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Vanessa Hudgens Talks Zac Efron & Quentin Tarantino

Vanessa Hudgens Talks Zac Efron & Quentin Tarantino

Vanessa Hudgens strikes a sexy pose in this shot from Details magazine’s latest issue.

Here’s what the 22-year-old Sucker Punch actress, wearing a D&G cami, had to share:

On training for Sucker Punch: “We trained with Navy Seals. We were machines, You could NOT f— with us.”

On working with Michael Caine for Journey 2: “He’s uh-mazing. Not only is he uh-mazingly, stupidly talented, but he still kind of hits on me. All the time. If it was anybody else, I’d be like ‘Who the hell do you think you are?’ But because it’s Michael Caine, I’m, like, ‘Sock it to me more, baby, come on!’ I.Frickin.Love.Him.”

On Zac Efron: “We’re still friends. Who knows what the future will bring. We’re figuring this out.”

On talking to Quentin Tarantino at a post-Oscar party: “….probably after a few drinks I told him ‘We’ve gotta do something together.’ … “Slowly, I’ve gained balls. I used to be very shy. Nothing has happened with Tarantino yet, but I definitely tried to plant my seed. Hopefully he won’t look back and think, ‘Oh my God. That crazy b—-.”

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Photos: Eric Ray Davidson
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  • biki

    @go sox: ok i didn”t say that i belive. i just said wath i read and wath i so on twitter sightings i will not say anything ill just wait. i dont belive in everything till i dont see pics or videos or hear from them selfs. but i still think that they are together cuz the break up wasnt even now ill just wait.figuring things that interview was maden 3 days after their break up and wath she meant with that was that they just took a break cuz to see wath they want with their lifes even and the interviewer said that 3 weeks later they saw each other. so i ll just wait but i still think thaat all of this is just stupid rumor cuz it is not confirmed.

  • biki

    @Lyla: my keyboard sometimes don’t write well so that wath means what.ok and i know somehow so much better english than lady ok.

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ HATER SUCK. Chris is beening sarcastic, if this was true which i don’t believe it First the paps are always parked in front of his house, and i heard he went to the after party after the awards, to get to know CAMERON, and other produchers, he was there late, then he left to go back to the airport,to New York, to make his movie, from want i understand They never mention Tearsa beening at the premiere,in the first place.Chris doesn’t like Zac, by the way this got started by a girl on twitter who lied in the first place People on Cnn said Zac didn’t even go to the screening, he saw him at the party and Zac sat across from her and their was no kissing, they were just talking. this was a rumor made up. I would like to see his proof!

  • Chris

    @BARBARA: Do you live near him? I do you don’t you will see soon and the paparazzi are not always parked outside his house they need to do it around midnight that is when the real action happens remember what I said you heard it here first and no sarcasm intended gone will be his maid Vanessa who walked his dogs who brought his dry cleaning who was nice to the neighbors and Teresa is more the entitlement girl she will be having her personas assistant do that for him. Maybe Jared should go pap on him around that time then you will be crying along with the rest of the tweens Barbara.

  • biki

    @BARBARA: yeah u are right the paparazzi are everywhere thay will go so i didn’t see anything like the media said that he is with teresa or he is drunk or something. and even he was with teresa now it would be confirmed even an teresa said that they are just friends and how u can belive everything what they will post in here they know that we will get nervous and they will blow our minds. iand i will say again the break up wasn’t confirmed if they realy break up now we would hear from them or it would be wrote that it is confirmed. cuz when i saw others actors and acterres broke up it was confirmed so zanessa might just want to took a break of filming or something not like brak up forever. so ill say again time will show everything ill just wait.

  • biki

    @biki: omg sorry i didn’t meant to post this to u i wanted to post to haters suck but my keyboar it is making me nervous. sorry

  • biki

    no sorry not to haters suck omg i dont know what it is going on with me or is it in key board might it is whit me i am very sleepy i need to go in bad soon. i was posting tjis to chris.

