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Vanessa Hudgens Talks Zac Efron & Quentin Tarantino

Vanessa Hudgens Talks Zac Efron & Quentin Tarantino

Vanessa Hudgens strikes a sexy pose in this shot from Details magazine’s latest issue.

Here’s what the 22-year-old Sucker Punch actress, wearing a D&G cami, had to share:

On training for Sucker Punch: “We trained with Navy Seals. We were machines, You could NOT f— with us.”

On working with Michael Caine for Journey 2: “He’s uh-mazing. Not only is he uh-mazingly, stupidly talented, but he still kind of hits on me. All the time. If it was anybody else, I’d be like ‘Who the hell do you think you are?’ But because it’s Michael Caine, I’m, like, ‘Sock it to me more, baby, come on!’ I.Frickin.Love.Him.”

On Zac Efron: “We’re still friends. Who knows what the future will bring. We’re figuring this out.”

On talking to Quentin Tarantino at a post-Oscar party: “….probably after a few drinks I told him ‘We’ve gotta do something together.’ … “Slowly, I’ve gained balls. I used to be very shy. Nothing has happened with Tarantino yet, but I definitely tried to plant my seed. Hopefully he won’t look back and think, ‘Oh my God. That crazy b—-.”

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262 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens Talks Zac Efron & Quentin Tarantino”

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    fanpopgirl Says:


  2. 2
    lauren Says:


  3. 3
    g Says:

    so, they’re definetely broken up&I hope this means that the Zanessa fans can accept it

  4. 4
    lauren Says:

    also if you read the interview,.. the interviewer said (maybe she knows somthing cus three weeks later they were seen making out in a club)
    this was in December.

  5. 5
    lauren Says:

    also if you read the interview,.. the interviewer said (maybe she knows somthing cus three weeks later they were seen making out in a club)
    this was in December.

  6. 6
    misstrindade Says:

    SO HOT! love her she’s gorgeous

  7. 7
    Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!! Says:

    India 0_o

  8. 8
    pop86 Says:

    She looks totally hot and amazing.
    They have broken up and are still friends but are not couple.

  9. 9
    Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!! Says:

    K k c..p

  10. 10
    Nikki Says:

    LOL what a tard

  11. 11
    Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!! Says:

    No no not h..t

  12. 12
    justin Says:

    Zac come on , waht are you waiting for?
    go back to sexy ness!

  13. 13
    Kaz simply Amaazing !!!!!!! Says:

    I see short woman

  14. 14
    Sligo ^__^ cute Says:

    Old pic

  15. 15
    I n F a m o u s l y C o o L Says:

    …ahahahahahaa …trying way to hard.

  16. 16
    Kaz simply Amaazing !!!!!!! Says:

    Hot with clothes??????

  17. 17
    Kaz simply Amaazing !!!!!!! Says:

    What ,how ,when ?

  18. 18
    adriana-lima Says:

    hahah she’s s*lut everybody hates zac bcause he’s swearing look she swared too what the big deal

    trying to hard

  19. 19
    france Says:


  20. 20
    pop86 Says:


    No English matters no sense.

  21. 21
    Kaz simply Amaazing !!!!!!! Says:

    She face like have xxxx

  22. 22
    Gordon Says:

    Ill accept this as a early valentine present. Shes so Hotttttt!!

  23. 23
    Miranda Says:

    I would just like to say, its called girlFRIEND and boyFRIEND.
    This basically says they’re still together, just saying :)

  24. 24
    Miranda Says:

    I would just like to say, its called girlFRIEND and boyFRIEND.
    This basically says they’re still together, just saying :)

  25. 25
    obobobobo Says:

    OMG she is so hot and sexy.

  26. 26
    lola Says:

    Go V!

  27. 27
    lola Says:

    more photos

  28. 28
    juli Says:

    te amoooooooooooo v

  29. 29
    ash Says:

    she’s hot but srsly she can’t act,her tongue can’t straighten up,and her dancing moves are strange…she’s just got LUCKY

  30. 30
    pop86 Says:


    Friends means two people who care about each other but need space to figure out what they want. It sounds like a couple who have broken-up but will always be supportive of each other.

  31. 31
    Lalalove Says:

    she looks good here!!! She’s as annoying as ever! But, goodness, she looks amazing!!!! *runs to find gym member wherever I left it*

  32. 32
    sweet Says:

    zac who- please the guy is like a balloon with a hole in it and the air is slowly being let out, in other words his career is deflating. there are way better up and coming guys whos career choices arnt as one dementionel as his . vanessa is showing so much more potentual then he is, in a lot of ways he was holding her back. now is her time to shine and get rid of the dead weight -litually. so good on you vanessa you are turning into a remarkable lady .

    by the way she looks uh-mazing

  33. 33
    ellie Says:

    it’s weird, this is the one shot from the photoshoot that i think was photoshopped or looks weird. if you go to the site the rest of the photos look great. she’s always had a tiny waist/flat stomach and a toned butt. but this one she looks like she’s sucking her stomach in and pushing her chest out like it’s her job….look at how tense her face is and her pose. even considering that, her chest still looks like it was photoshopped (compare it to the pic where she’s facing front and wearing the same clothes on the site). vanessa’s not flat-cheated, nor is she huge. she’s just proportional to her body…i wish details didn’t mess with it. and i don’t think it’s a push-up bra either. it looks like one of those unsupportive stupid triangle lace bras. i’m pretty much the same body type so i always look at her for work-out inspiration. jared, you should’ve included the chair or bed pics. those were so much better!

  34. 34
    jamie Says:

    details wrote she’s 5ft 4? that’s a big joke. i’ve met her along with my sister and we joked how we’re all so short and that’s why we need big heels. she’s about 3-4 inches shorter than that.

  35. 35
    paula Says:

    “where still friends”…..Well now all the fans know for sure their just friends and not a couple. So if Zac is with someone else he’s not cheating on her as they have broken up.

  36. 36
    blackswan Says:

    Vanessa is showing so much more potential than Zac is??What’s that?Are you kidding me?What’s the potential?Showing her tits?being a s1ut?ugh.

  37. 37
    Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!! Says:

    Crap Link

  38. 38
    neGro xoxo Says:

    gorgeous and HOT! love her a lot…. i think we can’t accept that they just broke up…maybe she said this because she doesn’t want to speak about it….i think there is a hope

  39. 39
    Lady Says:

    they are together but they got think to work out.why would zac go to nc to see vanessa if they are done.and why have we see vanessa on a date if they are done.went you are try to work think you got to be togther you do that right.yes zac went out and party but have see with a lady. no all we hear are lie.what i read about what vanessa don’t sound like there alot out there say they are work it out together.then how vanessa is hurt. witch is true. we don’t know be could we know people don’t write the true.the want to sale that all a report is about.

  40. 40
    mimi is sexy Says:

    @blackswan no u are wrong her potential is acting singing n dancing she’s perfect she is the best actress in the whole world no one’s better than her!

  41. 41
    CarpeDiem Says:

    Just reposting what I posted in Zac’s latest entry:

    My thoughts about this whole “are they” vs “aren’t they” (maybe some of you are interested):
    I don’t think that the Detail is some sort of confirmation that they are truly done. The only direct quotes are “We are still friends”/ “Who knows what the future will bring” / “We’re figuring things out”. It is the interviewer who said that they did break up! (The interview took place when the break-up news were all over the media and even the interviewer commented that Vanessa wasn’t telling the whole story because three weeks later they were seen making out.)
    Since then we had several reports that they were together and not just as friends. (Do you still have the keys to your friend’s house? or Do you fly all over the country to visit your friend after you’ve just seen him 5 days before?)
    When you’re breaking up from your first love you normally distance yourself from your ex and you aren’t seeing him / her all the time when you are in the same place.
    I think that they both decided that right now they have to concentrate on their careers and that their relationship comes second (or even third after their families and friends).

    I don’t think they wanted anybody to know about their decision but this is what happened. How? I don’t know but I suspect that Zac’s rep / management has something to do with it because a single young man who parties and occasionally hooks up with different women is much more appaeling to a male fan base than a commited young man who has a more or less clean image!

    Personally I hope that Zac will make headlines because of his work (like Vanessa is doing) and not because he was seen with *** partying it up!

    Let’s see what the next weeks will bring, perhaps we’ll be having pics of them together at one of her premieres because I truly believe that Zac is still as supportive as he was all these last years.

  42. 42
    peggy Says:


    Before there being together in LA and before he went to North CArolina and all the PDA sightings

    . We have NO IDEA what they’re status is now

  43. 43
    laurie Says:

    Very HOt but please , no breakup with zac !!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE

  44. 44
    Jen Says:

    It’s looking more and to me like Vanessa’s the one that broke things off. She seems carefree about the whole thing, while he’s running around in bars getting drunk and looking miserable. Poor Zac. He seems kind of lost without her.

  45. 45
    sweet Says:

    what i love about her is that there is no pretence , she dosn’t pretend to be anything other then herself -flaws and all and unlike some-zac for example is unapolegtic about she dosn’t use words like sublime to merely say thank you she just says thank you she dosn’t hide who she is.
    as for potential she has chosen a lot more diverse roles then efron and i have a feeling more interesting ones are coming her way.

  46. 46
    gracemarie Says:

    Her answer tells you nothing about her and Zac – she gave away nothing by giving every answer

    We are working things out
    Don’t know what the future holds
    We are still friends

    And it was back to just after the break was announced we know things have changed this then

  47. 47
    AMELIE Says:


  48. 48
    Jazmin Says:


    They are friends and that’s that. They will continue to support and be there for each other and maybe in the future who knows.

    Haters will be haters no matter what, they will find something wrong with what ever she does and say. Same with Zac’s haters. I just wish they (haters of Z&V) would respect the other and stop this name calling but this is the real word and everyone is entitled to say what they want.

    Love Vanessa and wish both the best.

  49. 49
    tee Says:

    Zac has said in the past that he didn’t want to be known only for his relationship and that’s what was happening. Now they can concentrate on their careers for a while. Vanessa is a grown women now. No one made these silly comments when Megan and Lela were featured in details. As I said before this is Vanessa’s year.

  50. 50
    AMELIE Says:

    shes so hot!!! love her

  51. 51
    gracemarie Says:


    Zac;s management was wrong as a young single guy hanging with different women most men I talk to think he is trying to hard and they find it annoying.

    Further most guys (20-40) getting great roles and attracting male audiences right now have long term girlfriends or wives or at best are not “Clubbing and hooking up with random women” – Andrew Garfield Jesse Eisenberg, Armie Hammer, Mark Walhberg, Chris Bale, Mark Ruffalo, James Franco, James Marsden, Jeremy Renner, Chris Pine etc and I could go on.

    So the clubbing image thing is very invalid.

    These guys and others audition and fight for roles even Franco an actor in constant demand read for 127 hours not once but twice. They didn’t form a production company because they say “there are no roles for guys his age”

    Zac is very talented but I think its time for new management

  52. 52
    littleprissy Says:

    @Miranda: LOL! can’t accept the fact, can you? If that’s the case then you can call all your friends who are male; “Boyfriends”. You should try it and see if you won’t be called a ****. lol!

  53. 53
    peggy Says:



  54. 54
    alana Says:

    SHE didn’t say they broke up. The interviewer did. And if they’re trying to work things out that doesn’t necessarily mean they broke up. It would be more like a break. And I’m sick and tired of people saying Zac’s been all over with different women and getting drunk and stuff. He’s only been spotted once actually drinking and people said he was drunk. But look, later on that night, there was a video of him. Unless there’s something wrong with MY eyes, he appeared to be walking straight. And the night where he was supposedly with teresa, the cnn guy who was the first to see him apparently said nothing about him being drunk (and he said that teresa was at a seperate table from Zac and they just talked a bit.) Half of HARD-HEADED people can’t seem to get this though your heads.

