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Cameron Diaz & Alex Rodriguez: Workout Lovers!

Cameron Diaz & Alex Rodriguez: Workout Lovers!

Alex Rodriguez strips out of his sweaty shirt after a workout with girlfriend Cameron Diaz on Friday (February 11) in Coral Gables, Fla.

After their workout session, Cam and Alex went to a baseball field where Alex practiced his skills while Cameron sat in the dugout and played with her phone.

The day before, the couple went with a realtor to look at some homes before going to lunch.

10+ pictures inside of Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez staying in shape…

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  • lexy hates bilson

    I love her. She looks good even after working out!!

  • parker4499

    Seriously, is there anyone more pathetic than A-Rod? What a douche.

  • Raichill

    Enjoy him while you can, Cameron.

  • danielik25

    Everyday Cameron and Jennifer. Terrible!

  • W

    they’re both hispanic :)

  • W

    he has a huge ugly butt. yikes.

  • J

    A-Rod’s body is looking grrrreeeeaat!!! I fail to see what the problem is here.

  • s

    I like Cameron, she looks good.

  • Nikki

    Wonder when they’ll break up

  • Vanessa

    He looks like he has boobs, she looks like a man and his smile looks so fake. Good couple.


  • Kim

    They will break-up soon. Cameron has said many times in interviews that she gets bored with being with the same person too long. A-Roid is loving the publicity, but trying to pretend he doesn’t. These two are both stupid.

  • Dieter

    OH MY GOD !!! I JUST TOTALLY CAME ON THE TIGHT ASS OF HERS. DOES SHE EVER Age? I mena she looks like 23 or so !!!

  • nuff

    he’s ugly

  • Nicky

    I am with poster 4. Every day Cameron and Jennifer Maniston are out desperate to cling on to any man they can find.

  • Mandy

    she’s ugly

  • anne

    Cameron is WAYYYYYYYY..better Aniston! Aniston’s chin is like papaya!

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    OMG such terrible comments. You all must be such unhappy miserable people. You are full of jealousy and obviously when you all look in the mirror you hate what you see. Think about getting an education, so you can get good jobs and be productive and get a life,. Also worry about the kids in the military in Afghanistan and Iraq who are getting killed and maimed ( if you know what that means).

  • noitallnow

    Jennifer Aniston is not bothering anyone and is just living her life. She also seems pretty darn nice.

    I like her and I feel for her since she’s classy having to deal with a publicly dissolving marriage affair thrown in her face…and people hating her for dating and getting on with her life, I don’t believe any of the things I read about her …I do know that if she were a man no one would care.

    As for Cameron and A-Rod they look like they’re having fun…who cares.

  • Anna

    They look happy for now, but we all know it wont last.It never does with these two.

  • annab

    He is not very attractive.

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