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ HATER SUCK, If this was true, it would have been on the news, This is now gossip gets started, let it go, he just beening sarcastic, he doesn’t like Zac, it shows how people make up things, that person never said anything untill now, only, because hes jealous of Karens comments . Karen does know alot about them 5 years, and she does do research,on them to check out want is true and want is not,You can tell in interviews from both of them,i have a good intuition about people and Karen does too and we have good wisdom , we have lived alot longer then most of you. Cris does not know want he is saying except he has hate, in his heart. he was just spouting off.if you read Karens article at the end why she is so tired of all nastie comments and the hate that has been on JJ, thats why she has not been here.

  • biki

    no i didnt”t want to haters suck i want to chris. omg is it me or my key board it might be me cuz i am very much seepy i need to go in bad soon. i am sorry i dont know what i am doing now see lyla i am writing good now so it is just cuz of my keyboard. and plus for u are information i got an A+ in school i won 6 awards of spelling.

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ Chris, if this is true, why didn’t you report it before now? then the paps could takle pictures.

  • cutie

    oh Barbara dont believed it, cause he doesnt have any proof what he is talking about you only waisting your time.

  • Lyla

    No, you are not “writing good” now. And, please, don’t even try to blame all of that on your keyboard. Why do you have a post from you to you. Are you posting as two different people and forgot to change the name?

  • Deb

    @Haters Suck!:
    I post from my iPad generally. And I was just responding to what wicked wench had said. As far as you checking your own posts, I would say that you usually get it right on the first try, thus negating the need to go back and fix. Your posts are easy to understand. There are some that are just complete garbage. I agree that we don’t have to be perfect, but geez, some of these posts are awful.

  • Fauve

    Can’t wait until Vanessa comes back home to Los Angeles, and is at her Beastly Premiere I will be there.

  • Karen

    I think I can point out a good reason why I do not want to post on JJ/JJJ anymore. It is the likes of Chirs—who kind of sounds like florence. And I have a feeling if this “Chris” continues to post like the why his last few comments are most people will clearly see his motives—they are very much like florence’s. And we all know that people respond to florence only because she is so ridiculous—nobody believes a word she says nor takes her seriously. Perhaps she is finally sensing that and feels the need to reinvent herself so as not to lose responders.

    Does Chris really SOUND like he has facts? Or is it just the sound of someone else who thinks they have a bone to pick?

    Look, Vanessa did that Details interview just a couple days after it came out that they had “broken up” and even THEN she said “we are figuring it out”. And AFTER that they were seen by numerous people shopping together a couple days before Christmas and the day after he got home from NO. Then a report from someone from E! no less that they were having a romantic dinner. THEN they again were reported by many people to be making out at the Eden nightclub—some of these people weren’t even fans of theirs. Then less than a week later Zac goes to NC to be with her—not because he needed a friend who was willing to give out “benefits”. Right now Vanessa is with family for a vacation. Zac was meeting with a producer a couple days ago—reports he was in NC again are probably bogus and he does not seem to be in NYC for those who are interested. BUT that could be debatable.

    And Zac being jealous of Vanessa and trying to steal her thunder???? What on earth was it about at the CSC premiere in July? It was Vanessa who walked that red carpet just the same as Zac did. She got far more attention than Amanda Crew did and she was IN the movie. Zac was a walking advertisement for Vanessa during HIS movie premiere! He went on and on about Rent and SP. He was on cloud nine and went on about Vanessa calming his nerves, etc. It seems to me that he wanted HER to get every bit as much attention as he did.

    It was confirmed by many sources that Zac was not paying any unusual attention to TP even at the after party of her movie screening. He told one of the movie reviewers that he had not SEEN the movie and that was even confirmed by that stupid Ted Casablanca from E!—you know the site/show that seems to want to keep gossip going about Zac? There was on ONE report that he was at that nightclub dirty dancing with TP and then numerous other sites pick THAT ONE report up and passed it on. That ONE report came from a “wannabe” type reporter who also was a “wannbe” noticed type person who was found to pass off pictures that wasn’t of Zac and wasn’t even HER pictures. In other words she was proven not to be very “truthful”.