    Btw, Vanessa is looking cute as usual :)

  55. 55
    lola Says:
    she is sexy
    I love her
    Go V

  56. 56
    CarpeDiem Says:

    @gracemarie: I agree but unfortunately that is not what Zac’s rep / management is thinking.

  57. 57
    lola Says:
    Details Magazine;)
    GOOO V

  58. 58
    jo Says:

    I’m honestly starting to beliefe that Vanessa was the one that broke things off. I was really mad at Zac when I heard about him getting drunk in bars and hanging out with girls. I felt sorry for vanessa.
    But now I’m starting to think that Zac is the one, I have to feel sorry for.
    I mean, he was the one that visited Vanessa at her house in January (we saw the pictures) and he was the one that visited her in NC. And he was the one that visetd her in Hawaii. I think he is actually the one that can’t cope with the split. That is why he is running around in bars getting drunk. I mean look at him. He looks really sad. He loves her. Don’t you guys remember how often he mentioned Vanessa during the CSC promotion-tour?!
    I think we should stop being so mad at him! He has to get through these difficulties. The last thing he needs to deal with are fans that can’t understand that he is hurt. he is just a human being.

  59. 59
    Rn-224 Says: this girl more… and more..
    She’s very nice for being so wise to say about ‘the things’… It shows, how she respects her ex and their relationshp for 5 yrs…

  60. 60
    yeahwhateverlulz Says:

    was her interview actually like that? she sounds like an idiot

  61. 61
    Jazmin Says:


    I don’t think there’s reason to feel sorry for either one. Both are mature enough to have a 5 year relationship and mature enough to have respect for each other and see that there are things they need to figure out within this relationship. Communication is what they have and they both understand where the other stand. I just hope that NEIGHTER one will slip into that crazy part world of Hollywood life. They still need each other as friends and keep each other grounded and respect the 5 year relationship they had with each other.

    I’ve said before as long as they respect and trust each other they will have a lasting friendship that neither one can live without.

  62. 62
    Butterfly Says:

    i could smack everybody who called her a ****,comon,every hollywood actress has hot photoshoots :D
    and this interview was in december,eden nightclub in january.
    and c’mon ´who knows what future brings and we’re figuring this out’ doesn’t sound so desperate ;) but still the hawaii visiting doesn’t fit kinda XD i have seen pics on a website,they were so happy and nonchalant on them,just as if nothing mattered ^^ but well, who knows what happened ? i think they realized they won’t be able to see each other for a while and all the stress and all that,so they took a break.and yeah,maybe they wanted to date around and experience a bit…and yeah,having a libido is nothing you can blame someone for.

  63. 63
    BARBARA Says:

    @ JO, you don’t know want you are talking about, i think it was Zac’s pr people, wanting him to chane his image , i read she was hurtful but hopefull for her and Zac, and i remember when he went to her house and stay there for 4 hrs, she had to go go see her doctor, she was looking so happy, jumping up and and the paps took pictures of her. and they said when her and Zac were all over each other dancing and she was smiling ear to ear.that was in people mag . and she really didn’t say that much, she protects her and Zac private life. People on set in NC , said they are right on track and you can see how much they love each other. i believe his pr people have there hands all over it. When he sees Vanessa in these pictures hes ging to kick himselve. Sheis so sexie and beautiful.

  64. 64
    amelia25 Says:

    Go Nessa!

  65. 65
    LULU Says:

    She still lacks talent. I also find it annoying when stars try to sound cool and tough. Especially when they are trying to break out of the teen Disney style mold. It comes off pretty fake.

  66. 66
    zac-is-tard Says:

    if vanessa broke up with that tard it is because of his claims in his many interviews (upon the insistence of his handlers) that: what is he doing being committed when he can get around with lots of girls; that his life is so lame because he’s been with a gf for so long.
    honestly, i loved them together but zac is one dumb@zz. he’s so addicted to fame and money that he wants to shed off his troy image and completely turn around from the nice guy that he “seemed to portray” early on in his career.
    vanessa could have hinted zac has been treating her as an excess baggage and an obstacle for his aspirations to be the next leo. and if she did break up with him, it was understandable.
    i hope vanessa’s career goes full blast after these two hot movies and zac is left with a slumping career. oh yes, and his hos.

  67. 67
    ???? Says:

    Ellie, I totally agree with your statement. I feel it’s JJj or JJ who picks the wrong picture to attach to the post. A while back when JJ or JJj ran the V/Candies promo photo shoot posted that one pic of V laying on the lounger, I felt that out of all the pictures from that shoot; that one was the least flattering. There were so many other pictures of her from that shoot that were so much better he could have used. Just like what he has done here. Honestly, I think it’s done on purpose to get more hits; you know, people bickering on whether she looks hot or not. My opinion is, she always looks great.

    Oh…….. and Jamie she is about 5′ 4″. I’ve met her as well. Spent three wks on set with her. I’m 5′ 2″ and she was taller than me.

  68. 68
    Butterfly Says:

    srsly ? we are friends means they are not a couple.and the rest adds a ‘right now’.
    so the message: right now we are friends but who knows…?
    and her answers sounds very short and cut-of,hm,she’s either confused and hurt or doesn’t want to talk about it for any reason.
    I think vanessa is the one who thought a break might be better (always said she is not a stupid-shy-under control of her arrogant a§§ boyfriend-girl) because uhm,actually she is the one with lots of movies coming out and having lots of stress… :/ and not zac.
    maybe he saw that this will be her year and although he always had more fans and stood on the brighter side, it seemed to him that she dumped him because of her now better than him career.which is of course wrong, until that teresa story he had more fans(peolpe’s choice award prooved ),although she had better movies,and she most defienetly didn’t even dump him,rather took a break for her career. so she took a break,his career is not as good as hers,and nobody paid attention to him at all. he is a human and beeing pissed of and hanging around with others instead is normal behaviour.and he even tried so hard with visiting and wearing any bracelet he had stuff…
    but actually they both seem very nonchalant,so this speculation of me might be ridicoulus anyway. i think career is what they put a focus on and they just ‘freezed’ their realationship…
    and I really really think,there will be a reunion :DDD <3<3

  69. 69
    Karen Says:

    Carpe Diem:
    I agree with all you have said.

    gracemarie: As someone said, Zac’s PR people don’t see it that way. Also, all those guys you named are not also KNOWN for their relationship since it has not been front and center for so long.

  70. 70
    AMELIE Says:

    oh.. you…

  71. 71
    AMELIE Says:


  72. 72
    zac-is-tard Says:

    @carp diem:
    well, obviously zac has not done his homework but just follows what his management dictates to him. or is he that stupid? if that premise of “wild guy theory” is correct then hugh jackman would not be applealing in xmen which has 75% male audience, or a good duy tobey maguire playing spiderman. the fact is that fame or hollywood break does not have a formula. often, it comes in unexpected times. robert pattinson had it early. as well as alex p. and even justin beiber. but some had to wait long years, like tom hardy. the most important thing is: you just have to be serious with your craft and when that break happens then it happens. you don’t have to compromise and be stereotyped. i thought zac understood that fully well in high school musical. that was the message of what made zac in the first place.

  73. 73
    ladysdsandiego Says:

    r.i.p. gabriella
    hello sexy!!

    hands down my favorite photo shoot she’s ever done!!

  74. 74
    :)* Says:

    she is so sexy I love it

  75. 75
    Haters Suck! Says:

    I’m not letting efron off the hook for $hit my opinion of him remains the same and here’s why. The interviewer did something I’m very surprised at and I think most would not do. He stated that he might not have gotten the whole story and pointed out that after this interview was conducted zac and Vanessa would be seen ad Eden making out and dirty dancing. Very surprised he mentioned that most people would have left that out. We still got a lot of romantic interaction between z&v after this interview, from Eden, to them being seen kissing at a resturant and being seen at parties, to zac going to NC and them being seen holding hands and kissing and there were even reports I read of them staying in the same hotel room. Then we all know what happend last week so I’m not gonna say it. All this stuff does not add up to just bring friends. It does not add up, I’m addig 2 & 2 together and getting 5 it doesn’t make sence. Like I said my opinion still has not changed, I still say efron hurt Vanessa and did her wrong.

  76. 76
    Karen Says:

    I am going to make a few comments and then I am out of here. I belong to a private site that I know has people who have sense and also know FACTS and don’t make up trash about Zac nor Vanessa.

    People who are over do not make trips to be with each other. Vanessa here is making it plain they are figuring things out. It is also clear that they both have a lot on their plates right now and they need space to be able to do SINGLE THINGS and they need to be free from speculation. Right now they will be parted by promos and touring and filming.

    They both need to establish an identity as INDIVIDUALS—very ADULT “woman” and “man” identities.

    Those of you who have always lambasted Zac when he has had his shirt off and claimed he was only selling sex, etc. WELL, I see nothing different here for Vanessa. BUT KNOW THIS, I am not finding fault with HER any more than I did with ZAC BECAUSE this is Hollywood, They are actors. They are doing a job that tries to project a certain IMAGE. It sells fantasy and SEX plain and simple. It speaks to the PLEASURE centers of the brain. These pictures sell sex more and the InStyle pictures sold more glamor and fantasy. NO PICTURES are like family portraits we all have done at Sears or JCPenney’s photo studios with big cheesy grins on our faces where we are all proper looking, etc. SO everyone should quit vilifying these two young people. Quit pitting one against the other like one is better.

    I believe they are HONEST and MATURE and LOVE each other and they know what they both are doing. They may BOTH be disappointed in some aspects. I could say that maybe Zac was the one that didn’t want this to be like this and it was Vanessa wanting to be more free that caused the fight, etc. maybe Michael Caine had an effect on Vanessa. Maybe, Maybe, Maybe…BUT in the end I believe they both knew this period of time would be something they had to get through and it was a break that was going to be forced upon them whether they liked it or not—that it was going to be hard to always “plan” to et together on a regular basis so they might was well have time to figure out how they were going to work it out. BUT it seems to me they want to work it out and doing just that. But you who have wanted to rip Zac a new one should now SHUT UP.

    There are so many things I could say but I am taking my leave BECAUSE they need this time with as little speculation from the pea brains and gossip sites as they can get to get through all this time right now. And IF some of us continue to write the things that make sense and probably are going on then those gossip sites are going to pick uf and run with it making those things their “latest” story. These two obviously love each other. They want to be together but need to figure out how to deal with the demands on their lives. SOOO, as with any of us at a crossroads we don’t know how that will turn out–we go day by day. That seems to be how they have been going since this whole break up thing got started. But is truly does see more like a “break” so they can figure where they are going.

    When they both have said they were not ready for marriage it has not been that their ages weren’t right but that they were mature enough to know they didn’t want to hurt each other by jumping into things that they may not be ready to handle the ramifications of. People do it all the time when it comes to having a baby. IF you are mature and smart you take into consideration that making that decision will change your life forgiven and you have to be responsible 24/7 and it doesn’t matter what you want to do on Saturday night. Maybe step back from buying a house when al the ramifications hit of how you don’t get out of the responsibility so easily—you have to make payments, you have to have a job, you have to worry about upkeep and you have to mow the lawn—it is pretty permanent. Some need to think about that .

    These two are being mature and I believe THEY BELIEVE in each other and love for each other and are willing to put it to the test. IF they pass through this intact then they KNOW what is positive and IF they don’t then they might as well know that too…. I’m not going to add fuel to speculation that gossip sites can use. I want them to have the fighting chance they both seem to want in both their careers and their life together.

  77. 77
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Now that I got that out of the way and before I get ripped on it I wanna say this. Vanessa is looking mighty sexy. Haters eat your damn heart out. Whatever the situation is Vanessa would have no problem finding a man who will treat her right I know i would (never gonna happen she’s way out of my league plus I’m kinda into this girl in my govenment class but that’s besides the point.) it’s just too bad that in all likleyhood she’s going to have to deal with this crap during her entire promo tour of SP and beastly.

