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Hayden Christensen Stops for a Sports Drink

Hayden Christensen Stops for a Sports Drink

Hayden Christensen pops into a liquor store and picks up a bottle of Powerade on Friday (February 11) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The 29-year-old actor is back in California after a short trip to New York City where he screened his new movie Vanishing on 7th Street.

In case you missed it, check out the trailer for the film, which hits theaters next Friday (February 18)!

FYI: Hayden is wearing a Burberry coat.

10+ pictures inside of Hayden Christensen stopping for a sports drink…

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hayden christensen gatorade 01
hayden christensen gatorade 02
hayden christensen gatorade 03
hayden christensen gatorade 04
hayden christensen gatorade 05
hayden christensen gatorade 06
hayden christensen gatorade 07
hayden christensen gatorade 08
hayden christensen gatorade 09
hayden christensen gatorade 10

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  • Lake

    So beautiful Hayden, please find a nice Canadian home girl. Please?

  • Brightside

    That’s a very nice hairstyle. It suits him.

  • Cute

    Cute Hayden. Lake, he already has a girlfriend, lets not have ANOTHER discussion about their relationship.

  • Pepto

    She’s not a girlfriend, she’s nothing but a fame wh(re. Using him for her own gain.

  • Cute

    She’s not his girlfriend? Oh right sorry! Forgot you know him personally. My bad….dumb@ss





  • what

    wow.. prettyboys really don’t age well.

  • petrova

    He looks adorable. I’ll be his Canadian gf :) Lol

  • 12

    awwwwwwwww i like his face a little more full like in these pics

  • Love

    @what: You kidding right? Rob Lowe anyone? He is aging so well. Hayden isn’t a prettyboy..

  • Tina

    Damn! He’s hot!!

  • jolene


  • julie

    a pretentious jerk, worst actor, feeling cool, and he looks ugly

  • maya

    @HAYDEN!: It’s a very good comment i ever heard you’re amazing Hayden, that’s right Hayden and Rachel are the best couple ^^

  • Al

    It s time for him to change home-bred designer on the professional stylist

  • Valeria

    Visit !!! new german page about hayden!

  • http://twitter annie

    love hayden, too bad hes stuck on greasy hair ,no talent bilson. get a canadian girl, u know bilson and sex need help

  • maya

    Rachel and Hayden are the best couple they are so adorable together i don’t know why some people hate rachel; if Hayden choose her u dont have you’re word to say guys

  • http://Tj Sligo lambert ^__^ cute

    He need dr

  • lexy hates bilson

    Where is his chauffeur Rachel?? Why isn’t she Driving Mr. Hayden?? Isn’t that her job??
    Haven’t seen an ads for this movie.

  • lisa

    Hes is hot, love you Hayden! :D

  • lisa


  • depressed

    Oh he’s so handsome! Soon he’ll find another pretty and silly girl

  • Al
  • Rachel Bilson

    Why isn’t my precious name is not mentioned in this article huh???!!!

  • Al

    Lexy hates bilson, BRAVO! May have his personal driver off on Fridays or she is drunk of happiness he was photographed wiht her & doesnt deny this?!

  • lisa

    Why talk about RB in a post about Hayden? Forget that b.itch for a minute.

  • kosher

    Look what being a jobless for more than a year now have done to him?! Got now a “bloated” face & neck & looks like having some beer gut too – poor ole fat boy!

  • reedley

    No worth the buzz promos for his latest film; so just doing a LOT of photo-ops lately – as if it could save his movie from “bombing”!

  • ?

    Why drink a ‘sports drink’ when it is OBVIOUS that he doesn’t work out?
    At all?
    Why drink something that replaces fluid and electrolytes that you lose when you sweat, when it looks like y\he hasn’t broken a sweat for months?
    Plus, it has calories that he DOESN’T need.
    He’s getting fat and bloated.
    Since he has no talent, his looks are all that he has left.
    Once that’s gone, bye-bye Hollywood.

  • The Truth

    @maya: If thye are a couple thn then why haven’t their status is still single then?@Pepto: Right she isn’t his girlfriend she did use him for personal thought it would her in the tabloid like jake gylenhaal and taylor Swith and when it didn’t she left it alone.What he said in pagesix was admittion are back on.No one cared about what he said there or about the movie itself. Need to leave rachel out are this when he is posted by hisself and not with her. Both are not claiming back on with each other right now. But it valentine weekend and I’m glad he’s not spending it alone. And have her and his brother to spend it with. If she don’t want to be seem with him like now.Why bother letting people know about it last weekend.even though we didn’t get to see togther. Thye was all mad with each other.Hope he does find hisself a nice girl to share the splotlight and not ashame to be with hm.Glad to see him by hisself anyway. ayppy valentine’s day haydem.. He’s still single.

  • Casey

    Whew! HAYDEN looks HOT! Love his hair like this, much better longer and curlier ! Love his coat (got one for Christmas) just had to have a coat like my fav. Ya know the older he gets the better lookin he becomes, WOW! He’s just the BEST. He HAS that acting finisse, he had it in Like As A House and Shattered Glass, and now that he will be getting into his thirties, this ability will come out in SPADES…can not wait! His talent is going to burst out in some marvelous roles. LOVE YOU HAYDEN!