    Chris, I don’t need to live by Zac to figure some things out. And if Zac did tell a magazine that they were having problems with the “distance” then that certainly would ring true considering how for over a year they were connected at the hip and the more they were connected like that the more blissful they seemed. When so much time apart came up so suddenly it had to be like they were having withdrawal symptoms. It has to be hard. BUT I would say they are calmer now for as I said in my last post, at first their emotions must have been raw and they probably had a fight that was soon regretted. And it would seem that they love each other too much not to try to work things out as Vanessa said—we can see that they are doing that. Give them a chance and quit trying to make one look like a bad guy.

  • Haters Suck!

    well for what it’s worth I do hope you continue to post on this site and I really do respect what you have to say even if I don’t agree all the time. as I said you are one of the few voices of reason here and you help sort out the crazies and keep them at bay. But you gotta do what you feel is right.

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ KAREN You are so right, you forgot Zac and Vanessa spend all weekend, of the golden globes, then he went to see her in NC, the next weekend,and stay there for 5 days and you were right that gossip twitters and mag. pick up want people say, please Karen go @ Kalusakura, someone pic up want this chris had said , i hope Zac’s people find out who this chris is and sew him for slander. i’m with you it does sound like florence. This reliable twitter said Zac is at Parris Island, SC. He’s taking a little road trip. PLEASE Karen, look that up. I’m thinking i;m not going to post here anymore, too many people who hate and makeup storys and lie!

  • Bradley B

    Wow This Girl is freaking sexy and Gorgeous.

  • sally

    @BARBARA: It might be a lie to witness Zac and Vanessa

  • peggy


    First of all Zac;s dogs live in SLO and have for a long time – second of all as we who live in Hollywood Hills know the paps have been staking his house 24/7.

    And further you’re posts are sounding a bit ridiculous now and disjointed.

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ SALLY, Actually they are pictures of Zac and Vanessa in NC, and reporters saw Zac and Vanessa in resturants, and people saw them in Eden incluing the people who own it. they were with brittany snow. and people who have partys of the weekend of the Golden globes said the were together,they didn’t believe thy were broken up. Even the paps took pictures of Zac being at her house, they said he was there for two hrs, and the next day he was there for 4 hrs., they have pictures of him going in her garage, and leaving.

  • saniya


    Well then sorry if I sounded rude.
    Btw I really wish I’ll see your comments here again coz I really like reading them.

  • biki

    @Lyla: yes i forgot first i don”t blame just my keyboard i blame my self cuz i was to sleepy and i didn”t know what i wrote and i didn’t saw well who write what and that is why i made a mistake whit the people i post this and i am sorry i didn’t meant to chris and hater suck i meant to barbara. and i told u i have A+ but i was too sleepy and + little of my key board that is why i didnt wrote goog now i thingk that i am writing good right?

  • biki

    @Lyla: yes i forgot first i don”t blame just my keyboard i blame my self cuz i was to sleepy and i didn”t know what i wrote and i didn’t saw well who write what and that is why i made a mistake whit the people i post this and i am sorry i didn’t meant to chris and hater suck i meant to barbara. and i told u i have A+ but i was too sleepy and + little of my key board that is why i didnt wrote good now i thingk that i am writing good right?

  • sally

    @BARBARA: What I’m saying is that I saw Zac Vanessa at a bar in North Carolina

  • biki

    all of u go to Officially Zanessafied write ot google and u will se that zac was seen 3 times this week at LAX it is on french language but there ehen u go it say Check Zanessafied in ENGLISH. and u ll see pics of zac they were took at 12 february. and plus he is wearing the same sunglasses which vanessa is wearing them too.just go on google in write Zanessafied on twitter and u ll see i mean if u don’t belive me.

  • biki

    @sally: u are right i saw twitter sighting that he was at dive bar with nessa a few days ago at nc and then he took a fly to ny and now he is at la again. so may i ask u something did they look like they were in love? like i mean back like a couple or something? cuz this whole interview nessa what said it was maden 3 days after we heard that they broke up. and i cant got it how they broke up which is even not confirmed might they just took a break. and now media know that we ll get nervous and they are using this and made some story like they want but zanessa dont care ehat they are writing cuz they now that time will show everything cuz they are bussy now. but they are finish i think and now when we ll see the pics of them together we will laugh abot all this u remember 3 years ago they were bussy too had msome movies to do and the media again said thet they broke up and it wasn’t confirmed and then when they finished we saw pics of them. and plus every normal couple argue if u dont than there is no love and that is why might they just took brak and now they cant be apart and now they are back or try to get back cuz there is so many sightings thet all the time it is saying that they saw each other and how does couple who broke up when he was at norh carolina share the same i saw pics on twitter that they were together at nc. and plus ill always will say dont belive till u dont hear it from them selfs. so ill just now wait and ill see, but i dont belive it cuz it wasn’t even confirmed.