  78. 78
    :)* Says:

    Vanessa Hudgens is one sexy little *****. Haha

  79. 79
    daniel Says:

    anyone know when it has zac efron vanessa hudgens all wet and hot!

  80. 80
    daniel Says:

    Who cares about zac, vanessa grooming when you have wet the sexy!

  81. 81
    Maxj22 Says:

    I agree she sounds like she has no class and she’s trying way to hard

  82. 82
    sheila Says:

    @gracemarie: actually we don’t KNOW anything. we don’t know that anything has changed since the original release about them taking a break. people are just making assumptions based on sightings, tweets, unnamed “sources” etc. etc. etc. i think when a couple has been together for 5 + years, unless something really extreme happens like cheating, it can be very hard to get out of each others’ systems and walk away cold turkey. they still might hang out and they still might end up in each other’s beds/arms a few times or whatever. it doesn’t mean that they were back together or even trying to get back together. it just might mean that they missed each other, felt like hanging out and it was hard to break some old habits. some people can break up and never call each other again. some people can’t. neither is wrong. yes, zac’s visit to NC may have shown a much bigger effort to reunite but maybe they just both decided that it was better to leave things as is.

  83. 83
    peggy Says:


    How exactly from an interview did you divine who broke up with who assuming they broke up. HOW RIDICULOUS.

    If this “break” had come after his Details interview or the naked model shot you would have said it was him.

    We don’t know and we may never know but I hardly think an interview tells all that

  84. 84
    Anibal Says:


  85. 85
    Jazmin Says:

    Funny how JJjr has more pix and even the video when it’s suppose to be the teen site where this JJ site suppose to be the adult site has only 1 pix and it’s not even the best pix. Also, where the InStyle pix JJ?

  86. 86
    gracemarie Says:


    Get over it Paula

    Vanessa is not the one clubbing and drinking.

    And bulletin:

    If you were with your gf in NC and then you can home a week and 2days later are was accused hooking up some girl real or PR stunt that is still disrespectful – after 5 years the relationship and V deserved his respect

  87. 87
    Deb Says:

    Ah, Karen….you are always the voice of reason and common sense. I’m afraid, however, that your words are wasted on most people here. They can’t read with any sort of comprehension, and they REALLY can’t write well enough to make any sense.

  88. 88
    mike Says:

    so extraordinarily HOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. 89
    Lyla Says:

    Neither is Zac. There’s nothing wrong with going out to club and having a drink. You make it sound like he’s out out every night getting falling-down drunk. And there have not been any reports of him “hooking up” (you do know what that means, don’t you?) with anyone. The reports that are out there are from un-named (and probably unreliable) sources, with nothing to back them up as proof.

  90. 90
    CarpeDiem Says:

    @Karen: Hope to “read” you around here again. Your comments are actually ones I am really looking forward to.

  91. 91
    mindy Says:

    Ohnoes, she’s trying to sound like a badass but coming off really dumb. No Vanessa, don’t go down the same career destroying road that Megan Fox went down. Being thought of as shy is always better than being thought of as a moron. Hot picture though.

  92. 92
    Zac fan1 Says:

    Anyone with even half a brain should be able to figure out that she is the one who ended the relationship, She wants to change her “good girl” image and to have the spotlight completely to herself for once. Zac is the one who has been chasing after her since the break and he is the one who never smiles anymore. She is always smiling and seems quite happy and she is the one willing to talk about it. Doesn’t sound upset to me. So, everyone needs to just back the f*** off of Zac. If he needs to go out to a few clubs or spend time with a few women to help him figure things out and mend his broken heart, then I hope he has a great time doing it!

  93. 93
    kami Says:

    ♥ i love the pic of her on the bed. so pretty and so sexy. ♥

  94. 94
    ohno Says:

    remember that teresa denied “only” that she is not dating zac but she did not deny the hook-up. and zac’s p.r. only know too well that they can’t deny it because there were eyewitnesses.
    zac is a cheating douchebag.

  95. 95
    Haters Suck! Says:

    @Zac fan 1
    you’re full of $hit. How do you know she’s been smiling she’s been in NC for a while with no pics what so ever. The last time we got pics of her was when zac took her out to Eden and acted like he cared. And Vanessa also went to NO to be with zac on his birthday. Zac’s the one out to change his image. I would say more but I gotta run so I’ll just say it one more time

  96. 96
    peggy Says:

    @Zac fan1:

    You sound ridiculous. Zac has been trying to change his image for years or did we all image the naked model shoot, the GQ interview and Details or the flirting with co-stars and I could go on.

    She’s not being seen at clubs, or partying or any of the other things one does in order to change their image.

    Further se has a InStyle shoot (the Jared is specifically not posting) that shows a different side entirely. But Jared only cares about controversy now so go to their site..

    Did we imagine her holding on to him in the Hawaii pics

    So spare us your poor Zac post

  97. 97
    leonardo & brenda lover Says:

    Wow she’s pathetic.

  98. 98
    peggy Says:


  99. 99
    BARBARA Says:

    @ Karen i agree with every thing you said, i’m so glad you are back commenting, i’ve miss you, you are the sane one around here, you have great common sense. i’ve always believe in Zac and Vanessa, they always are very mature, i hope they work out in everything they do, i know they love each other very much.

  100. 100
    Jazmin Says:


    Why are women (maybe some men ?) afraid of strong women? someone that speaks their mind and is not afraid to state the truth in how they feel.

    Anyone heard of the saying….no matter what size you are or how you look if you feel sexy you will look sexy and if you feel and know you are tough you can do anything “mind over matter”.

  101. 101
    Bluebell140 Says:

    Vanessa is sounding so happy in this interview, simply sitting her reading it makes me smile.

    As for their relationship, whatever seems to be happening, cause lets face it, this didn’t ecaxtly help, i love them both, will support them both, and whatever the furture brings, the future brings :)

  102. 102
    Charli Says:

    I know she KINDA confirmed it but i still believe Zanessa are together
    if you read the too FAB one you will see they were spotted maing out in an LA club weeks after so ZANESSA LIVES ON
    KTZLF!!! (Keep The Zanessa Love Flowing)

  103. 103
    r Says:

    @paula: this interview was done 3 days after the ‘break up’ story came out. So, before they were making out all over each other in LA and him visiting her in NC. Get your facts straight

  104. 104
    vfan Says:

    She looks smokin HOTTTTTT!!!!
    Wow, wish I had a body like that!
    Bet zac’s kickin himself now..Haha!
    Vanessa Rocks and I cannot wait for Sucker Punch and Beastly! :)

  105. 105
    Jen Says:

    @CarpeDiem: If its not a confirmation that there’s been a break-up, why make the statement that they are “still friends”. And if they are still together, what would exactly would they need to “figure out.” I think some people are in denial here. They’re clearly done.

  106. 106
    paw Says:

    i don’t’ see anything wrong with that either. Vanessa has her own career, though many don’t want to see it. She’s booking her own films outright, not smooching for roles but auditioning and winning roles. she’s more than arm candy and I think the public is about to find out just how much,
    if you don’t think so, many you need to go back and read what critics (who actually KNOW film), have said about her. I”ll just post a few and ask that many of you who feel to need to post stupid comments about how untalented she is, go read up..cause clearly the industry itself doesn’t think so:
    John Anderson (New York Times): “Ms. Hudgens’s character, Sa5m (“The five is silent”), is an emo girl who speaks slowly because of a stutter, resembles Ally Sheedy in “The Breakfast Club” and is ostensibly the female lead, even if Ms. Hudgens argues to the contrary. [...] It’s clear from the start, however, that Ms. Hudgens is the movie’s loaded gun and is going to go off spectacularly.

    or maybe this one:
    Matthew Turner (Bandslam, View London): “Connell’s a little dopey in the lead, but he has good chemistry with Hudgens, who gets to display some impressive comic timing and is allowed to be a lot sexier here than she was in the High School Musical movies.”
    or one more I have of over the 40 that were given by TOP critics:
    James Gordon (Bandslam, YuBlog): “Even Hudgens, who’s acting talent I would have put beside that of your average flee, is incredible in this weird, outsider role. If Zefron failed to escape Troy Bolton in 17 Again, Vanessa more than manages to escape the heels of Gabriella, and create a much more rounded character. [...] 100 minutes ago, I’d have never said something like this but I’m going to go there, and yes, I’m going to mean it: A movie with Vanessa Hudgens has just become one of my favourite movies this year.”

    i’ll just say…be educated before you make stupid comments. these men are top critics, that have been in the industry for years, and have watched thousands of films..when the vast majority of them are saying the same thing, many of you need to wake up and realize, that this is only the beginning for Ms. Hudgens.

    I’ll be glad to post stellar Beastly and Sucker Punch critiques as they come….(some of them already are and are quite completely of her as well)

    way to go vanessa! youv’e earned this! you’ve waited now good things have good!! Go Girl!!

  107. 107
    Tata Says:


  108. 108
    peggy Says:


    Why dont some others face reality this interview is BEFORE BEFORE BEFORE they are together in LA and he joins her in NC even the interviewer acknowledges she may not have been telling the whole story

    Why dont you deal

  109. 109
    maeli Says:

    gorgeous girl

  110. 110
    Tata Says:

    yeah, she looks gorgeous here! sexy photoshoot!

  111. 111
    Zac fan1 Says:

    @Haters Suck!: You’re an idiot. There were plenty of pics of her in December and the beginning of January. There weren’t any pics of them at Eden and she most certainly did not go to NO and spend his birthday with him. By the way, I would like to commend you on your creativity for the “you’re full of sh**” comment, but it is completely lacking in originality.

  112. 112
    Zac fan1 Says:

    @peggy: If he had been trying for years to change his image, it would have been changed by now. The shoot with the model, seriously? He should have been skinned alive. His details interview, the same interview where he basically said that only being with Vanessa was in his heart. Flirting with his co-stars, well, unfortunately he didn’t have Michael Caine as a co-star or it would have been alright. See, Vanessa flirting with him is just as absurd as your statement. Co-stars are suppose to have chemistry and make us believe it. Lastly, I never said that she had been trying to change her image previously. I believe that that is her intention now. I also never said that there was anything wrong with her wanting that or in her ending the relationship. She’s young and she should experience life. I just don’t understand why it is okay for her but Zac was completely bashed and degraded. Things should be fair for them both.

  113. 113
    biki Says:

    so this was made up in december cuz even the interviewer said that 3 week later they were seen together so this is old they are posting this now just to again blow our minds and waht she meant with that old man that he is puting her oil she was jokink she said that she is joking i read the artical and it was all in past tense so it was just story ok?now i just read on aonother article that the reps said thet they are bac but not ofically. they are just takin it slow.

  114. 114
    lame Says:

    I honestly think it was Vanessa who really pulled the plug on the relationship and not Zac. I suspected it and i think this interview made it clear …at least IMO. Not sure if the “break” was meant to be a real break or a break from publicity. It got leaked somehow…probably was never meant to be public. She seems laser focused on her career and extremely busy. This would explain his behavior lately with the excessive drinking and constant travel to be on set with her i.e. Hawaii and NC. I think people do that type of stuff when they are trying to hang on to someone they fear are slowly slipping away. But i don’t know those two personally so who knows. Zac does look very unhappy lately, you can see it in his eyes… even if it’s subtle…it’s there. However, pap pictures give a clue– never tell the whole story. I think Vanessa is making good choices for herself and I really hope this will be her year to shine — free from scrutiny. She seems to have worked hard. I hope Zac rethinks his management situation and distances himself away from his current publicity team. He’s so talented. I’m sorry Gina, but i don’t think you have been doing well by this guy. He needs a Ken Sunshine or someone of similar caliber. I guess we’ll see what happens. Never a dull moment on a Zac or Vanessa thread these days:)

  115. 115
    Louise Says:

    I’m glad she had the guts to say something instead of letting people guess whats going on, even if it’s really not our business.