  • Casey

    Whew! HAYDEN looks HOT! Love his hair like this, much better longer and curlier ! Love his coat (got one for Christmas) just had to have a coat like my fav. Ya know the older he gets the better lookin he becomes, WOW! He’s just the BEST. He HAS that acting finisse, he had it in Like As A House and Shattered Glass, and now that he will be getting into his thirties, this ability will come out in SPADES…can not wait! His talent is going to burst out in some marvelous roles. LOVE YOU HAYDEN!

  • Casey

    @kosher: Kosher – boy your jealousy is showing…guess you wish you looked as sexy as Hayden but obviously do not!


    There can be only ONE Chace Crawford and he isn’ t it.

  • @Casey

    Uhmmmm, OK.
    I guess that fat, pale, bloated, untalented and unemployed are “sexy” qualities to you.
    To each his own, I guess.

  • Alias

    @37 – you must be either fking blind or fking stupid, my bet is both

    Fat??? LMFAO!!

  • @38

    Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt, is it.

  • Alias

    and b_llsh_t doesn’t always come from one’s @_s_s, does it?

  • Lady Luck Purple

    HA HA!! Rachel and Hayden are together. I mean he is Las Feliz or wherever Rachel loves in LA. He drives her Prius and sh*t. Of course they are today. I guess it is true about her. She can cook. It looks like Rachel is feeding possibly too much goodies?! Lol. =)

  • Lady Luck Purple

    Rachel and Hayden are together. They are just being more secretive about it. The fact he is in Las Feliz where she lives and he is picking up a Powerade there. It looks like he needs to switch to the Gaterade G2 series. He needs to lose some of that tummy he is trying to hide. He drives her Prius and sh** too when he is in town. He is with Rachel and get over it. They are cute together. Leave ‘em be and live and let live. No use crying over something you cannot control. They were meant to be together I think. I guess the myth is true that Rachel can cook and bake. It looks like Hayden has been sampling maybe a little too much of her good cooking and goodies! LOL! =)

  • @38

    People aren’t blind or stupid just because they don’t share your opinion.
    As they said, “to each his own”.
    No need to get so vulgar, juvenile or hateful when someone disagrees with you.

  • PR agent


    The Idea that RB can cook is as absurd as her acting career is. One finds that RB lies around the real story just makes things sound good for the media and her column, sells magazines is all, she needs it to look like she is domestic when she is seen eating out all the time, not a real good chance she cooks much but microwaves or reheats. Besides Los Feliz is the home to so many top celebrities now agents are there as other professionals in all walks of life. I won’t argue that he is around there b/c she is there but she is also local and quick and easy for him to come and go. So is the relationship it’s convent when he wants it to be.

    JJ didn’t state he was driving anything if he did wasn’t mention and who cares about what car RB has or if he is driving her car or someone else’s .Betting that HC bought it for her anyway. Keep in mind he hangs with his brother and lives with him as well when he isn’t doing time with the press STD that he clings to like a bad habit the hasn’t broken away from totally yet.

  • @Lady Luck Purple

    Yeah, everybody on JJ knows they’re really together, they just don’t want to believe it. But, who cares.. Hayden and Rachel are happy, the Rachel-haters are not. Makes ME happy!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • 50+ person needs to be noticed

    Powerade hmm sounds yum yum
    O/T a lonely old “Christian” (can be mean) woman, please come chat on the website owned by 50+ single lady. Warning can be a bit nasty, but just want popular, 50+ and fat. Please come chat….

  • sham-duo

    Their movies & careers are TANKING as well.
    Damn too sure that I’m not the only one who’s soo happy & so thrilled about it – serves them right!

  • Jax

    Who says they’re happy? Do you people live with them? Are you privy to their personal conversations and interactions? Did any of you delusional Raydens read her interview in Madison Magazine? Doesn’t sound to me like she holds out any hope at all of this “relationship” going anywhere. Just because they’re friends with bennies doesn’t mean they’re either happy or that this is a real relationship. You kids that are fans of hers because you like her “fashion sense” need to go to bed and get up in the morning and do your homework. Middle school is the path to high school.

  • Mary

    @ Jax All the questions you asked in your paragraph you can ask yourself, starting with Who says they’re not happy?, and continue with the rest you wrote. I read her interview, and she said she did not want to talk about her private life, and she said “it is what it is, I guess”. It’s funny when Hayden is coy about their relationship, it is perceived as sarcasm, but if Rachel does not talk about it, it means they are not happy? I am not a Rayden, I think they should be with who they want to be with, and that they are adults able to decide for themselves if they want to be together or not. Apparently, they want to be together, and no one knows what goes on behind closed doors. Why worry about it, let them live their lives by themselves.

  • Jax

    Well, then Mary, by the same token, why are you even commenting about this? Just let them be then? Whatever. This is one of the most dysfunctional so called relationships I’ve ever seen. Whatever happens with it, will happen. I don’t see anything at all happening actually. And if it does, it certainly won’t last. This has FAIL stamped all over it. And it always has.