  • biki this is on you tube if u dont understand french on dont find it ehre it says Check Zanessafied in ENGLISH. go here and u ll see that 3 times he was seen at lax and that he is wearing the same sunglasses that vanessa is wear them too.

  • biki

    go on you tube and write zac efreon 12 ferbruary 2011 and there is a videos that he is back in la he was seen 3 times at lax for those who who will go on zanessa fied at google on twitter and wont understand french and wont find the Check Zanessafied in ENGLISH. just go on youtube like i said before.

  • Erica

    @biki: If he doesn’t come to the premier for , that means they broke up.

    Time reveal the truth

  • biki

    omg and i noticed now this he is still wearing his bracelet on the left arm omg i can belive yes yes yes watch whole video and ull see but u cant see clear if u stop and look it in his left arm and u ll see it yes he is wearing the bracelet that vanessa give it to him omg i am so happy now yeassssssssss.

  • biki

    @Erica: he was at north carolina a few days ago. erica and it dosn’t mean that if he wont came at premire that they broke up might he wont have time or something and plus the broke up wasn’t confirmed go to youtube like i said and u ll see that he is wearing his bracelet which vanessa gave it to him.

  • Lyla

    Give it up, biki. You can’t write or spell worth crap. Your posts make no sense. You are sounding more and more desperate and insane. You need help. See a doctor soon.

  • biki

    @Lyla: omg u just shut up i am from france and i ll learn soon and plus i am writing good it is just i dont now realy good english i know more to talk english but not to write but some how i think that all of this other people got me what i am saying just u. i dont know maybe u just want to fight with me or make a fun of me. so just shut up and plus how every other people understand me what i am writing and they talk to me just u dont lol.

  • Lyla

    @biki: So, why didn’t you say that you were from France the first time you responded, instead of blaming your keyboard? Never mind. You don’t have to answer. It’ll just be some stupid excuse anyway.

  • Minnie

    @biki: hi

    Yes, He has been wearing the bracelet since he visited her house

  • biki

    @Lyla: dont be excuser never mind i am sorry u were right but somehoe i think that u got it what i am saying right lets just not fight i dont want to fight lets just wait and see is it true or not about this whit zanessa cuz i dont think that it is true cuz it wasn’t even confirmed and plus i was shy to say that i dont know very much english that is why all the time i blamed the key board. but some how i know more english than lady.

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ SALLY, i’m sorry, and thank you for your information. @ BIKE, Thank you for the video and your information, i know my computer, and the keys stick.

  • biki

    @Minnie: yes minnie i noticed that too u re right so all of this was just stupid rumor yes yes yes i am so happy now. even if they realy break up now it woul be confirmed so it not they are just busy, nothing else. yes yes yes.

  • biki

    @Lyla: and why do u think that i will have stupid excuse i said that i am sorry u were write i was shy to say that i dont know very much english but i know more thatn lady cuz everybody else here got me somehow what i am saying even and u somehow.i said to u i know more to talk english than to write. but ill learn in future cuz my dad have travel agancy and i need to learn cuz i wanna eork like a turist guide so that is why i am learning english otherwise i didn’t wanted but my dad made me too. lets just like i said not fight lets just be friends and see what will happend whit zanessa.

  • biki

    when i said u were write it means right if u dont got it .

  • CarpeDiem

    Why do some of you believe everything you hear/read?
    Fact is: You don’t know what is going on in their lives right now!
    Even with pictures or twitter sightings you cannot be sure about their whereabouts!

    I think some of you need to take a step and JUST LET THEM BE!

    With all the speculations around here (or any other side) you just fuel the rumors. (There is a reason that there are alot of Teresa Palmer posts on JJ!)