    I used to think they were great together too but it looks to me like they are both growing up, evolving and looking for other challenges.

    It’s very difficult to continue to be a couple after so long and with the added pressure of distance when filming and being in the public eye it must be very weird and frustrating.

    Who know’s maybe Zac is a little annoyed by the roles Vanessa has gotten lately. I cant say I’m not looking forward to her films this year. I havent even watched Charlie St

  116. 116
    vivi Says:

    Random Art: Diddy~Dirty Money iHatethatYouloveMe

  117. 117
    biki Says:

    and for those who said that wath she made with her pics that they are porn or something i dont see here nothing like that if u want to see the pics like that porn go to see on playboy and u will see that that is difrent. the pics are just sexy nothing else. and wath she meant with figure out things she meant that they are so much busy and dont have time ok. and plus i told u this was made 3 days ago ehen they broke up. now the reps said that they are back but not oficaly. and vanessa it is not like that for those who said that in future she will be slot or something cuz she is not like that and she has very good family and i dont thingk that her mother will let her do the stupid things cuz they are not like other acterres familis which are using theirs kids fame and taking drugs and let them do wath ever they want she is not like thet. and i will say again this is made up 3 days before break up if the break up was tru at all. it is false cuz it is not confirmed.the raps already said that they are back but not oficaly.

  118. 118
    Lady Says:

    @dont messa with the nessa: if this was true. i would think the report would be all over this. on dec 31.notherbut lie. i don’t zac new her then.if it was true would zac tell vanessa he want out i fine a new girlfreind. i not in love with you.went did zac have time to see her went he was with vanessa all the time.

  119. 119
    Haters Suck! Says:

    @zac fan 1
    actually you’re the idiot. don’t like my you’re full of $hit comment. Fine I’ll be more direct. How bout F*CK YOU! Yes she did fly to NO to see zac on his birthday there were Twitter sightings all over the place about this and from there she went to Hawaii. I meant the day after Eden where we got pictures and I’d like to point out that this interview took place well BEFORE eden and NC happend. But you go ahead and think zac’s the perfect guy who never makes any mistakes. All I know is barley a week after he goes and is all romantic with her in NC he’s hooking up with random people. go read my response to you on jjj

  120. 120
    biki Says:

    @dont messa with the nessa: omg teresa already said that they are just friends ok i read on hollywood 411 and i saw an video that she says that he was on the premire just to see the film if this was true now the reps would confirmed or them selfs it is not confirmed and there is no video and no pics. raps already said that zanessa are back but not oficaly u stupid dont belive everything wath u will read ok u are all make me nervous.just wait and u ll see they now that they are making us nervous and they are playing with us. the media is just doing this to earn some mony. dont belive.

  121. 121
    Daniel Tang Says:

    We should celebrate Vanessa’s sexy, exotic beauty in this photo shoot. Leave her and Zac’s relationship issues to them and stop arguing what their status is. After all it is their relationship and we have no say in it. They’ll do just fine without fans investing their time and opinions.

  122. 122
    Chanon Says:

    Zac’s probably gawking at these pictures right now. LOLLLL <3

  123. 123
    Ashley Says:

    you guys call these children amazing?
    in your sense justin bieber is amazing, vanessa hudgens is amazing,
    zac efron is amazing-all these kids are turning out to be wannabes.
    justin bieber can’t dance. zac efron wants to look like james dean and vanessa hudgens looks like a cold sore drowning in chapstick.
    oh my gosh.
    ever see James Dean act?
    these kids aren’t lookers, they’re all just craving attention from the media.
    ever watch ‘little house on the prairie’?
    i do. i’m obsessed. check out what the amazing Melissa Gilbert said
    about your guys’ precious little Miley Cyrus. <3

  124. 124
    hoitytoitytoity Says:

    And Jared, how come you forgot the Sir Michael Caine hitting up on her in Journey 2 filming? That was more entartaining than the Efron part.

  125. 125
    hoitytoitytoity Says:

    @Ashley: LOL, what roles did the great James Dean have done?
    But sadly, Mr. Dean is not with us anymore.
    So Ashley, stop bringing up dead actors ok? Let him rest in peace.

  126. 126
    hoitytoitytoity Says:

    @hoitytoitytoity: Wait, I forgot that it should be Michael Caine and Quentin Tarantino in the title. Would have been more fab. Not Efron.

  127. 127
    Fauve Says:

    It’s kind of sad… I was so happy that Vanessa was finally having a day all about her and not about drama, and I come back from the doctors and people are bashing her? Making fun of a very beautiful and sexy shoot where she is NOT nekkie, but just looking sexy. Supermodels get nekkie even more nekkie than that in Europe nudity on magazines is acceptable even in Vogue, but Vanessa looks beautiful watch the details video she looks poised, and confident, and comfortable in her own skin. So what she is exotic looking???? I think our world is changing we need more exotic women. And now you want to say she dumped Zac when the other day he was in the wrong for supposedly canoodling with Teresa.

    Now I will admit I am more a “Vanessa” fan I’ve always been very honest about that because we have a few things in common mostly being judged for a mistake we made. Vanessa has been a beyond good girlfriend to Zac. She was loyal, she came to his premieres, and she did not go clubbing every day she went on her birthday which she was paid to do by the way, and she does not drink – do drugs – and her family and his family are very close. In five years she has been a better girlfriend to him then these other Hollywood weirdos who boink men like it’s candy. Even Teresa is a loosey goosey big time she has her name on bathroom walls. Vanessa has always been a woman of class. She even is classy when asked about him in this article she never said oh I dumped his sorry bum or he dumped me so he could go boink other chicks. The interviewer said she looked like she had been hit by a truck. Do we not remember that during that time frame she looked beyond depressed, but when he came back and he came over she was skipping around? Maybe he broke up with her for his career we all know Gina is a leech and leeches off him so she can get paid more.

    It does not matter who dumped who how about we all like them for themselves not who they date for whatever reason we choose. Zac does a lot for charity he was a good boyfriend yes. ONLY problem I have with Zac and it’s because I am Italian and we grew up with our men defending us is that he needs to show more ballz himself and stand up for her he did a good job in 2007 when some idiot released her private photos when him and her were dating who knows what that was. But now he needs to speak up for her like she has him like me or not bash me or not a man is a man to me and you stick up for your lady.

    He posed with a nekkie girl on him he shows his chest why is it wrong to wear what she did here? I like it. I would wear it. Heck I might go buy the same outfit and wear it for my boyfriend on Valentines Day.

    Vanessa is a GOOD woman and she took a break and maybe she did not do as many movies as him but she is making good choices. She WORKED HARD to get those roles she had to audition for them he gets his handed to him big difference. Women hated her for dating him people said her career would fail without him by her side. People said that she would not get into any parties or anything without him. All this after the stupid scandal before that it was Vanessa this Vanessa that and now it is back to being about Vanessa in a positive light let Vanessa have her moment to shine. Zac had his and he even was excited to see Beastly and Sucker Punch he was jealous of her in Sucker Punch. Every time it is Vanessas time to be about her scandals about Zac comes out how convenient.

    Fact —- Zac and Vanessa are each others first loves and maybe still loves they BOTH traveled far to see each other.
    Fact — Both their families are close so why hate? Even Stella said she saw him as a brother.
    Fact —- Eden Club after this article, he was at her house, they went to Golden Globes parties, and he went to NC to see her.

    Double standards here and a lot of flip flopping one day you hate Zac, and one day you hate Vanessa.

    I like Vanessa first — FACT I love Zac and Vanessa as a couple before the craziness happened — FACT I hope he comes to the premieres if he truly is in love with her, and did not cheat, and is innocent because until there are pictures he is innocent.

    Right now I want Vanessa to have her moment in the sun be happy for her hard work he did not get her any of those roles she got it herself and he did not get her those magazines or the Candies ads… last I checked her name was Vanessa Hudgens not Zac.

    Respect that they loved one another and that I am sure they are not bashing each other like people bash them. I am meaner then most people it’s the Italian blood if he cheated on her NO I would not be his fan.

    I do not believe he did at this moment I like them both end of story let them worry about their relationship. They are here to entertain us they don’t owe us anything more. As long as they are happy and not hurting each other I support them both I might like Vanessa more because of our commonality but I still support Zac.

  128. 128
    Ashlee Says:


    Yes, I’ve seen everything James Dean was in. He played the same character in six movies. Himself. He had no range. He played James Dean. Best not to grab names out of a hat.

  129. 129
    yets Says:

    im supporting Vanessa hudgens all the way…More to go V.

  130. 130
    go sox Says:

    @Daniel Tang: Thanks, Daniel. I totally agree. This is Vanessa’s time to “break out”, and I am loving this photoshoot as well as the InStyle one. That one was amazing too. Too bad all the pics arent’ posted here….seriously, ONE photo?? And it’s not nearly the best one. And the InStyle shoot is seriously gorgeous. She looks SOO chic and sophisticated.

    I agree we just have to stop speculating on what their status is right now. We all have different opinions as to what went down, but I’d say the bottom line is, I think we just want them to be happy. We thought they were, but obviously things have come along that were bigger than they could deal with right now. That’s why why “are figuring things out”….that’s what couples do when they hit points in their relationship when the answers are not so clear. I hope they can find their way. If not, then I’m sure they both learned so much from this time together, and will cherish their memories.

  131. 131
    Jokergurl Says:

    That would be awesome to train with Navy Seals for a while, because they obviously don’t let women become navy seals, they know some cool ****, especially with knife fighting and grappling, that’s always fun.

  132. 132
    Cheryl Says:

    Beautiful and talented. You go girl.

  133. 133
    BOJI Says:

    Sizzling, Sexy, Sultry Hot! The photoshoot Video says it all. I’m not in total approval of the photographer’s choice of pics here. I bet there are much better ones from what I’ve seen of the video.
    Detail Magazine will always try to spice up an interview. They did the same with Zac and added in the F word wherever they could. I suggest those of you who have read the article, take it with a pinch of salt.

  134. 134
    go sox Says:

    @BOJI: Yeah, I’m disappointed they only posted ONE pic on the adult site, but more on the kids site. AND the video is there too. Weird.

  135. 135
    hoitytoitytoity Says:

    @go sox: OK, why would Jared post those in the kiddie site?

  136. 136
    jen Says:

    Just because fans WANT them to be a couple doesn’t make it real, at this point no one knows for sure either way.
    But it does seem like their just friends at the moment and we don’t know if they’re trying to work out if they want to be together again or if it’s just friends catching up……it’s a case of wait and see what happens the rest is all pure SPECULATION.

  137. 137
    samiam Says:


  138. 138
    Deb Says:

    How can he be cheating if there is no one to be cheating on? They split up. Once that happened, he can date other people.

  139. 139
    bella Says:

    she’s smoking HOT she’s 22 years old no longer with DISNEY she’s a grow ass woman I don’t understand the mainstreams complaints stars going on to do racy things. How many of us haven’t? People need to stop forgetting that they were hormone driven teenagers at one point in their lives. BTW Vanessa Hudgens & Zac efron curse who cares as if they r the only ones who does

  140. 140
    go sox Says:

    @hoitytoitytoity: No idea!

  141. 141
    Lyla Says:

    Can you please define the word, “wath” for me?

  142. 142
    lily Says:

    She looks Smoking Hot!!! For the people saying she’s a ***** and these are too racy…shut up, who cares. She is 22, not 12. And she is an actress, lots of actress’ do this. She is still wearing clothes

  143. 143
    rhonda Says:

    Awful answers. She sounds like she is trying to talk dirty and act ******. That is not maturing and growing up, that is acting childish and stupid. Very disappointed in her comments.

