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Clay Aiken: Broadway Backwards Benefit!

Clay Aiken: Broadway Backwards Benefit!

Clay Aiken is all smiles at the after party for the Broadway Backwards benefit show at John’s Pizzeria in New York City on Monday (February 7).

Broadway Backwards “re-interprets the songs of musical theater by featuring women singing songs originally written for men and men singing songs written for women.”

Clay sang the song “Home” from the Broadway musical The Wiz during the concert.

The sixth annual concert raised a record-breaking $281,243 for Broadway Cares/Equity Fight AIDS.

Listen to Clay sing “Home” below…

Clay Aiken: “Home” at Broadway Backwards Benefit
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clay aiken broadway backwards benefit 01
clay aiken broadway backwards benefit 02
clay aiken broadway backwards benefit 03
clay aiken broadway backwards benefit 04
clay aiken broadway backwards benefit 05

Credit: Brian Killian; Photos: WireImage
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    Are you a Claymate Jared ?

  • Jason

    There is something so insufferably unlikeable about him.

  • http://Tj Sligo lambert ^__^ cute

    This just news

  • Terry

    Great performance, though the recording does not do it justice. Unbelievably good in person.

  • amy

    …at least his botox has gone down a bit…

  • disgusting

    @Jason: YOU THINK?

  • disgusting

    Clay Aiken harasses Kelly Ripa:

  • disgusting

    ^^ Video of Kelly talking about it

  • disgusting
  • jay

    Sheesh, “disgusting”, do you keep shit q’d up to be ready to pounce on anything Aiken related?? That’s sad.

    As to disgusting, yes, he helped to raise a “disgustingly” large amount of cash to help a very worhwhile cause. I doubt your opinion matters a whole hella lot.

    Nice job singing the song, Aiken. In the context of the event it was very apropos.

    Go on with your bad self, dude. The hatas gon’ hate but people like yourself at least try to make life a bit more tolerable.

    Kudos to all who participated.

  • Jeff

    Thank you Jared for the audio! I saw the video and he was great!
    From reports, the audience would not stop clapping until he came out for a second bow.
    Here is one of the videos –

  • Marty

    The entire concert was fabulous and Clay sang wonderfully. The audience even had him come out for another bow.

    The Broadway family embraces Clay and his talent. They recognize a good voice.

    JustJared, thank you for posting the news.

  • Xtincta

    so irrelevant.

  • Megan

    Clay Aiken, keep using that beautiful voice! You are one in a million!



    I hate catty men and women!!!

  • Marty


    Pot… kettle!!

  • Mac

    Thanks for the info. I heard that Clay was one of the stars that evening.

    He is a true talent and is well-loved by many people.

    From reading here, it seems jealously reins here. Too bad!! But, heh, they get to feel important for a second! what a sad life.

    Glad this site put up this info.

  • joanie

    There is something so insufferably unlikeable about him.

    Can you explain what you’re saying here? From everything I’ve read about Clay, it’s just the opposite. When people meet him they all say he’s very likeable and down-to-earth.

  • lol

    For some reason I’ve always been under the impression that he could sing. I unintentionally heard a song by him yesterday on sound*cloud…..he sings so FLAT, wtf. His voice is sh!t.

  • Mandy

    Really liked him at one time, but now he just turns me off. What happened to his cute face and hair? Even his singing is no longer appealing. Pity. He had so much potential.

  • Amy

    gross :33333333333333333333

  • Carole H

    Thank you, Jared. It is nice to see that you too recognize talent.

    I don’t know why people hate Clay so much. Doesn’t make sense to me at all. If there is an artist out there that I dislike, I ignore them. Why can’t the Clay haters just leave him alone?

    I don’t know about the others but I got this through a Google Alert. Am I to believe that the haters have the alerts coming to them just so they can bash and trash him?

    You don’t have to like him but anyone who says the guy can’t sing knows diddly about music!

  • Harley

    Jealous Adam Lambert fans hate Clay because he’s a better singer and a better man. Ever wonder why Adam never got out of the chorus after 10 years in Musical theater. Its his horrible voice and all that screeching.

  • shakira

    @Harley: Why are you bringing Adam into this? : /

    Ignore Kaz, they’re a troll.

  • LOL, OH.

    @Harley: U know Adma did theatre to pay the bills, right? He wasn’t in theatre for 10 years….why make BS up lol.

    Clay COULD NEVER! :)

  • http://www. .

    @shakira: kaz didn’t even say anything…..everyone needs to leave her/him alone.

    it’s not his/her fault everyone hates clay aiken except claymates

  • Docb

    Thanks for the youtube and article. The show was excellent, as anyone who was there can testify. Aiken has the best voice of any male to come from AI, and one of the strongest and best voices in the music industry today.

  • Renn

    Wonder if all the nasty commenters would make these comments if they had to use their real names? Guess haters will never learn, people can see right through their comments and understand there is a nasty person behind the post. The internet is full of jealous, frustrated people who have to drag others down to feel good.

    Even the Broadway publications and websites commented on how well Clay sang “Home”. Clay had one of the top billings in the show and according to Broadway World he had many people in the audience near tears with the emotion in the song. You can’t lip sync or use autotune in a Broadway show and it’s not based on lighting shows, pyrotechnics, or other stage antics. All the performers at this show are extremely talented. They donated their time to help raise over $280,000 in one show for BC/EFA.

