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Vanessa Hudgens Talks Zac Efron & Quentin Tarantino

Vanessa Hudgens Talks Zac Efron & Quentin Tarantino

Vanessa Hudgens strikes a sexy pose in this shot from Details magazine’s latest issue.

Here’s what the 22-year-old Sucker Punch actress, wearing a D&G cami, had to share:

On training for Sucker Punch: “We trained with Navy Seals. We were machines, You could NOT f— with us.”

On working with Michael Caine for Journey 2: “He’s uh-mazing. Not only is he uh-mazingly, stupidly talented, but he still kind of hits on me. All the time. If it was anybody else, I’d be like ‘Who the hell do you think you are?’ But because it’s Michael Caine, I’m, like, ‘Sock it to me more, baby, come on!’ I.Frickin.Love.Him.”

On Zac Efron: “We’re still friends. Who knows what the future will bring. We’re figuring this out.”

On talking to Quentin Tarantino at a post-Oscar party: “….probably after a few drinks I told him ‘We’ve gotta do something together.’ … “Slowly, I’ve gained balls. I used to be very shy. Nothing has happened with Tarantino yet, but I definitely tried to plant my seed. Hopefully he won’t look back and think, ‘Oh my God. That crazy b—-.”

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262 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens Talks Zac Efron & Quentin Tarantino”

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  1. 76
    Karen Says:

    I am going to make a few comments and then I am out of here. I belong to a private site that I know has people who have sense and also know FACTS and don’t make up trash about Zac nor Vanessa.

    People who are over do not make trips to be with each other. Vanessa here is making it plain they are figuring things out. It is also clear that they both have a lot on their plates right now and they need space to be able to do SINGLE THINGS and they need to be free from speculation. Right now they will be parted by promos and touring and filming.

    They both need to establish an identity as INDIVIDUALS—very ADULT “woman” and “man” identities.

    Those of you who have always lambasted Zac when he has had his shirt off and claimed he was only selling sex, etc. WELL, I see nothing different here for Vanessa. BUT KNOW THIS, I am not finding fault with HER any more than I did with ZAC BECAUSE this is Hollywood, They are actors. They are doing a job that tries to project a certain IMAGE. It sells fantasy and SEX plain and simple. It speaks to the PLEASURE centers of the brain. These pictures sell sex more and the InStyle pictures sold more glamor and fantasy. NO PICTURES are like family portraits we all have done at Sears or JCPenney’s photo studios with big cheesy grins on our faces where we are all proper looking, etc. SO everyone should quit vilifying these two young people. Quit pitting one against the other like one is better.

    I believe they are HONEST and MATURE and LOVE each other and they know what they both are doing. They may BOTH be disappointed in some aspects. I could say that maybe Zac was the one that didn’t want this to be like this and it was Vanessa wanting to be more free that caused the fight, etc. maybe Michael Caine had an effect on Vanessa. Maybe, Maybe, Maybe…BUT in the end I believe they both knew this period of time would be something they had to get through and it was a break that was going to be forced upon them whether they liked it or not—that it was going to be hard to always “plan” to et together on a regular basis so they might was well have time to figure out how they were going to work it out. BUT it seems to me they want to work it out and doing just that. But you who have wanted to rip Zac a new one should now SHUT UP.

    There are so many things I could say but I am taking my leave BECAUSE they need this time with as little speculation from the pea brains and gossip sites as they can get to get through all this time right now. And IF some of us continue to write the things that make sense and probably are going on then those gossip sites are going to pick uf and run with it making those things their “latest” story. These two obviously love each other. They want to be together but need to figure out how to deal with the demands on their lives. SOOO, as with any of us at a crossroads we don’t know how that will turn out–we go day by day. That seems to be how they have been going since this whole break up thing got started. But is truly does see more like a “break” so they can figure where they are going.

    When they both have said they were not ready for marriage it has not been that their ages weren’t right but that they were mature enough to know they didn’t want to hurt each other by jumping into things that they may not be ready to handle the ramifications of. People do it all the time when it comes to having a baby. IF you are mature and smart you take into consideration that making that decision will change your life forgiven and you have to be responsible 24/7 and it doesn’t matter what you want to do on Saturday night. Maybe step back from buying a house when al the ramifications hit of how you don’t get out of the responsibility so easily—you have to make payments, you have to have a job, you have to worry about upkeep and you have to mow the lawn—it is pretty permanent. Some need to think about that .

    These two are being mature and I believe THEY BELIEVE in each other and love for each other and are willing to put it to the test. IF they pass through this intact then they KNOW what is positive and IF they don’t then they might as well know that too…. I’m not going to add fuel to speculation that gossip sites can use. I want them to have the fighting chance they both seem to want in both their careers and their life together.

  2. 77
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Now that I got that out of the way and before I get ripped on it I wanna say this. Vanessa is looking mighty sexy. Haters eat your damn heart out. Whatever the situation is Vanessa would have no problem finding a man who will treat her right I know i would (never gonna happen she’s way out of my league plus I’m kinda into this girl in my govenment class but that’s besides the point.) it’s just too bad that in all likleyhood she’s going to have to deal with this crap during her entire promo tour of SP and beastly.

  3. 78
    :)* Says:

    Vanessa Hudgens is one sexy little *****. Haha

  4. 79
    daniel Says:

    anyone know when it has zac efron vanessa hudgens all wet and hot!