  144. 144
    lslsharon Says:

    soooo hot

  145. 145
    kyle Says:

    Whoa, that is one hot of a picture!!! Meantime, i am not even going to speculate on the true status of their relationship. There are so many conflicting stories that it is better just to wait for some concrete statements from either of them that says the real score. Hopefully, we can get this during press interviews while promoting their upcoming films.

  146. 146
    No, just no Says:

    Wow. Her fans are really batsh*t.

  147. 147
    Sean Says:

    I’d lick every inch of that body and eat her feces.

  148. 148
    beatriz Says:

    she’s so sexy.
    i love her but WTF.
    they really broke up this so stupid.

  149. 149
    Jeff Says:

    Why is she trying to be al badass with the swearing? I like her, really I do but Tarantino will be dead to me the day he puts her in one of his movies.

  150. 150
    Jasmine Says:

    Wtf this interview is retarded, especially that part about Michael Caine. Crazy b*tch, indeed.

  151. 151
    Fauve Says:

    @Jeff and @Jasmine have you either one ever made movies? Have you ever met any person you admire? She’s young she’s allowed to follow her dreams and be bold. I mean come on he put Rose McGowan in his film and she’s what a TV Star? So why can’t Vanessa be in his movies she took a chance, and although he did not call her back she took a chance many of us would not have. That alone shows she follows her dreams you all find too many ways to put her down are you that simple minded and jealous, or just plain hateful? Imagine if you were told the same things you said about her how would you feel? Grow up and get some self-respect. She was joking around and I am sure Michael Caine would feel complimented that the younger generation respect and admired him, and were in awe of him. At least she spoke from the heart and did not give robotic fake answers, so give the girl a break.

  152. 152
    anonymous Says:

    ohh comee onn peopleee!!! this was in december -_- when they WERE broken up. and now they have been sortta-kindda back together ! soo, just leave it alone, and vanessa looks hot. dont *****

  153. 153
    emilie Says:

    holy mother of god
    in love.
    I’ve been waiting for her to come out with these kind of pictures!
    about damn time!

  154. 154
    biki Says:

    first all of this was made 3 days after their break up go on details and u ll see that even the interviewer says that 3 weeks later they saw each other. she did not made this yesterday. 2 days before from to day she was posing for in style magazine and her hair was cut. she is finishing with her film to day or tomorrow i m not sure and ull see that her hair is cut if u dont belive wath i am sayin go to team hudgens on twitter u will see any thing there. and for those who said that her pics look like she is ****. it is not true she is not even naked she is just doing sexy pics cuz girls who are doing that go to google and write porn pics or playboy or something u ll see lot of difference. they are doing so much embarrassing stufs. and i dont think that her parents will let her do that if she even want to do stufs like that. cuz she is not like that. she is the first acterres which i know and i love so much of the young generation which i never seen caught from paparazzi drunk taking drugs or doing some other bad stufs. and for the break up i will say again their raps already said that they are back but not oficaly. they are takin things slow.

  155. 155
    biki Says:

    @Jasmine: if u go on details and u will read again the inteview or if u were smart to got it now u would see that she was joking whit that older man she already said that she is joking with him ok? shut up dont talk about her like that she is not like that. if she was now all da way like that she would do and something other stufs and now the paparazi would caught her she was only making fun.

  156. 156
    biki Says:

    again twitter so many sightings zac was caught in NC with vanessa in dive bar. well of course might this is true cuz their reps already said that they are back. and now i think to day or in v day we ll see pics and videos and we ll laugh about all of this stupid rumors :D.

  157. 157
    meryam Says:

    how do you know that ? btw vanessa look hot go baby v

  158. 158
    biki Says:

    cuz i saw on twitter sighting i am not sure but i read that their raprs already said thet they are back but not oficaly. so it might just someone on twitter is lieing or it is true . but if is it true or not. i read that they are back. cuz this when vanessa said was made 3 days after their broke up so now they are back but takin slow things and the break up it is not even confirmed. so i dont know but we will see.

  159. 159
    meryam Says:

    zac is back to NYC he is filming his new movie so he can’t be at two places in the same time

  160. 160
    toty Says:

    guys,does anyone know when she made this interview in Details??
    please reply

  161. 161
    J Says:

    She never fails to sound stupid.

  162. 162
    biki Says:

    @meryam: so this was made up ok i just said that there are sighting i didnt said that it is true might he fly maybe he had free time or something. but for the break up i read that their reps said that they are back but not officaly. so i dont know but i will say i am not beliving everything wath i ll read until i dont see or hear it of them.

  163. 163
    biki Says:

    i dont say that, that is true i just saw sighting maybe they are false. but hwo knows might he had free time and took a fly to nc i dont know. so i will not belive till i dont see or hear it from them selfs.

  164. 164
    biki Says:

    @toty: 3 days after their broke up go to the Details and u will see that the interviewer said that 3 weeks later they so each other. so this is old.

  165. 165
    bella Says:

    @J: “Shut up

  166. 166
    saniya Says:


    Well first of all i have to say that i always have agreed with ur comments n look forward to seeing them too and this time too u made all correct points EXCEPT for one according to me. I think many ppl have said that before but i completely think its disgusting to think that since V is a free spirited kind of person who loves having fun its safe to say that she ended things with Zac coz she wanted to be free. I mean thats just too annoying to have this reason which clearly isn’t as far as thing right now are.I mean they maybe having some troubles but this reason is just bad n is just like ppl saying Zac wanted to be free for his career..And Karen whats even more annoying is that u alongwith some others think that what V said abt Michael Caine had anything to do with her being influenced.I mean like seriously what she commented abt him was just for humour nothing more.So its wrong to say even as MAYBE that he had any effect on her n so she wanted to be free n have fun.

    Sorry Karen, if I took u in the wrong sense n if u didn’t mean any of these things then sorry but i m just saying coz thats how i took ur comment. So correct me if i took ur comment in the wrong sense.

    Finally to that ZAC FAN who thinks it was V who ended things…
    Well i think u need any reason to bash on her coz clearly she didn’t say anything that could lead to this conclusion. And even if she really ended things, then don’t u guys think there might be some reason Zac may have given her for her to take such step?? Obviously no one knows who ended things n will never enen know so stop thinking that Zac is a victim coz he clearly is not and neither is she. They both r adults n know how to deal with it. Even after the news broke out we had sightings of him n where ppl tweeted that he seemed happy n was carefree n didn’t look like he brokeup fresh n even when we had pics of him we saw him being his normal self n not at all sad. If paps pics r an issue with u then its clear we had b day party pics of V where she wan’t in her natural glowing self(looked a bit sad) n even after that we saw sad pics of her but again they aren’t any issue coz they r just paps pics n they dont mean anything. So stop with ur claims that V hurt Z n so he’s so sad. Come on that u’ll never know coz its not that she isn’t hurt okay.So just STOP.

  167. 167
    jessicahudgens Says:

    many are insecure….what to say?she’s hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i love her forever!!!!

  168. 168
    paw Says:

    kind wish zac and zanessa fans wouldn’t make this about her relationship but about her upcoming career:

    another quote from a stellar individual about how V:
    “She rehearsed, she did the audition for the scene. “Then I saw the tape and I literally went ‘Wow, she’s good,’” Snyder recalled. “She’s really good.
    Zack Snyder.

    well done V…keep auditioning and stretching yourself with roles nothing like you!!

    love ya girl!!

  169. 169

    I wish I could read half of the comments here – but the grammar skills are so poor – and no punctuation! It hurts my brain. Alas, I agree with that Jen girl – Vanessa sounds sane; her fans, not so much.

  170. 170
    telma Says:

    love her and support her 100% go baby VVVVV

  171. 171
    pam Says:

    Still think this whole mess is an image thing- that they BOTH agreed to. Zac gets the bad boy type image and Vanessa the hot single girl for both of their movies coming up.. Why else would they keep saying-”Who knows what the future will bring”. Their popularity was down considerably since the HSM days and notw everyone’s talking about them again….

  172. 172
    pam Says:

    Imagine if one of them shows up for the other’s premier or they do a movie together now the hype that would bring.

  173. 173
    Lady Says:

    the reps did that they are together but take it slow.but all you care about is think of you self.vanessa did this to zac. zac was back talk to a ladyl who by the way say there just friend if that.this dam interviewer was sometime in nov are dec. alot have happy.i wish you would hear what the people are say.zac is in ny now i think.may he will go to nc monday to bwe with vanessa if not i belive he send her somethink.

  174. 174
    Ann Says:

    She looks absolutely amazing! Omg, she’s always been beautiful but when did she get so hot??

  175. 175
    lauren Says:

    @ lady
    ur not making any sense with your comment.

  176. 176
    Butterfly Says:

    zac defended nessa when her naked photos came out.he risked his own career,ya’ll know how ambitous he is. and i can’t imagine a boy who wouldn’t care about that,he acted so mature.they boys i know would’ve dumped her for the ‘i don’t want a s*ut’ … !!
    and zac was the one who visited her.all the time.
    and maybe she dumped him for good in nc because she will have the stress,not him,in the nxt couple of months.and maybe she liked beeing single.
    so he did everything,she dumped him for good,so he became frustrated and hurt and had s*x with a woman to forget about all this trouble.
    this his human man nature.don’t blame someone for getting hurt and try to cover it with s*x,alcohol or work. and don’t blame someone for having s*x as a single man. please..
    but we don’t know if the teresa story was true at all !!!
    maybe everything is ok with ‘em,without any drama… and they”ll be right back as our loved zanessa.
    but please,just please.don’t blame zac.
    if someone wants me to tell him why zac is innocent,please reply directly to me :)

  177. 177
    biki Says:

    @lauren: becuze she dont know english well she said that the reps alrady confirmed that they are back. but are taking things slow.but ehtey are not oficaly back. and that this interview was made 3 days after their break up. dont make fun of lady cuz she will learn in future english. and again i will say wath nessa done theat with her pics wasn’t sluty at all. she was sexy cuz there is a lot of difference wtih the girls who are in play boy they are nakde and do very ugly and bad stufs vanessa is just beatiful in this ok. and for that old man she was just making fun go to the duteils and if u read the whole article u ll see that is in past simple tanse and that she was jokeing.

  178. 178
    biki Says:

    @Butterfly: omg u the reps of their said already that they are back but not oficaly they are taking things slow and they are so much in love.

  179. 179
    biki Says:

    @Butterfly: they are still together cuz reps of their said that they are back but not oficaly and that they still have strong feelins for each other and that they are in love and the break up it is not even confiremed. just wait time will show everything i dont belive at the media wath ever they say cuz cuz untill i didnt see pics or videos or hear it from them selfs i will not belive wait and see it is just cuz they are so much busy but i still think that on v day they will see each other or when they finidh with filming.

  180. 180
    florence Says:

    @BARBARA: If that’s the case then at 23 Zac should be man enough to stand up to them and say something about it, and that is what goes on in HIS private life is just that HIS buisness and not their’s but he does’nt so he’s just as bad as them for letting the pap’s get away with writing what they have been writing and making no comment, what does he expect people to think of him. If he loved Vanessa as much as he was supposed then he would have stood up for her not because she needs defending but becuase he WANTED to defend what he had with her regardless of what people thought about it.

    And there is nothing wrong with being in a committed relactionship even from a young age like their’s was, I know for me I’d rather have a boyfriend who was more concerned about making the relactionship work rather than just seeing me as a bed buddy until he could get his next bit of skirt, and being known as a clubbing, drinking , changing women every week just shows what a douchebag he really is. He’s going to be 24 this year and well out of the disney mould so perhaps he should reevaulate what and who makes him happy, wheather it’s being with the ‘ one person’ he some time ago wanted to find and stick with them or keep drinking, clubbing and hop from one women to the next because if that’s what’s going to make him happy then Vanessa is well out of it.

