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Justin Bieber Goes Bald for Jimmy Kimmel!

Justin Bieber Goes Bald for Jimmy Kimmel!

Justin Bieber “shaves off” his luscious locks while making an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday (February 10).

“I look like Michael Jordan,” Justin said. “It’s going to help me be more aerodynamic on the basketball court. [And people] will focus on my beautiful, silky-smooth vocals.”

“I think the girls will be upset, but they will get over it,” Justin added.

Justin‘s movie Never Say Never hits theaters everywhere today!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Justin Bieber’s bald look?

Justin Bieber Goes Bald on Jimmy Kimmel

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71 Responses to “Justin Bieber Goes Bald for Jimmy Kimmel!”

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  1. 51
    Brittany Says:

    I really don’t think he would get rid of ALL of his hair, maybe some, but not all.

  2. 52
    bryony kidger Says:

    omfg,im gunna cry.

  3. 53
    syafaria Says:

    jb you it’s cute funny cool heeeeee i’m form indonesiann

  4. 54
    Rachel and Louise Says:

    Oh come on people its FAKE, How can you not see that?? Just shows how ‘charitable’ he is.
    Dublin, Ireland Xx

  5. 55
    Emily Says:

    LOL “I look like Michael Jordan,” Justin said. “It’s going to help me be more aerodynamic on the basketball court. [And people] will focus on my beautiful, silky-smooth vocals.” Beautiful, silky-smooth vocals. HAHA man he’s that stuck up. His vocals are terrible, he needs auto tune to get it right. Those words prove how much of a *** he is, and why he only had one friend in the past. And looking bald does not mean you look like Michael Jordan. Go say that when you’re black. Rustin Hieber is just too cool for lil failure JB. Yes I hate JB. Proud of it, since mindless girls drool over him. He’s got 0% talent, ’nuff said.

  6. 56
    Ashley Bieber Says:

    SUPER O.M.G.! I hope this is really a cap,but if it’s not at first i’ll be upset but i will be able to get over it. By the way HAPPY 17TH BIRTHDAY!!! YOU NEED TO BREAKUP WITH SELENA! she’s so much older than you. I actually wouldn’t mind you going out with someone else, as long as she’s not a blonde girl. Especialy after watching the you simle i smile video.I’m not trying to tell you how to run your life but can you please start to put more african american girls in your videos. Those fans would surely appreciate it very much. Anyways love the hair ,keep up the muy fantastico work!!! Your a muy trabajador(A) you sould get someone to translate that but it’s all positive compliments. Good luck in the future

  7. 57
    lazdkfmwl Says:

    its obviously fake -_- but either way he is still ugly. and pretty much worthless

  8. 58
    farhan_ghiffary Says:

    He’s like frankenstein. He looks so

  9. 59
    tammy jones Says:

    omg its fake haha i almost cried and it wasnt funny!!!!!!!!!not a good one your losing fan not me though

  10. 60
    Horan_Lover_xD Says:

    hahaaa yous all think its real its obv a bald cap :L Justin <3.

  11. 61
    LOSERS Says:

    too think justin wud cut his hair -____-
    how cud u guys fall so low
    DUDE ITS A CAP WHOEVER knew itt was
    to the others

  12. 62
    hate justin Says:

    i think justine poooey bieber is fuking *****

  13. 63
    hate justin Says:

    i hate justine pooey bieb is a f*****g b***h

  14. 64
    tori- Says:

    imma cry my fricken head off but like he said i”ll get over it

  15. 65
    jbbelieber4eva Says:

    its fake u stupid retards…if u seen da Never say never commercial,HE STILL GOT HAIR!! its a bald cap…

  16. 66
    alisha Says:

    u dumb ass its fake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. 67
    Taneya Says:

    It has to be fake cause when he did his concert a few mouth ahead he has hair so in feb he is bold but in april all his hair is back he is ssoooo CUTE

  18. 68
    gamesworld13 Says:

    ahahahaha he looks more like a douchebag now hahahaha ‘
    What a ******

  19. 69
    mirna alaa Says:

    hey justin u said that the girls will be upset emm…. i think we will be so upset but in the same time we love you cause your reality and your voice and your songs and ………. i can’t lie… for your hair too <3 <3 :))

  20. 70
    ebony Says:

    omfg he looks hella ugly bald at least some hair not totally bald

  21. 71
    Brianna Says:

    OMG I’m so sorry for you to have cancer JUSTIN PLEASE GET WELL~~~

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