  • jay



    I’d just say that they both are talented men but that STILL won’t be enough. LOL

    Honestly, the Clamberts are the worst; you know, those OTT Clay fans that have migrated to a more “edgy” (although that’s debatable) gay singer. They have all the attributes of the worst of the Clay followers plus the dubious benefit of being decorated in glitter and “glam” so the spectacle is even more attention grabbing. Whether that attention is beneficial is to be decided.

    I can just bet that Lambert isn’t exactly enamored of his own “enthusiastic” fans but he’ll take the money. Funny how Clay gets accused of that and it’s a baaaaaad thing but the Glam god can do it, in droves, and it’s just so honest and supportive of his beloved fans.

    Again, PLEASE.

    Just let the men sing and entertain those that want to hear them and let the rest frickin’ go. You’ll live longer/happier lives. Trust.

  • Harley

    @Harley: U know Adma did theatre to pay the bills, right? He wasn’t in theatre for 10 years….why make BS up lol.

    No wonder he never got anywhere. Glamtards claim he has decades of experience, more than 10 years actually. They say since he was 10 years old. And he still couldn’t get a lead part to save his life.

    Clay COULD NEVER! :)

    Clay could sing rings around Adam, but he wouldn’t sing that shit.

  • Anne

    From someone who was actually AT that show, I can say that Clay Aiken’s rendition of “Home” was outstanding and a true highlight of a wonderful show with an extremely talented cast.

    I’ll never understand why anyone follows an entertainer just to make derogatory remarks about them. I don’t care for half the new and ‘edgy’ singers out there today, but I sure as hell don’t go looking for articles about them to tell the world how much I hate them.

    As for Clay, he’s an incredibly talented man and I wish him much success in the years to come.

  • chillax

    so many trolls spend their lives on JJ. we all see the negative comments but doesn’t matter since JJ doesn’t reach that many people who really matter.

  • Carole H

    I followed the link and listened to Adam. He has a good voice but compared to Clay, he is just another singer. I did like that song he did from 2012 although I can’t remember the name.

  • drz

    good to know he finally admits to being backwards..ugly gay.

  • Llana

    OOOOO the haters are out from under their rocks in full force :) , if u guys hate Clay so much why RU following him all over da place?

  • Presh

    It is the Adam Lambert fans who look for everything about Clay and stampede over to be nasty. Pay them no mind.

  • Jackie

    Haters or should I call them internet bullies are simply a bunch of INSECURE and UNHAPPY individuals who hides behind a computer and say vile things about other individuals in order to feel better about themselves.

    I’m not going to comment about other idol fans because I’m much bigger than that and hopefully they can do the same.

    Bravo to Clay for participating and choosing Broadway Backwards. Thank you Just Jared for acknowledging it.

  • trimax

    All you Clay haters, why oh why are you so interested following his every move??? Get a life. Clay did an awesome job signing “Home” and even had to come out twice for another bow.

  • connie

    Broadway Backwards was a wonderful show spotlighting the talent of Broadway’s best . It was a night full of laughter , tears and love . Thanks to all the stars who gave their time for this important cause . Clay Aiken more than held his own among the B’way vets . A-plus , Mr A . I hope to hear you sing again soon .

  • scary

    ……….why do Claymates always have Adam on their minds?

    No one mentioned him until a Claymate did. Same goes for Clay who has Adam on his mind and proved it by opening his foolish mouth not so long ago.

    Ricky Martin fans don’t start drama with Adam fans, they have no problem with each other, the opposite in fact. What’s wrong with Claymates?

  • sadie holly

    I enjoy all the Broadway cares shows, but this one was special. It was about the news. Clay sang about the dream of Home dedicated to the GLBT youth. this after the mention of the few who had given up and committed suicide this year. They long for a home where they are accepted and bullying is no more. Away from the hate.

    So ironic considering some of these comments. It does not matter who is doing the bullying or posting hate, it needs to stop

  • deidre

    LOL, it’s funny how Harley called out the Adam fans as making the nasty comments and then they outed themselves for the Glamtards they are. Too funny.

    Thanks Jared for always being a classy guy.

  • boots

    Thanks for posting about the Broadway benefit and Clay’s performance. So glad he is appreciated for his talent from the Broadway audience.

  • Jacqueline

    OK children! get along now or you will all have to go sit on the naughty chair.

    Thanks for posting JJ. Clay is a great guy and has done many great things in the last 8 years that the media, bloggers or gossip sites never really seem to care for sharing with the public. I guess positive shit does not sell as well.

  • Leighton

    WTG Clay! Prestigious event in the Broadway community. Great audio.

  • Leighton

    WTG Clay! Great audio. Thanks Jared.

  • janemarie

    I think all the bashers in cyber-space should do something wih their lives besides bashing people who are trying to make a dfferance. Clay sang at a charity event to raise money for AIDS. How many of you have perticipated in a cause to help others? Cyber bullying is really a cowardly way of saying something nasty about people you don’t even know. How he looks hs nothing to do with who he is as person. I was there and I can tell you that if nything Clay is singing better tn ever, plus he sings Home with such emotion, member of the audiance were actually crying. Interpreting a song is harder than just singing it.

  • Independentgal

    Are some of you people actually adults or are you nasty ones just silly adolescents? Hard to tell but that’s the internet for you, lots and lots of nameless, faceless people spewing their hatred because they can..

    Clay Aiken can sing rings around most of today’s acts and they are acting. They can’t hold a tune.

    I’m one of those listeners who actually adores the arts. Been going to B’way shows all my life and I happened to catch Aiken in Spamalot. I have been a fan ever since and was blown away by his voice once i listened to some of his music. His performance in Spamalot was hilarious but i didn’t realize how beautiful his voice was until much later.

    I am looking forward to anything else he does.