  181. 181
    biki Says:

    go now on jj they are now posting of vanessa for in style magazin pics and she is so pretty and u ll see that her hair is cut which was maden 3 days ago i know that madia that will done that now. but for ditails was maden 3 days after break up.if u dont belive go on google and write team hudgens on twitter and ull see the whole true story of this and if now again some one will say that they are broken up it is not true cuz their reps already said that they are back but not oficaly.

  182. 182
    Malia Says:

    A grown up, beautiful, sexy Vanessa Hudgens. She is stunning–flawless skin and well toned body. Girl is in good shape from that power yoga she does.

  183. 183
    yets Says:

    if i have one wish this valentines day i really want to see Vanessa and Zac together, i really want them to be happy and i think they are happier when they are together.

  184. 184
    BARBARA Says:

    @ YETS, I wish the same thing, there were some people who saw Zac a few days ago in NC, then they saw him on a red eye flight, proably to NY. Vanessa is not finish with filming untill feb 14, and Zac i don’t know when he will be done, he’s in NY.filming also. He proably be done this next week also, he only has a small part.

  185. 185
    wants to kno Says:

    @biki, you keep posting their reps say they are back together but not officially and they are taking things slowly. where are the reps reporting this?i have seen nothing of these reports.

  186. 186
    Rose Says:

    I wish for nessa the happiness of her life,I hope people where appreciate her ability and beautifulness ,she is amazing girl,she show the women how to be strong not to afraid to try a new things in life ,she is incredible amazingly sexy And beautiful,she show us how people put her down but she still manage to go up and she stand what is good for her,you are amazing Vanessa and I hope zac will be happy for her also,what ever happened for both of them still I will support both of you,you goooooooo VANESSA IM SO PROUD OF YOU ,YOU ARE MY ROLE MODEL IN LIFE,YOU SHOW US NOT TO LET THE HATERS WILL BRING YOU DOWN,, YOU ARE AMAZING.

  187. 187
    Karen Says:


    Someone told me that you made a comment in regards to my farewell comment on JJ so I felt since I have posted on this site for long and people have seen my name that I should make it a point to come reply to you.

    YES, you did misinterpret my comment. In no way was it meant to put Vanessa down. Some of what I said was my gut feeling and some was merely speculation. Both Zac and Vanessa can be open to at least hearing what someone like Sir Michael says because they have been around this business for so long and know so much. Also both Z&V are YOUNG and still impressionable. Their better natures will most likely prevail but their egos will undoubtedly be “quickened” from time to time by flattering comments.

    And with each day that passes and the more “info” that comes our way for me it is pretty plain that the problems that have arisen for these two are mostly like to do with their SCHEDULES. When all of it hit them I have no doubt that like MOST young and in love couples they felt threatened that they were going to lose each other. Maybe raw emotions started words between them due to insecurity that one wanted to be free of the other and that one wasn’t as willing as the other to try to make way for them to be together or alter their schedules to be with each other. THEN once they calmed down they were able to talk it out—or as Vanessa says “we are figuring it out”. SO, to me the term “taking a break” much better defines what went down than “breaking up”. However, many will view the situation as “breaking up” as this Details interviewer wanted to use given his disbelief that the two of them would not be together as we all have come to expect.

    I think it is clear they want to be together and love each other just as much as they ever did given that once Zac came home from NO they were very much doing all the things they ever did. He also took off to NC when he had the chance. When he came back to LA things got crazy BECAUSE much of what was reported NEVER happened. Fairly reliable sources even said that. Much of the partying has been embellished. Vanessa too has been clubbing but being in NC nobody has been there to release such stuff to the likes of E! News. and I am sure that she is not doing anything wrong any more than Zac. We will get reports of such once Vanessa is released on the scene as the “adult” sexy woman she is. Right now many are yet to see her that way except for the fans who know her so well and some haters who are out just to demean her for past actions that they want to brand her for.

    BUT given they have been together like always from time to time—just not as much as we grew use to—I have a feeling when they have a chance then that’s exactly what will happen—they will be together. They didn’t have a “break” because they wanted other people or were questioning their love for each other. It is apparent that is was their work obligations and responsibilities that were causing the problem. For the next sever weeks that will be the case and they just didn’t know how to work it for a little while.

    Those little “quotes” we got when this all came hit the fan has truth in them like the quote from supposed friends which said “they would be surprised if Z&V didn’t end up together at some point” or they were just “taking time to be single for a while”—and being single in this aspect is not necessarily meaning they want to date around—just that they will be doing things with people individually and not as a couple like they always did. They will be seen at premieres and screening of friends but maybe they will be alone and not as a couple like they were with the Get Him to the Greek or Watchmen premieres. They are most likely are not saying anything about their relationship “officially” since all this caused such a firestorm in the media and they have no idea what will happen with their schedules nor do they want constant speculations if they are not seen together. But never did they intend to “break up” due to their feelings changing for each other or them having doubts about it.

    That’s my feelings. But I know people will continue to hate one or the other and want to create doubts to get a rise out of people. BUT I have grown tired of it all. There will always be those who come on sites like this who say horrendous things and use questionable language no matter how sane or logical someone explains things. I guess it is a way for some to feel liberated or empowered since they would never have the GUTS to do or say such things to anyone in real life.

  188. 188
    biki Says:

    @wants to kno: well when they said that they are still hook up but not oficaly back and that they have strong feelings for each other but takin it slow which means with that that they are back the reps said that. and when he was in nc they looked like they are back the whole cast said that even and their friends. and now i saw sightings on twitter that he was a few days ago to see vanessa and now he is at ny he dont have very much work in rhis film and he ll be back and vany will back at 14 february and thy will see each other which of all of this i got it that they are back but they dont want to we know. so i ll just wait and see time will show everything but when i read that and even i didn” belivet i dont belive everything wath i ll read till i dont see pics or videos.i just said noting else.

  189. 189
    biki Says:

    @wants to kno:

  190. 190
    biki Says: all of u go here and ull see

  191. 191
    go sox Says:

    @biki: I don’t know what it’s going to take for people to STOP believing gossip tabloids like this one. I can not stand that people think they are “friends with benefits’ or just “hooking up”. That is SOOOOOOO disrespectful, to BOTH of them. For Zac, because it would be taking advantage of her, and not having any commitment to her. For Vanessa, for having no self-respect in allowing herself to be used like that. So PLEASE, stop spreading these kind of rumors. The last thing we know, is that they are ‘figuring things out”. Let’s let them do that. I know you want them together, but this time apart may be a very good thing for them. You have to miss someone to realize what they mean to you sometimes.

    So let’s be respectful and not point fingers, or place blame. Everyone thinks they know what happened, but no one will ever know.

  192. 192
    Deb Says:

    OMG! Saying that the grammar skills in most of these posts are poor is like saying that hurricane Katrina was a rain storm. Unless English is a second language to most of these people, then I am afraid for the future. The way they write is simply appalling.

  193. 193
    Lyla Says:

    Wait a minute. You are saying that Lady doesn’t know English? Does that mean that you think that YOU DO? Have you read any of your own posts? Do you honestly think that you can spell, punctuate, and use grammar correctly? And I’ll ask again. Can you define the word “wath” for me? You have used it several times in your posts.

  194. 194
    Deb Says:

    That link doesn’t say anything about their reps. A insider does not represent either Zac or Vanessa. They just work for a gossip mag.

  195. 195
    irongrumma Says:

    i got this from a place i go to get some news on zac and vanessa. vanessa told details magazine
    march issue, that they are working things out
    but zac told another magazine, that they are having a trouble with the long distance thing,
    WHY, does everybody say, until they see pics they will not believe what they read.
    a friend nephew goes to university with zac’s brother dylan, and dylan says, he does not get involved in his brothers love life, but he will say one thing, zac and vanessa are still together and very much in love, no further comment
    glad you back Karen you was miss

  196. 196
    Haters Suck! Says:

    oh would you stop. This is a web site not a damn English class. Most of the time when I write in here it’s from my phone or iPod rareley from
    a computer. I don’t write for grammer nor do I check to see if I’ve made any mistakes I just write to get my point across.
    I just wanna say that of all the people that post here I respect you the most and it’s not even close. Even thou you And i have very different opinions about this whole situation,you more then likley disagree with everything I’ve said if you’ve read my comments, I hope you continue to post here as I do like hearing what you have to say even if i don’t agree. You’ve Become the one voice o reason among the fans and I hope that continues

  197. 197
    kami Says:

    ♥ vanessa is awesome. ♥
    ♥ vanessa is awesome. ♥
    ♥ vanessa is awesome. ♥
    ♥ vanessa is awesome. ♥
    ♥ vanessa is awesome. ♥
    ♥ vanessa is awesome. ♥
    ♥ vanessa is awesome. ♥
    ♥ vanessa is awesome. ♥
    ♥ vanessa is awesome. ♥
    ♥ vanessa is awesome. ♥
    ♥ vanessa is awesome. ♥

  198. 198
    Chris Says:

    Karen must think she hangs out with Zac and Vanessa and knows them intimately. Fan girls fan girls fan girls what can I say? You are so Zacnotized you can not see the truth if it hit you in the eyes. When Beastly and Sucker Punch comes out Teresa will be calling up her boyfriend Zac and you will see pictures of them taken by Paparazzi both of them will need the attention because Vanessa will get all of it. Every time Vanessa is doing any promo work Zac gets his g string in a wad and has to show off to get media back on him Gina has trained him well if he was any kind of man he would have long ago when this story broke out made a statement to show his respect for Vanessa instead of hiding out in bars and sneaking into award shows where is the 8 ball now? Every since he got fatter he got dumber. No one wants to see that boring movie of Teresa and Topher she will give Zac some in his audi after he has had 9 more shots of Jaggermeister and they will be caught on camera that way him and Teresa can get pleasure out of seeing Vanessa heart broken on interviews about him can any of you tweens read? She was hurt for good reason because he has been ******** around on her since New Orleans even the locals knew that and he guess who was at Zacs house after the I AM FOUR premiere Teresa Zanessa died now they will be known as Team Tac Just Jared will post their pictures all over we will see Team Tac on the kiss cam at the MTV awards where Vanessa will win Best Actress and Best Fight Sequence who they will have her go against Teresa Palmer. Vanessa will be at the Golden Globes and Zac and Teresa will be there to annoy her and the Oscars and the PCA and the list will go on we all know the PCA is rigged they will let Teresa win to see Vanessas reaction when Zac kisses her. How long will it be before Zac takes Teresa to Hawaii and buys her a Kuippo ring or maybe a engagement ring something he never gave Vanessa. Vanessa deserved better from this loser she is better off without him the next guy will appreciate her instead of having her and a side piece girl good bye Zac Vanessa knows what you are about now the difference between Zac and Vanessa? She will be the strong young lady I grown to admire people like Michael Caine are imparting their wisdom on her Zac should not have to sow his wild oats he had a beautiful woman the grass is not greener on the other side of the fence. Teresa Palmer is a banana collector she has dated Topher Grace, Russel Brand, Adam Brody, Daniel Radcliffe, Nash Edgerton,
    and Stewart Dew and Vanessa Hudgens has only dated Zac Efron way to go Zac you have hit a all time low its not enough your movies stink you stink to Lucky One will fail and so will his next one Vanessa will be okay she will go farther five years from now we will see Zac Efron fatter and drunker and Vanessa hotter and bigger bad move Zac should have kept Vanessa.