  5. 80
    daniel Says:

    Who cares about zac, vanessa grooming when you have wet the sexy!

  6. 81
    Maxj22 Says:

    I agree she sounds like she has no class and she’s trying way to hard

  7. 82
    sheila Says:

    @gracemarie: actually we don’t KNOW anything. we don’t know that anything has changed since the original release about them taking a break. people are just making assumptions based on sightings, tweets, unnamed “sources” etc. etc. etc. i think when a couple has been together for 5 + years, unless something really extreme happens like cheating, it can be very hard to get out of each others’ systems and walk away cold turkey. they still might hang out and they still might end up in each other’s beds/arms a few times or whatever. it doesn’t mean that they were back together or even trying to get back together. it just might mean that they missed each other, felt like hanging out and it was hard to break some old habits. some people can break up and never call each other again. some people can’t. neither is wrong. yes, zac’s visit to NC may have shown a much bigger effort to reunite but maybe they just both decided that it was better to leave things as is.

  8. 83
    peggy Says:


    How exactly from an interview did you divine who broke up with who assuming they broke up. HOW RIDICULOUS.

    If this “break” had come after his Details interview or the naked model shot you would have said it was him.

    We don’t know and we may never know but I hardly think an interview tells all that

  9. 84
    Anibal Says:


  10. 85
    Jazmin Says:

    Funny how JJjr has more pix and even the video when it’s suppose to be the teen site where this JJ site suppose to be the adult site has only 1 pix and it’s not even the best pix. Also, where the InStyle pix JJ?

  11. 86
    gracemarie Says:


    Get over it Paula

    Vanessa is not the one clubbing and drinking.

    And bulletin:

    If you were with your gf in NC and then you can home a week and 2days later are was accused hooking up some girl real or PR stunt that is still disrespectful – after 5 years the relationship and V deserved his respect

  12. 87
    Deb Says:

    Ah, Karen….you are always the voice of reason and common sense. I’m afraid, however, that your words are wasted on most people here. They can’t read with any sort of comprehension, and they REALLY can’t write well enough to make any sense.

  13. 88
    mike Says:

    so extraordinarily HOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. 89
    Lyla Says:

    Neither is Zac. There’s nothing wrong with going out to club and having a drink. You make it sound like he’s out out every night getting falling-down drunk. And there have not been any reports of him “hooking up” (you do know what that means, don’t you?) with anyone. The reports that are out there are from un-named (and probably unreliable) sources, with nothing to back them up as proof.

  15. 90
    CarpeDiem Says:

    @Karen: Hope to “read” you around here again. Your comments are actually ones I am really looking forward to.

  16. 91
    mindy Says:

    Ohnoes, she’s trying to sound like a badass but coming off really dumb. No Vanessa, don’t go down the same career destroying road that Megan Fox went down. Being thought of as shy is always better than being thought of as a moron. Hot picture though.

  17. 92
    Zac fan1 Says:

    Anyone with even half a brain should be able to figure out that she is the one who ended the relationship, She wants to change her “good girl” image and to have the spotlight completely to herself for once. Zac is the one who has been chasing after her since the break and he is the one who never smiles anymore. She is always smiling and seems quite happy and she is the one willing to talk about it. Doesn’t sound upset to me. So, everyone needs to just back the f*** off of Zac. If he needs to go out to a few clubs or spend time with a few women to help him figure things out and mend his broken heart, then I hope he has a great time doing it!

  18. 93
    kami Says:

    ♥ i love the pic of her on the bed. so pretty and so sexy. ♥

  19. 94
    ohno Says:

    remember that teresa denied “only” that she is not dating zac but she did not deny the hook-up. and zac’s p.r. only know too well that they can’t deny it because there were eyewitnesses.
    zac is a cheating douchebag.

  20. 95
    Haters Suck! Says:

    @Zac fan 1
    you’re full of $hit. How do you know she’s been smiling she’s been in NC for a while with no pics what so ever. The last time we got pics of her was when zac took her out to Eden and acted like he cared. And Vanessa also went to NO to be with zac on his birthday. Zac’s the one out to change his image. I would say more but I gotta run so I’ll just say it one more time

  21. 96
    peggy Says:

    @Zac fan1:

    You sound ridiculous. Zac has been trying to change his image for years or did we all image the naked model shoot, the GQ interview and Details or the flirting with co-stars and I could go on.

    She’s not being seen at clubs, or partying or any of the other things one does in order to change their image.

    Further se has a InStyle shoot (the Jared is specifically not posting) that shows a different side entirely. But Jared only cares about controversy now so go to their site..

    Did we imagine her holding on to him in the Hawaii pics

    So spare us your poor Zac post

  22. 97
    leonardo & brenda lover Says:

    Wow she’s pathetic.

  23. 98
    peggy Says:


  24. 99
    BARBARA Says:

    @ Karen i agree with every thing you said, i’m so glad you are back commenting, i’ve miss you, you are the sane one around here, you have great common sense. i’ve always believe in Zac and Vanessa, they always are very mature, i hope they work out in everything they do, i know they love each other very much.

  25. 100
    Jazmin Says:


    Why are women (maybe some men ?) afraid of strong women? someone that speaks their mind and is not afraid to state the truth in how they feel.

    Anyone heard of the saying….no matter what size you are or how you look if you feel sexy you will look sexy and if you feel and know you are tough you can do anything “mind over matter”.

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