess with it. and i don’t think it’s a push-up bra either. it looks like one of those unsupportive stupid triangle lace bras. i’m pretty much the same body type so i always look at her for work-out inspiration. jared, you should’ve included the chair or bed pics. those were so much better!

  • jamie

    details wrote she’s 5ft 4? that’s a big joke. i’ve met her along with my sister and we joked how we’re all so short and that’s why we need big heels. she’s about 3-4 inches shorter than that.

  • paula

    “where still friends”…..Well now all the fans know for sure their just friends and not a couple. So if Zac is with someone else he’s not cheating on her as they have broken up.

  • blackswan

    Vanessa is showing so much more potential than Zac is??What’s that?Are you kidding me?What’s the potential?Showing her tits?being a s1ut?ugh.

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!

    Crap Link

  • neGro xoxo

    gorgeous and HOT! love her a lot…. i think we can’t accept that they just broke up…maybe she said this because she doesn’t want to speak about it….i think there is a hope

  • Lady

    they are together but they got think to work out.why would zac go to nc to see vanessa if they are done.and why have we see vanessa on a date if they are done.went you are try to work think you got to be togther you do that right.yes zac went out and party but have see with a lady. no all we hear are lie.what i read about what vanessa don’t sound like there alot out there say they are work it out together.then how vanessa is hurt. witch is true. we don’t know be could we know people don’t write the true.the want to sale that all a report is about.

  • mimi is sexy

    @blackswan no u are wrong her potential is acting singing n dancing she’s perfect she is the best actress in the whole world no one’s better than her!

  • CarpeDiem

    Just reposting what I posted in Zac’s latest entry:

    My thoughts about this whole “are they” vs “aren’t they” (maybe some of you are interested):
    I don’t think that the Detail is some sort of confirmation that they are truly done. The only direct quotes are “We are still friends”/ “Who knows what the future will bring” / “We’re figuring things out”. It is the interviewer who said that they did break up! (The interview took place when the break-up news were all over the media and even the interviewer commented that Vanessa wasn’t telling the whole story because three weeks later they were seen making out.)
    Since then we had several reports that they were together and not just as friends. (Do you still have the keys to your friend’s house? or Do you fly all over the country to visit your friend after you’ve just seen him 5 days before?)
    When you’re breaking up from your first love you normally distance yourself from your ex and you aren’t seeing him / her all the time when you are in the same place.
    I think that they both decided that right now they have to concentrate on their careers and that their relationship comes second (or even third after their families and friends).

    I don’t think they wanted anybody to know about their decision but this is what happened. How? I don’t know but I suspect that Zac’s rep / management has something to do with it because a single young man who parties and occasionally hooks up with different women is much more appaeling to a male fan base than a commited young man who has a more or less clean image!

    Personally I hope that Zac will make headlines because of his work (like Vanessa is doing) and not because he was seen with *** partying it up!

    Let’s see what the next weeks will bring, perhaps we’ll be having pics of them together at one of her premieres because I truly believe that Zac is still as supportive as he was all these last years.

  • peggy


    Before there being together in LA and before he went to North CArolina and all the PDA sightings

    . We have NO IDEA what they’re status is now

  • laurie

    Very HOt but please , no breakup with zac !!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE

  • Jen

    It’s looking more and to me like Vanessa’s the one that broke things off. She seems carefree about the whole thing, while he’s running around in bars getting drunk and looking miserable. Poor Zac. He seems kind of lost without her.

  • sweet

    what i love about her is that there is no pretence , she dosn’t pretend to be anything other then herself -flaws and all and unlike some-zac for example is unapolegtic about she dosn’t use words like sublime to merely say thank you she just says thank you she dosn’t hide who she is.
    as for potential she has chosen a lot more diverse roles then efron and i have a feeling more interesting ones are coming her way.

  • gracemarie

    Her answer tells you nothing about her and Zac – she gave away nothing by giving every answer

    We are working things out
    Don’t know what the future holds
    We are still friends

    And it was back to just after the break was announced we know things have changed this then



  • Jazmin


    They are friends and that’s that. They will continue to support and be there for each other and maybe in the future who knows.

    Haters will be haters no matter what, they will find something wrong with what ever she does and say. Same with Zac’s haters. I just wish they (haters of Z&V) would respect the other and stop this name calling but this is the real word and everyone is entitled to say what they want.

    Love Vanessa and wish both the best.

  • tee

    Zac has said in the past that he didn’t want to be known only for his relationship and that’s what was happening. Now they can concentrate on their careers for a while. Vanessa is a grown women now. No one made these silly comments when Megan and Lela were featured in details. As I said before this is Vanessa’s year.


    shes so hot!!! love her