  199. 199
    BARBARA Says:

    @ Karen, I also value your opinion, and respect you so much i’ve miss you very much, i always come here to read your comments, and love want you say about Zac and Vanessa, because like you i have always believe in them, they are so mature, more so than some of the people who comment here, GO SOX, ?????, a few more which i can’t remember your names, but you know who you are, that has been here for Zac and Vanessa, I know i have. Please keep writing your comments i and believe very thing you said today and more. you have great vision, in want you say. @ iRONGRUMMA, i believe want you say, they were people saying that Zac came to vist Vanessa, and were seen in a divebar, and were really in to each other, he proably came to be with her for a few hours, because he was seen taking a red eye, proably to new york, NC is not very far from new york, because he was in LA tuesday for th 3D awards, and proably in the early morning, so the paps doesn’t see him. The person who saw them in NC is from Willington.

  200. 200
    Haters Suck! Says:

    how in the world do you know Teresa was at zac’s house? Mind posting where you read that.

  201. 201
    biki Says:

    @go sox: ok i didn”t say that i belive. i just said wath i read and wath i so on twitter sightings i will not say anything ill just wait. i dont belive in everything till i dont see pics or videos or hear from them selfs. but i still think that they are together cuz the break up wasnt even now ill just wait.figuring things that interview was maden 3 days after their break up and wath she meant with that was that they just took a break cuz to see wath they want with their lifes even and the interviewer said that 3 weeks later they saw each other. so i ll just wait but i still think thaat all of this is just stupid rumor cuz it is not confirmed.

  202. 202
    biki Says:

    @Lyla: my keyboard sometimes don’t write well so that wath means what.ok and i know somehow so much better english than lady ok.

  203. 203
    BARBARA Says:

    @ HATER SUCK. Chris is beening sarcastic, if this was true which i don’t believe it First the paps are always parked in front of his house, and i heard he went to the after party after the awards, to get to know CAMERON, and other produchers, he was there late, then he left to go back to the airport,to New York, to make his movie, from want i understand They never mention Tearsa beening at the premiere,in the first place.Chris doesn’t like Zac, by the way this got started by a girl on twitter who lied in the first place People on Cnn said Zac didn’t even go to the screening, he saw him at the party and Zac sat across from her and their was no kissing, they were just talking. this was a rumor made up. I would like to see his proof!

  204. 204
    Chris Says:

    @BARBARA: Do you live near him? I do you don’t you will see soon and the paparazzi are not always parked outside his house they need to do it around midnight that is when the real action happens remember what I said you heard it here first and no sarcasm intended gone will be his maid Vanessa who walked his dogs who brought his dry cleaning who was nice to the neighbors and Teresa is more the entitlement girl she will be having her personas assistant do that for him. Maybe Jared should go pap on him around that time then you will be crying along with the rest of the tweens Barbara.

  205. 205
    biki Says:

    @BARBARA: yeah u are right the paparazzi are everywhere thay will go so i didn’t see anything like the media said that he is with teresa or he is drunk or something. and even he was with teresa now it would be confirmed even an teresa said that they are just friends and how u can belive everything what they will post in here they know that we will get nervous and they will blow our minds. iand i will say again the break up wasn’t confirmed if they realy break up now we would hear from them or it would be wrote that it is confirmed. cuz when i saw others actors and acterres broke up it was confirmed so zanessa might just want to took a break of filming or something not like brak up forever. so ill say again time will show everything ill just wait.

  206. 206
    biki Says:

    @biki: omg sorry i didn’t meant to post this to u i wanted to post to haters suck but my keyboar it is making me nervous. sorry

  207. 207
    biki Says:

    no sorry not to haters suck omg i dont know what it is going on with me or is it in key board might it is whit me i am very sleepy i need to go in bad soon. i was posting tjis to chris.

  208. 208
    BARBARA Says:

    @ HATER SUCK, If this was true, it would have been on the news, This is now gossip gets started, let it go, he just beening sarcastic, he doesn’t like Zac, it shows how people make up things, that person never said anything untill now, only, because hes jealous of Karens comments . Karen does know alot about them 5 years, and she does do research,on them to check out want is true and want is not,You can tell in interviews from both of them,i have a good intuition about people and Karen does too and we have good wisdom , we have lived alot longer then most of you. Cris does not know want he is saying except he has hate, in his heart. he was just spouting off.if you read Karens article at the end why she is so tired of all nastie comments and the hate that has been on JJ, thats why she has not been here.

  209. 209
    biki Says:

    no i didnt”t want to haters suck i want to chris. omg is it me or my key board it might be me cuz i am very much seepy i need to go in bad soon. i am sorry i dont know what i am doing now see lyla i am writing good now so it is just cuz of my keyboard. and plus for u are information i got an A+ in school i won 6 awards of spelling.

  210. 210
    BARBARA Says:

    @ Chris, if this is true, why didn’t you report it before now? then the paps could takle pictures.

  211. 211
    cutie Says:

    oh Barbara dont believed it, cause he doesnt have any proof what he is talking about you only waisting your time.

  212. 212
    Lyla Says:

    No, you are not “writing good” now. And, please, don’t even try to blame all of that on your keyboard. Why do you have a post from you to you. Are you posting as two different people and forgot to change the name?

  213. 213
    Deb Says:

    @Haters Suck!:
    I post from my iPad generally. And I was just responding to what wicked wench had said. As far as you checking your own posts, I would say that you usually get it right on the first try, thus negating the need to go back and fix. Your posts are easy to understand. There are some that are just complete garbage. I agree that we don’t have to be perfect, but geez, some of these posts are awful.

  214. 214
    Fauve Says:

    Can’t wait until Vanessa comes back home to Los Angeles, and is at her Beastly Premiere I will be there.

  215. 215
    Karen Says:

    I think I can point out a good reason why I do not want to post on JJ/JJJ anymore. It is the likes of Chirs—who kind of sounds like florence. And I have a feeling if this “Chris” continues to post like the why his last few comments are most people will clearly see his motives—they are very much like florence’s. And we all know that people respond to florence only because she is so ridiculous—nobody believes a word she says nor takes her seriously. Perhaps she is finally sensing that and feels the need to reinvent herself so as not to lose responders.

    Does Chris really SOUND like he has facts? Or is it just the sound of someone else who thinks they have a bone to pick?

    Look, Vanessa did that Details interview just a couple days after it came out that they had “broken up” and even THEN she said “we are figuring it out”. And AFTER that they were seen by numerous people shopping together a couple days before Christmas and the day after he got home from NO. Then a report from someone from E! no less that they were having a romantic dinner. THEN they again were reported by many people to be making out at the Eden nightclub—some of these people weren’t even fans of theirs. Then less than a week later Zac goes to NC to be with her—not because he needed a friend who was willing to give out “benefits”. Right now Vanessa is with family for a vacation. Zac was meeting with a producer a couple days ago—reports he was in NC again are probably bogus and he does not seem to be in NYC for those who are interested. BUT that could be debatable.

    And Zac being jealous of Vanessa and trying to steal her thunder???? What on earth was it about at the CSC premiere in July? It was Vanessa who walked that red carpet just the same as Zac did. She got far more attention than Amanda Crew did and she was IN the movie. Zac was a walking advertisement for Vanessa during HIS movie premiere! He went on and on about Rent and SP. He was on cloud nine and went on about Vanessa calming his nerves, etc. It seems to me that he wanted HER to get every bit as much attention as he did.

    It was confirmed by many sources that Zac was not paying any unusual attention to TP even at the after party of her movie screening. He told one of the movie reviewers that he had not SEEN the movie and that was even confirmed by that stupid Ted Casablanca from E!—you know the site/show that seems to want to keep gossip going about Zac? There was on ONE report that he was at that nightclub dirty dancing with TP and then numerous other sites pick THAT ONE report up and passed it on. That ONE report came from a “wannabe” type reporter who also was a “wannbe” noticed type person who was found to pass off pictures that wasn’t of Zac and wasn’t even HER pictures. In other words she was proven not to be very “truthful”.

    Chris, I don’t need to live by Zac to figure some things out. And if Zac did tell a magazine that they were having problems with the “distance” then that certainly would ring true considering how for over a year they were connected at the hip and the more they were connected like that the more blissful they seemed. When so much time apart came up so suddenly it had to be like they were having withdrawal symptoms. It has to be hard. BUT I would say they are calmer now for as I said in my last post, at first their emotions must have been raw and they probably had a fight that was soon regretted. And it would seem that they love each other too much not to try to work things out as Vanessa said—we can see that they are doing that. Give them a chance and quit trying to make one look like a bad guy.

  216. 216
    Haters Suck! Says:

    well for what it’s worth I do hope you continue to post on this site and I really do respect what you have to say even if I don’t agree all the time. as I said you are one of the few voices of reason here and you help sort out the crazies and keep them at bay. But you gotta do what you feel is right.

  217. 217
    BARBARA Says:

    @ KAREN You are so right, you forgot Zac and Vanessa spend all weekend, of the golden globes, then he went to see her in NC, the next weekend,and stay there for 5 days and you were right that gossip twitters and mag. pick up want people say, please Karen go @ Kalusakura, someone pic up want this chris had said , i hope Zac’s people find out who this chris is and sew him for slander. i’m with you it does sound like florence. This reliable twitter said Zac is at Parris Island, SC. He’s taking a little road trip. PLEASE Karen, look that up. I’m thinking i;m not going to post here anymore, too many people who hate and makeup storys and lie!

  218. 218
    Bradley B Says:

    Wow This Girl is freaking sexy and Gorgeous.

  219. 219
    sally Says:

    @BARBARA: It might be a lie to witness Zac and Vanessa

  220. 220
    peggy Says:


    First of all Zac;s dogs live in SLO and have for a long time – second of all as we who live in Hollywood Hills know the paps have been staking his house 24/7.

    And further you’re posts are sounding a bit ridiculous now and disjointed.

  221. 221
    BARBARA Says:

    @ SALLY, Actually they are pictures of Zac and Vanessa in NC, and reporters saw Zac and Vanessa in resturants, and people saw them in Eden incluing the people who own it. they were with brittany snow. and people who have partys of the weekend of the Golden globes said the were together,they didn’t believe thy were broken up. Even the paps took pictures of Zac being at her house, they said he was there for two hrs, and the next day he was there for 4 hrs., they have pictures of him going in her garage, and leaving.

  222. 222
    saniya Says:


    Well then sorry if I sounded rude.
    Btw I really wish I’ll see your comments here again coz I really like reading them.

  223. 223
    biki Says:

    @Lyla: yes i forgot first i don”t blame just my keyboard i blame my self cuz i was to sleepy and i didn”t know what i wrote and i didn’t saw well who write what and that is why i made a mistake whit the people i post this and i am sorry i didn’t meant to chris and hater suck i meant to barbara. and i told u i have A+ but i was too sleepy and + little of my key board that is why i didnt wrote goog now i thingk that i am writing good right?

  224. 224
    biki Says:

    @Lyla: yes i forgot first i don”t blame just my keyboard i blame my self cuz i was to sleepy and i didn”t know what i wrote and i didn’t saw well who write what and that is why i made a mistake whit the people i post this and i am sorry i didn’t meant to chris and hater suck i meant to barbara. and i told u i have A+ but i was too sleepy and + little of my key board that is why i didnt wrote good now i thingk that i am writing good right?

  225. 225
    sally Says:

    @BARBARA: What I’m saying is that I saw Zac Vanessa at a bar in North Carolina

  226. 226
    biki Says:

    all of u go to Officially Zanessafied write ot google and u will se that zac was seen 3 times this week at LAX it is on french language but there ehen u go it say Check Zanessafied in ENGLISH. and u ll see pics of zac they were took at 12 february. and plus he is wearing the same sunglasses which vanessa is wearing them too.just go on google in write Zanessafied on twitter and u ll see i mean if u don’t belive me.

