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Eva Longoria & Eduardo Cruz: PDA Parade

Eva Longoria & Eduardo Cruz: PDA Parade

Eduardo Cruz, the younger brother of Oscar-winning Penelope Cruz, wraps his arm around his new girlfriend, Desperate Housewives actress Eva Longoria, and gives her a sweet kiss on the head on Saturday afternoon (February 5) in Miami, Fla.

The new couple was staying on a friend’s luxury yacht and was also spotted at the AA Arena for the Market America Convention, which teaches people how to be better entrepreneurs. Eduardo, 25, and Eva, 35, were later seen sharing a glass of wine together on the yacht.

Looks like this new couple is in full effect. These are the first pictures of Eva and Eduardo getting their PDA on!

Last month, Eva and basketball player Tony Parker officially divorced.

30+ pictures of Eva Longoria and Eduardo Cruz‘s PDA Parade at!

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Credit: Radcliffe; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Erin D.

    I LOVE it!! Good for her…..

  • aly

    always move on too fast.

  • faye

    A hot 25 year old, is just what the doctor ordered to move on. I second the “good for her” sentiment.

  • http://Tj Sligo lambert ^__^ cute


  • Glai

    When everyone thought the problem is with the guy, Eva proves it’s her who can’t keep her hands only on one man.

  • laverdadduele

    Already spreading her legs for another man just three months after filling for divorce. Typical Sl*ttywood trash.

  • tawi-tawi

    you go Eva! good for her!!! I wish them love! and happiness :)

  • eva-rocks

    eva deserves to be happy. after that cheating french douchebag, she needs somebody who will love her. falling in love doesn’t have a timeframe, it comes at unexpected times, even just after your divorce. so suck it haters, she is way better off with eduardo. and eduardo, i got your cd 2 years ago and i liked it.

  • Lalalove

    Dude, you’re a rebound!
    Is the divorce even finalized yet? smh. Is this he trying to get back at her husband? damn shame.

  • hahhys

    LOL i love how everyone suspected tony of ‘cheating’ how do we know it wasn’t the other way round? … just saying


    Lalalove and eva rocks.. He did not cheat on her just text message
    her that is all.. Really it is ok for Kelsey Grammer to cheat on his
    wife parade is sluttee mistress around town get her pregnant
    while he is still married but it is not ok for Eva’s husband to have
    text messages only no real proof that they were dating at all…

  • MangerBouger

    If she thinks it’s gonna work with someone younger than Tony Parker, then she is in denial. Why? Cause she has no babies and cannot be emancipated as Demi Moore is with Ashton Kutshon for example – clock is ticking for her but not for little baby Cruz. That’s why I think that he is just a toy for her, and vice versa …

    Still cannot forget all that drama around the church in Paris for her wedding … french citizens paid for those policemen, hence I feel like I paid from my own pocket for a wedding that did not even last that long.

    She owes us big and gonna ruin spanish citizens … BEWARE ! lol

  • name


  • Juan

    Time will tell if this is a rebound or the real deal we have to wait and see. Pre-Nup Eva.

  • Jezza

    If it wasn’t this guy, it’d be another guy.

  • really

    toooooooo cute!!!!

  • dani

    These hollywood types really move on fast. They find the love of their life, tattoo their names on their bodies and then break up and voila–a few weeks later they are madly in love. Eva, Christina, Jessica and all the rest–give it a rest!

  • Wanda

    Eww she can’t be alone for 6months..then this one will cheat

  • whopi

    @laverdadduele: one of the many sl.u.ts on this thread —> YOU

  • whopi

    @name: jealous fat b**** —> YOU

  • lola

    He have eva’s name on his arm??? I don’t understand? when this story’s start?

  • oops

    what a bitch… everybody was suspected tony of cheating her, she probably cheated him at first !
    these couples are so superficial, so not sincere, it disgutes me.

  • Bella

    Well, she’s no difference than her ex.

  • ThE HoBBiT

    why is she always looking for attention with boys barely out of their mother’s apron? does she think he’s with her forever ?..thank god their money n fame buys them a relationship faster than they are out of the last

  • willanka

    I feel weird about those two. I’m kind of happy that Eva moves on, but it’s so fast since her split from her husband.

  • Jokergurl

    He looks like a Spanish Tony Stark! Nice catch Eva.

  • mia

    sorry this is a woman who has an open marriage and divorces her husband for emotional cheating because she went overboad with her sexual trysts….so has she told this one yet, she is ino swinging, or she is waiting to marry him first….can’t stand this overprocessed over sexed poodle…u cant possible move on fom a mariage that fase unless you were already busy elsewhere before it ended!

  • mia

    Tony choose the high road…but he could ruin her….thats why she quicly gave in when HE filed his own papers…she is nothing but a “Ho” who got lucky on prim time. After that show ends, lets she sluttywawa here get anywhere without holding tight to penelope cruz’s oscar gown..ahahha

  • Kre7en Bacon Jr.

    Whats wrong with Wharudo? He can date lovely younger girls that look good or better than Aeva…. He might get cheap midnite love, but as phar az da lasting delationship (it sux.)
    Shure she’z hot din sexi but she’s gett’n old 2 fast! Thrity-five iz almost fourty! She’s almost over the hill! Four n’ half, to five good years left!

    Bi dat tyme Wharudo kan date girls 10 yrs younger dan he iz!

  • as

    I knew it was her the problem. She seemed too fake on television with Tony. Tony deserves better.

  • LoveTony

    Is she kidding?!
    She was like “Ooh poor me, Tony cheated on me!”
    Yeah right! You cheated on him way before the texting afair!

    She makes me sick!

    F*** you Eva!

  • dahlia1947

    Yeah, good for her!

  • lil’

    Well, in fench magazines some photos of them popped up a while ago, in december if i remember
    They were taken in spring or summer 2010 I think : Edouardo and Eva were in a queue at a supermarket together : way before the sextext drama. Just sayin’…

  • Jessica

    Take a look at his face! This man is a Spanish Tony. At least, Tony is more creative when it comes to fantasy: such as a teen British model.

  • anen

    Eva’s BBF Mario Lopez on the Wendy show when asked about her relationship said that “boyfriend” is such a strong word and that “my girl eva is just having fun”….

  • Jessica

    @anen, Very ugly. So I’m not surprised why Tony wanted to cheat on her. She’s not even a real woman. She’s looking childish and acting like a ho.

  • m

    he’s hot, good for her!

  • brainwashed

    1st of all who cares?
    Live and let live
    Why is everybody so judgmental and quick to vomit their closeminded opinion about what other people do?
    I say let them enjoy, and if it bothers you its because you are a hater and you should work on yourself!

  • http://facebook id

    pls i want Eva to read this. It pisses me off to always see her go for men many years younger than her. Am not jealous but i foresee a situation these men use her to satisfy their sexual urges without considering the option of marriage in their wildest imaginations, even when marriage is considered i there every likelihood of the union going through troubled waters in no time. pls tell her to be wise. If she really needs love i wont hesitate to recommend a Nigerian for her especially a thorough-bred Akwa Ibomite who wouldn’t mind to live in any part of the World she chooses. Above all, the fellow will have the capacity to make her achieve pregnancy the attribute Tony Parker and co lack.