    If you cannot stop talking about them, use facts:
    1. When Zac was back in LA , there were several reliable tweets about them shopping together.
    2. Zac was seen leaving/arriving at Vanessa’s house, parking his car in her garage.
    3. Several reliable tweets and confirmation about their “make-out-session” at Eden.
    4. There were seen having dinner and going to pre-GG-parties when Vanessa was back for her photoshoot.
    5. Zac flew to NC for several days and there were seen being “couply”.

    I believe that all of these sightings are true because there are several (and for me reliable) tweets and in some cases even pictures to back them up.

    I don’t believe that all of the clubbing sightings are true and I don’t believe that the Teresa-rumor is true because there is too much controversy about it that it just doesn’t ring true (for me).

    Back to Vanessa and Zac and their relationship:
    I think that they BOTH decided that they have to take a step from their relationship because of their work commitments.
    They will be together when both of their schedules will allow it (as already proven).

  • go sox

    I think some of you just need to stop jumping to conclusions, good or bad. First of all, you do realize he could NOT have been in NC a few days ago at a bar with Vanessa, if he was photographed leaving LA yesterday. Second, we really don’t know what those bracelets are; they could be anything…..he could have bought them at Urban Outfitters or something.

    I really think this speculation just needs to stop. Let’s focus on Vanessa’s upcoming movies, and all the great promo and red carpets that are coming. Zac is filming a movie, so he’s busy. Think about it; one of the possible reasons for a break is to allow them to be seen separate and with individual careers. If you just keep dwelling on “zanessa”, you are making their point. Let’s give them space and time to figure things out. If they are still together, God bless ‘em. If not, then it’s just NOT meant to be right now. Timing is a VERY important key in relationships at their age. Both have to be in the same place in their hearts and minds, or they can’t move forward. Both have to realize and want what they have for it to work. If not, then the relationship will end, and both will move on to others. One can’t be committed without the other. In the twenties, sometimes one person is ready for the next step, and the other isn’t. I’ve had at least 5 friends where that happened, after years and years in a relationship. Timing is everything. When you are there, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. It’s not just about love, sadly. So, please, when Vanessa says “we’re figuring things out”, that’s what they are doing. Things may have changed since she said that in December when the Details article was written, but that’s all we know at this time.

    So let’s just go back and discuss Vanessa here, please???

  • CarpeDiem

    Correcting the errors in my previous post:

    4. They were seen having dinner…
    5. …they were seen being “couply”

  • pita

    @ Gosox;;
    That’s correct lets focus on Vanessa’s upcoming movies not her personal life 100% agree.

  • Lady

    @biki: i see you don’t like the way i write. will i am sorry. i just want you to know. i am 64yr old. i come on here to fine out about zac and vanessa.becouse my grandkids told me to.becouse i am fight cancen. am i am sick more of the time. my grandkid got me in to this. went the come over i can tell what i fine out.if you know like what i say don’t type not good for you will i am sorry.karen know about zac and vanessa. i love what she say all the time.i read all about zac and vanessa.i go all over the net to fine think out.that picture of zac could be take thu are fri.and put on the there 12 of feb.just becouse it say the 12 don’t meet it was take on the 12.

  • biki

    @Lady: it is not that i dont like i was explain to lyla that u will learn i taught that u were 12 or something and i am sorry about the cancer that u have. and i still thing that they are together cuz it is not confirmed and if i didn’t like it i wouldn’t put like on ure post what u said before and i understand everything what u said.

  • Lady

    @biki: i belive that they are together i belive vanessa will be done any movie.she got so much going now.thank you

  • biki

    @Lady: i am sorry lady i whish all best to u and that cancer u have to be gone. cuz i dont like anyone in this world to be sick or have something bad in their lifes i am donating all the time i heard about some things like sick people or something and i want to everyone to have good life and to be loved of someone. i am to emotive i am sorry i didn’t said that i didnt liked i was just taught that u are 12 and i said that u will learn in the future. like i said before i put like on u re post before cuz i got it what u wrote. sorry

  • Lady

    done with any movie this yr. i am sorry. i did say it right