  227. 227
    biki Says:

    @sally: u are right i saw twitter sighting that he was at dive bar with nessa a few days ago at nc and then he took a fly to ny and now he is at la again. so may i ask u something did they look like they were in love? like i mean back like a couple or something? cuz this whole interview nessa what said it was maden 3 days after we heard that they broke up. and i cant got it how they broke up which is even not confirmed might they just took a break. and now media know that we ll get nervous and they are using this and made some story like they want but zanessa dont care ehat they are writing cuz they now that time will show everything cuz they are bussy now. but they are finish i think and now when we ll see the pics of them together we will laugh abot all this u remember 3 years ago they were bussy too had msome movies to do and the media again said thet they broke up and it wasn’t confirmed and then when they finished we saw pics of them. and plus every normal couple argue if u dont than there is no love and that is why might they just took brak and now they cant be apart and now they are back or try to get back cuz there is so many sightings thet all the time it is saying that they saw each other and how does couple who broke up when he was at norh carolina share the same i saw pics on twitter that they were together at nc. and plus ill always will say dont belive till u dont hear it from them selfs. so ill just now wait and ill see, but i dont belive it cuz it wasn’t even confirmed.

  228. 228
    biki Says: this is on you tube if u dont understand french on dont find it ehre it says Check Zanessafied in ENGLISH. go here and u ll see that 3 times he was seen at lax and that he is wearing the same sunglasses that vanessa is wear them too.

  229. 229
    biki Says:

    go on you tube and write zac efreon 12 ferbruary 2011 and there is a videos that he is back in la he was seen 3 times at lax for those who who will go on zanessa fied at google on twitter and wont understand french and wont find the Check Zanessafied in ENGLISH. just go on youtube like i said before.

  230. 230
    Erica Says:

    @biki: If he doesn’t come to the premier for , that means they broke up.

    Time reveal the truth

  231. 231
    biki Says:

    omg and i noticed now this he is still wearing his bracelet on the left arm omg i can belive yes yes yes watch whole video and ull see but u cant see clear if u stop and look it in his left arm and u ll see it yes he is wearing the bracelet that vanessa give it to him omg i am so happy now yeassssssssss.

  232. 232
    biki Says:

    @Erica: he was at north carolina a few days ago. erica and it dosn’t mean that if he wont came at premire that they broke up might he wont have time or something and plus the broke up wasn’t confirmed go to youtube like i said and u ll see that he is wearing his bracelet which vanessa gave it to him.

  233. 233
    Lyla Says:

    Give it up, biki. You can’t write or spell worth crap. Your posts make no sense. You are sounding more and more desperate and insane. You need help. See a doctor soon.

  234. 234
    biki Says:

    @Lyla: omg u just shut up i am from france and i ll learn soon and plus i am writing good it is just i dont now realy good english i know more to talk english but not to write but some how i think that all of this other people got me what i am saying just u. i dont know maybe u just want to fight with me or make a fun of me. so just shut up and plus how every other people understand me what i am writing and they talk to me just u dont lol.

  235. 235
    Lyla Says:

    @biki: So, why didn’t you say that you were from France the first time you responded, instead of blaming your keyboard? Never mind. You don’t have to answer. It’ll just be some stupid excuse anyway.

  236. 236
    Minnie Says:

    @biki: hi

    Yes, He has been wearing the bracelet since he visited her house

  237. 237
    biki Says:

    @Lyla: dont be excuser never mind i am sorry u were right but somehoe i think that u got it what i am saying right lets just not fight i dont want to fight lets just wait and see is it true or not about this whit zanessa cuz i dont think that it is true cuz it wasn’t even confirmed and plus i was shy to say that i dont know very much english that is why all the time i blamed the key board. but some how i know more english than lady.

  238. 238
    BARBARA Says:

    @ SALLY, i’m sorry, and thank you for your information. @ BIKE, Thank you for the video and your information, i know my computer, and the keys stick.

  239. 239
    biki Says:

    @Minnie: yes minnie i noticed that too u re right so all of this was just stupid rumor yes yes yes i am so happy now. even if they realy break up now it woul be confirmed so it not they are just busy, nothing else. yes yes yes.

  240. 240
    biki Says:

    @Lyla: and why do u think that i will have stupid excuse i said that i am sorry u were write i was shy to say that i dont know very much english but i know more thatn lady cuz everybody else here got me somehow what i am saying even and u somehow.i said to u i know more to talk english than to write. but ill learn in future cuz my dad have travel agancy and i need to learn cuz i wanna eork like a turist guide so that is why i am learning english otherwise i didn’t wanted but my dad made me too. lets just like i said not fight lets just be friends and see what will happend whit zanessa.

  241. 241
    biki Says:

    when i said u were write it means right if u dont got it .

  242. 242
    CarpeDiem Says:

    Why do some of you believe everything you hear/read?
    Fact is: You don’t know what is going on in their lives right now!
    Even with pictures or twitter sightings you cannot be sure about their whereabouts!

    I think some of you need to take a step and JUST LET THEM BE!

    With all the speculations around here (or any other side) you just fuel the rumors. (There is a reason that there are alot of Teresa Palmer posts on JJ!)

    If you cannot stop talking about them, use facts:
    1. When Zac was back in LA , there were several reliable tweets about them shopping together.
    2. Zac was seen leaving/arriving at Vanessa’s house, parking his car in her garage.
    3. Several reliable tweets and confirmation about their “make-out-session” at Eden.
    4. There were seen having dinner and going to pre-GG-parties when Vanessa was back for her photoshoot.
    5. Zac flew to NC for several days and there were seen being “couply”.

    I believe that all of these sightings are true because there are several (and for me reliable) tweets and in some cases even pictures to back them up.

    I don’t believe that all of the clubbing sightings are true and I don’t believe that the Teresa-rumor is true because there is too much controversy about it that it just doesn’t ring true (for me).

    Back to Vanessa and Zac and their relationship:
    I think that they BOTH decided that they have to take a step from their relationship because of their work commitments.
    They will be together when both of their schedules will allow it (as already proven).

  243. 243
    go sox Says:

    I think some of you just need to stop jumping to conclusions, good or bad. First of all, you do realize he could NOT have been in NC a few days ago at a bar with Vanessa, if he was photographed leaving LA yesterday. Second, we really don’t know what those bracelets are; they could be anything…..he could have bought them at Urban Outfitters or something.

    I really think this speculation just needs to stop. Let’s focus on Vanessa’s upcoming movies, and all the great promo and red carpets that are coming. Zac is filming a movie, so he’s busy. Think about it; one of the possible reasons for a break is to allow them to be seen separate and with individual careers. If you just keep dwelling on “zanessa”, you are making their point. Let’s give them space and time to figure things out. If they are still together, God bless ‘em. If not, then it’s just NOT meant to be right now. Timing is a VERY important key in relationships at their age. Both have to be in the same place in their hearts and minds, or they can’t move forward. Both have to realize and want what they have for it to work. If not, then the relationship will end, and both will move on to others. One can’t be committed without the other. In the twenties, sometimes one person is ready for the next step, and the other isn’t. I’ve had at least 5 friends where that happened, after years and years in a relationship. Timing is everything. When you are there, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. It’s not just about love, sadly. So, please, when Vanessa says “we’re figuring things out”, that’s what they are doing. Things may have changed since she said that in December when the Details article was written, but that’s all we know at this time.

    So let’s just go back and discuss Vanessa here, please???

  244. 244
    CarpeDiem Says:

    Correcting the errors in my previous post:

    4. They were seen having dinner…
    5. …they were seen being “couply”

  245. 245
    pita Says:

    @ Gosox;;
    That’s correct lets focus on Vanessa’s upcoming movies not her personal life 100% agree.

  246. 246
    Lady Says:

    @biki: i see you don’t like the way i write. will i am sorry. i just want you to know. i am 64yr old. i come on here to fine out about zac and vanessa.becouse my grandkids told me to.becouse i am fight cancen. am i am sick more of the time. my grandkid got me in to this. went the come over i can tell what i fine out.if you know like what i say don’t type not good for you will i am sorry.karen know about zac and vanessa. i love what she say all the time.i read all about zac and vanessa.i go all over the net to fine think out.that picture of zac could be take thu are fri.and put on the there 12 of feb.just becouse it say the 12 don’t meet it was take on the 12.

  247. 247
    biki Says:

    @Lady: it is not that i dont like i was explain to lyla that u will learn i taught that u were 12 or something and i am sorry about the cancer that u have. and i still thing that they are together cuz it is not confirmed and if i didn’t like it i wouldn’t put like on ure post what u said before and i understand everything what u said.

  248. 248
    Lady Says:

    @biki: i belive that they are together i belive vanessa will be done any movie.she got so much going now.thank you

  249. 249
    biki Says:

    @Lady: i am sorry lady i whish all best to u and that cancer u have to be gone. cuz i dont like anyone in this world to be sick or have something bad in their lifes i am donating all the time i heard about some things like sick people or something and i want to everyone to have good life and to be loved of someone. i am to emotive i am sorry i didn’t said that i didnt liked i was just taught that u are 12 and i said that u will learn in the future. like i said before i put like on u re post before cuz i got it what u wrote. sorry

  250. 250
    Lady Says:

    done with any movie this yr. i am sorry. i did say it right

  251. 251
    biki Says:

    @Lady: yeah u re right she is done with doing the films in this year and i think that she want to start whit fashion cuz she said already at one interview. but i know that they togther cuz zac was seen several times at nc and plus the break up it is not confirmed.

  252. 252
    Lady Says:

    @biki: you are right.but she want to work on her and zac to.i hope he will be with her on monday to.

  253. 253
    biki Says:

    yeah might they just took a break or something to see wath they want of their lifes and now they are back cuz true love just cant like that be over whit no reason even if they realy broke up they will get back soon if they realy were so much in love. but i think might is just of because they are busy and cant see each other. but when i heard that ehy were seen each other so many times i just got it that they are back or they never broke up at all and i whish all the best of them and when i saw them over the years whcih paparazzi took a pics and videos of them they realy loked like they are in love and plus i mopre like vanessa she is my fav acteres i didn’t see her caught drunk or doing drugs they are one of the young generation which are not doing bad things i love tehem so much but more vanessa. and i think that they ll see each other on v day and when we ll see pics we will laugh abot all stupid rumors. that it is my opinion and i ll just wait and see time will show everything.

  254. 254
    BARBARA Says:

    Zac left on the plane from LAX his friend Crawford Wilson, he was caring his boarding pass, Crawford is the boyfriend of Laura, who’s Vanessa’s, closes friends the infact they four of them spent Valentine’s together last year. He is looking good you can see he’s still losing weight, his face has gotten thiner. He sures hates the paps, i don’t plain him, they just won’t leave him and Vanessa alone. I’m glad he is leaving out of LA, and i’m glad Vanessa is out of LA. i hope he get some rest like Vanessa is.

  255. 255
    Deb Says:

    Biki, that YouTube video of him at lax was him leaving LA. So, no, he is not in LA. He was at a Calvin klein function in NY, I think.

  256. 256
    biki Says:

    @Deb: i know i read. i taught that he was back in la. but thatn i read that he was leaving

  257. 257
    Shay Says:

    @Ashley: Omg I live Little house Ashley and your right these actors today are just overrated not amazing at all .. Just have a bunch of kids looking up to them real true talent !!

  258. 258
    Danielle Says:


  259. 259
    Jonesy Says:

    @Jeff: yeah I totally agree, no one can go from high school musical to Tarantino, it’s just not possible not to mention she has such a squeaky childish it would just be so stupid.

  260. 260
    vanessa garcez Says:

    Eu sou surda.
    Eu sou fã da vanessa hudgens e zac efron.
    Saudade é solidão acompanhada.

  261. 261
    maria Says:

    cualqiera esa foto!!

  262. 262
    Evelyn Says:

    She is amazing girl, she show the women how to be strong not to afraid to try a new things in life, she is incredible amazingly sexy and beautiful, she show us how people put her down but she still manage to go up and she stand what is good for her.

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